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Ritzville Adams County Journal Special Sports Supplement

November 29, 2012

2012 Undefeated 2B Northeast League Champions LRS BRONCOS St. John Hardware & Implement 509-677-3691

Sunny Spot Floral & Gifts 509-659-1188

Leffel, Otis & Warwick, P.S. 509-659-0125

Ritzville Warehouse Co./Odessa Trading Co./Ag Tech/Trimble 201 E. First Ave. • 659-0130

Wheatland Computer Services 509-660-0274

Brew Happy 509-347-6180

Bob’s TV & Appliance 509-659-1240

Columbia Bank 509-659-0223

Carpenter, McGuire & DeWulf, P.S. 509-659-0425

Bolin Plumbing Service, Inc. 509-659-0366

Wheatland Waste Systems, Inc. 509-995-0567

November 29, 2012

Ritzville Adams County Journal Special Sports Supplement

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Coyote Flats Farms, Inc.

KD Meats, Inc. Odessa 509-982-2227

Jake’s Café & Texaco 509-659-1961 • 509-659-0815

Hometown Family Medicine 509-659-4800

Ritzville Warehouse Co./Odessa Trading Co./Ag Tech/Trimble 201 E. First Ave. • 659-0130

Ritzville Adams County Journal 509-659-1020

Ritzville Parts House/NAPA 509-659-1400

Pete’s Garage & Towing 509-659-0640

Oestreich Distributing, Inc. Bob’s Chevron & Food Mart 509-659-4200

US Bank Sprague/Ritzville 509-257-2254

Essential Massage 509-660-0043

Snider Trucking Service, Inc. 509-659-1640

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Ritzville Adams County Journal Special Sports Supplement

November 29, 2012

Zip’s Drive-In 509-659-1710

Gavilon Grain, LLC dba Union Elevator 509-677-3441

Sa-Hair-A Salon 509-659-1144

Adam’s Automotive & Towing 509-659-0545

Bolin Plumbing Service, Inc. 509-659-0366

Zip’s Drive-In 509-659-1710

McDonald Zaring Insurance 509-525-5730

Harvest Foods 509-659-1398

Chatterbox Salon 509-677-8167

East Adams Rural Hospital 509-659-1200

Gavilon Grain, LLC dba Union Elevator 509-677-3441

Ritzville Warehouse Co./Odessa Trading Co./Ag Tech/Trimble 201 E. First Ave. • 659-0130

November 29, 2012

Ritzville Glass 509-659-4084

Ritzville Adams County Journal Special Sports Supplement

Harvest Foods 509-659-1398

Best Western Plus Bronco Inn 509-659-5000

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The McGregor Company 509-677-3337

Not Pictured: Assistant Coach John McGregor


The 2012 2B Northeast League Champion Lind-Ritzville/Sprague Broncos Football Team.

Tacoma Dome Here We Come!

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Ritzville Adams County Journal Special Sports Supplement

November 29, 2012

2012 LRS BRONCOS Cheerleaders

The New Ritz Theatre 509-659-1950

Ritzville Veterinary Clinic 509-659-1112

Taco Del Mar 509-659-1001

Ritzville Medical Clinic 509-659-1200

East Adams Rural Hospital 509-659-1200

Taco Del Mar 509-659-1001

Cow Creek Mercantile 509-659-4130

Good Luck, Broncos! November 29, 2012

Ritzville Adams County Journal Special Sports Supplement

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(Editor’s Note: This was one of those ideas that happen late in the night when I’m trying to concoct a new way to do something special. After a quick chat with members of Bronc Boosters, we decided to test social media and invite anyone, everyone, to submit a Good Luck Message to the team, an individual player or coach. The response has been amazing. Thank you to everyone who participated. What a great tribute to the team and a wonderful community-wide show of support! GO BRONCOS!)

