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Showing & Handling

Grooming Shampoos High quality concentrated shampoos designed to leave hair in perfect condition for further show preparation. Suitable for use on all types of livestock, dogs and horses.



For best results use with Ritchey’s other coat dressings, setting lotions and sprays to add body and shine. B A

Super White Shampoo

Enriched formulation, containing an ultra-violet reflector to add brilliant whiteness. • Does not contain bleaches and highlights white or grey coats • Ideal for Charolais and Holstein cattle • Highly concentrated • Dilute at rate of 100ml to 300ml per 5 litres of water • Mixed boxes are available 2.5lt (10407) 6 per case 5lt (10417) 4 per case


Coconut Shampoo

General purpose gentle shampoo. • Contains coconut oil to nourish and add goodness back into the hair, also moisturising the skin to avoid drying out and flaking • Highly concentrated • Dilute at a rate of 100ml to 300ml per 5 litres of water • Mixed boxes are available 2.5lt (10405) 6 per case 5lt (10415) 4 per case


Medicated Shampoo

Super-enriched formulation that protects against scurf and is very effective in reducing lice. • Ideal for soothing skin irritations • Highly concentrated • Dilute at the rate of 100ml to 300ml per 5 litres of water • Mixed boxes are available 2.5lt (10406) 6 per case 5lt (10416) 4 per case

Coat Dressings Adds body, lift and hold to prepared hair as well as enhancing colour. For best results prepare hair using Ritchey shampoo.

Charo Soap

For Charolais and other white or grey haired cattle. 3lt ready to use (10232)

Black Soap

For Aberdeen Angus, Welsh Black and other black haired cattle. 3lt ready to use (10231)

Clear Soap

For Limousin, Simmental and Crossbred cattle. 3lt ready to use (10230) Mixed boxes are available

Finishing Lotions For the perfect finishing touch.



Tightens wool and leaves a sparkling shine.

Adds anti-static shine to slick coated dairy cows and summer beef.

• Washes out with Ritchey shampoo • Mixed boxes are available 1lt Ready to use (10121) 12 per case

• Repels dust and dirt • Washes out with Ritchey shampoo • Mixed boxes are available 1lt Ready to use (10101) 12 per case


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Grooming Setting Lotions Enhances colours, adds hold and shine to hair. Apply with hand sprayer and comb into position.




For Aberdeen Angus, Welsh Black and black fatstock animals with longer hair.

For Charolais and other white or grey haired cattle.

Golden for Limousin, Simmental and Crossbred cattle.

Mixed boxes are available.

Mixed boxes are available.

1lt Ready to use (10012) 12 per case

1lt Ready to use (10013) 12 per case

Mixed boxes are available. 1lt Ready to use (10011) 12 per case

Ultraset Gel

Calf Calm Syringe

Extra holding power for most pedigree beef breeds, especially those with shorter or stubborn hair.

Feed additive in a concentrated drench paste.

• No shine 1lt Ready to use (10010) 12 per case

• Supplied in one-dose oral syringe • Ideal for pacifying animal on the morning of the big day 32ml syringe (90103)

Circuiteer II Blow Drier A powerful blow drier to cut grooming time. • CE approved • Two high speed 2.1hp motors • Includes a 15’ hose, blower tip and filter

• 12 month warranty • 240v, 4.7 amps and weighs 30lb(13.5 kg)

Circuiteer II Blow Drier (12000) Circuiteer hose assy (12500) Nozzle for circuiteer blower (12501)

Replacement motor circuiteer blower (12901) Blower switch (12902) Replacement filters (12903)

Round Metal Tooth Currycomb

Sarvis Currycomb

• Can be used on both sides • Fine toothed • Diameter 10.5cm

• Made of plastic • Adjustable supporting loop • Finely toothed • 17.5cm x 8.5cm




Grooming Sheep Shears A wide range of quality hand shears all supplied with a leather tip protector. 29cm Curved (81111) 29cm Straight (81112) 31cm Curved (81113)

