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home because we had difficulty finding homeowner’s insurance due to the fire risks. As you know, the following year was even worse with fires devastating parts of Colorado. When I did some research and discovered that the north slope is one of the most dangerous areas in Riva Chase regarding fire, or more specifically, how little time there would be to escape, fire mitigation and safety became my number one priority. It’s not hard to see why I voted for the Genesee pipeline and I believe it was one of the most immediate things we, as a unified board, could do for the continued safety of our residents. Having said that, it’s not hard to see how any one member of a board can have a difference of opinion on what they believe is important and how best money can be spent. What we as residents need to understand is that the board is doing their best for the entire community, and not just one small area of the neighborhood.

If you analyze our balance sheets over a period of years, you can easily see financial trends.

Where is our money being spent? This is another tricky question and not as straight forward as you may think. FHMD has 4 major funds. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Water & Sewer Utility Fund General Fund Debt Service Fund Capital Projects Fund

The Water & Sewer Fund covers everything pertaining to the operations of our water plant and our sewer plant (wells, lifts, pumps, ponds, hydrants, etc.). The General Fund covers everything that is not water and sewer, like our roads, the gate and gate house, parks, landscaping, snow plowing, etc. The Debt Services fund is our tax revenue and bond debt. The Capital Projects Fund is for capital improvements that can be for either general projects or water and sewer projects. The sum of the General Fund, the Debt Service Fund and the Capital Projects Fund makes up our total Governmental Fund. July / August 2014 | Riva Reader


Riva Reader - August 2014  

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