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GRIDIRON GANG. The LaCrosse-Washtucna Tigercat football team is a force to reckoned with in eight-man as 25 players return to the field under the direction of head coach Jeff Nelson. In early non league play the team is 1-1. Back row (left to right): Lane Hannas, Joey Guske, Sawyer Hostetler, Jason Wigen, Colton Wolfe, Jared Stark, Austin Summers, Johnathon Holdren, Sam Harder and

coach Jeff Nelson. Middle row: Chance Rice, Alec Fleming, Bo Rice, Graham BeDell, Tony Cole, Stephen Erickson, Matt Stubbs and Jacob Johnson. Front row: Weston Miller, Derek McKeen, Tom VanCamp, Terrell Webb, Kaese Ramos, Alex Whitman and Garrett Correll. Not pictured: Logan Miller and assistant coach Justin Ziebell.


Tigercat football lead by group of seniors By Katelin Davidson News Editor The LaCrosse-Washtucna Tigercat football team is off and running, and this year’s team is lead by a group of seniors. Jeff Nelson is returning in his role of head coach and is joined by assistant coach Justin Ziebell. The Tigercats season started with high hopes of state, and eight seniors top the roster for the Tigercats. Senior players are Sam Harder, Sawyer Hostetler, Johnathon Holdren, Matt Stubbs, Alec Fleming, Austin Summers, Lane Hannas and Jared Stark. But during the first game against Odessa-Harrington, the Tigercats lost three key players to injuries. Nelson explained that Holdren, Stubbs and Graham BeDell are all temporarily not playing due to injury. Holdren is starting linebacker for the Tigercats and is currently suffering from a bruised knee. Stubbs, starting defensive end and running back, dislocated a shoulder and BeDell is recovering from three cracked ribs. The Tigercats have 25 players on the team this season, and after the three injuries, Nelson said the rest of the team is stepping up to fill the empty positions. Offensively, the starters for the season are Harder and Fleming as tide end, guards are Hannas and Summers, center is Jason Wigen or Stark, running backs are Hostetler and Bo Rice who is replacing Holdren, and quarterback Joey Guske.

Defensively, nose guard is Stark, defensive ends are Hannas, BeDell, Wigen and occasionally Rice, linebackers are Holdren and Summers, defense backs are Fleming, Hostetler and Harder, and linebacker is Tom VanCamp, a transfer student who is playing for the Tigercats for the first time. “We’ve got a good core group of seniors,” Nelson said. “If they play well, we’ll do fine. They help elevate everyone else’s level of play.” Because of injuries, Nelson said the offensive and defensive lines are inexperienced, but the players have stepped up to perform on the field. The Tigercats lack overall size, but Nelson said the athletes make up for it in quickness. “This week was all about tackling and fundamentals. We went back to the basics,” Nelson explained about the Tigercats team before last week’s match up against Kootenai, Idaho. “We’ve been struggling with tackling and sustaining blocks, we’ve got to work a little bit harder on that.” Nelson said that he has always been a running type of a coach, but this year is different. The Tigercats lost their three-year starting quarterback, and Guske has stepped up to perform as quarterback. “He’s been on the team since eighth grade, that’s a bonus,” Nelson explained about Guske’s ability as a quarterback. “He did a great job in the first game, and didn’t get rattled.

“He met the challenge, he had big shoes to fill,” Nelson continued. “Intelligence is definitely his strong point. He’ll throw the ball away instead of risking an interception.” With Guske as quarterback, Nelson is confident the Tigercats will succeed during the season, especially with help from other starters, including Harder. “Sam Harder is definitely one of the best receivers in the league,” said Nelson. “He has the speed and has been off and on starting since he was a freshman. He has lots of experience.” Fleming only played half of the season with the Tigercats last year due to back problems, and Nelson is excited to have him play for the entire season. Nelson says that Fleming is an extremely quick player and has a natural ability for understanding the game. For Nelson, another great addition to the team is Hannas, who missed last year’s season due to hip surgery. Nelson said Hannas has played for the team since eighth grade and once the smallest kid on the tem, he’s now one of the biggest. “He is extremely intelligent, you tell him once and he understands it for the rest of the year,” said Nelson. Summers has stepped up into a new position for the season due to the injuries of his teammates. He is now playing guard and tide end. Continued on Page 3