31cm Straight (81114) 25cm Straight Dagging Shear (81101)

Constanta4 Clipping Machine Constanta stands for constancy in development. What is now the fourth generation of Constanta shearing machines has been optimised even further, inspired by the desire to create the perfect sheep shearing machine. Tried-and-tested motor technology: The responsive motor, developed for the Constanta3, has proven to be reliable and powerful. There was therefore absolutely no reason to change this 400 Watt powerhouse. Enormous tractive power: The tried-and-tested motor technology gives the Constanta4 tremendous tractive power. Even with matted and dirt-caked animals, the Constanta4 glides through the hair without any loss in performance. Ideal ventilation dynamics: Particular attention has been paid to the cooling of the motor and the clipping head. In collaboration with the Munich University of Applied Sciences, a special ventilation system has been developed that also allows the Constanta4 to keep a “cool head”, even when in constant and rigorous use! Practical design: A professional piece of equipment must satisfy strict ergonomic demands. The weight, centre of gravity and shape have been selected to ensure that working with them is as fatigue-free as possible.

Sheep Shearing Machine

Cattle Clipping Machine

The Constanta4 sheep shearing machine comes complete with all-round cut blade set (13/4 teeth), sturdy carry case, clipper oil and a tool to remove the blade.

The Constanta4 cattle clipping machine comes complete with all-round cut blade set (21/23 teeth), sturdy carry case, clipper oil and a tool to remove the blade.

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Universal Blade System

Premium Clipper Blades

The propulsion system built into the Constanta4 has been designed based on a universal blade system. The shearing blades are made from specially-hardened tool steel. This special steel gives Constanta shearing blades excellent durability with improved grinding properties and first-class cutting capacity.

The newly-developed tooth geometry and the special hollow grind enable the lower blade to slide into the hair even more easily and align the hair perfectly for the cut. Even the most difficult coat conditions, such as dirty or matted ones, are no match for the Premium clipper blades from Kerbl!


Shearing blade set - 3/4 teeth all-round cut (81210) Shearing blade set - 3/4 teeth professional cut (81211)





Clipping blade set - 21/23 teeth all-round cut (81220) Clipping blade set 31/15 teeth clean/ lightly soiled coat (81221) Clipping blade set 31/23 teeth fine cut (81222)




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Handling StandEasy Headstock For effective holding of sheep during dressing. • V shaped bracket supports the sheep’s head • Adjustable bracket attaches to any gate or hurdle • Zinc plated for durability and rust resistance • Spares available StandEasy Headstock Complete (76001) Headstock only (76002) Gate Attachment Only (76003)

StandEasy Dressing Stand Complete This robust and hardy platform allows correct height and positioning of sheep when trimming, saving back ache and discomfort caused when bending down. • The back section of the stand folds down to enable the sheep to walk on and off with ease • Side bars can be fitted to prevent the animal from stepping off the side • Spares available Dimensions: l 120 x w 60 x h 40cm (76101)

Crooks 4 A


2 1

Unique fibre-glass flexible shaft with strong nylon head (black). Available in two sizes, long 134cm (71000) and medium 118cm (71001) B


Solid aluminium with cobalt blue shafts and polycoated for comfort (blue). Available in five sizes: 1 Combi (71230) 2 Long neck (71030)




3 Short neck 86cm (71032) 4 Long leg (71130) 5 Short leg (71132) A




Aluminium Polycoated tube good working crook (red). Available in two sizes: long neck 137cm (71020) and short neck (71022)

Neck Strap For tethering cattle at shows. Length approximately 60”. • Black nylon with leather facing (72801)

• Red nylon with leather facing (72802)


Handling Halters A

Poly Blue Halter

Long lasting, economical working halter for general use on farm or at shows. • Suitable for all types of cattle



Blue 12mm rope with ring (72112) Blue 12mm rope without ring (72102) B

Poly White Halter


Made from pliable polypropylene. • Strong but very soft • Can be used for showing White 16mm rope without ring (72124) C

