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Ritzville Adams County Journal

December 20, 2012

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Greetings READY TO SHOP. This year’s Shop with a Cop effort was made possible by a $1,500 anonymous donation and an additional $200 contribution from the employees of Adams County Public Hospital District No. 2. After gathering at the visitors’ center, members of law enforcement were paired with the 15 children and spent Saturday morning shopping

at local stores for Christmas presents. Each child participating in the program purchased gifts for their parents and siblings. Everyone then gather at the Zion Philadelphia United Church of Christ where several volunteers helped them wrap all the gifts, and shared cookies and hot chocolate.

Cops and kids shop together

Police Chief David McCormick and Justin Clark

Trooper Ty Fryberger and Miley Clark

Trooper Dustin Stephan and Jessie Ruse Journal photos by Stephen McFadden Sgt. Mark Cameron practices his ribbon tying techniques

Deputy Dan Verhey makes a minor repair

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Lind First Grade “Letters to Santa”

DSi, and a normal DS I like you, santa. I like your elves. Love Deacon

Dear Santa, I would like a scanner and a walkie talkies. Its cold at the North pole. I like you, santa. Do you like the North pole. I like presents. David

Dear Santa, I would like a drum set, guitar, and a x dox, Ds. I like the presents you make. How long does it take to get to Lind? And a set of waklie Talkies Love Lance.

Dear Santa, I would like a Bop It, money, punching bag, Ds, baby doll with a horse. I Love you Santa. Love Reeta Dear Santa, I would like a punching bag, and a real pony. I love you Santa. Love Dove. Dear Santa, I would like Ninja Legos, WiiU, Bop it, Angry Birds Starwars. Where do liv? drun set I like yor alvefs. Love Ayden Dear Santa, I would like a Justin Bieber poster, baby doll with a horse, drum set. I like you Santa. Where do you live? I like your reindeer. love Katelyn Dear Santa, I like Christmas. You are real. I like your reindeer. I like the presents. Do you live in The North Pole? I’d like a DS. from Allie. Dear Santa, I like your reindeer. I would like mittens. Love Emily Dear Santa. I would like a DS and a xbox360, and a Justin bieber poster, Bratzillaz doll, from Maycee Dear Santa, I would like Angry Birds Star Wars game. I like you. Do you like the North Pole? How is it at the North Pole? Love Jonathan Dear Santa, I would like XBox and guitar. From Chris Dear santa, I would like… a Justin Bieber poster, A baby doll that feels real, and a xbox Ds. How long does it take to get to here? I like you santa. I like presents. Love Makenah Dear santa I would like a Bop It and guitar,

Ritzville Adams County Journal

December 20, 2012

Taekwondo book and my own computer, A four wheeler, and a hot tub. Sincerely, Blaze Robinson. Dear Santa Claus, Can you give me everything I want? You are the best guy in the world. What I want for Christmas is A remote control orange sports car. I want a remote control Doge Charger. I want a little dinosaur Statue, an I pod, an I phone-4. I want a skate bord. I want a new bike. I want a kindle fire, a skull helmet. Sincerely, Canyen

Dear Santa, I would like Power weeles car, drum set, ninja legos, scanr, train set, X box, punching bag, angry bird star wars game. Austin Dear Santa, I would like… a guitar and Super Mario WiiU and have I Been good and you are jolly and youre nose is red as a rose. But also could you get my dad a Ds. love Justin

“Letters to Santa” from Washtucna School District

Lind Second Grade “Letters to Santa” Dear Santa Claus, For Christmas, I want an X Box 360 with the game off road racers. For Christmas, I want an I-pod with games and songs. For Christmas I want a intendo 3ds. I want A Toy Rudolph and Dasher and Dancer, comet. For Christmas I want a Drumset. For Christmas I want a new bike. For Christmas I want an gameBoy. Can you give me everything I want For Christmas please and thank you. For Chrismas, I want an Toy rc. For Christmas I want an I-phone. For Christmas I want an spykit and a airhog. For Christmas I want a Lego Ningogo set with the firer ningogo For Christmas For my Dad play station 3. For Christmas I want a new pair of shoes. Please and thank you. Sincerely, Hayden Dear Santa, I want a kitten and a puppy. I want a horse, microphone set, and ice skates. Love Mia Dear Santa Claus, I want a kindle fire, any doll. Your friend, Gracia Dear Santa, I want money like this 1200432 100000045021001111111111111111 11112222233333444445555555666 66777777888889999910101010111 111111111111111121212121314151 60000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000!

love Nick!

Yours truly, Mariah

Dear Santa Claus, I want an iPod, a Bike, a computer, a X box 3 Player, 40 sharpys, a airplane and a I Phone, a dsI. I want a copy machine and all the toyes I can get. I also want a bee bee gun. and all the baby Alives. I want to fly in a airplane, a swingset and a trampoline, a game board and a drum set and a scooter. I would like a Bike and marbles and all that I can get. Thank you for everything in the world bye. Sincerely, Zoey Lopez

Dear Santa Claus For Chistmas I want a I-Phone and a I-Pod and a Ds, sparky monstertti hat and I also want a game boy, and monstertti wall paper, and a Pink lab top, and a Kindle Fire a pack of automatic pencils, and Hi Ho Chreey-o and a flute, and a automatic tooth brush and a flat screen t.v. white board a Monster Hi doll set and Monster Hi dolls, a Monster Hi wardrobe even shoes and hats and earrings, and I also want a Easy Bake Oven, and I also want the move hokeis pokies. Love, Willow Mae Rountree

Dear Santa, For Christmas I want a iPod, skate board, BB Gun, 111000000 000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000 dollars, a dog, minecraft playdoe big, a computer, WWE game, kinect star wars, doge viper, navy helicopter, Darth Maul light saber, clubhouse, nova, mustang Gt, Lambergini, xbox 360, 1000000000 00000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000 blocks of gold, Yours truly, Thane

Dear Santa Claus, Can you make a star to honer to my Daddy! Love Faith

Dear Santa You are a good man! I want a drum set pretty please! How do you get all of the world in one night? Your elves make some good toys.

Dear Santa, I want wwe wrestling video games that are for Play station 2 and a music set and a iPhone and a computer and littel army men and Marvel video games, and a motorcycle. love, Carson Shaver Dear Santa Can I have toys. Can you give me a guitar and drumset. A flute that’s all. Love Rebeca Dear Santa Claus, I want a dirtbike and $800000000. My own school,

Dear Santa, I hope you are having a good time up there. There will be cookies at my house. If Mrs. Claws would like some cookies? I wuner if the elfe are deing ok? How are the deer doing? I want a hilcopter. I would like a green hilcopter. If it could go outside and inside I would like to of them. Could you make the Second one to be orange pleace. Also I would like it to be short. I deserve two hilcopter because I’m responsible. I help my dad clen. Also I help mom. I play with my puppy. Also I help the cub skouts. P.S. I love Rudolph Your friend Josh Crouse Dear Santa How is the north pole? Is it cold? Why are you soo very fat? Thank you for giving coal to us. It helps everyones fireplace. In december math does stars for Santa? In december math does the question eqel Santa? 2xS=Santa? List of what I want. Alarm clock (Hello kitty), phone (Hot pink), laptop (blue), glow dom, one drection poster (all), DSi (pink), T.V. (adventure time t.v.), a puppy (black). I really want a DSi with snaps. I deserve a DSi because I help my sister everyday. I help her have fun. I play with her. Love: Alycia Dear Santa, I hope you are having a good season. I hope your are feeling good. I also hope that you are ready for Christmas. I would like a bmx bike. I want a bmx bike because my other bikes are to small. I can also ride around town with my friends. I also want pegs! I want it to be green and black. I also want it to have realy realy realy realy realy cool tires. I want a skull painted on the seat. I

