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I’ve learned a lot about the Forest Hills Metro District, our Board of Directors, and the operations of our water plant and our sewer plant—certainly more than I dreamed I would know—definitely more than I wanted to know. I hope that this helps clear up any misinformation out there regarding our neighborhood, our levy, and the difficult decisions our board is faced with on a day-to-day basis. It’s not easy overseeing the operations of this small community. And it’s an even greater responsibility to manage our tax dollars, maintain our infrastructure, and try to please all the residents all the time. Despite it all, I find it rewarding to be actively involved in our community and I hope that others will volunteer their time in the future, or at the very least, appreciate the work all of the past, present and future volunteers do.

Investments: Sewer System $2,708,605 Water System 1,582,216 Streets $1,627,767 Erosion System $61,089 Landscaping $80,606 Recreation $192,765 Total $6,253,048

There is probably a lot more I could talk about regarding the complicated job of the FHMD. I could go into a great deal of detail and show you actual expenditures or charges, but I leave that up to you to discover on your own with the links provided. Having said that, if after reading this you have questions, need clarification, or even want me to answer other questions in future issues, I hope you’ll write me so that I can address your concerns.

5 miles of paved roads 4 gates (2 electric) / Gate House 31 acres of parks and open space Hiking trails 3 augmentation ponds 10 water wells Water plant Sewer plant Water rates: Download the minutes and financials: Frequently asked questions:

Those interested in a tour of our facilities and an explanation of our operations, please contact Ted Laves and he will schedule a group tour. (Contact below)

District Contacts District Board Roz Birkelo



Harold Lacy



Ted Laves



Tom Napp



Roy Roux




District Manager

District Management Christina Shea

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