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T’CATS: COACH HOPES FOR RETURN OF INJURED TRIO Continued from Page 2 “He (Summers) is very physical up front and athletic,” Nelson said. “He’s more athletic than most of the guys.” During last week’s game, Wigen started for the Tigercats for the first time. Nelson said Wigen’s strength as a player is his ability to learn from his mistakes and not make the same mistake again. As a sophomore, Nelson said Wigen is “going to have to grow up quick” but is confident he will continue to succeed this season. As the biggest kid on the team, Nelson said Stark is a force to be reckoned with. To keep Stark from getting worn out during games, he is only playing as nose guard this season. Another senior player who is continuing to impress Nelson is Hostetler, as he serves as the primary running back for the Tigercats. “Sawyer is one of the best players in the league, he can do it all offensively,” Nelson said. “He has good speed, strong, and fearless. He’s a player who makes all of the other players around him better.” Rice is joining the Tigercats team for the first time and Nelson has been impressed with his ability as a player. During the first game, Rice played for the first time and was able to find some holes to gain yards for the team. Rice scored multiple touchdowns for the Tigercats during last week’s game against Kootenai.

Another new player this year is VanCamp, who became eligible for the Tigercats last week. He is transfer student and previous played football in Spokane. “Tom (VanCamp) impressed me in practice with his aggressiveness, and just impressed me with his speed,” Nelson explained about his decision to have VanCamp start last week. “He’s got good football instincts. He’s not a big kid but he plays with a lot of heart.” With three players injured, Nelson is hoping the athletes will be able to play later in the season. Stubbs is a senior, and his quickness and experience as a player is important to the success of the Tigercat football program. BeDell is currently a junior and Nelson said he had just been moved up as a starter when he was injured during the first game. Holdren is another experienced player for the Tigercats, and served as a lead blocker for the team. “Holdren runs hard and runs through people,” Nelson explained about his other injured senior. “He goes all out on every play. He only knows one gear and it’s full speed.” The Tigercats are currently 1-1 in non-league play and are continuing to work on tackling, as well as gaining experience as a team. The Tigercats are preparing for the upcoming game against Wilbur-Creston in Wilbur on Friday, Sept. 14.

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RUNNING FREE. Senior athlete, Sam Harder, breaks through defensive players are heads for the endzone during a game against Kootenai, Idaho. Harder is the one of the primary receivers for the Tigercats football team this season.

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NET PLAY BEGINS. This year’s Lady Tigercat volleyball team is ready for league play to begin later this month and is lead by returning coach Sarah Mayer. The team took part in the Bronco Invite last Saturday in Ritzville. Back row left to right: Head coach Sarah Mayer, Shayla Sisk, Gail Harder, Brooklynn Hostetler,

Kadie Whinery, Jessica Guske and assistant coach Bailey Weekes. Front row: Nicole Phelps, Jazlynn Webb, Chelsie Kneale and Lura Potter. Not pictured: Madison Harder, Logan Harder, Lindsey Miller, Anna Roberts, Ashtyn Aune and Brittany Gordon.


Positive attitude, enthusiasm drives team By Katelin Davidson News Editor Fifteen athletes have taken to the court to play for this year’s LaCrosse-Washtucna volleyball team. The Lady Tigercats team is lead by returning head coach Sarah Mayer, and assistant coach Bailey Weekes. The Lady Tigercats season is just getting started as the team has competed in one, non-league game and in a tournament last weekend. The first game served as a learning experience for the team and Mayer said the athletes are improving based on a video that recorded the match. Mayer said the team is looking to improve on transitioning and eliminating the amount of down balls. She added that communication is also important for the team to improve on during the next few games. The strength for this year’s team comes from the

strong, consistent servers on the team. Mayer said the team is fortunate to have a lot of consistency in their serves and looks forward to helping the athletes improve on the accuracy of their serves. Aside from consistency in serves, Mayer views the best strength of the team to be the positive attitudes of the team as a whole. The athletes work well together and are continually encouraging each other on and off the court. “The team is extremely positive and support each other. They view each match in a very positive light,” Mayer said. Starters and alternates for this year’s varsity team include Madison Harder, Kadie Whinery, Logan Harder, Shayla Sisk, Lindsey Miller, Brooklynn Hostetler, Anna Roberts and Gail Harder. Newcomers to the Lady Tigercats team this year include two seniors: Chelsie Kneale and Nicole Phelps. The coaches are looking forward to a successful

