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December 22, 2011

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Maureen Hunsberger poses alongside a small portion of her nativity scene collection that is displayed at Trinity United Methodist Church.

Nativity scene collection emphasizes true meaning of Christmas Nativity scenes are prominent during the Christmas season, in recognition of the birth of Jesus Christ. Many families set out a nativity scene near their Christmas tree or in a special location in their home. Often times these are family heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation. Maureen Hunsberger has an elaborate collection of nativity scenes — 175 or more — that she has collected over the years from family, friends and parishioners in the churches where her husband, John, has served as pastor. The couple are currently leading the congregation at Ritzville’s Trinity United Methodist Church. As part of the couple’s connection with members of the church, they host a Christmas brunch each year to say thank you for the support and participation the church has enjoyed from its members. A major part of the annual feast is the opportunity for the congregation to view Maureen’s collection of nativity scenes.

Large, small, two- and threedimensional nativity scenes can be found in the church hall and several sets adorn the tables where everyone gathers for the meal. According to the Friends of the Creche, a society dedicated to the Christmas Nativity, these scenes depict the birth of Christ with Mary and Joseph in a stable where they wrapped the newborn in “swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger.” The FOTC explain that the nativity scene was originally referred to as a Presepio, “a three dimensional representation of the birth of Jesus Christ, composed of mobile figures arranged according to the artistic sense of the builder.” Saint Francis of Assisi is believed to be the first to display living nativity scene in 1223 in the village of Greccio near Assisi. The earliest known Presepio in Italy dates to the early 1300s according to the FOTC. “...these were figurines in marble, wood or terracotta permanently exposed

all the year round in a side chapel.” For Maureen, this all began when she was a young girl and an aunt and uncle presented her with a nativity scene from Italy where they had been living. Maureen’s oldest son now has that nativity scene. It was given to him after he married and started a family. Maureen recalls acquiring her second nativity scene while living in a college dorm. The scene served as part of the Christmas décor. Her third nativity scene was a gift from her in-laws and came from Mexico. Raising four children, Maureen soon built a significant collection of nativity scenes as the children found them to be great gift ideas. Her parents even brought her a nativity scene from Bethlehem. Over the years her collection has expanded to include nativity scenes from Mount St. Helens, Alaska, Peru, Ecuador, Germany and South America. Continued on Page B-12

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December 22, 2011

Lind School Darlene O’Neill’s First Grade

Ritzville Adams County Journal

Children’s letters to Santa Claus

Dear Santa, i would like Legos, or Dreadful zombies, hunting game, Playstation 3. How many kids are in the world? Love, Carson Shaver Dear Santa, I Wish for WWe arena, call of Duty Blackops, Dr. Dreadful zombies, Playstation 3, Legos, transformers, Lego transformers I-Pod tuch, WWe games DS-3D, hunting game. Love, Thane Akins Dear Santa, Mia and I like to dance. Please bring me a Playstation 3, Legos, a guitar, a computer, and WWE game. I want to see you. How is Rudolph? Why is his nose red? Love, Julio Mora Dear Santa, I like Christmas. I love toys. I want a WWE fighting set. and the plants vs sombies. and the lego video gams. and a I-pod with cool music. Love, Canyen Whitaker Dear Santa, I like Christmas and you. I want a I-pod, Ds-3D, American Girl dolls, games, computers, guitar, drumset, flute, and Dr. Dreadful zombies. Where do you live? Love, Willow Rountree

Dear Santa, I’ve been waiting for a toy like a Ps3 for a prensent and a game. I’ve been good. you’r frend, Rylan Hampton

Dear Santa, I want a DS, a i pod, a Laptop, a i phone, a Dirv Bike, a Calenders, a yo-yo, and a bill board. your friend, Bailey McLellan

Dear Santa, I wood relaly like a puppy, a ipod touch, and you choose the rest. A Ds game, and a playstation 3. from Wyatt Kulm

Dear Santa, I wan’t a Bady puppy and i wan’t a Dsi and i wan’t a Ds and I wan’t a game boy and i wan’t a transformer and i wan’t Ds games and a transformer game. your frend Christian Stevenson

Dear santa, I want a I-pod, call of duty black ops games, wwe arena, and ds-3d. I love Santa. How many kids are the world? Love, Nick Labes

Dear Santa, I want a hool hoop. I want a came. I want a swiming pool. I want a Americe doll. I want a bote. Ds I want a mosie mather game. Ds I want dsi. I want adse love, Sara Jean Morgan

Derur Sata, can I have a I-pod? I love toys! Derur Santa can I have a American Girl doll! Santa how are your Reiydiere! Why whote sum wun brege toys to me! can Santa plese brege me toys! Love, Rebeca Banks

Dear Santa. I want a Dsi and a mokon chroLe car and a Dsi games like Phineas and Ferb and morio and morio kort and a Dsi case and and a Dsi games like gotor hero and a XboX 360. name Carson Cox-Kelton

Dear Santn, Plez brig me a WWe semi set and arena. I like Christmas. How many kids are in The world? Love, Hayden Stone

Dear Santa, I want a Xia Xia, monster high, La La Loopsey, Lps walkables, a Ds, Ds games, Ds case, Ds baby sitter game, Ds monster High game, Zu Zu pet, Barbe camra, New clothes. From: Sierra Smith

Dear Santa, I want a drum set, a flute, a Ds-3D, Wii, WWE games, guitar, 2 American Girl dolls, pocket remote control car. How many kids are in the world? I love you! Love, Mariah Frees Dear Santa, you is my favorite. pes gif me a Ipod, DS-3D, flute, Dr Dreadful zombies. Santa how is Rudolph? Love, Mia Rouleau Dear Santa, I want a flute, DS-3D, guitar, drum Set, Wii, hunting game and I pod. I love toys. How mane kids are in the world? Love, Gracia Ellis Lind School Ms. Cathey Erickson’s Second Grade

Dear Stanta, I would really want a Amairecen Girl, a DSi or a Ds, some sqece, a horse, I phone, derv bike, a Calender, a yo-yo, a staft animal and sciker. Your frend, Alexis Melcher

Dear Santa, I went a Ds games, Will games, XiaXia, sidikes, school suff, Lpso walk Pls, playstashin games. your friend Kaylee Anne Monroe Marry christmas santa, This year good and I will want a Hello kitty helment and a scooter. Thank you santa. From melody Beliz Dear Santa, What i wish for chresmus is a dog and a campitor and a DSI and close and shos and lots and lots of toys. And I wish a Barby. from, Brenda Hernandez Best girl

And a white bord and a shart for Chrismas and a worm jakit. from Reba Dean

action figures. Please bring Jazzmyn a D.S.. From, Wyatt

Washtucna School Debra Sitton’s First and Second grade

Dear Santa, I would like a puppy. Please bring Jett an X-Box 360 too, Santa. Love, Grace N.

Dear Santa, I would like a teddy bear. Please bring Mom a ring. Love, Myra M.

Dear Santa, I would like a Lego Star Wars ship and an Nintendo Mario game. Please bring Mom a candle. From, Evan C.