Congrats Gentlemen! I am so excited for you as you journey to the Tacoma Dome to compete in your first State Football Final! How awesome is that!? You should be proud of yourselves for the hard work, dedication, and commitment you have given to this team to make this dream a reality. Coaches, what an awesome team you have built! You have had an incredible influence on this group of young men. I appreciate all of the time and effort you have put in to my sons over the past several years. It’s hard to believe that this is our last season! But what a way to go out! Freshmen and sophomores, I hope you realize what an extraordinary legacy is being built for you to follow and I look forward to watching you in the future as you carry it on. If you have learned anything, I hope it is the idea of being a team. Hold one another up. Encourage one another. Believe in one another. Juniors and Seniors, your leadership and commitment to one another is what has brought you to this place. I appreciate the “brotherhood,” you have built and maintained throughout the season. You are where you are because you believed in one another. Continue to believe. You have achieved the dream of going to state, now let’s TAKE IT! Love you boys! Rita Fryberger A personal message for Matthew: Matthew Dylan! I am so excited for you! What an awesome senior year. I am also so proud of you! Not because you are on a State Football team, but because you are a young man of integrity and you are a positive role model. You have reached for your dreams and it is a joy to watch as they become a reality for you. This is the big time my boy. Live in the moment. Take it all in, and remember it. But most of all, remember I love you, more than my heart can hold! #83’s mom Go get ‘em Broncos

Dr Warren D Kragt

Congratulations on making it to state Broncos! A special shout-out to Matt Fryberger ... show no mercy!! Laurie Vaillancourt Very proud of the LRS Broncos, we wish you the best of luck at state! Bob and Esther Oestreich

Dylan Hartz sprints along the sideline, scoring a touchdown against Waitsburg-Prescott after hauling in an interception! Good luck at state LRS Broncos, and coaches, very proud of this team! We will be cheering hard! Best of luck, go Broncos!!! Todd and Michele Oestreich

You are already in a class of your own in terms of sportsmanship. Now let’s finish strong Friday with every player doing their best. BRONCO POWER! Your faithful fans, The McAnally Family

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Bronco Power!

Ritzville Adams County Journal Special Sports Supplement

November 29, 2012

Rather than wish you boys “good luck,” instead I encourage you to take the opportunity you’ve created for yourselves and seize it! You are part of a tradition created by Coach Lynch and his old schoolers, which has been continued and even advanced by Coach Whitmore. What a legacy you all have the privilege to be part of! Having said all that, remember how you got here and why you’re still here: it’s not your town. It’s not for the tradition. It’s not for family or even for yourself. You are taking the field in the Tacoma Dome to stand along side the guy to your left and to your right. Everything else, everyone else, is out the window once the pads start poppin’. Fight for your brothers, and trust that they’ll be fighting for you. All of that adds up to you all being Champions! Jason Noble LRS BRONCOS!!! Congratulations to you on your AWESOME season. You have united together as “ONE SCHOOL” and “ONE TEAM” and in doing so, also united three communities. We are so proud of you. So, in the words of Bear Bryant, “Show class, have pride, and display character. If you do, winning takes care of itself.” This is what you have been doing all season and that’s why you have been so successful. L-R-S: It’s GREAT TO BE A BRONCO! Good Luck, Boys! Steve and Melva Eichner LRS BRONCOS!!! Good Luck at State Broncos! We are all cheering for you!! Ritzville Warehouse Co. Good Luck Broncos! We are proud of you! Mike, Marci, Lacey, Spencer and Cooper Miller Way to go Broncos! We are so very proud of each and every one of you! Good luck and show ‘em what the Broncos are made of! The Ritzville School Board Football Pumpkins, Whitmore, Aldrich, Lynch, Hilzer and McGregor: It has been exciting to watch all of you play/coach this season. You have so many accomplishments to be very proud throughout the season. I wish you only the best in this STATE Playoff Game!!! I can’t wait for you to bring home the 1st place trophy! You make me very proud to be a BRONCO!! Mrs. Ellis

Ryan Whitmore (22) helps Connor O’Neill (20) celebrate after O’Neill ran into the end zone for the Broncos during their semifinals win over Waitsburg-Prescott.

November 29, 2012

Ritzville Adams County Journal Special Sports Supplement

Go, Fight, Win!