also want it to have light up wheels. I deserve a bike because I help my dad feed the animals. I help carry big stuff. I also help my brother with games. I help my grandpa with video games. Your friend, Jeffery Dear Santa, I hope you are having a good year. I believe in you Santa and I always will Santa. Do you ever go fishing? Circle yes or no please. How is Rudolph the red nose reindeer doin? I want two Clown fish. I would like two Clown fish because when one of them lay there eggs and when they hatch its going to be almost time to sell those Clown fish. They have to be this long to sell. |-------------------| I’m go to sell them or I’m going to sell them to Pet Co or Pet Smart. I’m going to give them to people who want them. I hope the Clown fish are black and orange with white stripes and they can be in a fish tank or a fish carrier with a built in filter. I deserve it because I am nice. I let people play with my toys. I follow the rules. I do my work. I work hard for 180 days, P.S. Your suit is my favorite color. From, Jess Dear Santa, I hope your doing good at the north pole. Tell all your raindeer that I said hi. How are your elves doing? Am I on the good list? I would like the drift rally spinout for hot wheels with drifting corners. I want a mountain bike that has suspenchon. I want to have 7 gears. I deserve it becase I do what I’ve been told and becase I’m home on time and I’ve ben good for my dad. From John Dear Santa, How old are your Reindeer I Have Ben wundering all year for some reason. I want a skate bord. I wunt one Because I know how to ride a skate bord it is very fun. That is why I want one I hope it has red wheels and green inside the wheel. I deserve a skate bord because I will take very good care of it. I will ride it every day. And I do chores every day. Like take out the trash and it is kind of fin I guass so. P.S. Do you have a pass word to get in your slay? Please tell me your pass word I will not tell anyone I promises Santa. I will not I will not I sware. Please, please please pppllleeeaaassseee. Please. From Mark Continued on Page B-3

just for you


There’s no place we’d rather be, Than here in this community — To celebrate from beginning to end The holiday season with all of our friends! Merry Christmas and many thanks for making us feel so welcome here.

Ritch Schumann Excavating, Inc. Ritch and Carmen Schumann 512 East Broadway Ritzville • 659-0295

a note of at the holidays

w, As autumn’s chill gives way to sno People come and people go -to mind, But one thing that always comes behind -Is the impression that they leave , too So for your goodwill and friendship We remain in debt to each of you r way, As we send this note of thanks you And wish you a joyous holiday!

Gavilon Grain, LLC dba


"SERVING YOU SINCE 1908" • 677-3441 • 1-800-423-4001

Ritzville Adams County Journal

December 20, 2012

Continued from Page B-2 Dear St. Nick, I hope you had a great day. You are working realy hard this season on geting all the toys ready this year. How are your reindeer? I hope their good. I hope you are ready for this year! You must be tierd after Christmas because you fly all around the world! I would like a kindle fire. I would like one because all my friends have one and you can read and play all sort of cool games on it. I hope it is turquise because that is my favorit color and it would match my room, my pillow, and my blanket. I deserve a kindle fire because I have been realy good with my cousins dog. One time we had to watch him. I fed him and watered him, and brushed him, and took him out side to play. My mom said I did a good job, so did my dad. When I get a kindle fire, I can read and play games and take pickturs of my new puppy. P.S. tell your reindeer I said hi especily Rudolph. Have a good Christmas. Your friend, Mercedes Miller Dear Santa, I have been realy good this year so I would like a kindle fire because they are awsome! You can play games and read on it. I deserve one because I help my friends all the time and I be nice to them. I also want a big teady Bear that is white and in a dress that is pink or red. I would also like some candy!!!!! It is my favor it! My favorit candy is a recces penutbuter cup, and my other favorit is chocolate. I would also like a lot of makeup! I would like my make up to be red lipsick, pink blush, purple eye shadow, and mascara! I would like my kindle to be turquise with rain bow pock a dots. I would also like a birth stone neckles, bracelet and ring, and earings! By the way, my Birth ston is a safefire. Love, Mercedes Miller Dear Santa, I hope you are having a good year/job. Do you hunt preter bears? Pluse do you hunt raindeer? Do you have a friend? I want a R.P.G. because the tarest might attck some day. I hop it is brown and black and shoots red. I hope it neat … and shows respect on it. I deeserve RPG because I am ten years old. Plus Im responsible enough to use it. I will keep it for giving time. P.S. Don’t forget your rpg friend, Kaedyn Dear Santa, What I would like for Cristmas is a bee bee gun, nerf gun with nerf bullets, purple poptar dress and a pink princess dress to. Cristmas is my favorite holiday becuase Jessus was born on that Cristmas day! Well I hope you can get all of the kids wishes to them around the world. Have fun dulivering the presents. Love, Grace Nelson Dear Santa, I hope I’m on the Good list. Are some of your elfes Ninjas. I’m writing a store about you and Mr. Seedhall. I deserve a electric scooter becase I take out the trash. I am try to get money. I hope Its red. And goes 15 miles for hour. How is Mrs. Claws doing. I’s there summer

Page B-3 have a remote control plane for Christmas? From, Wes

Letters to Santa

Dear Santa, I have been good this year. One thing I want for Christmas is a phone. I want a touch screen phone. How do you fly your reindeer? From, Ashleigh

Dear Santa, I have been good by helping my family. I really want Barbies. What kind of cookies do you like? From, Miley

there. Have you seen a polar Bear. Is it hot in the summer. How many elves do you have hundred? How big is your workshop. I’s it hidden. We will have cookies waiting for you! P.S. Merry Christmas! From Nate/Hille. Dear Santa, I hope you are having a jolly season. Did you get snow at all? What is your favrit thing to do. Do you like the color green? I like chocolate chip cookies. How is prancer? Prancer is my favrit reindeer. I want a walky talkey, a box of spiced chocolate, a shirt you can wright on and a race car. I want a walkey talky because I would talk to my friend all the way from home. I want a box of spice chocolate because it is delishes. I want an R.C. because they are fun to race. I hope the walkey talkey is camoe. I hope the R.C. is red and blue. I deserve a r.c because I have experience with them. I deserve a walky talky because im responsible for my things. I deserve chocalate because I do not eat it all at the same time. P.S. I love your work. Your friend Rhianna Dear Santa, I hop you are having a goob time in the noth pole, is it snowing? It is here. Do you have all the toys made? Is the slay red? How many elfs do you havn? I want a helecopter that is with blue and white sides. Also two sets of propellers and a Ninjago bost with lots of guys. The Ninjago with the blue black and white ninja. I was trying to be realy good. I was being good by sharing, pushing in chairs, also by sharing my marker. Your friend floling breches. I clinup. P.S. I love christmas Zack Crouse Dear Santa, I want for crismis a sensa Wu and a tornadoe for him. Love, Cooper Dear Santa, I would like a B B gun. From Mark Dear Santa, I hope you are helping the elvs. I hope you are making lats toys. Haw is the snow there. How meng elvs. haw is Rudolph the reindeer? I want 5 gas pawrd RC and 5 battery

With Wishes Warm & Bright

May all your hopes and dreams come true during this special time of year.

pawrd RC cars I can div them. I want a Low rider dert bike cus I can rid it. I a baby craudirl cus I can fead it. I want them to be red and blak and the craudirl green and blak. Cus they are fat and they are cool and I saw them on tv and a X box 360. I deserve them cus I take awt the garbage. I lesin to mang mom and bab. P.S. I hope your slae is rite. Dyson Dear Santa, I hope your having a great season. My season has been ok! How has Mrs Santa been! Please tell Rudolph I said “Hello”! How are all of the reindeer? How tall are the eleves this year? I wish you would stay so we could give you presents. We kinda do but they are coockies. Do you have fish there? What I want for christmas is candy, I want candy because it is good. I want a huge hershey bar. Those are really good! My brother Zane ate my last one. I deserve one because I help my mom around the house. I also help her with laundry. I help my brother Zane clean his room, I also play with him he is fun. We play the Xbox 360! Mark and I play. We race except we are on are knees. It is so fun! P.S. Is it cold up there? Your friend Emma Dear Santa, I want a air soft gun for crismis. love myra Dear Santa, Thank you for the video i like it a lot my grandma liked it i liked the ice sculpure eagle I liked your vest. From Jed, Dear Santa, How are you? What is it like in the North Pole? You should get a lot of popcycles. Do you give people cars? If you do I want one. Okay dump the vehicle. Lets get down to business. This year I want football gloves. I want the new Denver Bronco gloves. They are dark blue and has half a horse head on one glove and the other half on the other snagger. They are the neatest gloves I have seen in my life. Can you plese get me them! I deserve them because I am nice. I’m responsible too. Every night I feed my dog Maisey. What do you say? They stick to the football. From Jett Nelson.