season as each girl brings a different strength to the team. The team also includes five seniors who have helped strengthen the team with experience and positivity. Sisk plays middle for the Tigercats and her strength comes at the net with her ability as a dominant blocker. Mayer said she has a strong serve and is a big communicator on the court. Logan Harder is a silent leader for the team as her strength as an outside hitter helps her to be a powerful force on the court. Her coaches said she is an aggressive player and is one of the players who has a consistent serve. One of the most consistent all-around players for the Tigercats is senior Anna Roberts, who has succeeded as a setter, passer and hitter on the team. Continued on Page 6

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VOLLEYBALL: PRIORITY IS TO STAY UNITED, HAVE FUN Continued from Page 4 Kneale, a first time volleyball player at the high school level, has impressed her coaches with her positive attitude and as a great passer. She surprised her coaches with her passion and aggressiveness on the court that helps motivate her fellow teammates. Phelps is another new athlete who plays right side for the team and is credited by her coaches for her hardworking, positive attitude. Phelps is also known for her powerful serve and humor, which keeps the team enthusiastic and positive. Miller is stepping up as the Lady Tigercats setter and has become a leader on the court for her teammates. She is a junior and her coaches said she has gained confidence on the court, which has allowed her to succeed as a setter. Miller has developed the ability to diversify her sets and allow all of her teammates with the opportunity to hit. Another strong middle blocker for the Lady Tigercats is Whinery. Mayer said that Whinery is a consistent server, and has a strong platform for passing, serving as one of the primary diggers for the team because of her passing ability. Sophomore athlete Gail Harder has stepped up as a strong outside hitter for the Lady Tigercats this season. Mayer said that she has worked at developing her approach as a hitter and is the one player who is always continually moving on the court. Another sophomore athlete, Hostetler, has impressed her coaches with her intelligence on the court. Mayer said Hostetler understands the rotations, is a strong server and has a natural ability with recognizing where to place the ball. A new player for the Lady Tigercats is Lura Potter,

an energetic player who has a talent to “make things happen” on the court and amaze her coaches. Potter is a sophomore and her coaches say she has a great passion for the game, and is a very consistent player, especially with her serves. Freshmen players this year include Ashtyn Aune, Jessica Guske, Madison Harder, Jazlynn Webb and Brittany Gordon. Aune serves as the setter for the junior varsity team, and is credited by her coaches as being a very “athletic setter” as well as a good communicator, strong hitter and an aggressive player. Guske plays middle for the Tigercats and her coaches say she has really stepped up to perform in the position. She is a consistent server and while she may appear quiet, she is an aggressive athlete. Mayer describes Madison Harder as a “very intentional athlete” who wants to perfect her ability as a player. Madison Harder plays right side for the Lady Tigercats and her height provides the team with added strength at the net. The coaches describe Webb as a passionate athlete who loves the game and has stepped into a new position for the team this year. Her positivity and willingness to try something new has helped motivate and encourage her teammates. Rounding out the athletes for this year’s Lady Tigercats team is Gordon, who is one of the best communicators on the team. She serves as the back up setter for the junior varsity team and provides the team with a strong, consistent serve. Mayer said the main goal for the Lady Tigercats is to always be working hard and having fun, as well as strengthening communication and keeping momentum throughout a game.

“We hope to be a part of the district tournament,” Mayer said as a goal for the season. “The most important thing is that we have fun, and are a united team.” The Lady Tigercats play their next game in Washtucna against Rosalia on Thursday, Sept. 13, at 5 p.m.

CONCENTRATION. Lady Tigercats athlete, Lura Potter, digs a serve during the Ritzville Tournament.


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SCORING THREATS. Look for these starters to provide some excitement on the field during the Broncos’ gridiron season. They will play from key positions in the offense. Cort Ruzicka missed the opening game against Warden due to a wrist injury but is expected to return Friday in the home opener against Kittitas. Connor O’Neill has been out with a shoulder injury but coaches hope he will see

limited action during homecoming on Sept. 21. (left to right) Ryan Whitmore, wide receiver; Tyler Greenwalt, wide receiver; Matt Fryberger, wide receiver; Bridger Smith, running back; Dylan Hartz, quarterback; Cort Ruzicka, wide receiver; Conner O’Neill, running back and wide receiver; Logan Morley, wide receiver and Scott Diefenbach, wide receiver.