So proud of you guys! You play a great game but your character also shines. Remember, “It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up.” (Vince Lombardi) Best of luck to each of you. Mrs. Ross THUMBS UP BRONCOS... Play hard and have fun at State... Tom and Linda Kadlec Congratulations to the LRS Bronco football team and coaches, for their many successes this season! We are very proud of you, for all your hard work and dedication! Good luck in this final road to victory! Ritzville Glass, Dennis and Connie Sackmann Best of luck Broncos! I am so proud of you! You have come so far. I have no doubt that you can do it. Show the other team and everyone else what you are really made of! This is a wonderful experience. Make it even better by bringing home the big W! TEAM = together everyone achieves more! Thank You, Heidi Norton and family Bronco Football Team: We will be cheering for you as you go on to the state finals at the Gridiron Classic on Friday. We are very proud of your accomplishments but know that the best is yet to come in your season! Have a great game. Just play the way you are capable of playing and GREAT things will happen! Sincerely, Bill and Ginny Ressel Sprague School District

I really think you will win your game, but whether you do or not, I want you to know that I am proud to know you and proud of the way you represent our community. We learn from each other every day, and I am a better person for having you in class. Whether it’s a football championship or a stellar Beowulf essay, each of you has what it takes to tackle the opposition and achieve greatness! Go Broncos! Ms. Schultz job!

Good Luck Broncos, stay focused and finish the John and Kellie Kragt

Matthew, Congratulations! We are very proud of you and the entire Lind-Ritzville/Sprague Football Team!!! All of your hard work has paid off!! Good luck with your game on Friday. I expect to see a State Championship Trophy coming home! Enjoy your time in Tacoma. This will be a memory that you will look back on for a long time to come. Make the best of all your opportunities and BEAT the Timberwolves!!!!! Love, Mom, Dad and Erica Best of luck to the BRONCO team ~ Play your hearts out boys, like you have been all year long. We are so proud of you!! The Freddie Family

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We are so proud of you! You’ve had a fantastic year! Good luck Broncos!!! Kent, Vicki, Felicia and Conrad Ziemer Congratulations to the LRS Football team on a winning season! We wish you all the best of luck to have a great game. Most of all, have fun and be safe, you are all awesome! Good Luck Broncos! From the congregations of Good Hope Lutheran in Lind and St. John’s Lutheran in Sprague Go LRS Broncos! Congratulations on a successful season and making our communities proud! Good luck in the Championship, play hard, be safe and have FUN! Kenny and Pr. Mary Daniels Our best wishes to the Players and Coaches. We are proud of you!! Play your hearts out!! Bruce and Vicki Benzel “Leaders aren’t born they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work. And that’s the price we’ll have to pay to achieve that goal, or any goal.” ~Vince Lombardi The Ottmar family would like to congratulate the Broncos on all their hard work this season! Keep it up! Bring that state championship home! GOOOOOO BRONCOS!

All you Broncos have done a fantastic job this year. I’m very proud of all of you! I wish you the best. I’ll be rooting for you. Good luck. Kay Meilke Best of luck Broncos!! You have made Ritzville proud!!! We love you Karl & Layne Hawks!!! Love, Mom, Kevin, Ashleigh and Kelianne Best wishes for this special event. Safe travels and enjoy. We are so proud of you all! Go get ‘em!!!! Gale and Irma Gfeller Good luck to the Broncos Friday! And a big Good Luck Hug to Coach Whitmore and #22. From, Mom/Grandma Broncos, Your work as a team is AMAZING on and off the field. Go get ‘em and bring home the hardware!! Bill and Lisa Cox

There’s no shortage of emotion when a team wins big! The Broncos will carry that energy and emotion into Friday’s state championship game!

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Ritzville Adams County Journal Special Sports Supplement

November 29, 2012

Ryan Whitmore puts some heat on the Waitsburg-Prescott quarterback. The Broncos’ defense has been tenacious all season. Good luck at state Broncos! This season will be something you will remember for the rest of your life. Enjoy every minute on Friday. No matter what the outcome is on Friday you have made all of us very proud of you. GO, FIGHT, WIN! Bring home the trophy. Mr. Ellis

Best of luck to the Bronco football team, we’re number one! From the Greenwalts

Good Luck to the LRS Football team!! Wish we could be there to cheer you on; you will ALL be in our thoughts and prayers. BRING HOME THE GOLD!! LRS fans forever ... because it’s GREAT TO BE A BRONCO! Skip, Janelle, Geoff and Nick Eastman

What a great ride this is! You play with heart, courage and confidence! Keep it up! Keep the ride going! You ARE champions! We are proud of you! The Aldrich Family

Good luck, Matt and all of your team, from your Gram and Gramp and all your Montana family! GO BRONCOS! Tyler, Number 13, play hard, give it your all, leave it on the field. We’ll be there for you, we are so proud of you, you’re number one. Love, Mom, Dad and Colby