Dear Santa, I hope you are having a good season. There is no snow and I am hoping you are having a good day? I want to see you to see your raindeer and I really really want to see Rudolph the red nose raindeer! How is M.s Clause doing. I want to no how old you are. When is your brithday? When is M.s Claus brithday? I want a ipod. I would like one becuse my brother has one and I want to play on it but I can not play on it. It has fun games on it. The games on it is car games and a flow and a fling bird game. I hpe it is pink and purple, or red. It plays games like car games or a Flou game. I deserve a iPod becuse I feed my horse. Every day and every night. P.S. I love your suit. Your friend, Jenna Moore Dear Santa, I hope you are haveing a good season. How are you doing. Has it snowed there it has’ent snowed here. I hope you are haveing a great day. I hop your raindeer are doing good. You are nice Santa. I want electric scooter I would like one because I can ride all over town. Plus I can ride with my Friends. Also I always wanted to have one. Plus I can ride to the park. Plus I can ride to my grammas. I hope it is hot pink plus harts and really fast. Also I really want it because I can ride to Java. Also because I can go a mile away to my Friends. Plus I want it to be stars desine. Also I hope the color is purple to and hot pink. Plus I really want it to be lime green. I want Electric scooter because I am responsible and I feed bunnys ofrey day. Plus I Feed to dogs so I am responsible I do my chores. Plus I help my dad. Also I watch my little cousins. I watch little puppys for my Friend! P.S. I love Christmas!!! Your Friend Lindsay

Ritzville First Grade “Letters to Santa” Dear Santa, I’ve been good. Have your elves been good? I want a DSI this Christmas. Love, Ella Dear Santa, I have been good. I would like a sled for my mom and dad. I would like the Skylander’s giants. I would

Greetings at Christmas With best wishes to you and yours this holiday season.

For helping us to realize our dreams, we are sincerely grateful,

Dear Santa, I have been very good this year. I want a pet unicorn that is pink and real. My mom wants a pet giraffe that is fake. From, Arienna Dear Santa, I wonder if I was good or bad. I’d like a Moshi Monster membership pass for Christmas. How is Rudolph doing? From, Shawn Dear Santa, I’ve been good and bad all year. For Christmas I want a Betty Boop doll. Santa, why do you always wear red? From, Jasmine Dear Santa, I’ve been good. I want a diary and a bike. I want a bike left in my bedroom. From, Davine

Dear Santa, I have been really good this year. One thing I want is Spy Gear. My brother wants Legos. One question I have for you is have your elves been good or bad? From, Michael

Dear Santa, I have been very good. I want a new waterski. I love to look around when I’m skiing and see other people on wakeboards, skis, and kneeboards. Sometimes the music helps me focus. I love to jump in the water with my friends Shontz and Alia. From, Harlee

Dear Santa, I have been good because I help my mom do the dishes. That is why I deserve a Nerf gun. I also want to know how reindeer fly? From, Bridger

Dear Santa, I have been really good. I want a tablet for Christmas. How has Mrs. Claus been at the North Pole? From, Megan

Dear Santa, I have been good. I want an X-man bike. My dad wants a coffee cup. How is Rudolph doing before Christmas? From, Mason

Dear Santa, I have been really good. I want a tablet for Christmas. How do you stop at everyone’s house in one night? From, Rose

Dear Santa, I’ve been good this year. For Christmas I want Skylander’s Giants. I have one question. Are your elves making stuff? From, Brock

Dear Santa, I have been good all year. For Christmas I want the Star Wars Lego set. Santa, how do you get around the world so fast? From, Trey

Dear Santa, I’ve been good this year. For Christmas I want a pool for summer so I can swim. I have one question. How are you doing? From, DaCota

Dear Santa, I’ve been pretty good this year. For Christmas I want a World Wide Wrestling toy this year. Have the elves been good or bad this year? From, Danny

Dear Santa, I have been really good this year by helping my friends. I really want some Legos for Christmas. What is your favorite kinds of cookies? From, Talus

Dear Santa, I have been good this year. One thing I want for Christmas is a pet mouse in a cage. How have the elves been? From, Ireana Dear Santa, How are all the reindeer doing? I have been very good, but I disobeyed one or 2 times. I forgot to pick up my toys. Can I please

Dear Santa, I have been good. I want Lego Star Wars the Death Star. My mom wants a coffee pot. Are the elves helping you this Christmas making gifts? From, Matthew Continued on Page B-4

Joyous noel Wishing you and your family a simply heavenly holiday season. Leffel, Otis & Warwick, P. S.

John and Janis Marshall

We really appreciate you pulling for us!

Landcraft Repair Research & Development 503 E. Main • Ritzville • 659-0201

like to know how reindeer fly? From, Ashton

Dear Santa, I have been really good this year. I have been good because I help other people up when they fall down. One thing I want is Lego Factory Legos. My brother Traye wants a toy Superman. I have a question. Are your reindeer healthy for the trip? From, Travis

DOUG BORTH • 1-800-759-0910 • WALLA WALLA

Jim Leffel Kris Harder Carol Simonson Amy Reimer Carrie Anthony Terry Kissler Kellie Kragt Jill Connolly Shelley Ruddell

219 West Main • Ritzville • 659-0125

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Ritzville Adams County Journal

December 20, 2012

More Letters to Santa Continued from Page B-3 Dear Santa, I’ve been good because I help my brother clean his room. One thing I want to have is Hero Factory. I want to know if the elves make the toys. From, Traye Dear Santa, I’ve been both good and bad. I want a Skylander Giant. I want a batman cave. I want it under my tree. From, Brayden

Ritzville Second Grade “Letters to Santa” Dear Santa, I have been good. Can I have a go-cart? I was wondering how the reindeer fly? From, Cooper Dear Santa, I have been really really good this year. One thing I want for Christmas is an I Pad. How do you fly all around the world in one night? From, Ismael

Dear Santa, I’ve been good. How are your reindeer? How old are you? For Christmas I want an I Touch. My sister Madison want a sewing machine. From, Hayden Dear Santa, I’ve been good all year. For Christmas I want a blow up deer. Santa, how are your reindeer doing? From, Blake Dear Santa, I’ve been good and bad all year. For Christmas I want an X Box 360. Santa, can I be an elf? From, Trever Dear Santa, I’ve been good this year.

For Christmas I want horses. My question that I want to ask you is how are you? From, Laura Dear Santa, I’ve been good this year. I want an I Pod 4th generation, and my brother wants an X Box 360. How do the reindeer fly? From, Gabriel Dear Santa, I have been very good. For Christmas I want an I Pod Touch. On my I Pod I want the game Cut the Rope downloaded on my I Pod. My favorite song to put on my I Pod is Can you Blow My Whistle. I also want the screen cracked app so I can prank my mom. From, Raegan

Many thanks for all the goodwill you’ve shown toward us this year.

Ralston Grange celebrates Christmas

— Gary Bostrom, CEO and Adams County Public Hospital District No. 2 Commissioners: Stacey Plummer, Kirk Danekas, Jerry Crossler, Jeff Reynolds and Jerry Snyder

Dear Santa, I have been really good this year. One thing I want for Christmas is a survival knife. What do reindeer eat? From, Hunter Dear Santa, I have been nice because I help people when they get hurt. I want a punching bag because I could practice getting stronger. How long is your beard? From, Seth Dear Santa, I’ve been good this year. I want a 3 foot tall teddy bear and my sister wants a whole set of Barbies. How can you hold the 100 pound bag on your sleigh? From, Taylor

East Adams Rural Hospital 903 S. Adams St. 659-1200

Ritzville Medical Clinic 903 S. Adams St. 659-1200

Dear Santa, I have been good this year. I want a laptop and my sister wants dolls. Santa how do you get your reindeer to fly? From, Hannah Dear Santa, I have been good this year. I want a Skylander Giant. My sister wants a backpack on wheels. Do you like the cookies I set out for you? From, Chase

Washtucna Medical Clinic

Lacey and Spencer Miller perform a few Christmas numbers for audience members

Santa arrives full of good cheer and laughter to hand out presents to all of the youngsters

545 S. Church Street 646-3290

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Dear Santa, I’ve been very good this year. Santa, I want Techdeck Skate and Go. My brother Gabe wants Hero Factory. I also like it too. Can your elves be wood elves? From your best, Ta’alolo Dear Santa, I have been really good. I have been good by helping people clean up garbage. I really want a remoter control car. What are your favorite kind of cookies? From, Gloria Dear Santa, I’ve been good. I’d like an I Pod. I want it on my fishtank. From, Zack Dear Santa, I’ve been good. I want a remote control car. I want to play with it outside. From, Matthew

Annie Trunkle-Smart plays Christmas songs for the junior grangers and 4-H members to sing along too

