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Let me introduce myself Robert Farrell Website:

The Small Business Guides




The Small Business Guides


Robert Farrell

What about you? Who has a: Website Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blog Email newsletter Robert Farrell

Roadmap 

Introduction to Digital Marketing (DM)

The Main Social Networks

Digital Marketing Tools

Digital Marketing Plan

Robert Farrell

Before we begin… 

This is an introduction.

Forget the hype.

Decide if it’s for you.

If it is, then experiment.

I’Il focus on the use not the figures.

Robert Farrell


Robert Farrell

Marketing Companies create value for customers and build strong customer relationships to capture value from customers in return. Kotler & Armstrong (2010)

Digital Marketing Marketing using electronic media such as the web, email, interactive TV, IPTV and wireless media in conjunction with digital data about customers characteristics & behaviors. Chaffey, Chadwick, Mayer, Johnson (2009)

RobertFarrell Farrell Robert

Websites Types of Web Presence: • Transactional e-commerce site: • Amazon, Dell.

• Services-oriented/Relationship building: • Accenture, British Gas.

• Brand building site: • Guinness.

• Portal or Media site: • Compare the market.

• Social network or Media site: • Mashable, Inc, Entrepreneur, Facebook. Robert Farrell

New Trend: Communication style

Robert Farrell

New Trend: Participation Product Price Place Participation Promotion Physical Evidence Process People

RobertFarrell Farrell Robert

Get them involved: Social Media Platforms Crowd sourcing Testimonials Fan submitted content

Digital Media Landscape

Who is doing it well

Robert Farrell

10,287 mobile visits

So what could go wrong

Robert Farrell

Concerns 

Uncontrolled: live conversation.

Time intensive.

Identity theft/Imitators.

Hard to keep up with many updates & platforms.

Robert Farrell


Robert Farrell

Robert Farrell

Irish statistics 


2.2m users



520K users



1.3m users



713K users


92% of consumer trust peer recommendation

Robert Farrell

Social Networks Facebook.  Twitter.  Youtube.  LinkedIn.  Pinterest.  Google +. 

Robert Farrell

Facebook 

Used by people & business. Set up a profile (bus or personal). Example: Yankee candle Ireland.


 

  

Robert Farrell

Comment regularly (audience interests). Add pictures, video, images. Link to your website. Maintain it.

Facebook Personal:  5000 friends.  No SEO.  One profiles.  No Insights  Private.

Robert Farrell

Business:  Unlimited.  SEO.  Multiple.  Insights.  Public  Sponsored posts.

Facebook 

Business use: Win new customers.  Communication & brand building.  Run events.  Competitions (Rules).  Market Research.  Tech support. 

Robert Farrell

Facebook Build an Audience:  Invite friends.  Get Likes & comments.  Post good contents.  Ask for likes or comments on content.  Redirect to website or call to action

Robert Farrell

Facebook videos 

Facebooks Youtube Channel

How to Create a Facebook Business Page

Sponsored Stories

Twitter     

Robert Farrell

Micro- blogging site (<140 characters) Real-time news updates A cross between instant messaging, text messages, and blogging Rule of thumb: 60/40 – For every 60 you follow, 40 will follow back Follow others.

Twitter videos

Setting up a Twitter account  Updating your picture & background 

Youtube 

Video sharing platform.

Used by people and business.

Can upload, trim, add captions, links.

Robert Farrell


Dollar Shave Club


Humor works well Robert Farrell

LinkedIn   

   

Robert Farrell

Professional brand building & networking for individuals. 180m global users. 780,000 Irish Users. LinkedIn is publicly traded. Set up a profile. Join Groups, runs Polls Search / Post Jobs.

Pinterest 

Succeed by finding how your products or services fit into the lifestyles of your target audience.

Terms:  Pin - Image  Pinboard - Set of images  Pinning - Sharing images  Repin - Reposting  Pin It button - placed on website  Pinner - Person sharing.

Robert Farrell

Google + 

Small in Ireland but growing.

Many dormant accounts.

May rise in future.

Can hep your SEO.

Robert Farrell

Robert Farrell

General Tips 

Pick 1 or 2 platforms.

Understand 1 at a time.

Go where your audience are.

Each has its own value, audience & purpose.

Robert Farrell


Robert Farrell

Digital Marketing Tools   

       Robert Farrell

Getting Ireland Online. Wordpress. Google Analytics. Facebook Insights. Hootsuite. Animoto. Survey Monkey. Drop box. Google Drive. Skype.


Robert Farrell

Develop your Plan Define

Plan Implement Adjust Developing an Internet Marketing Strategy Chaffey

Robert Farrell

Digital Marketing Plan       

Robert Farrell

Situation Analysis Budget Audience Objectives Channels Action Plan Measurement

What are you doing now? Money & Time/ Many types. What you want to achieve. Website, Social Media, Partners. What & When. Traffic, Awareness, Likes, Donations.

Challenges to Implementation      

Robert Farrell

Lack of planning or awareness. Unclear responsibilities. No specific objectives. Lack time or budget. Started but not kept up. Not measurement.

Integrated Marketing Communications Websites: • •

Corporate & Student. Online bookings, Blog, Videos & Information.

Social Media: • •

Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn. Pictures, Articles, News, Jobs & Recommendations

Monitoring: •

G.Analytics, FB Insights, Newsweaver, Internal Info, Bookings.

Advertising: •

TV, Radio, Print, Billboard, Magazine.

Grassroots: •

Robert Farrell

Campus visits, Member ambassadors.

Thank you

Robert Farrell

More Information          

Robert Farrell

AMAS. Social Bakers Edelman. Kantar. Carat. Simply Zesty. Smart insights. iCommunity. Digital Marketing Institutes Blogs. Enterprise boards.


Digital Marketing  

Marketing is two type- Traditional & Digital. Digital marketing is marketing but done through digital channels.

Digital Marketing  

Marketing is two type- Traditional & Digital. Digital marketing is marketing but done through digital channels.