Good luck to the LRS Broncos 2012 football team! Royal City Simplot Growers Solution

Setting in the Lynch household. Mrs.: Hey, Lyncher, the JT is doing a special section for the Broncos. Do you want to send a message of good luck? Coach: Don’t need to, I’ll be there. So Bronco team, you know from Coach Lynch what’s in his heart for all of you. Me too! It’s in our heart as it is in yours. Play on, Bronco Band of Brothers. We are so proud of you all. Best of luck! Beat M-WP! Harriet Lynch

To Bridger and the entire Bronco team, what a great season you’ve all had. Best wishes, and good luck at your championship game. To all who supported the team in any way; coaches, parents, fans and businesses, a Big Thank You for all your great effort to help the team get this far. God Bless all who are making the trip to the Tacoma Dome, you are already champions to me. I’ll be cheering you on from home. Go Broncos. Hugs, Granny Smith Congrats on a successful and exciting season! We are proud of all of you and we will be cheering you on at the dome! Go Broncos! From the Fitch family, and all of us at Cow Creek We would like to wish the BRONCO Football team lots of luck in the State Championship!! We will be rootin’ for you!! Sending BRONCO Power from Mrs. Boness’ Third Grade Class!!

We Are Proud of You! November 29, 2012

Ritzville Adams County Journal Special Sports Supplement

Best wishes and continued success at the Dome. It has been a great ride, taking it one game at a time. Well now the time has come to be State Champs. To be the best you have beat the best. Good Luck – GO BRONCOS! Dave and Sue Kommes, #44 LRS Bronco Football team and Coaching Staff, Wow! What a great season you have had! Your hard work and determination has not gone unnoticed, it is very evident each and every time you step foot on the field. What a joy it has been to get to witness a terrific  group of players and coaches coming together and playing with so much heart. Every one of you has played a part in the success of this team and has every reason to be proud of yourself. You have represented Lind, Ritzville and Sprague well and are already #1 in our hearts. As a RHS graduate, I am proud to call myself a lifelong Bronco! We wish you the best at the State finals … Go get  ‘em Broncos!!! Connie Galbreath, Hallie Jo Galbreath and Staff at Sunny Spot Floral & Gifts Tyler Greenwalt, Enjoy every moment of the game, and you did  really good this year. Take every opportunity to reflect 

back on the season and to be thankful for the time you got to play. We’re proud of you for sticking through with football. I wish you luck! Brianna Nix Congratulations on making it to the Tacoma dome! This is a once in a lifetime experience, soak it all up! Good luck to the team and to Bridger Smith! Couldn’t be prouder to be a Bronco at heart!! Bring home that trophy and better yet, the 2012 2B State title!!! Brittany Ste. Marie Good Luck Broncos! You’re number One!

The Colby Schell family

We are so proud of every player on the LRS football team. You have each given so much of yourself to make this a successful year. It has been a pleasure to watch you work together and win every game this season. We wish you the best of luck in Tacoma on Friday. And to Connor O’Neill, you have made us proud parents. Your dedication to the football team this year has

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been exceptional. You have given 110 percent every game and it has paid off. Play safe and have fun on Friday! We love you. Brad and Darlene O’Neill To Jarradd and Logan Morley and ALL the players on the football team. It has been a pleasure to watch all of your football games this year. All of you have displayed good sportsmanship and a great desire to compete and to WIN. Keep that winning desire with you this weekend and you will be bringing home the Golden Ball. Good Luck Broncos. Ozzie and Alberta Morley Wishing the Broncos and cousin Bridger good luck at State! We are cheering for a win! Todd, Laura, Hailey and Hunter Hyde Bronco Football Team, As you head to the other side of the state to play the last game of the season, make sure to enjoy the  experience ahead of you! It will be a memory you will always treasure. It has been a fun season watching you, and we are proud of the young men you are, on and off the field.  Good luck and Go Broncos!! The Bennetts Make it a total unbeaten season – win that game. Rich and Marilyn Fode Dear Broncos, Congratulations on a super great season. You’ve worked hard and deserve your success! As your official, self-appointed bleacher coach, I  want you to do your best on every play. Don’t slack off on even one play. Even though I can’t be there in person, I’ll be thinking of you. 2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate? BRONCOS. Sincerely, Mary Nell Mason Good Luck Broncos. Play hard, have fun, and try your best in the big game! Go, fight, win BRONCOS!   Mrs. Heidenreich’s Fourth Grade Class The Starbucks staff wishes Keanu Niezwaag, the entire Bronco team, and cheerleader Alessa Neilan, good luck at the state championship game!!! Go Broncos! Good Luck Broncos! We are proud of you. You are already Champions in our eyes!

