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Ritika Bhagya 19th november 1989 A2/601, Kalpataru Enclave, Aundh, Pune - 411007 +91 7507738657 020 25885051 i. interned as a Product Designer (16 weeks) at Desmania Design Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai ii. worked as a Junior Design Researcher (2 months) at Center for Knowledge Societies, Bangalore Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune XII HSC, Fergusson College, Pune X SSC, St. Joseph High School, Pashan, Pune to gain exposure in a creative and challenging field where I can pursue employment to gain valuable work experience and also put my education to good use, developing new skills and also improving existing ones. good designing knowledge and good understanding of software like Rhinoceros, SolidEdge, AutoCAD, Hypershot, Keyshot, CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and Microsoft Office. excellent skills in Engineering Drawings and extremely inclined towards Graphic Design. good model-making skills with a good deal of knowledge in materials and processes used in the manufacturing industry. Very good analytical skills in research and design. 1

biochemistry analyser

Industry Mentor: Mr. Kaustubh Goswami Faculty Mentor: Mr. Niren Parsai

The product for my Final Degree Project was the Biochemistry Analyser. The design brief was to design the Biochemistry Analyser such that, it is suitable for low volume and low cost production, it matches the international designs, it is more easy and ergonomic in use, the interface of the machine is easier to use (it reduces the steps involved in the task flow) and it keeps the waste jar hidden away to not make it look disturbing. The concept was to include the test tube stand in the machine itself so that it resuces the steps in the task flow and including a space to store the waste jar in the machine itself. The interface of the machine was also worked upon making it more convenient to use while performing tests. Working of the semi-automatic BCA

Working of the automatic BCA


biochemistry analyser


electronic data capturing machine

Faculty Mentor: Mr. Atul Kedia

My product was the Electronic Data Capturing Machine (Credit Card Swipe Machine). The design brief was to redesign the EDC machine to make the card data authentic only to original card holders, minimizing the number of merchant frauds, also making it more durable and efficient to use. The concept was to include a fingerprint reader in the machine and make the screen adjustable for easy readability.


casserole and dinnerset stand

Industry Mentor: Mr. Kaustubh Goswami

The design brief was to design a casserole and a dinner-set stand for Milton. The target consumer for the casserole would be upper class market. The dinner set was to be designed for display in malls.


round biscuit packaging

Industry Mentor: Mr. Kaustubh Goswami

The design brief was to place the round biscuit Britannia packets on the shelf such that the branding is visible to the customer, while making sure that the biscuits do not roll off each other while stacking and also maintaining complete shelf space optimization. The concept was to have a secondry packaging. A box like tray that would stack the biscuits horizontally without letting them roll out. This box would come to the size of biscuits. Each box would have a partition so as to acommodate one row of biscuits per partition. This box could be cut to size according to the shelf length. It can be folded and kept away when not in use. The box was designed keeping in mind the different shelf sizes.


dish-wash soap redesign

Industry Mentor: Mr. Kaustubh Goswami

The design brief was to redesign the look of the Vim Bar which is originally just a rectangle. The concept was to reduce the contact between the surface of the soap and the water in order to avoid the soap to melt because of water contact. Hence, the design was made slightly to curve from the bottom, The curved surface at the top helps the user to dab the sponge on the soap more easily.


baby oil bottle

Industry Mentor: Mr. Kaustubh Goswami

The design brief was to design a new bottle for the newly launched Aswini baby oil. The concept was to make it look playful so that it appeals to the child. The look of the bottle was made to be round and baby-like. The bottle could be made transparent or opaque.


garbage collection systems design The initial brief for my group under the Collection system of the Garbage Disposal System was to design products that maintain the hygiene of house-hold, road-side and public garbage collection. From these I chose to work on the public garbage collection from malls and multiplexes. My design brief was to design Garbage Bins for Commercial Establishments considering the ease of separation, collection and disposal.