Dear Santa, I have been good this year. What I want for Christmas is to help the animal shelter in Spokane. How do you stop at every house in one night? From, Alexis Dear Santa, This year I’ve been good. This year I want a big trampoline with a net. Can your reindeer have a treat? From, Lynzi Dear Santa, I have always wanted a dirt bike for Christmas. I have been very good all year. Santa, do you have a naughty elf? My brother has always wanted a snowboard. From, Nathan

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Ritzville School District

Damon Roth receives a gift for his son, Rudy, after the little one became frightened of Santa

Superintendent Rob Roettger and Board Members Scott Carruth, Chris Cook, Greg Galbreath, Layne Iltz, Marci Miller

Lind School District

Superintendent Rob Roettger and Board Members Bev Kulm, Rena Wahl, Jani Melcher, Annie Trunkle-Smart, Jennifer Anderson

Ritzville Adams County Journal

December 20, 2012

Page B-5

Cat Pack A wonderful Washtucna Christmas

Pastor’s Message

By Sam Harder Student Correspondent Christmas time is here, and the students and staff of the Washtucna School are very much looking forward to a jolly holiday break. And who could be more deserving? Students of all ages and teachers of all subjects have continued to put forth the time and effort to make this holiday season a joyful one for our entire school district, as well as our community. One such fantastic effort was the community caroling party hosted by Washtucna High’s own Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). Club members, volunteer students and staff, and the chapter adviser gathered at the school for a pre-caroling meal of hot dogs and chili. Some of these merry carolers arrived after basketball practice; they were fairly tired from a hard nights workout, but nevertheless, they were quite cheerful and optimistic about walking through the neighborhood with their friends and singing carols. The carolers moved on foot and sang to as many households as the cold would permit them, and were met every time by smiling citizens who were delighted to see and hear the community’s youth displaying Christmas cheer. A few of the residents offered the singing students

Christmas treats as they went upon their way. It was overall, a successful and heartwarming effort by the FBLA and volunteers. At the school itself, the ASB/NHS food drive ended, and the winners were the 5th/6th and 9th/10th grade team, which donated nearly 160 pounds of canned and non-perishable food. The victors were awarded for their efforts with root beer floats and ice cream sundaes. The NHS members have answered the letters of the good children who wrote letters to Santa and will send the letters home with the children before break begins. Also, as the final week of classes wind down, the 7th-12th grade students continue to participate in the Secret Santa Gift Exchange. The Secret Santa’s will be announced Friday, Dec. 21, before the students are let out for the holiday break. With Christmas upon us and a new year in front of us, the students and staff of Washtucna have found time to reflect on their triumphs and tribulations of 2012, and their hopes and dreams of 2013. Through all memories both dark and happy, we have found ourselves sharing many remembrances together, and describing our hopes for our dawning future. From all Tigercats at Washtucna School, we wish you all a happy and Merry Christmas, and a very happy New Year!

May all your hopes and dreams come true during this special time of year. With heartfelt thanks from all of us for your continued support.

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By Father Dan Wetzler St. Agnes Catholic Church In writing to Titus, St. Paul states: “When the kindness and generous love of God our Savior appeared … He saved us through the bath of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit … so that we might be justified by His grace and become heirs in hope of eternal life” Titus 3:4-7. This beautifully sums up what Christmas is all about and echoes the well-known verse of John 3:16, “God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whoever believes in Him may not die but may have eternal life.” Jesus appeared in history some time ago, and He appears even today to all who believe, for He is the same yesterday, today and forever. This Jesus comes to save us, not condemn us, so immeasurably generous is God’s favor for us, as St. Paul tells the Ephesians and reminds us once again this Christmas season. Is this not the glad tidings of salvation that brings joy to our hearts and spirits? Is this not the glad tidings that the shepherds received and hastened to find Mary and Joseph and the Child and astonished all who heard the shepherd’s report? Yes, of course, and our response might well echo the angels’ praise: “Glory to God in the high heaven, peace on earth to those on whom His favor rests.” How can we not exclaim, “Praise the Lord!” We are numbered with those on whom His favor rests, “not because of any righteous deeds we had done, but because of His mercy” and all this He has richly poured out on us through Christ Jesus the Savior. Don’t we serve an awesome God! Praise God that His Son was willing to lay aside His Divinity as it were, and take on our humanity that we might share His Divine Life. Praise God for Mary who was willing to say, “yes” to the Lord God’s eternal plan hidden for ages and made known in the fullness of time. Praise God for you who are saying, “yes” to Christ Jesus coming into your heart to be Lord and Savior. Because we are to praise God in all things, we praise God for those who have not yet said, “yes” to Jesus and invited Him as Savior. Let’s stand united in the bond of the Holy Spirit given to each of us in praising and glorifying God for all that we have come to know and believe. Have a truly peace-filled Christmas.

Pastor’s Message By Pastor Bill Cox Ritzville Foursquare When I was young my favorite holiday was Christmas. There was always so much excitement around that time and with great expectation we always waited for that Christmas morning when the wrapping paper would fly. It wasn’t long before all the excitement was over and we were off to something else. Dad and Mom were always trying to make sure that we knew the true meaning of Christmas and pointed to Jesus as the center of the celebration. As hard as they tried though, Jesus always seemed to be over shadowed by “Christmas.” With its toys, games, fun, food and anything else we could throw in. It was really easy to like Christmas without even thinking about the Christ that it is all about. Now as an adult things haven’t

changed much although I am less likely to be found playing with my Lincoln logs in the middle of the floor and more likely to be filling my time with something else more important like football. We need to stop and ask ourselves are we in love with the Christmas holiday or are we in love with the Christ who came to this world for us. The one who gave up everything he had in heaven to come and be born in a lowly manger. I’m not trying to bah humbug Christmas the holiday, but I want to ask you to stop this year and spend time thinking about the Christ who came out of love for us, Jesus is the one who this is all about. I know that many of you love this time of the year for the same reasons you did when you were a kid, some of you have come to dread this time of year because of what our culture has

It’s Been A Real

Treat Serving You! made it into. I want to ask you to do something a little different this year if you haven’t already, and that is fall in love with the Christ of Christmas. Let him bring that peace that he said he would bring and let it fill your heart with a joy that only he can bring. Have a very merry Christmas this year. Merry Christmas!!

“But when the fullness of time had come, God sent his Son, born of a woman, born under the law, in order to redeem those who were under the law, so that we might receive adoption as children.” Galatians 4:4-5 It doesn’t seem possible, but it’s Christmas yet again. Where has the time gone? While visions of sugarplums dance in our heads, our bodies groan with the weight of the season…baking…cleaning… purchasing…giving…singing… decorating…it’s only a week away. I have always loved this phrase: “in the fullness of time”…at just the right moment…in the nick of time…when all things were ready… at a more opportune moment. When God had aligned all the various strains of history, at just the perfect moment, God sent his Son. Jesus was not an add-on to an already busy calendar, but was the hinge

point of all history. He didn’t come to lay a burden on us, but take away our burden and restore it with a relationship based on promise and love. He promised…we respond in love. He takes the law away and says just live with me. And your times will find fullness with Jesus you will never find on your own. For many, this season of the year is a burden. We are haunted by things that happened Christmases long ago. While the world rejoices, many struggle. Depression is rampant. For many, these times are

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Pastor’s Message By Pastor Bob Kenyon Emanuel Lutheran Church

Merry Christmas and many thanks to the best bunch of people –our customers!

terrible. What difference does Jesus make in their lives? Only this: Jesus has not come to make it all go away. He has come to call us into community. In this community, called his church, we band together to help and serve the needs of others as a way of living in relationship with Jesus. Rather than calling us away from human need to heaven, Jesus asks us to serve the “least of these” as a way of serving him. And that is what churches in our community attempt to do. Jesus knew we couldn’t follow a utopian vision of wealth equalization for he said the poor you always have with you. He didn’t proclaim a just society was any model of human collectivism. He said: “take what you have, give thanks for it, and give it away.” The very actions of Holy Communion become the actions of Christian response at the point of the needs of others. We chose to do this “in the fullness of time”… and in Christian grace. Merry Christmas!!

welcome the season! It may be cold outside, but our hearts are warmed by thoughts of the many good people we’ve had the privilege to serve this year. Happy Holidays and thanks!

Wishing you every happiness this holiday season. We truly value your business and look forward to your continued support.

