What Makes Finches Such Great Pets

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There are many reasons to explain what makes finches for pets so great. The main reason that finches make great pets are they are generally very easy to care for. The finch is a social bird that prefers to be with other birds. When in their cages they will play and interact with each other providing you hours of entertainment. The finch does not care if you do not have a lot of time to pay attention to them. They are happy being with one another and doing their own thing. The finch requires daily food and fresh water. Their food is available at pet stores, most department stores, some grocery stores and even some dollar stores. Along with the seeds you buy them you can give them a fruit as a treat occasionally. They are easy to feed. Their cages are not hard to maintain. You want a cage for your birds that is large enough for them to fly some and hop around in. These birds are very active and room to move is vital to their health. Provide them with perches to rest on, but place those perches far enough apart that they have to fly from one to another. Place layers of newspaper at the bottom of their cages. When you clean the cage you will simply need to roll up the old paper and discard it. Then apply new paper to the cage floor. These birds are not very noisy. They do not squawk and make racket at all hours of the day and night. They have different lyrics or finch songs for the different things they are trying to communicate. The males will have little calls to warn each other of danger or possible predators. They also have mating calls and such. Their songs are subtle and pleasant to listen to. If you want your birds to sing more often make sure you pick out birds that are darker in their coloring. The Nutmeg Finch is a good song bird. The brighter colored finches do not sing as often. These little birds tend to live for a long time. Most finches will live 5 years. Some finches are known to live as long as 12 years. When you have a pet finch you have your pet for a long time. Providing you give it proper care. The cost of purchasing a finch is very little. You can buy them for under $50.00 all the time. Some breeds are more expensive going up to $100 or higher. The cost of a finch still cannot compare with the cost of some other bird species. Some breeds of parrot will cost you $1000 dollars or more. And parrots are temperamental and can be hard to care for. Finches are relatively easy to breed in captivity. They seem to do well in home aviaries. Some species are slightly more difficult to breed but, overall they breed and raise their young readily. The charming songs, small size, vibrant colors and ease of care are what makes finches for pets so great.

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==== ==== Finches make wonderful pets! www.finchesaspets.com ==== ====