Dear Santa, I would like a Joker car. Please bring Nate a Nintendo. Love, Cooper J.

Dear Santa, I would like some Star Wars

Dear Santa, I would like football gear. Please bring Wyatt football gear too. From, Nick W.


May your Christmas holiday Be filled with glad tidings every day And when the holiday is through, May our best wishes remain with you!

Best Western Plus Bronco Inn

105 W. Galbreath Way • Ritzville • 659-5000

Dear Santa Claus, I want a purpel socks and stickers of tinker Bell and I also a Dsi and purpel Boots that have Dimines on them. Daniella Oliva Dear: Santa, I would like a ds for Chrismas and I would like a doll for Chrismas and a pear of shoes for chrismas


Dear Santa, I want a La La Loopsy and Xia, Xia, Monstor High, American Girl Doll hear brush, Art suplise, Ds, Ds baby, Siter game, Ds case, Zu Zu Ds game, Calinder, Camra, Clothing, Hana Montana Ds game, Horse Ds game. Sinserly, Amy Anderson



In a grand tradition,we bid you and your kin,the very merriest of seasons, followed by a happy and prosperous New Year. For your goodwill and support, you have our most heartfelt gratitude.



on Earth 406 S. Cascade • 659-4717

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stock up on

Dear Santa, I would like an Indiana Jones the video game. Please bring Jeff a Globe Around the World. Love, Zack Z. Dear Santa, I would like a Lego Star Wars Cruiser Ship. Please bring Dane marbles. Love, Zackary C.

Dear Santa, I would like a Nintendo dog game. Please bring Richard a Star Wars game. From, Jess V.

Here’s hoping your holiday contains all the makings of a memorable season. For the gift of your friendship, we are deeply grateful.

Danekas Funeral Home & Crematory

207 E Main Avenue • Ritzville • 659-0303

Ritzville Adams County Journal

December 22, 2011

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Letters to Santa: Area students share their Christmas wishes Dear Santa, My Dad wants a new pick up truck. Please bring me a stuffie. My sister wants anything that’s the Beatles. By the way you will have a batch of cookies. Your friend, Lauren Miller

Continued from Page B-2 Dear Santa, I would like a Halo Lego set. Please bring Lincoln a teddy bear. From, Jed R. Dear Santa, I would like a teddy bear, a brown one. Please bring Briana a Mario game. Love, Jenna M. Dear Santa, I would like to be an elf. I would like a Nintendo D.S.. Please bring Jenna a teddy bear. Love, Nate H.

Dear Santa, I would like a legos Star Wars set and movie. I’d like a DVD Kung Fo Panda 2. Santa, I’d like savannah to get a really beautiful Princess doll and Michael wants a Ps3. Merry Christmas. Your friend, Jacob Carruth

Ritzville School Kathy Yerxa’s First Grade

Dear Santa, I would like a Lego city passenger Train. How are your reindeer doing? Santa, please use

Dear Santa, I have been so good. Please bring me a pocket copter Thank you elves for making presents. Love, Chase Galbreath

the front door to my house. We will have cookies and chocolate milk. Your friend, Owen Telecky

Dear Santa, I hope you have a Good Christmas. What I what for Christmas is the clothes to go with my American girl doll and a new book. Thank you. Your friend, Kaiden Bell

Dear Santa, I do not know how you are doing. Please tell me how the reindeers are doing. Santa I miss you so much. Go through my door on Christmas Eve. Please bring me some clothes. Your friend, Mireya Huitron Continued on Page B-4

With Tidings of Comfort & Joy

Dear Santa, I have been good. Please bring me Lego Ninjas. I will leave you some milk and cookies. From: Kevin Rubio

Wishing you and the ones you love, the blessings of peace, love, and contentment at this special time of year. We’ve enjoyed the time we’ve spent with you, and look forward to your continued friendship!

Student artwork by Lind Grade School students Rylan Hampton (above) and Christian Stevenson (at left)

Dear Santa, I have been good. Please bring me a 4 wheeler. How is mrs. Claus? Write back! Love, Cooper miller.

Ritzville Veterinary Clinic 1746 East Wellsandt Road • Ritzville • 659-1112

Dear Santa, I have been good. Please bring me a real computer. How many presents are you bringing? Love, Taylor Galbreath. Dear Santa, I have been cool. Please bring me a kitten. Love, Hunter Cameran Dear Santa, I have been so good. Please bring me a duck launcher. Love, Nathan Vlk Dear Santa, I have been good. Please bring me a Monster truck. Are you feeling well? Love, Tim Gonzales Dear Santa, I have been so good. Please bring me a blow up deer with a dart gun. How are your reindeer? Love, Blake Esser Dear Santa, I have been so good. Please bring me a WWWE cage Match. Love, Seth Miller Dear Santa, I have been so good! Please bring me a princess dress. How is Mrs. Claus? Love, Nora Fausett Dear Santa, I have been good. Please bring me a Barbie. I love you santa. Love, Hannah Colbert Dear Santa, I have been good. Please bring me a 3D Ds. Love, Hayden Melcher Dear Santa, I have been good. Please bring me a radio. Love, Lynzi Gaede Dear Santa, I have been good. Please bring me a computer. Love, Raegan Snider. Dear Santa, I have been good. Please bring me a Barbie. from, Brenna Weideman Dear Santa, I have been good. Please bring me a 4 wheeler. How are you feeling Santa? Zack Curran Dear Santa, I have been so good. Please bring me a touch screen phone. I will give you hot fudge. Love, Lexi Gorman.

Dear Santa, I have been so good. Please bring me a phone and a touch screen! How are your reindeer doing. I was wondering if you like chocolates and cookies and milk. From, Faith Draper Dear Santa, I have been so good. Please bring me a trampoline with a net. Can I be an elf? How are your reindeer? From, Trevor Bailey Dear Santa, I have been good. Please bring me a MP3 player. From, Matthew Alderson

Ritzville School Vicki Benzel’s Second Grade Dear Santa, How are you? I hope your elves are doing good. I want: a BNSF Lego train and a Lego box car. I also know that you are real and nice and kind. Thank you for Christmas and joy. Your pal, Braden Verhey

Dear Santa, I would like to have a ipod touch. I will leave cookes and milk for you. I hope you have a great trip here. When you come I will leave carrots. Please can you give my

May the coming year be filled with miracles and the promise of everlasting peace on earth. Noel!

mom a new reindeer glass bowl? Your friend, Collette Nichols Dear Santa, I would like a Star Wars character book for Christmas. You need to know that you are my hero. I wonder if I’m good or bad. I’m one of the kids that believe in you. I hope you have a safe drive. Your friend, Landon Umland Dear Santa, What I want for Christmas is a stuffed penquin. Be safe santa. I may give you a piece of pie. Thank you. Do not slip on the roof. Your friend, Donovan Weideman Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is a stuffed yoda and a video game called Fossil Fighter. I wish Santa could get presents. You are so nice. Your friend, Ryan Buriak Dear Santa, Can you please get me an Easy Bake Ulimate Oven? I would like to world to be happy. Rudolph is cool. Thank you Santa and Mrs. Claus. Good job reindeer and elves. Your friend, Allie Pray Dear Santa, I would like a race car and an id. I would like a toy car. My sisters would like a doll house. Merry Christmas Santa! Your friend, Jon R. Wolf

RING IN THE JOY! For the joy your friendship has brought us we are sincerely grateful, and wish you a very memorable holiday season.

