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Comments See covenants received with home purchase or go to this link to download them from the Riva Chase Website.

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Any change that affects road stability or community drainage

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Riva Reader

See District Rules and Regulations See District Rules and Regulations Only up to beginning of service lines See title documents Can be purchased through the HOA, but falls under FHMD

There are two different websites. One for the HOA & one for FHMD. The Riva Reader is provided as long as a volunteer is willing to take time to do it. It provides information for both the HOA and FHMD.

Balance Sheet provided by John Carpenter HOA Treasurer

Riva Chase  HOA     Balance  Sheet  Summary   As  of  September  4,  2014  


ASSETS   Current  Assets   Bank  Accounts   Accounts  Receivable   Other  Current  assets   Total  Current  Assets   TOTAL  ASSETS  

LIABILITIES AND  EQUITY   Liabilities   Current  Liabilities   Accounts  Payable   Builder  Deposit   Total  Current  Liabilities   Total  Liabilities   Equity   Total  Liabilities  &  Equity    

Total   $43,886.16   0.00   784.00   $44,670.16   $44,670.16         6,500.00   -­‐6,500.00   $0.00   $0.00   $44,670.16   $44,670.16  

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Riva Reader - August 2014  

This edition is dedicating to educating you on the Forest Hills Metropolitan District so you better understand how your tax dollars are spen...