Tyler Greenwalt clutches the football as he fights for a few more yards.

From, Union Elevator

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Ritzville Adams County Journal Special Sports Supplement

Good luck to the whole Broncos team and Keanu! You rocked the T-Dome for three years with wrestling, and now let’s do it with football!! XOX, Mom, Dad and Kiefer Congrats Broncos! Good luck and hoping for the best. Fryberger, you are a STUD!! Quilter Family Wish you well! Congrats on going to State! Win or lose, you have had a great year! Good Luck!! Mickie Stanley Way to go guys!!! Wish you all the luck!!

The Labes Family

To all the boys: Best of luck LRS Broncos! You are all winners already! Those of us in Sprague feel extremely fortunate to be Broncos! To Zach Swanger: Your family is so proud of you. Your hard work and positive attitude never falter. You never give up, and it pays off! Good luck at the Championship game! To Ethan Melville and Matt Vercoe: Best of luck in the Championship game! We are very proud of both of you! Lorrie Swanger Good luck and have fun! So very proud of you Broncos!!! Doug and Phyl Wahl

November 29, 2012

Congratulations on a successful season! You are a credit to your team, your community, and to your many loyal fans! Have fun on your journey to the Tacoma Dome, and make some life-long memories along the way! Proud to be Bronco fans! Jim and Carol Kelly Tyler, #13, our message is short sweet and to the point: GO, FIGHT, WIN!!! GO BRONCOS! From, Toby and Janell Each of you makes a difference; together you’ll bring down the Timberwolves! That’s the power of the Broncos! Ron and Ann Hennings

TALK TO THE HAND! Cort Ruzicka shows off his moves and offers to stiff arm a Waitsburg-Prescott opponent.

Red & Black Attack!

November 29, 2012

Ritzville Adams County Journal Special Sports Supplement

Tyler Greenwalt, watching you these past four years, growing as you have, we wish you the best at State. Bring home the BIG Ball!!! All our love, Don, Sheryl, Ashley, Adam and Sara Dirks On to State, Win It!!

The Dirks Family

Broncos: celebrate your achievement and remember to have fun this Friday! Congratulations on making it to the state championship game! Go Broncos! Hometown Family Medicine staff Players, Coaches, Cheerleaders and Administration of Ritzville High: The good Lord who gave you the talent to play the awesome game of football goes with you. Know that the people of Trinity United Methodist are among your most vocal fans. You all have shown an excellent spirit of sportsmanship on and off the field throughout this entire season. Coach Whitmore – your decision at last week’s game against Waitsburg-Prescott to not pile on the points was a classy move. So go Broncos. A number of members of Trinity will be rooting you on in the Tacoma Dome. Most importantly, continue to pull together as a team, and remember that the Lord honors those who honor Him. You make us proud. Pastor John Hunsberger and Trinity United Methodist Good Luck in the championship game Broncos, and Keanu be sure to jack someone up for your dear old brother! David Meise

Football Team, Congratulations on your undefeated season and good luck at the game. I am proud to be associated with you. I’m certainly proud of the record, but more importantly the work ethic that went into it. A game lasts a few minutes but the preparation takes years. You seniors know this. You freshmen will learn it. All the weights lifted and sprints ran, all the sweat and the constant striving to improve. Take the lessons that you have learned on the field and use them in your life. Cheers to an amazing season. Go Broncos! Mr. Strot

Congrats on an awesome season! Good luck at the Dome! Go Broncos! Janet, Jake and Kaytlin Phillips Go Broncos and good luck at state! It is awesome that you made it. We believe in you, so stomp the other team and whoop ‘em … You can do it! From, Ritzville Grade School’s Fifth Grade Good Luck Jacob and Joel! We are so very proud of you! Love, Mom and Dad Good luck to my brother Greg and nephew Ryan. Can’t wait to come root you on. Garci and Family