Linda’s Hair Salon

216 W. Main Avenue • 659-1562

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Bob and Esther Oestreich, owners Todd and Michele Oestreich Duane • Kathy • Jerry • Kendrain • Haley • Chris • Lisa

just for you

With Wishes Warm & Bright May all your hopes and dreams come true during this special time of year.

For helping us to realize our dreams, we are sincerely grateful.

Landcraft Repair Research & Development 503 E. Main • Ritzville • 659-0201


a note of at the holidays

w, As autumn’s chill gives way to sno People come and people go -to mind, But one thing that always comes behind -Is the impression that they leave , too So for your goodwill and friendship We remain in debt to each of you r way, As we send this note of thanks you And wish you a joyous holiday!

Gavilon Grain, LLC dba


"SERVING YOU SINCE 1908" • 677-3441 • 1-800-423-4001

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December 22, 2011

Ritzville Adams County Journal

Children’s letters: There’ll be carrots set out for the reindeer Continued from Page B-3 Dear Santa, Please Santa can I have a Hello Kitty Journal and for my Brother one robot? Thank you for presents and Christmas. You are the best person ever. Please come in the front door. I love you. Your friend, Emma Elzea Dear Santa, I want a book set Please! I am going to set out some cookeis and some carrots for you and the reindeer. I have been really good at school and home. I read a lot.

Thank you. Your friend, Karie Turner Dear Santa, I would like Lego City Passenger Train. Watch out on those slippery roofs. I hope you have a safe sleigh ride in the cold winter night. How are your riendeer doing? Please bring every child a present. Thank you. Your friend, Garrett Roettger Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is a best Christmas by getting history books about people or things. How

do you get to all the children in one night? Thank you so much. Your friend, Dakota Killian Dear Santa, Please may I have a refillable chalk? Do you know how to get in my home? Go to my back door. Thank you so much. I love you Santa. Your friend, Kyle Hartman Dear Santa, Please can I have a remote control car and a remote control motorcycle? I hope you have a safe trip. Thank you.

Your friend, Colby Tracy Dear Santa, For Christmas I want a iPod and a Pet Owl. Do not go in my chimney because it is too small. Use the door. Have a safe trip. There might be cookies for you and carrots for the reindeer. Your friend, Brett Anthony Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is a Doll House and please get me an American Girl doll. My brother would like a car set. My mom wold like a glass vase and my Dad would

A Wish for You at Christmas

like a glass dragan. I hope you have a safe trip home. Merry Chrismas to you. Your friend, Jessica Ruse Dear Santa, I would like a Hello Kitty ipod for Christmas. I hope you have a safe flight all around the world to deliver presents for all the children. Your friend, Sydney Kinch Dear Santa, I want Toys. Thank you. Red man is a toy. Say hi to the reindeer. Fill Annie Kitty’s Stocking. Go through the front door. Crab Creek White house. Merry Christmas Santa! Your friend, Bronc Hutsell

May your heart be light, your troubles few, and may you rejoice in the many blessings of this holy season, just as we rejoice in the goodness of knowing people like you. Serving the community for 15 years

Dear Santa, Could I Please have dolls and a doll house. May I please have Koo Koo birds. Please go through the back door or the front door. Merry Christmas Santa. Your reindeer are nice. Your friend, Merscedes Allen

Chatterbox Salon 677-8167

Dear Santa, For Christmas I want a puppy and a journey girl. Have a safe trip to Ritzville. Your friend, Mischa Baumann Dakota Killian Ritzville Grade School

Owen Telecky Ritzville Grade School

Sullivan Petrol, Inc.

646-3460 • 445 N. Main Street • Washtucna

Landon Umland Ritzville Grade School

Please accept this load of good cheer, along with our thanks for your business this year! Collette Nichols Ritzville Grade School

Karie Turner Ritzville Grade School

Braden Verhey Ritzville Grade School

...and to all a Good Holiday! RITZ FOOD MART & BREW HAPPY COFFEE SHOP I-90 EXIT #221 • 1507 S. BAUMAN STREET • 659-0443

Snider Trucking Service, Inc. Ritzville 659-1640

SEASON’S GREETINGS Wishing you an abundance of glad tidings at this special time of year.

210 W MAIN AVENUE • RITZVILLE • 659-4800

Ritzville Adams County Journal

December 22, 2011

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Ralston Grangers gathers with families to celebrate the holidays By Janis Rountree Staff writer The Ralston Grange hosted the 82nd annual Christmas party on Dec. 4 and it was a record turnout, according to organizer Randy Roth. Residents from Ritzville, Lind, Washtucna and surrounding areas gathered together to share potluck dishes, laughter and cheer throughout the

evening’s events. Numerous volunteers donated their time to decorating the hall and manning the kitchen throughout the evening. Partygoers were also treated to holiday musical performances from local youth volunteers and numerous door prizes were given out. The joyous evening ended with a visit from

Santa. Each child in attendance had their name read by Santa and they each received a special gift, hand delivered from jolly ole St. Nick as well as a goodie bag from Grange members. The Ralston Grange hall was all a buzz with the community and holiday spirit that Sunday evening and since it was a record turnout, it was decided that the annual gathering will continue to be on a Sunday evening in the future.

It’s Been Our Pleasure Serving You! Happy holidays and many thanks for your kind patronage this past year. 659-1001 • Ritzville 103 W Galbreath Way

Joyous noel Wishing you and your family a simply heavenly holiday season.

Leffel, Otis & Warwick, P. S. Jim Leffel Kris Harder Stacey Schoessler Jeff Stuhlmiller Carol Simonson Amy Reimer Carrie Anthony Terry Kissler Kellie Kragt Jill Connolly

219 West Main • Ritzville • 659-0125 Devin Schafer displayed his musical talent with a piano piece. Schafer was one of the many youth in attendance that shared their talents by performing a holiday musical piece for the evenings’ event.

Shirley Roth was surprised with the last gift of the evening from Santa, played by Tim Smith. Shirley and her husband, Randy are Grange members and organizers for this annual event.

Harper Lobe gazed up at the bearded St. Nick as she sat for her first time on Santa’s lap, just before her twin sister Jayda was called. The Lobe girls are celebrating their first Christmas this year as their first birthday approaches at the end of February.

Greetings at Christmas With best wishes to you and yours this holiday season.

Action! Thrills! Romance! Laughter! Adventure! Now Showing: Christmas 2011

Here’s hoping your holiday has all the makings of a blockbuster season! Thank you for your kind patronage.

We really appreciate your pulling for us!


