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“Hard work is the key to success” and so it paid off when the Formula Manipal team was standing on the podium with tears in their eyes and heads held high with honor as they held the trophy for the 2nd place in the cost report and waved the tri‐color. It took them back to the day two years ago when they started off with the dream of becoming the best Indian FSAE team. The moment that was awaited by the entire team finally had arrived at Hockenheimring, Germany on the 4th of August 2013. It was a moment of pride not only for the team and the University but also for the whole nation. The team turned heads at Formula Student Germany when they not only stood 2nd in the cost report, becoming the only Indian team to get a podium at FS Germany 2013 but also cleared technical inspection on the very first day. The team also did quite well in the dynamic events, achieving an acceleration of 4.62 seconds. The team also created history in Formula Student Czech Republic by becoming the only Indian team to complete the endurance event, with electro‐pneumatic gear shifting mechanism for the Formula Student Season 2013, fetching them an overall rank of 8th in the event. The young Indian ambassadors were applauded and appreciated by the renowned judges of the Formula world including Claude Rouelle, the President of Optimum G and Pat Clarke, renowned bike racer. The team would like to congratulate all the sponsors, CC owners and the University and also is thankful to them for their support.

2 STRUCTURE The manufacturing of the prototype chassis has been completed. Also the team has successfully manufactured the GFRP seat, in‐house. The required changes were made in the chassis taking into consideration the suggestions and comments of the judges at the events. The team is also working on the aero package of the car.


VEHICLE DYNAMICS Ergonomic testing of the pedal assembly was done. Changes like shifting the position of the brake and accelerator pedal with respect t0 the clutch pedal and change of the positive stop for the pedals were made. The testing of the baseplate was carried out and as per the results the required changes in mounting of the plate on the chassis were made. A smaller steering wheel was designed taking into consideration the performance at the events and the ergonomic test results. A make shift steering rack was made and assembled on the chassis to check the compliance with the rules. It was found to be in accordance with the rules. Also the tie‐rod fixture, pedal assembly fixture and the steering wheel fixture were designed on CATIA. The latter two were manufactured and assembled on the prototype chassis.

ENGINE The engine was assembled on the prototype chassis. Also the team has completed the designing of the intake manifold and is simultaneously designing of the oil pan. The necessary changes in the fuel tank design has been made after the feedback from the events. The team is currently working on the ducting for the radiator side pod and composite analysis. The team plans to incorporate a self designed 4‐2‐1 exhaust system which consists of the primary exhaust pipes from the cylinder exhaust ports where pipes 1,4 and pipes 2,3 merge in pairs and the secondary pipes further merging into a single downpipe. In a 4‐1 exhaust system the primaries merge into a single downpipe at once. The 4‐2‐1 system provides better engine torque for low to mid range rpm as compared to its 4‐1 counterpart.

TRANSMISSION Differential mount fixture, a tool to measure the length of the half shafts and mechanical shifter have been made. Moreover, the differential mount prototype, sprocket prototype and pneumatic piston prototype were also manufactured. The drive train assembly has been assembled and verified for errors on the prototype chassis. The team performed further iterations to optimize the weight of the differential mounts, sprocket and the stub axles. The team has started exploring the possibilities of replacing the clutch pedal with pneumatic clutch and also the gear position sensor.

ELECTRONICS RPM code has been optimized in LabVIEW. MOSFETs (metal–oxide–semiconductor field‐effect transistors) were tested and the team is planning to use them instead of relays so as to make the electronic mount more compact. Dash board prototype was made for ergonomic testing. Pneumatic and Display PCBs were tested and DAq PCB was designed and is ready to be manufactured. For the first time, data was acquired in parallel from analog sensors at different sampling rates. The team also successfully setup LPC1769 and is now looking forward to integrate RTOS (Real Time Operating System) from FreeRTOS with it. The team is trying to replace individual systems of display, pneumatics and data acquisition by a single microcontroller LPC1769 and integrate it with freeRTOS where every individual system will be included as a task with different priorities.