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BRONCOS. The LRS Broncos go into the season as one of the top picks to win the league. (front row, left to right) assistant coach John McGregor, Tyler Greenwalt, Zach swanger, Cory Goble, Matt Fryberger, Keanu Niezwaag, Dustin Kommes and Ethan Melville; (second row) Bridger Smith, Dylan Hartz, Scott Diefenbach, Ryan Whitmore, Tyler Frederick, Jarradd Morley, Logan Morley, Layne



Hawks, Connor O’Neill and Dustin Norton; (third row) Nick Kuest, Hugh Hennings, Brian Campbell, Matt Leffel, Tyler O’Brien, Matt Vercoe and Cort Ruzicka; (fourth row) Ryan Frederick, Andrew Witt, Skyler Oestreich, Joel Anderson, Peyton Kiel, Dylan Moore, Dallas Killian, Nick Fleming; (fifth row) Alexis Guizar, Karl Hawks, Roberto Valdovinos, Jacob Saetre, Matthias Ferderer and Alan Field.







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LRS expected to set the pace in league play By Stephen McFadden Publisher The league will be one team smaller this season as the LRS Broncos strive to be the class of the league, no small feat with the likes of Colfax and Reardan lurking right next door. Kettle Falls dropped out of the league this year. The result is a nine game regular season schedule with a trio of non-league contests. The Broncos, 9-2 overall last season and the second place finisher in the NE 2B Bi-County League, come into this season as the predicted favorite to win the league. Head coach Greg Whitmore knows the Broncos have been picked as the favorite. He also knows Colfax is a force to be reckoned with and Reardan always makes things interesting. “We will be in the middle of things,” Whitmore admits. “Colfax will be defending their league championship. Like always, we will take it one game at a time.” Whitmore is cautious when it comes to Colfax, with good reason. The Bulldogs have seen the graduation of some very key players, at the same time, they have a tendency to reload. “Colfax lost good, skilled kids but they will be solid and are going to be tough,” Whitmore said. “Reardan is always tough. It’s one of those rivalries that you can never take for granted. Davenport, Liberty and Springdale will be better so this is a pretty competitive league.” Whitmore has some experience when it comes to this league. He’s entering his eighth season as head coach and last year booked his 50th career victory. “It’s still fun. We just don’t have many headaches,” he said. “We have great parents and great community support. And again, I get to coach my own son.” Whitmore’s elder son, Cory, graduated a few years ago, but Ryan Whitmore is moving up the ranks and will play all over the field this season with key roles on offense, defense and special teams. The Broncos come in with a roster of 40 players with 16 of those being freshman. The good news is they are generating a strong junior varsity team this season, which will serve as a future source for the varsity. On the other hand, depth on the varsity roster will be an issue in a few key spots. There are skilled players at wide

receiver and running backs. The offensive and defensive lines are stout with veterans who are strong and somewhat larger than the Broncos have been accustomed to, but they will play on both sides of the ball. The challenge is if something happens to a lineman or linebacker. After the starting roster, Whitmore and his assistants have been busy developing future starters who will be able to step in when needed. “Depth is always an issue,” Whitmore confirmed. The offense can be potent. It will be led by junior quarterback Dylan Hartz. Whitmore feels Hartz is the league’s best signal caller. Last year he threw for 1,188 yards and 11 touchdowns while scrambling for 390 yards on the ground and scoring five more TDs. The ground attack will be led by Connor O’Neill, when he returns from a summer time shoulder injury that will keep him on the sidelines until the

homecoming game against Tri-Cities Prep on Friday, Sept. 21. Last season O’Neill provided the team with 673 yards rushing and nine scores. “Dylan’s our field general,” Whitmore said. “He started as a sophomore and had a great year. He’s the best quarterback in the league, running and throwing.” With O’Neill sidelined the rushing crew features a cast of characters. Keanu Niezwaag, Hugh Hennings, Bridger Smith and Dustin Kommes will all work together to carry the load. “We’re going to spread the carries around,” Whitmore said. O’Neill’s return is an important one. “He is one of the best dual purpose running backs,” Whitmore said. “He will eat up a lot of yards.” The receiving corps will be anchored by Matt Fryberger, Ryan Whitmore and Logan Morley. Whitmore checks in at 6-foot-6