Journal photos by Janis Rountree

R itz Theatre

Dora Kramer & Family

DOUG BORTH • 1-800-759-0910 • WALLA WALLA

There’s no place we’d rather be, Than here in this community — To celebrate from beginning to end The holiday season with all of our friends! Merry Christmas and many thanks for making us feel so welcome here.

Ritch Schumann Excavating, Inc. Santa’s bag was overflowing with gifts for children of all ages Sunday evening as Jazzmyn Gordon gets her turn with Mr. Claus. Gordon was one of the few youth that night that was able to tell Santa what she wished for this year, many of the other children were too shy to answer.

Ritch and Carmen Schumann 512 East Broadway Ritzville • 659-0295

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December 22, 2011

Gourmet fudge creates the perfect holiday treat

Ritzville Adams County Journal


With best wishes from our entire staff at the holiday season. Thank you for your valued patronage.

By Katelin Davidson News Editor The Christmas season is always filled with gifts and sweets, but this year there is a new type of dessert available to Ritzville area residents. Fudge 4 U is a gourmet fudge company that creates custom and unique types of fudge. Mary Lira started Fudge 4 U in October and is currently making the fudge in Ritzville. “This is not your Grandma’s fudge,” said Lira. “What is special about my fudge is that it is almost 50 percent chocolate and it uses spices from other gourmet items.” Lira worked as a chef and in catering for many years where she gained the knowledge of spices, which would later lead to her success of creating gourmet fudge. Lira moved from Sunnyvale, Calif., to Ritzville about two and a half years ago and enjoys being involved in the community. The fudge is packaged in three sizes: a quarter pound, half pound and a full pound. The fudge itself is in a resealable bag and inside of a brown and pink decorative box. “It is the perfect stocking stuffer! Everyone likes candy! Just don’t put it in too early or above the fire,” Lira said. For the best taste quality, Lira recommends making sure the fudge is at room temperature but not to store in a warm environment for too long. The fudge can also be frozen and thawed, and the resealable bags make it convenient to eat and store however the customer wants. Fudge 4 U currently consists of eight different types of gourmet custom confections: Chai Spice, Boys Night Out, South of the Border, Five O Fudge, Coffee Nudge Fudge, Turkey Day, Santa’s Surprise and Chocolate in my Peanut Butter (CHIMP). Santa’s Surprise, created with Christmas in mind but is still sold year round, is semi-sweet chocolate that includes peppermint oil and peppermint candies. Lira expects Santa’s Surprise to be a top seller, but also Chai Spice and Coffee Nudge Fudge. “Chai Spice has been the surprise of the fudge,” said Lira. “I love because it’s pretty. I made it for a dinner and it was so beautiful I fell in love.” Chai Spice includes chai spices, apricot and pistachios all mixed into a white chocolate. Coffee Nudge Fudge includes real coffee beans and espresso with a milk chocolate

“The Gift of Faith”

Bob’s TV & Appliance 208 N. Division • Ritzville • 659-1240

Journal photo by Katelin Davidson

HOLIDAY TREATS. Pat Clark hands a customer a bag of Fudge 4 U gourmet fudge while Mary Lira organizes the fudge display at the AAUW Holiday Bazaar. base. CHIMP is especially popular with children because it has M&Ms visible on top of the chocolate and peanut butter mixture. Boys Night out is semi-sweet chocolate with peanuts, pretzels and a hint of non-alcoholic beer and is not “just for boys.” South of the Border is a mixture of Mexican chocolate flavors with a cinnamon semi-sweet base, raisins and spicy pumpkin seeds. Five O Fudge has coconut, macadamia nuts and pineapple combined in a milk chocolate base. Turkey Day is a milk chocolate base with almonds and dried cranberries, but the nut can be changed if desired. Lira hopes that her fudge will bring a new flavor to Christmas traditions and that by purchasing Fudge 4 U confections it will help reduce the holiday stress of making dessert. Eventually, Lira hopes that she will be able to do complete custom orders in which costumers can select the ingredients they want in their fudge and she will make it just for them. If customers are looking for custom orders now, they are encouraged to contact Mary Lira at 509-347-6863 or by sending an email through the website, fudge4u. com. Fudge 4 U gourmet fudge can

be purchased online at or at Sunny Spot Floral, located at 202 West Main Avenue in Ritzville. All fudge purchased online will be

shipped inside of insulated food grade inserts to protect the quality of the fudge.

With heartfelt thanks from all of us for your continued support.

Ritzville Parts House

1205 W. First Avenue • Ritzville • (509) 659-1400

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1 When you were a child, did you ever have faith that gifts would be under the tree on Christmas morning for you? Do you remember when you finally tore open the wrapping paper that held your gift captive and you finally had in your hands what you had begged for just weeks earlier? You had the faith that you would receive what you asked for.


Journal photo by Katelin Davidson

SWEET TOOTH. Mary Lira stands with her supply of gourmet fudges that are displayed and sold in Sunny Spot Floral through Lira’s business Fudge 4 U.

Pastor’s Message

By Pastor Richard Lee New Hope Center

May all your hopes and dreams come true during this special time of year.

Faith can be a difficult concept to explain to children, yet children exercise faith with the innocence and absence of skepticism that often comes with the aging process and its accompanying cynicism. Children exercise faith that they will receive what they ask for. As adults, do we have faith for greater things than mere wrapped presents under a decorated tree once a year? In biblical terms, faith is the hopeful expectation that the Lord will fulfill His promises that He will bring future salvation and peace to a world that is in turmoil.

May the joy and peace of His birth be with you today and always. God bless you!

Templin’s Farm Service

Genuine faith moves beyond believing that God will give us mere material things. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the famed 20th century Christian martyr said, “I’m still discovering, right up to this moment, that it is only by living completely in this world that one learns to have faith. I mean living unreservedly in life’s duties, problems, successes and failures, experiences and perplexities. In so doing, we throw ourselves completely into the arms of God.” Faith means that we trust that the Lord has provided eternal life because of His perfect Son who paid the ultimate price and served as the ultimate gift to humanity. May the faith of Jesus Christ be with all of you this Christmas season.

Ritzville 659-1224

A Message of Thanks at the Holidays!




Ritzville DRUG CO. 209 W. Main Ave. Ritzville, WA 99169 Phone: 659-0250


Debbie, Neil, Nathan, Michael, Andy, Markham and Larry

803 West First • Ritzville • 659-0510

Ritzville Adams County Journal

December 22, 2011

Page B-7

Wishing you every happiness this holiday season. We truly value your business and look forward to your continued support.

Bolin Plumbing Service Inc. 1411 E. LIND-RALSTON ROAD • RITZVILLE • 659-0366 • 660-0385




CHRISTMAS We’re really grateful to have friends and neighbors like you!