3 UNION BANK OF INDIA Union Bank of India is one of the largest public sector banks of India. The bank has been playing a proactive role in the economic growth of India and it extends credit for the requirements of different sectors of economy and has a large clientele base of over 49 million.

ESSAR STEEL Essar Steel is a global producer of steel with a footprint in India, Canada, USA, the Middle East and Asia. Committed to innovative growth, Essar speaks the new language of success. The company has judiciously invested in the commodity, annuity and services businesses.

L&T, is an Indian multinational conglomerate corporation with its headquarters in Mumbai. The company has business interests in Engineering, Construction, manufacturing, Information technology and financial services. L&T is India's largest Engineering and Construction Company, with a dominant presence in India's infrastructure, power, hydrocarbon, machinery and railway related projects.

TILE MARINE LLC Tile Marine is a reputed & leading Technical Marketing & Service organization Having years of experience in the Marine field, their expertise and specialty is in meeting most of the requirements of sailing vessels, right from small tugs / supply vessels, barges, dredgers to Ocean Going Super Tankers, Ro‐Ro vessels, container vessels and Bulk Carries.

GLOBAL ELECTRONICS Global Electronics is a PCB manufacturing company based in Bangalore. The company focuses on providing it’s customer with the best quality PCB’s as per their needs and requirements thus ensuring their satisfaction.

RAM KRIPAL SINGH CONSTRUCTION PVT. LTD. M/s. Ram Kripal Singh Construction (P) Ltd. An ISO 9001:2008 & 14000:2004 Company it was established in 1978. Since inception till date RKSCPL has been rendering services only in the field of construction. Today RKS Construction Pvt. Ltd. stands high and possesses very rich experience in the field of constructions.

VACTECH COMPOSITES PVT. LTD. Vactech was founded in the year of 2001 with a prime intention to serve Advanced Composites Industries of India and World Wide. Vactech specialises in the supply of vacuum bagging consumables and re‐engineering solutions to the advanced composites industry.





RESULTS Dynamic Events

Static Events


RESULTS Dynamic Events

Static Events







We would like to thank our friends at Joanneum Racing Graz, Austria for helping us in testing of the car at Austria before the competitions and also for the weasel sticker which is their mascot on our car. We congratulate them for the most innovative power train award at FSG 2013 and wish them good luck for the future!

WHAT’S NEXT ? After making the country and the University proud overseas, back in the workshop, the team is working even harder for the next season car. After the motivational performance by the FMX3, the members are determined to design a lighter, more compact car with better ergonomics, more aesthetic appeal and to perform even better at the competition in both the dynamic and static categories, upholding the honor of Formula Manipal and have started working towards it. The team is currently making the required changes in the design considering the performance and the suggestions and feedback at the 2013 events. The team will then start manufacturing of the final chassis and components for the season 2014 car, simultaneously dealing with the college exams in the next month.

7 4-2-1 Exhaust System


LATEST CC BUYERS The latest members of the Formula Manipal Family are as follows: 1. Dr.Gurumurthy S. C. 2. Smita Subandh 3. Milind Subandh 4. Hitaxi Dharia 5. Arif Nawab Mirza 6. Mueez Rehman 7. Arif Kamal We would like to thank all our cc buyers for helping us in or initiative.

TEAM MEMBER OF THE MONTH - JULY Saurav Gulati better known as GULLU is a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student and a part of the Vehicle Dynamics subsystem. As an indispensable member of the team, Gullu has worked hard for manufacturing and the assembly of the suspension and pedal assemblies on the prototype chassis. In his free time, Gullu likes to doze o, watch movies and hangout with friends.

TEAM MEMBER OF THE MONTH - AUGUST Chandan Kumar Singh is a 2nd year student in the Department of Commerce, here at Manipal University. Being a part of the Management subsystem, he has worked hard for generating sponsors for the project. He also looks after the workshop upkeep and maintenance and has put in a lot of eort for the renovation of the workshop. In his free time, Chandu likes to roam with friends and explore new places on a motor vehicle.


Differential Assembly



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