The swarming Broncos defense gave the Warden ground game fits last Friday night.

and makes a nice target. Fryberger is the senior veteran with good hands and Morley has shown marked improvement since last season. Tyler Greenwalt and Cort Ruzicka will also have opportunities to participate in the aerial show. Ruzicka may also rush from the backfield. As much as the Broncos are capable of launching the passing game, Whitmore intends to lean on the tried and true practice of running the ball. “We obviously want to run the ball,” he said. “And being able to do that always starts up front. Those guys don’t get near the recognition they deserve. If you have weak linemen then there isn’t good pass protection and you won’t be able to run.” Fortunately the Broncos have a solid front line anchored by left guard Jacob Anderson. “He had a great offseason and is one of the best in the league on the line,” Whitmore said. Right guard Jarradd Morley is making a name for himself just from his shear strength. “He’s one of our strongest kids and he will also excel on the defensive line. Cory Goble checks in at right tackle and Tyler Frederick is left tackle. Ethan Melville of Sprague has accepted a new assignment at center. “He’s smart, tough and doing a good job,” Whitmore said. When you flip over to defense, the bookends, Whitmore said will be defensive ends – R. Whitmore and Frederick. “They are doing a good job,” Whitmore said. “We’re really solid up the middle.” Anderson and J. Morley will control the middle of the defensive line.Whitmore said they will create havoc for opposing teams’ offense. At linebacker, the trio is fairly young. Niezwaag has moved to middle linebacker and is joined by Hennings and Ruzicka as they learn the outside linebacker assignments. Hartz will play safety defensing against the pass with help from Smith and Matt Leffel. Playing at the corners will be Fryberger and O’Neill. L. Morley will also see time there. So far this season the Broncos hosted a quartet of teams during a jamboree on Aug. 31. Then last Friday they traveled to Warden where they escaped with a 21-14 win against a flashy passing attack from the Cougars. This Friday the Broncos will host Kittitas in a non-league tilt.

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LADY BRONCOS. This year’s roster features youthful exhuberance and growing talent. The season has just begun. The team defeated Columbia Burbank in a non-league game last week and then won two of three matches during the Bronco Invite on Saturday. The Lady Broncos travel to the Rosalia Tournament this

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Saturday. The team includes: (back row, left to right) assistant coach Janet Bennett, Amanda Yockey, Randi York, Mallory Kessler, Dalyn Killian, Sydney Nelson and head coach Cari Galbreath; (front row) Maya Wahl, Jana Mattox, Elizabeth Schofstoll, Jenna Bennett, Kelly Melville and Caitlin Schoessler.

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Young roster shows growing promise By Stephen McFadden Publisher The Lady Broncos are young and stepping into roles that were held by a contingent of seniors in 2011. As a result head, coach Cari Galbreath expects there to be a period of settling in and growth for each of the team’s 11 players. Only two of the players are seniors this year, and Galbreath acknowledges that her team is young, finding its rhythm, and coming together as a unit. All of which she said is a great experience for the players. “We’re very young. A lot of teaching moments are going to happen,” she said. “It’s exciting because a lot of seniors left and lot of those seniors had big roles. It’s exciting for this team to become their own as they step into those roles.” The season started on the right foot when they opened last Thursday, Sept. 6, at Columbia Burbank winning an intense game in five matches, 25-23, 1625, 25-17, 26-28 and 15-7. “We played well at Columbia Burbank. It was a very close and high pressure situations occurred,” Galbreath said. When the Bronco Invite opened at 9 a.m. Saturday morning the same players were on the court but the intensity wasn’t with them against OdessaHarrington. “I think I expected that same composure to happen at nine in the morning,” Galbreaths said. After dropping their opening match the Lady Broncos defeated Cusick and Northport easily and the entire roster had an opportunity to see court time. “I think it (tournament) helped give everybody experience,” Galbreath said. “It helped them recognize that even though we had a bad game, bad match, you can turn it around.” Looking over the season, the Lady Broncos have a specific goal, to make it to state as one of the top four or five teams from the combined tournament of District No. 7 and No. 9. To do so they will need to be competitive in a powerhouse league that features defending state champion Reardan, the always-ominous Colfax and talented young teams in Davenport and Northwest Christian. “We will have to throw their game off a little bit and go against their weaknesses and disrupt their flow of the game,” Galbreath said. “I’m trying so hard to train my girls to play a disciplined game always so when we meet up with these better teams we are already in good habits.” On the court in the starting roles are a number of players who have had varsity playing time, who will be expected to step up their game this year. Junior Maya Wahl will check in as an outside hitter. “Last year she got some experience playing on the varsity and she has already shown a lot more confidence