CHRISTMAS GOODIES. The Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie No. 2739 and Auxiliary partnered this year to brighten Christmas for a needy family. They selected Lovita Kuhn and her sister, Misty. The sisters share a home together. Both moms have two young boys. The Eagles and the auxiliary each donated $200 to the effort. Sharon Oestreich then took to shopping and was able to gather two large

“Jesus Comes to Testify to the Truth” By Pastor John and Maureen Hunsberger Trinity United Methodist Merry Christmas! With all the bad news we all can use more cheer and joy! The cheer we need is not escapist cheer that comes from too much alcohol. How do you know you’ve had too much alcohol caused cheer? You pick up a roll, and butter your watch? Or you yawn at the biggest bore in the room… and realize you’re in front

bags of gifts, gift cards and some cash to present to Lovita last Friday. Oestreich said the group was able to purchase presents, clothing gift cards, a DVD player and DVDs for the moms and the children. They also got candy, cookies and handmade pillows. Presenting the gifts to Lovita were Aerie President Bob Tracy and Sharon Oestreich. “They are both hard workers and just needed help,” Oestreich said.

clear: “I was born for this, and I have come into the world for this: to testify to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth listens to my voice.” John 18:37 Of all the questions you will ask during your short earthly life no question is greater than what is the truth? We all are concerned about… the truth about the economy, the truth about war, the truth about why a good person suffers. As citizens of Ritzville I believe it is God’s truth that: 1.) We depend more upon

Pastor’s Message By Pastor Judith Rinehart-Nelson Zion Philadelphia United Church of Christ Christmas is a wonderful time of year. I look forward to mingling with others. What a gift God gives us. Christ is born in all of us. His Word is made known to us all. The music of God’s word can be heard everywhere at Christmas time. It gives this pastor a sense of peace. I received a gift this year from Pat Fode. I want to share this gift with you. GODS PEACE At the close of each day When the soul and mind Consciously meet Do you feel that sense of peace? You know the one I mean Can’t put your finger on it But you know it. This peace is hard to explain But you know the gift. It’s like your soul Snuggling down into its pillow With an awe and a smile Knowing all is well As the body sheds The negatives that dwell And lets this awesome peace Cover like a warm blanket As one drifts mindlessly Into a blissful sleep. Awe yes, God’s Peace. Shalom Pat Fode Wouldn’t it be something if

this Christmas season we could all snuggle into that pillow because we made a conscious attempt to see each other as gifts from our “Creator.” Then we would see that we have all been given talents. So let’s use our talents to serve and

create. What a waste to bury them. Let’s listen and maybe in our silence we can see that there may be a better way than ours. Egos are funny; they can be productive if they humble themselves. Hum… humble like a newborn baby. Merry Christmas.

Holiday Greetings Watch for our commit in getting fit for 2012 Without you, we wouldn’t be in business. Thanks for your support.

We will be closed Dec. 23 through Dec. 26.

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Pastor’s Message of the hall mirror. You tell everyone you have to go home… and the party’s at your place, or you suggest everyone stand and sing the national budget, or you complain about the small bathroom after emerging from the closet. This is not the type of cheer God has in mind for you. In fact, that is not real cheer, but despair. No, the cheer that transforms YOU is what God does as you ask God’s Son Jesus Christ to come within. Why did the God of the universe choose to take on human flesh and come to you? Jesus is

Wheatland Waste Systems, Inc.

God in Jesus Christ and less on Washington DC or the Washington State Legislature for answers to Ritzville issues. 2.) That we find new ways to cooperate together for the good of the whole community. The health care system of Ritzville needs healing; our school system needs more citizen participation and input. 3.) We need to find ways to help the poor of our community help themselves, especially those youth and families who feel trapped by addictions and the welfare mentality. Christmas is God’s way of saying no not “happy holidays” but instead, “Christ is the way, the truth, and the life we need.” We are looking forward to further working together with you, the Ritzville community, in 2012. Happy New Year – with God’s cheer!

HE IS BORN! May you and your loved ones rejoice in the Miracle of Christmas, and may your home be blessed by His many good graces throughout the holiday season and beyond. Noel!

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We’ve gathered on this page to say,


IS WE OWE OUR SUCCESS TO EACH ONE OF YOU! Carpenter, McGuire & DeWulf, PS. Ken Carpenter, Rusty McGuire, Mark DeWulf and Corey Brock

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Page B-8

December 22, 2011

Ritzville Adams County Journal

Just In The

Nick Of Time– CLOSED December 24-25-26

Pastor’s Message

Hair Center, Inc. 216 West Main Avenue • Ritzville 659-0821

By Pastor Bill Cox Ritzville Foursquare Church I love to watch Christmas movies and one that I was thinking about this year was the “The Ultimate Gift.” It is about the young grandson of a very wealthy gentleman. At the reading of the will after the death of the grandfather, the young grandson was given a gift that did not look like a gift to him. He had a series of things that he had to do to, ultimately, receive the gift from his grandfather. The first was to find a true friend, the second was to learn to work hard and the third was to learn to give not just out of his abundance but from the heart. As the grandson went through the different steps of this plan he learned that in the end what we would call the smaller gifts were the ones that the grandfather really wanted his grandson to have. Friendship that is based on love and not gifts; a relationship that is going to stand the test of time in the low spots as well as the high. The second was the lesson of hard work, at the end of the day being able to look back and see what you have accomplished with your hands. The third, learning to give from the heart. Many people can give, but they don’t get involved with the gift. They give to say that they have given, but their heart is never touched by the gift. All gifts aren’t necessarily that way, but there are some lessons to be learned that can change your life direction. I think about this at Christmas time because there are so many gifts that will be given that will be forgotten or put in a closet and brought out only when needed. As I think about the meaning of Christmas and the birth of our Savior Jesus, it brings to light that the Father gave his very best to us and because of that those of us who have allowed him into our lives have been changed forever. Have you ever thought of what kind of gift you can give back to the Father? There is a story of a woman in Luke 7:36 that gave her very best to Jesus, the best was not because it cost a lot but it was the best because it came from her heart, she worshiped her Lord with her tears. She washed his feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair and then kissed his feet. Jesus said in Mark 14 that this simple act of love for Jesus would be preached wherever the gospel would be preached around the world. This year, as Christmas happens to come on a Sunday, what an opportunity to honor Jesus and to worship him on the day that we celebrate his birth. Take the time this year to not only touch hearts, but to touch His heart, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Worship him from your heart, and you will never be the same.

‘Tis the season...

for expressing our gratitude!

We couldn’t have done it without your support...thanks! Journal photo by Katelin Davidson

SPORTY PURCHASE! Melva Eichner helps Annie Trunkle-Smart pick out new Broncos apparel at the annual AAUW Holiday Bazaar Saturday, Dec. 3, at the Ritzville Grade School.

Christmas is a busy season. Streets and stores are filled with people making exciting preparations. Travelers on the highway increase, airports are crowded – all Christendom seems to come to life with music, lights and festive decorations. Christmas trees, baking and the giving of gifts are all part of the celebration, but the real Christmas lies much deeper than these. It is found in the life and mission of the Master, in the principles he taught, in his atoning sacrifice. Christ is not just a fact of history, but the Savior of men everywhere and at all times. If we open the door, he will enter. The Prince of Peace waits to give us peace of mind, which can help us to also be peacemakers. Finding the real joy of the season comes not in the hurrying and the scurrying to get more done or in the purchasing of obligatory gifts. Really, joy comes as we show the love and compassion inspired by the Savior of the world, who said, “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it


AMTA Member

208 N. Washington • (509) 660-0585

welcome the season!