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December 20, 2012

Ritzville Adams County Journal

It’s Been Our Pleasure Serving You! Happy holidays and many thanks for your kind patronage this past year.

Pastor’s Message

More than a Revolutionary By Pastor Matthew Yoder Menno Mennonite Church It’s the season of Advent again. Advent is the time of year when Christians begin to anticipate celebrating the birth of Jesus, a man who most of us Christians believe was the son of God who came to save the world. This Advent season I’ve become increasingly perplexed about a phenomenon I’ll call “Zionist Christianity.” I’m not talking about Zionist Judaism; I can understand where Zionist Jews are coming from – Jews who believe that the modern state of Israel is supposed to fulfill God’s promise of land and nationality to Abraham – even if I disagree with the idea, as do some Jewish Rabbis I’ve listened to. I have a much harder time understanding this phenomenon of Zionist Christianity – Christians who seem to believe that Jesus is waiting to do any serious revolutionizing until the fulfillment of God’s promise to Abraham in the modern state of Israel, and that we (Christians) are all waiting around to start following Jesus until then. Just twiddling our thumbs for a millennium or two. Isn’t the basic affirmation of the Christian faith that Jesus already did start a revolution – about two thousand years ago? That he fulfilled the Law of Moses and the prophets in new and unexpected ways? Isn’t the basic thrust of the New Testament that God’s incarnation in Jesus revolutionizes God’s relationship with humanity? If so, then what exactly are we waiting for? And if not, then what exactly are we celebrating at Christmas time? How is it that some of us Christians have demoted ourselves from “followers” of Jesus to mere “believers?” How is it that we have demoted Jesus from revolutionary savior God to mere doctrine (and a marginally coherent one at that)? For me, this is what Advent is all about this year: not putting Christ back into Christmas, but rather putting Christ back into Christianity. It is somewhat in vogue these days to conceive of Jesus as a revolutionary. And he certainly was; he rejected the righteous and embraced untouchables. He proclaimed and embodied a message that threatened to disenfranchise the powerful and empower the disenfranchised. But he was much, much more than a mere revolutionary. At Christmas time, are we Christians not to celebrate the very incarnation of God in human flesh and bone; the promise of a new relationship between God and humanity? If “believers” diligently follow the revolutionary savior God who said, “love your enemies” and “feed the hungry” and “heal the sick” and “clothe the naked” and “defend the poor,” then I think that’s something worth celebrating.

659-1001 • Ritzville 103 W Galbreath Way

‘Tis the season...

for expressing our gratitude!

We couldn’t have done it without your support...thanks! Journal photo by Stephen McFadden

AFTER HOURS. A large group of community members gathered together to celebrate the Christmas season during the Business After Hours event at Sunny Spot Floral & Gifts.

Pastor’s Message By Pastor Judith RinehartNelson Zion Philadelphia United Church of Christ Luke 2:15: And suddenly there were with the Angel a multitude of the heavenly hosts praising God and saying, “Glory to God in the Highest and on earth peace good will to men.” I always get goose bumps when I read or hear this passage. The Angels coming to earth to sing praises. The Shepherds getting to join the song of Joy. I would have liked to have been there joining in too. It

��������������� �������������������


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must have been amazing. My desire to, “sing with the angels” is why going to church is so important to me. Worshipping with others is as close as I can get to singing with the angels. Christmas Time is full of opportunities to worship God. There are special services and programs going on at all of our churches, there are family gatherings, caroling, and even, at Zion Philadelphia UCC, a drumming circle on the second Sunday of the month! With so many opportunities, why not join a choir of Angels and join in the praises!

We’re really grateful to have friends and neighbors like you!

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Pastor’s Message By Pastor Jeremy McLellan Lind Community Church Someone once said, “All the world is a stage and we are merely players.” Perhaps this is true as each of us from day to day and from year to year plays out our roles in time that will one day be the drama of history. As the Christmas season comes again I am amazed to read in the Bible the account of Jesus’ birth. Every aspect of it has divine scripting all over it. I marvel that on that one night the whole universe was a stage and God Himself was not only the scripter, but also its main player. What was this production you ask? It was the miraculous birth of His only Son, Jesus. In the pages of scripture is the detailed retelling of the coming of the Savior in demonstration of God’s love but also to make salvation, forgiveness of sins and reconciliation possible for mankind. Consider the following verses from the gospel of Matthew 1:2123: “And [Mary] will bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name JESUS, for He will save His people from their sins.” So all this was done that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the Lord through the prophet, saying: “Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and bear a Son, and they shall call His name Immanuel,” which is translated, “God with us.” What a director the LORD is to produce the phenomenal virgin birth of Jesus! He was conceived supernaturally as “the power of the Highest” overshadowed Mary. God alone was also able to perform what He had previously declared through a prophet. It was some 500 years earlier that God spoke through the prophet Isaiah announcing the exact details of the coming of the Savior. What is more amazing is that God Himself was not just the director but also the leading role. God Himself stepped out of the director’s chair and into the performance. This is seen in the names given to this Heavenly child on the day of His birth. First, He would be called “Immanuel.”

This word is translated “God with us.” Not only was God favorable towards us but also would actually live among us in the flesh His Son. Second, Mary was instructed to name her newborn Son Jesus, which means “God is salvation.” There in the manger that day was Immanuel, Jesus, God with us, come to “save His people from their sins.” So as this Christmas season unfolds I hope that you will take time to open the Bible and read the greatest narrative ever written. In all the hustle and bustle take an

intermission and reflect on God’s love towards you in the person of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Please accept this load of good cheer, along with our thanks for your business this year!

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SEASON’S GREETINGS Wishing you an abundance of glad tidings at this special time of year.


Ritzville Adams County Journal

Ritzville Third Grade “All families celebrate different Christmas traditions, what are the traditions your family celebrates for the holiday?”

One Christmas tradition our family celebrates is going over to my Grandma & Grandpa’s house for Christmas Eve. For dinner we have something different every year. My Aunt Shannon and Jordan come with Baylee and Dylan. When it’s time to open presents we have a little tree set up and a plastic pickle ornament. If one of us finds the pickle, then we get to open our presents first. We also get new pajama’s to wear. Sydney Kinch One Christmas tradition my family celebrates is opening presents. We then go eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at my grandma Deba’s house and my grandma Pat’s house. Baylor Moore One Christmas tradition my family celebrates is that we all eat Christmas dinner together. We eat chicken, rolls, mashed potatoes with cheese and pumpkin pie. Jacob Carruth One tradition my family celebrates is opening 1 or 2 presents every Christmas Eve. Once everyone is there, we sit by the tree. We all open presents one-by-one. Then when everyone is done, we go to sleep. My favorite part about this tradition is opening presents before Christmas! Brett Anthony One Christmas tradition my family celebrates is when we go to my aunt’s house. I get to see my cousins. Half of my family comes over and spends time with us. Kaiden Bell One Christmas tradition my family celebrates is reading the Christmas story on how Jesus was born and how three rich poeple followed a holy star and gave Jesus gold, silver and diamonds. Garrett Roettger One Christmas tradition my family Celebrates is going somewhere to help other families. We Wrap presents for families that don’t have homes. We will have lots of fun helping others. My family loves setting up the Christmas tree. I leave it all to them. I love wrapping presents. Nathan Kropushek One Christmas tradition my family celebrates is spending time with my family. We hang up fuzzy stockings. We get presents. We have an advent calendar. We play games and eat. It is so much fun. We have our own decorations to put on the tree. Colby Tracy One Christmas tradition my family celebrates is sometimes we go to my mom’s house. We decorate the tree and I always put the star or angel on top. Then we have a Christmas dinner, which is so good. After dinner, all our family members are there and I love having all my family there. In the morning, our parents hand out the Christmas presents. I hope I got everything I wanted because I deserve them. After presents, all the kids who are my cousins, dig in their candy. Justin Clark One tradition that my family celebrates is we go to my uncle’s and we play, eat and have fun. I love going to my uncle’s. I see my aunt, uncle, cosins and more! My uncle has a big house, so we can fit in it. Whatever we get for Christmas, we play with. My uncle got a new T.V. so we are going to have a Wii party. I can’t wait to go to my uncle’s on Christmas Eve!!! Lauren Miller One Cristmas tradition my family Celebrates is when we go to Grandma Shelia’s house and open presents. Everyone loves their new

December 20, 2012

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Christmas Traditions toys.