Cotton Show Halter


Handmade pure white cotton, ideal for showing purposes. • All without ring 8mm for Sheep (72200) 10mm for Rams and Calves (72201) 16mm for Cattle (72203)


Cotton Working Halter

Cream coloured working halter made from quality cotton. 12mm without ring (72222) 12mm with ring (72232)

Cotton Show Lead Rope Fits all size of nose rings, bulldogs, or sheep headcollars. 12mm bleached cotton with trigger. (73102)

Flat Headcollar for Cattle

Flat Headcollar for Sheep

Made from the finest English brown leather.

Traditional English leather stitched and riveted for extra strength.

• Fitted with brass chain and leather lead

Lamb (72511) Ewe (72512) Ram (72514)

Cows (72553) Bulls (72554) - will fit most young bulls.

Show Sticks These versatile, lightweight aluminium show sticks are adjustable to three lengths 38” - 44” - 50”. • Collapse to 29” for storage • Feature a durable glass-filled aluminium hook • Comfortable golf-style grip


Black (71501) Silver (71513)

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Handling Cow Anti Kick Bar

Hobble with Padding

• Robust, galvanized • Can be used on different animal sizes • If adjusted in the right way it prevents the animals from kicking out

• Polyester • Particularly animal friendly padding • Swivel to prevent chain tangling • Prevents injuries • Helps cows get up after giving birth



Bull Holder

Bull Holder HARMS

• Size 11cm • Nickel-plated, made of malleable cast iron • With spring

• Has a slide adjuster • Stainless steel • Flexible • Size approx 19cm long



Coaxers Instant on/off to reduce the risk of hurting animals. Capacitor discharge transistorised circuitry for trouble free operation.


Hot Shot Power Mite

Battery powered livestock prod with a tough case for years of dependable use.

A handy coaxer to keep in your pocket.

• Spares and servicing available • Takes 6 x size C batteries (not included) • Handle length - 10” (70001)

• Fitted with a waterproof press switch • Size: L160mm x W50mm • Takes 2 x 9V batteries (not included) (70000)

Three different sized flexible shafts for all types of stock: Pulsar FX22, Shaft length 12” (70020) Pulsar FX32, Shaft length 22” (70021) Pulsar FX42, Shaft length 32” (70022)


Handling Cow Lifting Net

Cow Lifting Harness

Ideal for carrying or for suspending animals for long periods of time.

Ingenious system, with no need to pass directly under the animal. Perfect for moving a down cow, even if it is on its side in a cubicle.

• Extra strong, full and safe support • Colour coded ropes for simple fitting • Can be safely left on the animal • Fully machine washable

(78011) Please note this harness is not suitable for prolonged use and should only be used to lift animals into more suitable conditions.


Cow Lifting Frame • Very robust and stable design - has been proving itself for decades • An indispensable device for cows that cannot get back on their feet (e.g. complicated parturition) • The gummed clamps are adjustable to the size of every cow

• With a pulley or another hoisting apparatus every animal can be helped up to its feet

Medium and smaller breeds - max. 900kg (78021) Tall breeds and beef cattle - max. 1500kg (78022)

Pig Herding Board

Pig Sorting Paddle

• Prevention of germ transfer between different areas for hygiene management • Very robust by cast-in depressions • Lightweight

Gentler alternative to electric prodders. • 107cm • Made of break-proof vinyl • Extremely durable fibreglass handle • Small pellets inside the paddle create sounds

94cm (22122) 126cm (22123)


Tally Counter • Stainless steel mechanical tally counter • Push button actuator and reset button • Ergonomicly designed to fit comfortably in the palm of the hand

• Audible click • Finger ring • Can be used for sorting animals, checking in/out of pen, loading (71600)

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Ritchey™ - Showing & Handling - 2013  

Showing and animal handling products from Ritchey™

Ritchey™ - Showing & Handling - 2013  

Showing and animal handling products from Ritchey™