Faculty Mentor:


Ms. Fatima Ghani Mr. Agashe



The concept was to have separate bins for different types of materials that can be removed from the main body for the ease of disposal. The bin would also have a liquid strainer to separate the liquid waste.


kiosk for exhibition design

Faculty Mentor: Ms. Fatima Ghani

The brief was to design a flexible, movable, adaptable, sustainable and economical Interactive Kiosk for the exhibition area in college. This project was done in a group of 4 people and the concept was to develop a touch screen surface to go through the work of students that need to be displayed only on a computer screen (animations, videos, etc.) The proposed technology uses a webcam to detect the finger motion through shadows and a projector that projects the computer screen.


material simulation

Faculty Mentor: Mr. Vijay Sutar

In the material simulation module, we had to pick any one product and simulate it in different materials like paper, mount-board, thermacol, plaster of paris and MDF. Finally we had to paint and finish the product exactly similar to the original product. My product was the Saw Handle. These are a few images of my final product made from MDF.


foldable pen stand

Faculty Mentor: Mr. J. A. Panchal

The project brief for this craft design elective was to design a foldable/collapsable penstand that is made only out of wood using minimal material and smaller than 100mm x 100mm x 100mm The concept was a foldable Pen Holder on a stand that has a slot to keep erasers, sharpeners, pins, etc.


bar tool set packaging

Faculty Mentor: Mr. J. D. Bhatt

The brief was to design a packaging for the Bar Tool Set. The concept was to make the packaging look as simple as possible.The box will be made from corrugated sheet (E flute) and will fir the coctail mixer, bottle opener, fruit knife, strainer and jigger.


backdrop and newspaper ad

Industry Mentor: Dr. Aditya Dev Sood

The design brief was to design the backdrop and a newspaper advertisement for a conference on Innovation and the Public Interest called Design!Public which is being held in Bangalore. The concept was to use the El Lissitzky style of energetic, bold and avant garde designs in the final design output.


logo and menu design

visiting card design

The brief was to design a logo and a menu card for an small eatery serving typical american cuisine called ‘Ahoy’

The brief was to design a logo and a visiting card for a liquor selling shop called ‘GSP Wines’.

I designed the restaurant logo and menu for a client who opened the place in Aundh, Pune.

I designed the logo and the visiting card for a client’s store located in Aundh, Pune.


poster design

Faculty Mentor: Mr. Mandar Rane

What is

Golden Ratio?


Saurabh Preeti


Mr. Giraffe Ms. Nursinhome

Mr. Noddy

The golden ratio is an irrational mathematical constant, approximately 1.618 Vrushin

Kanika Siddhaarth

Mr. High

Ms. Suteri


Humpty Dumpty

Ms. Drama

No Smoking

Expressed algebraically: a+b/a = a/b = phi (1.618) where a>b

join the dots Find the Golden Rectangle



Ms. Saku Bai Ms. Golden Eyes

Ekta Ms. Serious

Abhinandan Aarushi Mr. Accent

Ms. Chubby

Manas Deepu

Mr. Brainy Mr. Excuses




Ms. Bright Smile Ms. Sooper

Sahila Ms. Never There


: Basic Graphic Design

Students : Product Design Second Year

The brief was to arrange the portraits of all my classmates in such a way that the poster explains who I am and which classmates of mine are closer to me than the rest.

length / breadth = 1.618

The brief was to design a poster explaining what is the ‘Golden Ratio’.

: Basic Graphic Design

Students : Product Design Second Year

The brief was to select any theme and arange the pictures given, in such a way that the pictures and the title convey the mesage for itself. 16

hairoil bottle label

Industry Mentor: Mr. Subodh More

The design brief was to redesign the Aswini hair oil bottle label maintaining the same contents as the original label. The Aswini bottle needed a new and improved look to match up to the other competing hair oil bottles in the market.


casserole packaging

Industry Mentor: Mr. Kaustubh Goswami

The design brief was to redesign the graphics for the Milton casserole packaging. I worked on some of the most initial concepts for the graphics of the casserole packaging. The concept was to make the graphics very floral as the the design of the casserole itself was like the shape of the flower.




thank you Ritika Bhagya Contact: +91 7507738657 Email:


Ritika Bhagya, Symbiosis Institiute of Design, Pune


Ritika Bhagya, Symbiosis Institiute of Design, Pune