Braden Verhey

One Christmas tradition my family celebrates is my family & I go to a grandparent’s house. We open presents, eat turkey & mashed potatoes. We pray to have a nice Christmas all over again. My family & I eat dessert with each other & enjoy each other until we have to leave. My family drives my 2 brothers & me home & then we go to sleep. Collette Nichols One Christmas tradition my family celebrates is making cookies of men, women and angels. Mom makes them and we decorate them. Then we put sprinkles on and hang them up on the Christmas tree. Allie Pray One Christmas tradition my family celebrates is my cousins come over for Christmas and we open presents at my house and my grandma’s house. We play at my house and my grandma’s house. We play the Wii, DS, computer and iPods. Owen Telecky One Christmas tradition my family celebrates is opening the presents. We also have fun, we go Christmas shopping and we play in the snow. Samantha Piña One Christmas tradition my family celebrates is looking at Christmas lights. We sing Christmas songs. It is really fun because after we are done looking at lights, we go to my house and open presents. Then we go to my grandpa’s house to play. Jessica Ruse One Christmas tradition my family celebrates is going to my grandma’s house. We open presents, read Christmas books and eat our candy. My favorite thing to do at my grandma’s house is spend time with my family. Mireye Huitron Christmas traditions my family celebrates are opening presents and eating. Also, we spend time together. We tell one another who we gave the gifts to. I stay at my house until Christmas Day. Then we leave to go to my grandma’s house for a second party. Bronc Hutsell

Ritzville Fourth Grade

“All families celebrate different Christmas traditions, what are the traditions your family celebrates for the holiday?” My family celebrates Christmas with special stocking tradition. On Christmas we get up and joke around. Then we open presents and look in our stocking. My sister gets books in her stocking. Some times I get tech decks and candy in my stocking. Some times I get legos. This year my mom is getting me a police lego set. Dakota Lane My family tradition is opening presents twice. First we go to my sister Jessica’s house on Christmas eve. We open gifts at 6:00 p.m. so we have time to watch a lot of movies. The next day we get my sister Jessica to our house then we open our gifts at 5:00 p.m. so we can play with our toys and try on jammies. Dylan Lasen My family has traditions when we celebrate Christmas every year. Sometimes at night we eat dinner and when we are done we get in the car and we drive around to see other people’s lights. When we go back into the house and we see a lot of presents under the tree. My whole family comes that live in Ritzville. My cousins come and my aunt, my uncle and my grandma and grandpa. George Carleton My famliy and I Love to have our traditions at my nana’s house

every year. It is special because my whole family comes. It is hard for my cousins to come because they live in South Dakota. It is fun to see them when they come. We eat hamburger, cheese and crackers, hot dogs, and chips. It is fun. We play games when we are done eating. It is fun when we play games. So as you can see I Love Christmas. Jeffrey Staley

santa and leave him a note. Tymber Wolf

My family’s traditions are to decorate the tree. While we are decorating we put on Christmas music. We play the music because we do it every year and my great grandparents always have music for decorating the tree. Makayla Heidrich

These are the trditions that my family has every year. We always have my brother Dylan over but this year we are going to have my niece Spensar for her first Christmas. I wake up everyone really early in the morning. This year I’m going to wake everyone up with a whistle. Mason Ottmar

Special traditions are celebrated by my family every year during Christmas. On Christmas Eve I get to go to my grandma Klein’s house and then I go to my great grandpa Klein’s house. On Christmas day my cousins come over to my house. Christmas Eve is spent with my dad’s side of the family. My cousins on my dad’s side and I open presents. Grandma Klein draws names out of a hat and then tells us who we have to get a present for. After going to my grandma Klein’s house we go to Great Grandpa Klein’s house. Almost all of my family on my dad’s side of the family is at my great gradpa’s house. We exchange presents and Great Grandpa gives everyone ten dollars. On Christmas day my mom’s side of the family comes over to my house. My mom, Grandma, and I pass out all the presents that were under the tree. My cousins, brothers, and I open presents and then play with all our toys. Christmas is a lot of fun when you are with your family. Julia Klein Special traditions are celabrated by my family every year. We open one present on Christmas Eve, and we’ve been doing it ever since my nineteen year old sister was born. We get to pick which present we want to open. We go to sleep and the next morning we open all our presents and play with all our presents all day. Gabe Johnson Every year my family and I have a special Christmas. We do the same tradition every year. My family sets up the Christmas tree. Also we put up the inside decorations, and outside decorations. My favorite part is seting up the lights outside. My family goes to my grandma’s house in Davenport on Christmas morning. Then at about 6:00 we go to my grandma’s house in Ritzville. I get to see my cousins at my grandma’s house in Davenport. My favorite part is getting presents from both of my grandmas and my parents and my aunts and uncles. I have a great Christmas every year. Conrad Ziemer The special traditions celebrated by my family every year at Christmas, take place Christmas morning. Every year for Christmas my family wakes up early and has a huge breakfast like bacon, sausage, pancakes, eggs, and way more I cannot even think of. Before we eat breakfast my two brothers, one sister, and I all sit around the tree and presents and my mom takes pictures. Then we open presents. When we are all done with presents we eat breakfast. Once we are done with breakfast we pretty much just play with our toys. Nyleana Bailey My special tradition that my family celebrates is Christmas. On Christmas eve the family comes over and we spend time together. When the family arrives they asks us if we want to play games. When all of the family arrives we open presents. Then after opening presents we eat dinner. After dinner we decorate Christmas cookies for

My family has a special tradition that we do every year! Every year my brothers and I wake up really early, around 3 a.m., and see what we got in our stockings. Then we wake up our parents. We usually don’t eat breakfast before we open presents. Drew Kelly

My special tradition is celebrated by my family every year. One of my traditions is so fun. It is when the family goes and finds an ornament and the first who finds it gets something. My second tradition is having a big dinner to see family. Those are my traditions that we celebrate on Christmas day. Noah Weiszbrod

My special tradition that my family celebrates every year is getting to see our family on Christmas. We get to see grandma, grandpa, Uncle Bruce, Aunt Wendy and my dad. Elijah Watson My family has a special Christmas tradition that we do every year. My brother, the other kids and I get to open one present the night before Christmas. The present is always pajamas. In the past they have been striped, dotted and many colors. What will they be this year? After, we get our pajamas on we go to bed. I have had weird dreams about my pajamas on the night before Christmas. I had one where they got up and walked away. I can’t wait to open my pajamas this year. Linnea Schafer My family has two special traditions every year on Christmas. One of my family traditions is

spending time with my family on Christmas. The other one is eating Christmas dinner. When family comes over my cousins and I always go outside. We sled, make snowmen and build snow forts. Eating Christmas dinner is the best. My grandma’s fruit salad is really good. We have ham almost every year on Christmas. Jay Harder

My family tradition is the huge Christmas dinner at my grandma’s house. We have stuffing, beans, mashed potatoes of course, green beans and chicken. That is my famiy’s tradition. Augustus Tracy

My family and I like to celebrate Christmas with a special tradition. Every year I wake up my family at 1:00 a.m. or 2:00 a.m. Then they tell me that I am crazy and I say I am not crazy. Austin Hall

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My favorite special tradition on Christmas is giving. Giving is already part of Christmas but my family does a little different. The thing that makes it different is children give presents to the grown ups and the grown ups give presents to the children. It is fun for me to shop for my, Mom, dad, brother and sister. Aaron Woolard

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In a grand tradition,we bid you and your kin,the very merriest of seasons, followed by a happy and prosperous New Year. For your goodwill and support, you have our most heartfelt gratitude.


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Ritzville Adams County Journal

December 20, 2012

Pastor’s Message The Gift of Gratitude By Pastor Richard Lee New Hope Center

Photo courtesy of Marva Schoessler

CHRISTMAS CAROLS. The Zion Philadelphia United Church of Christ choir and friends, sang a variety of Christmas carols during the annual tree lighting and Christmas at the Clock ceremony, for the Christmas kick-off weekend on Friday, Nov. 30, in Pioneer Plaza.