Pastor’s Message By Daniel Galbreath, branch president Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

��������������� �������������������

unto me.” Matthew 25:40 As we contemplate how we are going to spend our money to buy gifts this holiday season let us plan also for how we will spend our time in order to help bring the true spirit of Christmas into the lives of others. The Savior gave freely to all. And His gifts were of value beyond measure. Throughout His ministry, He blessed the sick, restored sight to the blind, and made the deaf to hear, and the halt and the lame to walk. He gave cleanliness to the unclean. He restored breath to the lifeless. He gave hope to the despairing and He sowed light in the darkness. I know that Jesus is the only true source of lasting joy that our only lasting peace is in him. He was the Firstborn of God who has “borne our grief’s, and carried our sorrows,” who “was wounded for our transgressions” and was “bruised for our iniquities.” Isaiah 53:4–5. Jesus Christ is the Savior, the Light and Life of the World. He is the real Christmas. I think that the Christmases we remember best generally have little to do with worldly goods, but a lot to do with families, with love and with compassion and caring. I wish everyone the very best this holiday season.

It may be cold outside, but our hearts are warmed by thoughts of the many good people we’ve had the privilege to serve this year. Happy Holidays and thanks!

Pete’s Garage

Pastor’s Message

6 South Jefferson Ritzville • 659-0640

Merry Christmas to one and all By Father Dan Wetzler St. Agnes Catholic Church This Christmas season I have been determined not to say “happy holidays” but “MERRY CHRISTMAS” to all I come into contact with, and the response is almost always “Merry Christmas” back to me. In our present world, I believe we need to make sure Christ Jesus is center to our lives, in what we say and what we do. I use the same spirit of this season to speak of a “Christmas Tree” not a “tree.” In our fear to “offend someone” we are selling out what has been near and dear to our faith-filled hearts for many, many years. Maybe I am a bit old fashioned,


but my convictions are that Christ Jesus is always the reason for the season, and anything less is not acceptable. Driving around our city this advent season, it is easy to see why Christ came as the light of the world and such a blessing to see so many light up their homes and yards. Hopefully the same effort is being made to make sure that as Jesus said, we are the light of the world. Darkness surrounds us

but it has no power over us and that darkness is dispelled by none other than Jesus Christ. If Jesus is to be seen and heard in our little world, then we must reflect His light in our lives. You and I may be the only light that some folks see, so we must be on, maybe not on bright, but then dim is ok at times. My prayer for all our community is that we continue to spend quality time with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Christmas peace, joy and love.




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Treat Serving You! Merry Christmas and many thanks to the best bunch of people –our customers!

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Ritzville Adams County Journal

December 22, 2011

Page B-9

Pastor’s Message What the birth of Jesus Christ means By Pastor Buck Garner Ritzville Baptist Church

Journal photo by Katelin Davidson

DECISIONS. Linda Kubik, Carla Brawn, Connie Kline and Terri Cody try to decide on home decorations at the Art Gallery’s First Friday event on Dec. 2.

Pastor’s Message By Pastor Ryo Olson Ritzville Nazarene Church Augustine was right when he said, “Our hearts are restless until they find their rest in Thee, O Lord.” Pascal put it this way, “There is a God-shaped vacuum in the heart of every man that cannot be satisfied by anything but God.” The Apostle Paul said it best when he said that God created us subject to emptiness. Romans 8:20 Imagine yourself heading out to an auto dealership. Your purpose: to try out a new car. As you arrive at the lot, you see automobiles perfectly lined up and glistening in the winter sun. You walk toward your favorite color, the one with all the upgrades. You open the door and breathe in that new car smell. You take your seat behind the wheel, grab onto the gear shift and give the brakes a pump. It’s an exhilarating experience, but not quite complete. Yes, something is definitely missing. It is quite apparent. You are unable to feel any power because of a hole in the car that must be filled. That hole is called the ignition. Is it unfair that the dealership put those cars out on the lot with holes? Of course not. They have a definite purpose. They want a relationship with you. The hole in the car keeps you from just cruising away. The dealer

wants you to come into the showroom, sit down faceto-face and enter into a binding agreement. It’s what draws you together and brings mutual commitment. In that same way, God has created us with a hole in our hearts – a hole that can only be satisfied with Jesus. But how do we get “filled” with Jesus? It is in a relationship built on absolute trust. Through prayer and consistent Bible reading, we can dig deep into His Word to discover something new from Him each day. There is so much that He has in store for us if only we will seek Him. Long ago, Jesus was born in a manger. He died on a cross for our sins. Three days later, He rose from the dead, and today He is sitting in heaven at the right hand of His Father. Now, in this moment, He is waiting – waiting to hear from us. He has demonstrated His love, and now it is our turn. How He wants to fill our hearts and take away all our sorrows, loneliness and pain. How He wants to give us His power. But first, we must agree. Won’t you let Jesus fill the hole in your heart? You will soon discover that He is the only perfect fit. Fax Service Available at

Pastor’s Message By Pastor Dennis Evans Washtucna Community Church For years and years, when I was a kid, my family would take a camping trip during the summer and stay for a week or two somewhere in the Sierra Nevada, or the Coastal Range or the southern bottom of the Cascades. We always tented. Once in a while, we kids would ask our parents to get a camper, usually when it was raining. My dad always said that it wasn’t really camping unless you stayed in a tent. A tent definitely made you much more than an observer of nature. A tent made you a participant in the rain, in the early sun shining through the canvas, the breeze rippling the cloth. A nearby river, rushing its song through the flaps. The tent changed your relationship with other families who were camping. Noises carried from their tent to yours even when yours was pitched 50-feet away. The grove where you camped was a single house divided with walls of cloth. John, in his gospel, writes that, “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth. We have beheld his glory; glory as of the only Son from the Father.” John 1:14 The Greek word for “dwelt among us” is a camping word and it carries the thought that the Word became flesh “and tented among us.” He uses the “tent” word from the Exodus, when the people of God built a meeting place for God in the form of a tent. The birth of Jesus in Bethlehem is God in the act of pitching his tent with us. We are not observers but participants with God. God doesn’t merely see us. He shares the room

216 W. Railroad Ave. 659-1020

with us. We know him as the one who can hear us breathing, reading our thoughts not from a cloud but as though God were watching through the eyes of your husband or wife, or friend, or child or parent. Two people in a room can be strangers even when they have known each other for years. If we want, we can think of God as a stranger, someone people only talk about; but God is the other person in the room that we do not acknowledge, as if we were a little child trying to sneak a forbidden cookie when our mother is sitting at the table behind us. God, in Jesus, is with you in your loves, and struggles, and play, and work, and family and when you are alone. God is not the spot in the corner of your bedroom where you look when you pray at night or the horizon you look at when you drive, but beside you, as well as in your heart. But this is a good thing. God has done this for us, pitched his tent with us, in Jesus, for the sake of a loving intimacy, an inescapable intimacy. It is a good thing not to be able to get away from someone who loves you. God is a parent holding their child close. However you feel at this stage in your life, God is holding you in your sorrows, fears, achievements and joys. Christmas means the Lord has come tenting with you, and God is there not to be an observer, but a participant.

