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PORTFOLIO Ritika Bohra

Graphic design UG-3rd Year

Hello!! I am Ritika Bohra, currently a third year student pursueing Graphic Design from Maeer’s MIT Institute of Design , Pune. I am always hungry for knowledge and learning new techniques /skills. If I believe in something, I give my full potential. Taking up challenges is what excites me and increases my energy level.

Curriculum vitae Ritika Bohra 21yrs old Graphic Design student looking for 4-6 weeks internship

Contact me: - call me : 09158114097 - email me :


Areas of Interest:

- Currently pursueing third year undergraduation course from MAEER’s MIT Institute of design,PUNE. - Studied in Amity International School, Noida (CBSE)

- Illustrations, Visual Identity, Branding, Publication design

Hobbies and Achievements:

Software Skills:

- Passionate about Dancing, Trekking, Photography, Craft work - I love Travelling and exploring new places. - Adventure sports get my adrenaline rushing. - Proficiency in art throughout schooling. - Participated in Enduro night trek competition - Won the best waltz dance in Firodiya Karandak competition.

- Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Flash(basics), After effects,Premiere Pro.

LONELY PLANET Publication design Classroom project Duration- 4 weeks Brief- To redesign the existing Lonely Planet magazine keeping in mind the users and redressing the problems in the existing magazine. And understand the suitability of different grids according to the magazine type.

For a photo based magazine like the Lonely Planet, perfect measurement grid using the 12 columns is quite appropriate. Master head: Font- Frutiger(black condensed) 60pt. Header- Univers font family or Frutiger Body text- Bulmer font family Gutter space: 4.5mm Margins: Top: 8mm bottom:20mm Inside:13mm Outside:11.5mm

COPIES Copywriting Classroom project Duration- 1weeks Brief- To make deliverables( bill board ad and direct mailer ) for Shoppers stop annual sale and a newspaper ad informing the public about extra cost of cylinder.

WOMEN TRAFFICKING Design project Awareness campaign Classroom project Duration- 4 weeks Brief- The main objective of this project was to come up with solutions to redress / make people aware of Women issues under which i had taken women trafficking by following the design process.


01 Background study and Brainstorming

02 Synthesis / 360 analysis

study analysis + associated words + mindmapping

create problem statement + analyse all aspects

Categorization Victims -Poor family background -Bad marriage -Devdassi -Kidnapping -False job assurance -Illiterate -Family economic problem Involved people Brothels Pimps Police Foreign tourist Mafia Family

Countries/city Nepal India Bangladesh Pakistan Philippines Middle east China Cambodia Thailand US E. Europe S. Africa Kenya

Prevention Strict laws Rural edu. Counseling Awareness

Forced into: Prostitution Forced labour Agriculture + embroidery factory servants

Why ? Who ? By whom ? What ?

Effects Rape Virtual imprisonment Torture Sexual assault Suicides Starvation HIV Tuberculosis Pregnant depression

Geneeralised concepts to create an urge amongst all towards the issue

03 Creative thinking

on basis of specific problem

Concepts put forward are genralised due to the sensitive topic. They all aim at awareness campaigns and might provide solutions towards redressing the problem. In form of posters, animations, movies, billboards, net ads,etc. T shirt design

Magazine cover


Bus graphics

The concept of the woman’s face is made from words related to women trafficking and the effects of it. The bus graphics is for Ladies special buses, with newspaper clippings on trafficking covering the whole bus. The entrance of the bus has the graphics of torn out paper so whenever anyone gets down it looks like they are tearing themselves out to freedom.

An optical illusion poster The concept is to use optical illusion poster for billboards or for internet advertisement. One can see the silhoutte of a girl and ‘SOLD’ written from far. But as you keep coming near it starts to fade off into lines. This is to make people realise that its about time to take a step forward to help these girls rather than just watch from afar.

ILLUSTRATED Digital illustrations representation Classroom project Duration- 2 weeks Brief- The main objective of this project was to come up with digital illustrations to represent the one natural and manmade forms along with their supporting words.

Natural form: Bald eagle Supprting word: Attitude Manmade form: Magnifying glass Supprting word: Clarity

PHOTOGRAPHY Collection from different places.

ETHNICITY Visual thinking Illustrations on paper Classroom project Duration- 2 weeks Brief- The main objective of this project was to visually represent the word ‘ethnic’ in both direct and indirect manner.

01 Brainstorm / study

associated words + analysis traditional colors indian wear

traditional ornaments


rice handi


culture tulsi


gods/goddess madhubani kumkum

banyan tree




animals associated with culture


puppets warli

traditional games

02 Conceptualization inspired by key words 1. Traditional turban with moustache (pride of men) 2. Banyan tree is associated with guatam buddha, krishna and shiva in Madhubani art style. 3. Lotus is a symbol of divinity, fertility, wealth, knowledge and enlightenment and associated with goddess laxmi. 4. National bird- Peacock and traditional usage of paan.

5. The Indian elephant in traditional Motifs. 6. Superstition- Tieing the dupatta on the banyan tree will bring the husbands back home soon. The different prints and colors symbolise the diversity in Indian culture.

SKILLS Miscellaneous work

Transforming a portrait into an abstract meaningful form.

Graphically representing Gorilla

Converting a photograph into an illustration.

Converting a photograph into stipling painting and stylising it using reference of another artists style.

Imagining forms out of tea stains.

Solarisation of a photograph and its B/W version

RITIKA BOHRA Graphic Design, 3rd year MITID,pune

Contact me: - call me : 09158114097 - email me :

ritika bohra 2013  

looking for 4-6 weeks internship

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