Pastor’s Message Football Cards and Christmas

By Pastor Steve Schofstoll Lind Calvary Assembly of God Can you think of the most memorable Christmas gifts you’ve ever been given? I received one of mine when I was nine years old. My dad purchased 10 packs of football trading cards and my mom wrapped them together as one gift. When I opened the gift, I was elated. I enjoyed collecting sports cards, and I’d occasionally buy a pack whenever I had the money. But to receive 10 packs all at once was unbelievable! After I had finished opening my other gifts, I took the time to open each pack of cards, thumbing through them to see which players were included. By the time I had opened all 10 packs, my mouth was stuffed with the sticks of bubble gum that were still included in those days. The amazing thing about that gift, though, is that it was the most inexpensive gift I received that Christmas. Back then a pack of cards cost a dime, so my father only spent one dollar for all 10 packs. Little did he know when he bought those packs of cards that he was going to leave a fond memory with

his son that would last a lifetime. Actually, I don’t remember much else about that Christmas. I believe this is just one example of how the small things in life often leave the biggest impression and have the greatest impact. The Christmas story is just like that. Our heavenly Father gave humankind a small gift wrapped up in a tiny little baby. It all seemed so insignificant at the time, and only a few were given insight into the significance of his birth: the Magi, the shepherds in the fields nearby, the old man Simeon, and the prophetess Anna. But for everyone else, the event went completely unnoticed (except, I guess, for King Herod). It wouldn’t be until this baby, whom his parents named Jesus on the instruction of an angel, was a grown man that he would leave a big impression and make a great impact that would change the world. But even though we still celebrate his birth 2000 years later, in some ways it’s still viewed as insignificant by much of modern society. Many people go about their holiday traditions without giving Jesus hardly a thought. And as the celebration of Christmas becomes increasingly secular, the real

reason for the season goes almost completely unnoticed. I encourage you, therefore, to stop and contemplate during the next few days the true meaning of Christmas. Each of us opens the wonderful gift of God’s Son when we place faith in him as our Savior and as we ask for the forgiveness of our sins through his sacrificial death on the cross. When we do that, Jesus becomes the most memorable gift we could ever receive! May you and your family have a very merry and blessed Christmas.

The word “gratitude” can be defined as the state of being thankful. Years ago, parents would tell children to say, “thank you.” This was the art of behaving properly in public and good manners. Current generations are hardpressed to show gratitude. The socalled, “Spiritual but Not Religious” generation is part of a new mentality sometimes known as The Entitlement Generation, who thinks they are owed goods and services. Unfortunately, this attitude of entitlement has erased good manners. The Entitlement Generation believes it should not have to pay what it owes. Tenants don’t pay landlords. Patients don’t pay doctors. Debtors skip town without paying bills. Waiters and waitresses aren’t tipped or are mistreated. Irresponsible individuals with misplaced priorities put their own pleasure ahead of the needs of their family. For them, buying cigarettes or alcohol is more important than making the rent payment on time. Often in the contemporary culture, adult children live rent-free with their parents or even with their grandparents without pitching in to help around the home or even to say, “thank you” to their own family for helping them in difficult times. Playing X-Box or watching Comedy Central is more important than expressing gratitude. Among all of us there are wonderful volunteers who sacrifice

their time and labor to help the neediest in the community. These selfless individuals can be found at the Food Pantry, volunteering in the county jail, serving in senior centers, worshiping in our neighborhood churches, and participating in the Ritzville Ministerial Association. The sincere love, care, concern, and patience of local pastors are often unacknowledged as they demonstrate genuine kindness in providing food, assistance to those needing help with rent or utilities, or visiting the lonely. No doubt you or someone you know has benefitted from the help of a friendly volunteer, pastor, or churchgoer in your neighborhood. Instead of waiting until the new year to make a resolution, how about saying, “thank you” this

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Action! Thrills! Romance! Laughter! Adventure! Now Showing: Christmas 2012 Here’s hoping your holiday has all the makings of a blockbuster season! Thank you for your kind patronage.


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May the joy and peace of His birth be with you today and always. God bless you!

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Pastor’s Message Christ Takes on the Slums By John-Maureen Hunsberger Trinity United Methodist Thinking of Christ’s birth I call attention to the slums of Ritzville. Why? Because Jesus wasn’t born in an upscale hotel, but in the slums of his day. He was probably born in one of the many caves, and not the western type barn we think of. Just as Ritzville has its slums, so too with Bethlehem. Just as Joseph-Mary looked for housing that fateful night, so it is with other couples today with their infants. Like the Holy family, all that couples want is a safe suitable place to lay down their heads and establish roots. Recently, I have become much more aware of houses in Ritzville that might be considered slums. We all are loved not because of the home we live in. We all are loved because we have the same heavenly Creator and Savior! First – a word to absentee slum landlords who might be reading this. Do you provide suitable living units for people to rent? Places with heating systems, lights, and toilets that actually work. Over my years I have been in too many

rentals here in Ritzville without working heat, lights or toilets. Do you as a landlord respect the citizens of Ritzville as to how you keep your property up-or are you just a taker? Do you treat people as you would want to be treated or do you refuse to keep up your rental properties while charging extravagant rental fees? Yes, the renters have responsibilities to respect and keep up your propertybut you the property owners have responsibilities to the renters as well. People of Ritzville, isn’t there something else we can do to respectfully encourage landlords to keep up their rentals? Secondly – let us praise Jesus, God’s True Son, for he has come to take the slum out of all of us. Slum is an attitude. Slum is any attitude, word, or action that demeans, exploits or takes advantage of another. Jesus has come to save us all from our sins Matt 1:21. He wants to take the slum of our hearts and transform us into truly caring people who help people help themselves. So let’s be real about life. Let’s not be deliberately blind to the needs of others. Jesus Christ is for real. He’s our coming Lord and Savior. Merry Christmas.

Christmas to the people who have helped you in the past year and visit a local church to express gratitude to the Lord Himself?

Yuletide Greetings

To Our Neighbors & Friends Trends may come and trends may go -But when it comes to the good folk that we know, Goodwill, friendship and a smile, Always seem to be in style!

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Ritzville Adams County Journal

December 20, 2012

Page B-9

Pastor’s Message

Photo courtesy of Marva Schoessler

CLAUS FOR PAWS. Santa and Mrs. Claus, portrayed here by Don and Lavonne Saunders, sit with their dog Pistachio during the Clause for Paws event at the Ritzville Drug Company. The Claus’ took photos with pet owners and their pets as a fundraiser for Adams County Pet Rescue.

By Pastor Mary Daniels Good Hope Lutheran St. John’s Lutheran   I like the fact that The Journal prints a Christmas message from the pastors. At Good Hope Lutheran Lind and St. John’s Lutheran in Sprague, we don’t celebrate Christmas, at least, not until Christmas arrives!  While everyone is in the “Let’s be jolly, ho, ho, ho” stage, I struggle to focus my congregations on Advent “preparing for the long expected Savior.”  One of the hymns we sing during this time of Advent (the church season that lasts four weeks

Pastor’s Message By Pastor Ryo Olson Ritzville Nazarene Church What brings you the greatest joy at Christmas? For some it is a fresh snowfall and the warm glow of a fire. For others, it is the twinkling lights and the presents just waiting to be opened under the tree. There are those who cannot wait for time spent with family and friends. Yet as great as these are, there is much more. In reflecting on the season, one cannot help but recall the joy that surrounded the birth of Jesus. In Luke 1:44, Elizabeth shared how her unborn baby leaped for joy at the sound of Mary’s voice; in Luke 2:10, the angels brought good tidings of great joy for all people; and in Matthew 2:10, wise men rejoiced with exceedingly great joy as they saw the star that would lead them to the One who would save the world. There is no doubt that the news of Jesus’ birth

brought joy. It spread by word of mouth–from cousin to cousin, angels to shepherds, and wise men to those far away. Then, it was confirmed by God Himself through signs – a virgin birth, Isaiah 7:14, in Bethlehem, Micah 5:2, and a star that shone brightly in the night sky, Matt. 2:2.   But in the end, it was all about relationships. Relationships with people and a relationship with God. The deeper the relationship – the more understanding. The more understanding – the more joy. Today, it is the same. God is still using relationships to connect us to others and to Himself. It is in relationships that we experience life to the fullest. My hope is that this Christmas you are filled to overflowing with the joy that comes from knowing Jesus and that each new day finds you growing in your relationship with Him.   Merry Christmas!   