For 4,000 years leading up to Jesus’ birth, God had been telling of His plan to redeem the world. In the Garden of Eden God promised His Savior. Genesis 3:15. Then 2,000 years before His birth, God told Abraham, that He would make of him a great nation and that in his seed, all the nations of the earth would be blessed. Genesis 12:3, 22:18. God fulfilled that promise thru Abraham’s decedents (the Jews) and Jesus was an Israelite of the Tribe of Judah. Around 1042 BC King David was promised that through his descendants, the Savior would come and His kingdom would be eternal. 2 Samuel 7:14-17. About 742 years before Jesus’ birth, the prophet Isaiah foretold that Jesus would be born of a virgin and said His name would be Immanuel. Isaiah 7:14. Some 40 years later another prophet revealed that the Savior would be born in Bethlehem.

Micah 5:2 At the place where the sacrificial lambs were raised that were sacrificed in the Temple in Jerusalem only three miles away. Micah 4:8. And 500 years before His birth Daniel told the exact year that He, was to be born. Daniel 9:25. Ever since man sinned in the Garden, all who have believed God have been looking and praying for His coming. Then just as the Bible said, The Messiah came as a newborn child. He ate and slept like any other child, but He was anything but an ordinary child; when people looked into His face they were looking into the face of God. This baby was – Jesus the

Christ, Emmanuel, God incarnate in flesh; the one who created the world and holds the whole universe together. People today get so caught up in the Christmas season that they don’t have time to contemplate – how amazing God really is let alone why He had come? However, for those who believe: Christmas extends beyond Jesus’ birth and looks at who He truly is and why He came. “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.” John 3:16-17 Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.

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May the true spirit of Christmas reside in your heart, and may glad tidings follow wherever you go this holiday season. Thank you for visiting us this year.

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From left: Jean Gardner, Lori Strohmaier, Jani Melcher, Virginia Jones, Debbie Gering and Pamela Schmunk

Page B-10

December 22, 2011

Ritzville Adams County Journal

Kids, cops brighten Christmas for families

Dakota Hartman and Police Chief David McCormick work together to get some gifts wrapped.

Police officers Tom Gracie (left) and Hunter Klewin and Adams County Sheriff’s Office deputy Dan Verhey and their young counterparts browse the toy section at Ritzville Drug.

filled with


Sergeant Mark Cameron was busy chatting and wrapping at the same time at the Zion Philadelphia United Church of Christ after the Shop with a Cop program’s shopping was over. More thn $2,000 was donated to facilitate taking children shopping so they could purchase gifts for their parents and siblings.

Season’s Greetings

In this season so merry and bright, It fills us all with much delight To extend warm wishes and gratitude, To each and every one of you!

Heartland Realty Audrey, Michelle and Jeanie

Make It Merry! ������������������������������ ������������


May your holiday be brimming with good times and glad tidings.

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Dispatcher Melissa Shepherd visits with Aurora Younce as she sips on her hot chocolate and clutches a candy cane.

– And many thanks for all the goodwill you’ve shown toward us this year. East Adams Rural Hospital 903 S. Adams St. 659-1200

Ritzville Medical Clinic 903 S. Adams St. 659-1200

Washington State Patrol Trooper Dustin Stephan lends a hand with a gift wrapping project. Journal photos by Stephen McFadden

Washtucna Medical Clinic 545 S. Church Street 646-3290

Holiday Greetings With best wishes to you and your flock at this joyous season. We really appreciate your dropping in and look forward to serving you again, soon.

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Ritzville Adams County Journal

December 22, 2011

Page B-11

Santa Claus poses for a picture with pastor Judith ReinhartNelson and her pet Grace outside of Ritzville Drug. The pet pictures are taken as a fundraiser for Adams County Pet Rescue.

Community members gather in downtown Ritzville on Friday, Dec. 2, for the annual Christmas at the Clock event. Mayor Linda Kadlec greeted everyone, wished them a Merry Christmas and gave the go ahead to light the community Christmas Tree.

Pastor’s Message By Pastor Bob Kenyan Emanuel Lutheran Church This Christmas I must say I have seen more hardship than before in our town. More people are needing help getting food at the Ritzville Food Pantry; more people needing help with assistance on rent, utilities and medicines; and if the tree of sharing in Sterling Savings Bank is any indication, more people even help providing their children with a Christmas present or two… perhaps a need article of clothing. Human need, like the human spirit, needs a community to keep it alive. That’s what is so powerful

about the Christmas story as St. John tells it, “The word became flesh and dwelt among us.” That the Second Person of the Trinity would become one of us is totally awe-inspiring. While most other religions in the world try to tell us how to get to heaven or even become divine, only Christianity tells us that God took it the other way; born of a virgin, born into grinding poverty and living in all things as we are… yet without sin. There is nothing that we will go through by way of human suffering that he has not already felt. Betrayal, he’s been there! Poor, all he owned was his clothing. Harassed by people who

needed his help, he helped all he could. Hounded and hunted by the “organized” religion of his day, at every turn. And yet there is one thing he did that we humans often fail to do. In all things, even while dying on a cross, Jesus lived his life for others. And then, he says to his disciples, “from now on, do what you do for others, in my name.” Christmas is a time of sharing, like Jesus shared our lives and our struggles, a time for us to remember those near and dear who are in need of help and assistance and do what you can. Many people help because “we’ve all been there.” So has Jesus, and he has helped us the most. Merry Christmas from our house and church to yours!

Pastor’s Message By Jeremy McLellan Lind Community Church My family and I are grateful and excited to be celebrating our first Christmas here in Adams County, specifically in Lind. I hope and pray that this Christmas will be one of great joy and peace to everyone just as was promised to the Shepherds by the Angels those many years ago, “…I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people… Glory to God in the highest, And on earth peace, goodwill toward men!” Luke 2:10, 14. It is amazing to think how in this one moment in time heaven and earth seem to mingle like never before. God, through the angelic hosts, declares a message of joy and peace to all peoples of the world. The

weary, sin laden world had never heard such glad tidings before. To think that God’s goodwill and favor was toward men. How so? His goodwill was in the very person of Jesus Christ, born in a stable in Bethlehem that night. In the person of Jesus Christ was the offer of peace and reconciliation to fallen humanity. This peace was ultimately accomplished at the end of His life as he laid down his life upon the cross of Calvary. “…by [Jesus] to reconcile all things to Himself, by Him, whether things on earth or things in heaven, having made peace through the blood of His cross.” Colossians 1:20 Furthermore, the purpose for which Jesus came is alluded to in

the very name that He was given at His birth. “And [Mary] will bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name JESUS, for He will save His people from their sins.” Matthew 1:21 You see, the name Jesus literally means, “The LORD saves.” His name was given in accordance with His mission, “He will save His people from their sins.” The message of salvation in Jesus is one of joy and peace today just as it was those centuries ago in Bethlehem. “Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” Romans 5:1 I pray that the peace of God will fill you with joy unspeakable this holiday season.

