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SPONSOR BOOK 2013 A Ritte Bicycles Project. Photos by Saam Gabbay

Women on bikes kick ass. Let’s face it, bike racing is a male-dominated, testosterone-soaked sport that caters to those with the biggest ego and the most wins. And the Ritte Women’s team is here to change that. They believe it only takes a few fun girls to influence a peloton, and they’re on a mission to empower other women to cut the crap and be unafraid to just get out there and ride. In a culture of power profiles, recovery tights and carbon bottle cage bolts, it’s nice to be reminded there are still girls out there who just wanna go fast and have a blast. Because bikes are fun. Riding is fun. Racing is fun. Oh, and winning races every now and then ain’t too shabby either.

“Those Ritte ladies broke the mold and then remade it and then broke it again just for kicks.” - Elvis. The Ritte Women’s Cycling team is a small group of carefully-selected* women who will probably be famous really soon.** The first 4 members are: Kelli Samuelson made a name for herself in the world of underground street racing and has recently moved to road and track. Kelli has won races everywhere from LA to Indonesia and plans to race in New York, Milan, London and Jakarta soon. They say Kelli has a tattoo for every win and will retire when she runs out of space. Jen Whalen is a retired Rodeo Queen who traded her horse in for a bike and proceeded to pile up victories like clowns in a barrel, including the 2012 California State Championships. Don’t be fooled by her Disney princess looks, Jen keeps a can of whoop ass in her jersey pocket for special occasions. Peta Taki is not from Australia, she’s from New Zealand, so let’s get that straight right now. Peta is a high-energy, mile-a-second fireball who puts out so many watts that the Vauxhall car company actually measures their engines in “Petapower.” Shelby Walter is a sprinter with a heart of gold. Another recent convert to the sport, she’s already racked up quite a few wins. Shelby once chased down a cheetah to save a gazelle, then cooked up the cheetah and fed her team a sumptuous feast.

* The total team size is limited to 8. ** Because they’re that awesome.





Be a sponsor. Look fabulous. Their mission statement doesn’t have room for egos, bad attitudes or the ultimatum of winning at all costs: these girls would much rather lose a race well than win a race poorly. And you can play a role in the Ritte women’s efforts to make women’s racing better. When it comes to return for your partnership, there’s nothing more powerful than a great group of inspiring girls having fun and crushing it on bikes. And with the aesthetic and marketing of the Ritte brand behind them, your spon- sorship efforts will reach not just a lot of fans, your brand will be presented in the high quality way that Ritte prides itself on. As well as being incredible cyclists, and part-time supermodels, the Ritte Women have literally written a three-volume, leather-bound book on sponsor- ship appreciation. Play your cards right and there may be cookies in it for you.

The 2013 Ritte Women’s Team jersey. Simple, striking, stylish. All it needs now is your logo. Emergency Sponsorship Inquiry Hotline: kelli @


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2013 Ritte Women's Cycling Team Sponsor Book  

Ritte Bicycles is on a mission to change bike racing culture, and we've got just the women to do it.

2013 Ritte Women's Cycling Team Sponsor Book  

Ritte Bicycles is on a mission to change bike racing culture, and we've got just the women to do it.