Amanda Yockey floats over a defender and tips the ball across the net. and composure,” Galbreath said. “I’m excited to see her develop and take on an important role for our team. She works hard and is important to have out on the court. She’s a good passer and reliable hitter.” Senior Amanda Yockey will be a powerful presence at the net as a middle hitter. “She has been doing great at middle, her love for the game and attitude stand out,” Galbreath said. “She takes on a leadership role for our team. She’s a great blocker and a great server.” Sydney Nelson, a junior, will return to the court as a setter and front row player. “Last year she played varsity and brings good experience. She puts up a good block in the front row and she has good hands to back up the setter and she’s pretty smart,” Galbreath said. Sophomore Jenna Bennett will fill the setter role this

year. “She is very athletic, hustles to get the ball and she plays a very selfless role in making everybody else shine as they hammer a good set from her,” Galbreath said. “She brings a lot of energy and leadership to the team.” Dalyn Killian is expected to be a key member of the front row when she returns from an ankle injury suffered away from the volleyball court. The junior middle hitter checks in at 5-foot-10. “She blocks very well,” Galbreath said. “I think she will be a more aggressive hitter. She worked very hard in the spring and she is really anxious to get back on the court. The injury made her realize how much she enjoyed the game. I think it will be a good year for her.” Mallory Kessler is brand new to the varsity roster as a sophomore and middle hitter. She comes in with the distinction of being the tallest member of the team. “She doesn’t have a ton of volleyball in her background but she’s athletic and jumps very well and could become a huge player for us,” Galbreath said. “Right now there are a lot of teaching moments, just making her aware of how she should block or how tight to be to the net. I expect her to grow a lot this season.” Initially, Galbreath didn’t plan to use the libero position, a defensive specialist that checks in for special assignments. She has since changed course and Jana Mattox, a 5-foot sophomore is taking on the role. “She is inexperienced but has great ability to anticipate on defense and to read the hitter across the net,” Galbreath said. Caitlin Schoessler will come in from the bench as a defensive specialist. The 5-foot-1 junior is among those learning the speed of the varsity game. “She seems to have the ability to move pretty well on the court,” Galbreath said. Junior Elizabeth Schofstoll is an outside hitter for the team. “She’s a great teammate and she will probably play either right side or outside hitter. She is one of those players I can put in different spots,” Galbreath said. Senior Kelly Melville of Sprague will play outside hitter as she develops stronger volleyball skills during the season. “She is just a great kid,” Galbreath said. “She makes everybody smile and is always wanting to learn more.” Randi York rounds out the roster as a junior outside hitter. “She is very athletic and quick,” Galbreath said. “She is a little inexperienced but she catches on quick and has been doing a great job on the outside for us.” Galbreath acknowledges this is a rebuilding year in terms of experience. But she’s not interested in using that as a crutch or an excuse. “I don’t want that to be the tone for everybody,” she said. “We want to be in the top five going to state.”

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Broncos & Tigercats Chatterbox Salon

1018 E. Third • Lind • 677-8167

Recipe for Success ... Broncos & Tigercats

Essential Massage

(509) 659-1710 1503 S. SMITTY’S BLVD.

Rena Wahl 215 E Seventh • Lind 660-0043

Rah! Rah! Rah! Home Team Wins!

Support the Home Teams! Attend the Games. 506 S. Jackson • Ritzville • 659-1600

Watch & Cheer the Broncos & Tigercats

Bolin Plumbing Service, Inc. 1411 E. Lind-Ralston Rd • Ritzville 659-0366 or 660-0385


& s o c n o r B Tigercats Harvest Foods

610 West First • Ritzville • 659-1398

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Day Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday � ���������� � ���������� Friday

Date Aug. 31 Sept. 7 Sept. 14 Sept. 21 Sept. 28 Oct. 5 Oct. 12 Oct. 19 Oct. 26 Nov. 2 Nov. 9 ����������� ����������� Nov. 30