Pastor’s Message The Invasion Motivation By Pastor Steve Schofstoll Lind Calvary Assembly of God I love Christmas! But I sometimes wonder if we are missing a side of the holiday that speaks to more of the truth of the event than our cultural observance recognizes. If we think deeply about the Advent of the Son of God, we can say it was nothing less than an invasion! You may have never thought of it this way, but if you look at the goal of his coming, it was to set humankind free from sin and the dark spiritual forces that controlled the world. Jesus was born into enemy territory, and his coming to earth was an all-out personal assault upon the devil’s kingdom. It was

the spiritual equivalent to D-Day in WWII when the Allied forces invaded the coastline of France to push back the German forces, as the New Testament says, “The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work.” 1 John 3:8 The New Testament elaborates on this when it adds, “Since the children have flesh and blood, he too shared in their humanity so that by his death he might destroy him who holds the power of death – that is, the devil – and free those who all their lives were held in slavery by their fear of death.” Hebrews 2:1415 If freedom was the goal, love was the motivation. The New Testament says, “This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved

us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.” 1 John 4:10 Love, therefore, is the Spirit of Christmas! It is easy to get caught up in the cultural celebration of Christmas – but it is for nothing if we aren’t showing love to those around us, as the Bible also says, “Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.” 1 John 4:11 The most threatening force to the devil’s dominion and to evil in this world is love. So for us, we can be on the offensive this Christmas as we invade the enemy’s strongholds in our own personal lives, in our families, in our churches, in our community and in the world as we reach out to others in love, as God did to us through the birth of his Son Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas!

Pastor’s Message By Roy Clinesmith Benge Community Church “The Axhead that Swam.” Greetings from the Benge Community Church. If you haven’t heard, we are the church in the scabrock of eastern Adams County. Our little church is the home of a couple of outdoor worship events held every year now. Easter sunrise above Cow Creek Falls and our annual Cowboy Church on the first Sunday after the fourth of July at Warm Springs Ranch. Call for details. Anyone can come just wear a five- or 10-gallon hat! We, here at WSR ranch, have been busy during this cold snap chopping ice each morning for the

cows. We have seen horses work their way through the ice with their tongues and hooves but not the cows – they need a shepherd with an axe! Every year, when winter starts and we need to chop open the water for the cows to drink, I think of God’s miracle in the Bible of the axhead that swam. II Kings Chapter 6 The story is of the men felling logs near the Jordan and the head of a borrowed axe broke off and landed in the river. Elisha, the Prophet, asked where, and then performed a miracle and it floated to the top and was retrieved. Praise God!

Mankind too needs a shepherd from time to time and in John 10 it tells us who that might be. Yep, that’s right, it’s Jesus, son of God, whom we celebrate each Christmas. In Luke we read about the shepherds tending their flocks and an angel appears and announces, “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior who is Christ the Lord.” So we wish all of you a very Merry Christmas; find a Bible teaching church and learn of this Jesus, who can give life eternal. Happy trails and God’s blessings.

Pastor’s Message By Pastor Mary Daniels Good Hope Lutheran Church “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” I Thessalonians 5:16-24. I have found this verse to be one of great inspiration. I have learned a great lesson from my four year old granddaughter. We have a lesson to learn from all children, and I am grateful for Kassie. Kassie was born severely hard of hearing and has bilateral cochlear implants. She is such a joy. I told her mother (my daughter) that she is the politest child I have ever met (now I could be prejudiced!) and my daughter said, “I think because she (Kassie) was born with a disability, we have worked harder on our “please” and “thank you.” Kassie says “thank you” for the smallest of things.

I was watching her put together a string of sparkly pipe cleaners. There was a green one and a blue one that were hooked together. She said: “I need the blue one.” So I took them apart and gave her the blue one and she gave me a big smile and said: “Thanks!” Needless to say, my heart melted. Another of her sayings right now is, “that’s wonderful!” Whether it was decorating cookies, making a craft project for her mom and dad or eating something she liked, I heard many times, “that’s wonderful.” During this weekend, in hearing Kassie say “thanks” and “that’s wonderful,” I realized that I am not always thankful for the gifts that God has given me in my life, both large and small and how

wonderful it is to have all that I have in my life. God has provided me with so much – friends, family, two wonderful congregations and a Savior who loves not only me, but each of you. In these times as our world tends to be in a variety of crises, may we take time to thank God for his “wonderful” love for us in Christ Jesus and all the gifts, talents, abilities and joys that he has provided for us. No matter what our circumstances are, we all have something to be grateful to God for. May you find your joy this Christmas in the gift of the Savior and as the Apostle Paul says, “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

With sincere gratitude from all of us this holiday season.

Greetings of the Season

Lind School District

Superintendent Rob Roettger and Board Members Bev Kulm, Rena Wahl, Jani Melcher, Annie Trunkle-Smart, Jennifer Anderson

Ritzville School District

Superintendent Rob Roettger and Board Members Scott Carruth, Chris Cook, Shannon Flynn, Layne Iltz, Marci Miller

Page B-12

December 22, 2011

Ritzville Adams County Journal

This set came from Italy and was purchased by Maureen’s parents from a thrift store where they volunteered their time.

This coconut nativity scene was a gift from Valerie, Corin and Kara Eckley from a trip they took to Hawaii. Journal photos By Stephen McFadden

This handmade figurine is part of a nativity set made by Maureen’s son when he was a little boy.

Collection: More than 175 Nativity sets from all over the world Continued from Page B-1

Maureen’s oldest son, Craig Cox, purchased this set while on a trip to Alaska

“My favorite was made by my son,” Maureen proudly declares. The Hunsbergers have been conducting the Christmas brunch for their congregations for 18 years. The nativity scenes have been displayed each year as part of the festive holiday gathering. Maureen said it takes a full day to unpack and display the scene. While living in Lewiston, Idaho, Maureen recalls that a member of the church died at Christmas time. The woman’s family came to visit John and Maureen and presented them with their mother’s nativity scene. If there’s a nativity scene with deep sentimental value, it’s a small intricate set from Italy that was given to Maureen by her mother last year. The set was purchased by her parents from a thrift store they volunteered for. Until the Christmas of 2010, Maureen’s mother displayed the nativity scene in her home every year.

“She passed it on to me last year,” Maureen said with a tear in her eye. “She passed away this August.” With a large collection of nativity scenes, Maureen still stops and looks at new scenes when she encounters them. But she purchases

only those that she finds unique or intricately detailed. Members of the local church have also contributed to the collection, Jerry and Gretchen Snyder, Valerie Eckley and Gayle and Gaynel Gering have all given Maureen nativity scenes as gifts.


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