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Good luck Broncos. You are an exceptional group and we are proud of you! From, KD Meats and family

Good luck at State to our outstanding LRS BRONCOS FOOTBALL TEAM! You ALL are a great bunch of guys and we are so proud of you. Dylan #12, best wishes to you and your teammates at The Dome. We love you all. Mom, Dad, Drew and Tucker To Jacob Saetre, I hope you win the State Championship!! Way to go!! Good luck to the Bronco team!! From, Nicholas Labes Good luck from the National Park Rangers here in TN … Go Broncos! Jim Bostic Good luck to our OUTSTANDING athletes and coaches! I am so proud of your accomplishments thus far. I feel blessed to be part of this adventure with our Lind-Ritzville students. You all are AMAZING! Ms. Henjum Go Broncos! Get ‘em Anderson Boys!

Love, Grandma and Grandpa Cogswell

Way to go on making this such a successful and memorable season! Enjoy the moment and give it all you got!!! GOOOOOO BRONCOS!!! Best Wishes, John and Cari Galbreath family To Bridger and all of our Bronco boys: You are an amazing group of young men, both on and off the field. Good luck in the Dome! Thank you for making life exciting for us! It’s great to be a Bronco! Love, Tim, Michelle, Traven and Camden Smith Keanu, We are very proud of you and we love you very much! You are an awesome grandson! Go Broncos! Love, Nana and Papa Good Luck Broncos! We will be watching and cheering from Austin, Texas! Traci, Scott, Brendan and Trevor Swanstrom

Jacob Saetre clamps down on a Waitsburg-Prescott ballcarrier.

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Ritzville Adams County Journal Special Sports Supplement

November 29, 2012


With Dylan Hartz watching, Bridger Smith makes a move as he tries to run around a WP defender.

Connor O’Neill skirts the corner of the end zone to score for the Broncos despite the efforts of a WP player.

Ryan Whitmore is introduced during the semifinal game. Like all the players, he is greeted by head coach Greg Whitmore. There’s just one difference. The two are father and son.

The LRS defense has been relentless and given quarterbacks fits. The same was true against Waitsburg-Prescott. Above, Tyler Greenwalt delivers a lick on the WP quarterback.

November 29, 2012

Ritzville Adams County Journal Special Sports Supplement


Keanu Niezwaag flies out of bounds upside down after forcing a Waitsburg-Prescott running back off the play field. Connor O’Neill was there to provide back up.

With 2:29 left in the game, the coaching staff talks strategy with the team as the make plans control the final moments.

Page 15

The Broncos were successful in the air and on the ground Saturday, but some of the yardage was the result of hard fought battles in the trenches.

Ryan Whitmore puts a halt to a WaitsburgPrescott player’s forward progress.

This Good Luck at State Special Section Made Possible by These Area Merchants Spectrum Crop Development Corporation 57 N. Marcellus Rd. 509-659-1757

The Hair Center, Inc. Bruce Benzel 216 W. Main Ave. 509-659-0821

Evergreen Implement, Inc. 803 W. First Ave. 509-659-0510

Connell Oil, Inc. 1302 W. First Ave. 509-659-1532 866-722-4121

Ritzville Chemicals/ The McGregor Co. 1374 N. Hwy 261 509-659-1951

Shear Hair Design Kim Yaeger 216 W. Main Ave. 509-660-0950

Big Bend Electric Cooperative 1373 N. Hwy 261 509-659-1700

Jim’s Empire Market 113 W. Second Ave., Lind 509-677-3581

Ritz Roadhouse 1604 S. Smitty’s Blvd. Just off Interstate 90 Open 7 Days a Week

Sterling Bank 108 E. First Ave. 509-650-0180

W. D. Kragt Chiropractor 116 E. Main Ave. 509-659-0703

Ritz Food Mart Conoco 1507 S. Bauman Rd. 509-659-0443

Ritzville Hardware 108 W. First Ave. 509-659-0381

Danekas Funeral Home and Crematory 207 E. Main Ave. 509-659-0303

Ritville Glass P.O. Box 167 509-659-4084

Wild Flowers Quilt Shop and Liquor Store 213 W. Main Ave. 509-659-4450

LRS Broncos on to State  

A special section dedicated to the Lind-Ritzville/Sprague football athletes, coaches, staff and cheerleaders as they head to the state champ...

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