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you are more like a deer in the headlights when you actually commit to this position. Who knew?)

The FHMD Board The FHMD is governed by an unpaid Board of Directors who are residents and taxpayers within the District boundaries. The Board is responsible for administering the uses and sources of District funds, overseeing the District’s service providers, and managing the District’s periodic need for maintenance, repair and replacement of facilities, roads, and grounds. Five elected Board members serve 4-year terms on a staggered basis. If a vacancy occurs during any term, the remaining Board members appoint an eligible elector to serve until the next regular election. Yes, we all live in the neighborhood. Yes we all pay taxes. And yes, we all care about our community and everything we do directly affects us as well as you. Of course, we (the BOD) do not handle all of this by ourselves. We hire professionals to help manage the property, operate the facilities, give legal advice, provide engineering expertise, handle all the accounting, billing and bookkeeping, as well as provide annual audits. Everything you want to know about the FHMD operations is online and at your finger tips.

So why am I taking the time to explain this in such detail? Misinformation distributed to the uninformed creates panic. You are better off having this information provided to you in a public forum and explained in (hopefully) a way you can understand, and even though I am only giving you pieces of the puzzle, I’m giving you a means to investigate everything on your own.

Let’s start with the Board of Directors Over the years, we’ve had some very dedicated volunteers in our community. Take a look at the chart on this page and see what I have compiled from online information. Obviously there are some people who need to be recognized when we see them around the neighborhood for their years of service. Note that I do not have the actual year service began for the people at the top of the list. (see figure 1) 8

Riva Reader | July / August 2014

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Budget As anyone knows who has ever worked with a budget, budgets are never simple to create nor are they easy to adhere to. You make them, revisit them, redistribute funds and revise them, all in an attempt to balance them. Not an easy task, and all the more complicated when there are different people with different ideals making those decisions at different points in time (see BOD). For every board of directors who thinks one thing is a good idea, another board comes along who thinks something else is more important. No one is wrong, just a difference of opinion and inevitably, timing sometimes dictates those opinions. For instance, when I moved here we were in a drought and there was a wildfire burning across the highway at Clear Creek Canyon. We almost couldn’t buy our

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