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CONFIDENCE a SMILE makes the difference



Why and When does it happen? Genetic factors Environmental Factors   Anti Convulsing Drugs   Smoking   Alcohol

What Is Cleft Lip and Palate?   Cleft is a gap or split

between two things   Cleft Lip - Upper lip is

split into two   Cleft palate – roof of the

mouth is split or has a hole   There are children with

both conditions

Problems associated with cleft lip and palate

  Speech problems   Eating problems   Hearing problems

Treatment The surgery should be ideally undertaken when,   The child is 3-6 months old for cleft lip   9-12 months for cleft palate

Developing Countries   Millions

of children suffering from unrepaired cleft lip and palate syndrome

  Ostracized by society due to

physical appearance, these children lead isolated lives as they are bullied at school (drop out) and at work (poor families)

Cost and Time   The prohibitive costs as these children belong

to poor families.   In Sri Lanka, the surgery costs

Colombo - Rs100,000 approx   Those children waiting for free surgeries have

a minimum waiting period between 2 to 3 years

Existing Charities

  Charities like smile train and

operation smile work in developing countries like India, China, Sri Lanka and they tie up with local doctors and train them to perform the surgery 240-250 $   However,

raising funds and donating to these charities means 40% of the funds being spent on advertising and other fund raising programs for future funds

Our Vision

To Let every child smile with confidence

Our Goal

  Identify Children suffering from cleft and palate syndrome

from existing data base and sponsor the surgery directly so that the benefit is passed on to the children directly

  To help as many children as possible to give them the

confidence required to live.

Collaboration   There is need for collaboration as cost control is the

key factor along with proper utilization of funds   We need to collaborate with local doctors to effectively

bring down the cost of surgery.   The cost of the surgery to come down to Rs10,000 to


Do you want to help them smile? Let community service be really about serving the needy and not about donating to another charity organization

Successful surgery

Let’s help those who are waiting indefinitely

Thank You

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Raising funds

Collecting funds while educating the students of OSC about the children suffering from cleft lip and palate syndrome   Corporate sponsorships   Raffle tickets where the prizes are lucrative   Students personal contributions   Disco night or movie night


This is a power point explaining the service i have started to help children suffering from cleft lip and palet syndrome