Opponent Jamboree Warden Kittitas Tri-Cities Prep (Homecoming) Springdale* Davenport* Reardan* Colfax* Liberty* (Senior Night) District 9 Crossover First Round ������������� ���������� Championship

Location Ritzville Warden Ritzville Ritzville Springdale Davenport Ritzville Colfax Ritzville TBD TBD ����� ���� Tacoma Dome

Time 6 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. TBD ��� ��� TBD

* League Games

BRONCOS VOLLEYBALL SCHEDULE Day Tuesday Thursday Saturday Tuesday Saturday Tuesday Thursday Tuesday Thursday Saturday Tuesday Saturday Tuesday Thursday Saturday Tuesday Saturday Tuesday Saturday Saturday Friday Saturday

Date Sept. 4 Sept. 6 Sept. 8 Sept. 11 Sept. 15 Sept. 18 Sept. 20 Sept. 25 Sept. 27 Sept. 29 Oct. 2 Oct. 6 Oct. 9 Oct. 11 Oct. 13 Oct. 16 Oct. 20 Oct. 23 Oct. 27 Nov. 3 Nov. 9 Nov. 10

Opponent Odessa Jamboree Columbia Burbank Bronco Invite Tekoa-Oakesdale Rosalia Tournament Almira-Coulee/Hartline Medical Lake Royal City Colfax Liberty Northwest Christian Odessa-Harrington St. George’s Riverside Reardan Davenport (Senior Night) Springdale Tiebreakers League Tournament Regional Tournament State Volleyball State Volleyball

Location Odessa Burbank Ritzville Oakesdale Rosalia Coulee City Ritzville Ritzville Colfax Ritzville Ritzville Lind St. George’s Ritzville Reardan Ritzville Springdale TBD Davenport TBD Yakima Yakima

Time TBD 7 p.m. 9 a.m. 6 p.m. 9 a.m. 7 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 1 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 1 p.m. TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD

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Day Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday ����������

Date Aug. 31 Sept. 7 Sept. 14 Sept. 21 Sept. 28 Oct. 5 Oct. 12 Oct. 19 Oct. 26 �������

Opponent Odessa-Harrington Kootenai, Idaho Wilbur-Creston Sunnyside Christian Colton (Homecoming) Pomeroy Touchet St. John/Endicott (Senior Night) Liberty Christian ����������������

Location Washtucna LaCrosse Wilbur Grandview LaCrosse Pomeroy Washtucna LaCrosse Hanford HS ��������

Time 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 2 p.m. ������

TIGERCATS VOLLEYBALL SCHEDULE Day Tuesday Thursday Saturday Tuesday Thursday Saturday Tuesday Thursday Tuesday Thursday Tuesday Thursday � �������� Thursday Tuesday Thursday Wednesday Saturday

Date Sept. 4 Sept. 6 Sept. 8 Sept. 11 Sept. 13 Sept. 15 Sept. 18 Sept. 20 Sept. 25 Sept. 27 Oct. 2 Oct. 4 ������� Oct. 11 Oct. 16 Oct. 18 Oct. 31 Nov. 3

Opponent St. John-Endicott Tri-Cities Prep Bronco Invite Touchet Rosalia Rosalia Tournament Tri-Cities Prep Pomeroy St. John-Endicott Touchet (Homecoming) Tekoa-Oakesdale Liberty Christian ���������������� Pomeroy (Senior Night) Rosalia Colton Districts Districts

Here’s to a great season for football & Volleyball

LaCrosseWashtucna Tigercats Manufacturing, Inc.

646-3292 • FAX 646-3294 e-mail:

Location St. John LaCrosse Ritzville Touchet Washtucna Rosalia Washtucna Pomeroy LaCrosse Washtucna LaCrosse Liberty Christian �������� Washtucna Rosalia Colton Colfax Colfax

Time 5 p.m. 5 p.m. 9 a.m. 5 p.m. 5 p.m. 9 a.m. 5 p.m. 5 p.m. 5 p.m. 5 p.m. 5 p.m. 5 p.m. ������ 5 p.m. 5 p.m. 5 p.m. TBD TBD

���������������� ������ ������������������� ���� ��������������������� 445 N. Main Street Washtucna • 646-3460

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2012 Fall Sports Preview  

A special section featuring the athletic programs of the Lind-Ritzville/Sprague Broncos volleyball and football as well as the LaCrosse-Wash...

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