The Home Place Roy Clinesmith, Layman Benge Community Church Greetings and Merry Christmas from the Benge Church. It has been a good year out in the country of Adams County. The abundant late spring rains made for good crops and fair grass in 2012. Praise God! Cowboys who live in the country on a ranch refer to the combined buildings such as the house, barn, shop, chicken house, and corrals as the headquarters. However, as the years go by, this headquarters is far more apt to be fondly called, “The Home Place.” There are so many songs, ballads, and sayings written about what HOME means in our lives. “‘Til the cows come home” is

one, but, “Home for Christmas” is perhaps the best of all – ask any Veteran or active duty solider what a seven-day leave meant to them from their C.O. at Christmas time. Priceless! We could go on with other precious memories about “Home” you could identify with, but I want to tell you about another home place we all can look forward to. Here’s a baseball analogy about how God’s plan for our salvation takes place. In baseball there are a couple plays that are called “sacrificial” plays. One is the sacrifice to bunt by the batter to advance a player to a scoring position from first to second base. The other is the sacrifice fly to advance a player from third to

home. I envision Jesus as this sacrificial hitter to advance us from the diamond of life to home plate, or heaven to be more exact! For Jesus says in John 14 that we are going home to His home in Heaven, where the many mansions are that He is preparing for us who believe. Find a good Bible teaching church for more details! Happy Trials and Merry Christmas.

before the 25th of December when the 12 days of Christmas begins) is called “Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus.”  Part of the first verse goes like this: “Come, thou long-expected Jesus, born to set thy people free; from our fears and sins release us; let us find our rest in thee.” It seems to me just that part of the hymn alone speaks to almost every need that we have as a people and as a nation. We do need to be set free, we do need our fears and sins released and we certainly do need rest.  The weeks before Christmas are a draining time, burdened with buying gifts, fear of what the next year is going to bring, fear of having to pay the bill for gifts we cannot afford and often times no one wants, and the guilt of not having enough time for what the priorities of the season should be, and yes, the guilt of not being able to buy the gifts for our families that we would like to give, just because the money isn’t there.  It seems to me if we would keep our eyes on the true meaning of Christmas, the birth and return of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ,


A Wish for You at Christmas

May your heart be light, your troubles few, and may you rejoice in the many blessings of this holy season, just as we rejoice in the goodness of knowing people like you. Serving the community for 16 years

Chatterbox Salon

we would have a great deal more peace, calm and rest with which to welcome Christmas Day, and the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus Christ. I pray that this year you all lighten the load of the season by dwelling on the true meaning of Christmas and sharing that joy with all of your family as you gather together.  God’s peace, joy and love to you all.  

With best wishes from our entire staff at the holiday season. Thank you for your valued patronage.

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Holiday Greetings Without you, we wouldn’t be in business. Thanks for your support. We wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

We will be open Dec. 24 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. We will be closed Dec. 25

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Ritzville Adams County Journal

December 20, 2012

Pastor’s Message

Pastor’s Message By Pastor Dennis Evans Washtucna Community Church The Good News of Christmas is strong and real because it is a message built on the action of God. God came to us in Jesus, in the baby of Bethlehem so that we can have a God who does far more than to say, “I love you.” He came to our world to get arms for himself, to hold you and to be held by you. And he got arms to stretch himself out on a cross for you, to carry your sins, to share your suffering, to be your companion in weakness, weariness and death. Before God came, in Jesus, his people had a message based on words. The New Testament Letter to the Hebrews connects that time with ours and shows the difference. “In the past God spoke to our forefathers through the prophets at many times and in various ways, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son….The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word.” Hebrews 1:1-3 Jesus is the Word of God because God’s words are better than ours. God’s word is himself, his real

and living presence, a real hand that can touch us, real arms to hold us. We know that this is what we need. We know our own words are not always strong enough, and so we are afraid to speak in the presence of injustice, and pain, and grief. If we are very brave we will not depend on words. We will touch. We will hold. We will give to others what God has given to us. We live in a world that tries to shield itself from pain, and suffering, and grief. Some of us even fear that pain, suffering, and grief are a contradiction of the power of God. But God had a plan, when he created this world that was going to wander so far from his peace. His plan was to be the living contradiction to the darkness of this world. God planned to not live apart, shielded safely from our reality. God planned to enter our darkness. Like a soldier throwing himself on a live grenade to shield his buddies. God planned from the beginning to be our shield and our partner and to give us a new life through the sacrifice of his own. Some people avoid visiting in

filled with


May your holiday be brimming with good times and glad tidings.

By John Galbreath, branch president Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

the hospital or the nursing home because they are afraid of what the people there represent. But God comes in Jesus to visit the hospital of this world to catch the decline and the sickness of it all and rise again. He suffered the worst to give us his best: the life of mercy, the life abundant, and the life eternal. But this message is based on reality not words. This message is real and strong because God put his own life into it. That is the message that begins in Bethlehem. That is the power of Christmas.

This truly is a great time of the year! I can still remember when as a child how much anticipation and excitement I felt in the days preceding Christmas day. I can only imagine the excitement surrounding the birth of the Savior over two millennia ago. I enjoy reading the scriptural account of the Savior’s birth in second chapter of Luke during the Christmas season. How excited were the shepherds when the angel of the Lord declared “… Fear not; for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord” verses 10-11. Following that heavenly visitation, they said one to another “… Let us now go even unto Bethlehem, and see this thing which is come to pass, which the Lord hath made known unto us. And they came with haste.... And when they had seen it, they made it known abroad the saying which was told them concerning this child. And all they that heard it wondered at those things which were told them by the shepherds” verses 15-18. I believe there is deep meaning in the remark by Luke: “But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart” verse 19. The whole course of events from the angelic visitation to the announcement of the shepherds caused her to reflect on the wondrous events surrounding the birth of the Only Begotten Son. We would do well to do as Mary did this time of year to ponder upon the role the Christ Child plays in our life. Take the time to truly ponder upon His life. What was His great mission? What did He sacrifice for you? Why did He do it? I leave you my simple testimony that I know that Christ is our Redeemer. His infinite atonement has made it possible for all to return to the presence of our Heavenly Father. I am truly grateful for this time of the year to reflect upon the greatest gift to all humankind.

It’s been a pleasure serving you this past year...thanks!

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May your Christmas holiday Be filled with glad tidings every day And when the holiday is through, May our best wishes remain with you!

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Merry Christmas

Journal photo by Katelin Davidson

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RAWR! The youngest students at Ritzville Grade School pretend to be lions as they let out a loud growl towards the audience members during the annual concert on Monday, Dec. 17. The students sang a mixture of Christmas carols and fun, upbeat songs at the concert.

A Message of Thanks at the Holidays!




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May the true spirit of Christmas reside in your heart, and may glad tidings follow wherever you go this holiday season. Thank you for visiting us this year.

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Ritzville Adams County Journal

December 20, 2012

Page B-11

Just In The

Students perform holiday program at RGS

Nick Of Time– CLOSED December 24-25-26

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With Tidings of Comfort & Joy Wishing you and the ones you love, the blessings of peace, love, and contentment at this special time of year. We’ve enjoyed the time we’ve spent with you, and look forward to your continued friendship!

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May the coming year be filled with miracles and the promise of everlasting peace on earth. Noel!

Ritzville Grade School students sing a festive and funny song about elves during the annual concert

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Jay Harder and Dakota Lane begin break dancing during the annual concert on Monday, Dec. 17. The two boys were portraying germs during one of the songs.




Holiday Greetings With best wishes to you and your flock at this joyous season. We really appreciate your dropping in and look forward to serving you again, soon.

Holly Nygren, center, and Samantha Asmussen, right, perform with the Lind-Ritzville/Sprague High School Band

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Ritzville Adams County Journal

December 20, 2012

Lighted parade always a holiday treat in downtown Lind

Grand Marshal Beverly Lomax waves to the crowd

The Lind-Ritzville/Sprague championship football team smiles at onlookers Journal photos by Janis Rountree

Above: Nicholas Labes and Mia Rouleau ride on the Santa’s Helper float Below: The Christmas in America entry drives down the street with The Golf Widows, Carol Kelly, Karla Fowles and Phillis Wahl, at the wheel


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Merry Christmas from The Journal! With Our Thanks for Your Readership No matter how you get your news, we hope the holiday season delivers an abundance of glad tidings to your doorstep. We appreciate your loyal support and look forward to your continued readership.

Janis Rountree Customer Service

Katelin Davidson News Editor

Jennifer Larsen Webmaster

Connie Sackmann Subscriptions

Lori Williams Bookkeeper

Stephen McFadden Publisher

We also want to thank Lavonne Saunders for all she did for this newspaper prior to her retirement this year; Don Saunders for helping with circulation; Dale Anderson for his weekly sports columns; Marva Schoessler and Michelle Fode-Smith for taking pictures when there are more photo assignments than employees!

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