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15th November 2011

Message from the President

Inside This Issue 1. Message from the President 2. Events- Youth to Business Forum 3. Events- Empower 4. Akshaya Patra 5. Upcoming Events 6. Upcoming Events & Projects 7. Our Clients 8. Local Board of Advisors

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“Where the mind is without fear, let my country awake”. With these famous words from Rabindranath Tagore, I as the President of AIESEC Kolkata, welcome you to the futuristic phenomena called AIESEC. However in this journey, we are indeed honored and grateful to people, organizations & everyone who have put in their time, effort & money in making AIESEC Kolkata what it stands today. We are here to create valuable & memorable experiences for all our stakeholders. With this aim and motive, I see your contribution of immense value. With your support AIESEC Kolkata will be in no doubt in delivering the eloquent message of youth leadership & responsibility. I see AIESEC working closely with innumerable companies, NGOs, government, educational institutes to generate the required force and energy to steadfast towards our Vision: “Peace & fulfillment of humankind’s Potential”. I also take this opportunity to thank all the current partners who have supported AIESEC Kolkata in all the ventures and for making AIESEC a relevant brand & more importantly a relevant movement. Vaibhav Toshniwal Local Committee President AIESEC Kolkata, India

Events Youth to Business Forum The Youth to Business Forum provided a unique platform which connected the youth and the business world. The theme of the event was LEADPRENEURSHIP. The Youth to Business Forum was divided into two segments, workshops in the morning and a panel discussion in the evening. The event was held on 18th June, 2011.

Session on Entrepreneurship by Mr. VinayJaju- an active Alumnus of AIESEC

The Panel Discussion

Audience Interaction

The workshops were conceptualized keeping in mind the demands and interests of the student attendees. Thus, sessions on “Entrepreneurship” with the broad topic of “What do entrepreneurs think before starting their business?” was organized. To ensure that a qualitative and informative session is delivered, AIESEC Kolkata partnered with Tie (The Indus Entrepreneurs) and got their members to deliver the session. The sessions were organized in the beautiful iLEAD Campus who were our “Venue Partners”. The first part of the session was taken by Mr. Vinay Jaju of the Onergy Group. His session was on “Start up stories and social entrepreneurship”. The second part of the session was conducted by Mr. Arun Agarwal, Director & CEO, Ebizindia Consulting (P) Ltd. His discussion centered on the topic “Role of Entrepreneurship in Change Management & Social Media Networking”. The event saw a turn out of 123 students from different streams and colleges. In the evening, a panel discussion was arranged at The Park, Kolkata from 7.00pm onwards. The topic of the panel discussion was “We need more entrepreneurs than leaders”. The esteemed panelists for this discussion were Mr. Pradip Chopra, CMD, PS Group and Ilead, Mr. P Roy, Director General, Bengal Chamber of Commerce, Mr. B Hari, President, Tie and MD, Ontrack Systems and Dr. Suman Mukerjee, Director, Calcutta Business School. The discussion was moderated by Mr. Bikram Dasgupta, Chairman, Globsyn Group. The agenda for the panel discussion included a welcome speech by the President, AIESEC Kolkata, Vaibhav Toshniwal and a short presentation on AIESEC. This was followed by a presentation on AkshayaPatra. The entire event was covered by Power FM, The Telegraph, Sanmarg and Taaza TV who partnered with AIESEC Kolkata for the same. The event was huge in terms of its turnout as well as media coverage.

Event Partners

Events Empower Empower was a youth connect event in which a session on the importance of MBA in today’s world and how to crack CAT was given by Indian School of Business, Hyderabad which has been ranked as the 13th best business school globally by the Financial Times. Mr. A M Kannan, Director for Admissions and Financial Aid, ISB Hyderabad delivered this session at the Vidya Mandir on the 28 th of August. This was attended by 600 students from different colleges with diverse backgrounds. The event started with the introduction to AIESEC delivered by the President of AIESEC Kolkata, Mr. Vaibhav Toshniwal, followed by the ISB session. All attendees were also given certificates by ISB and AIESEC Kolkata. This event was followed by Global Village which showcased the culture of each country represented by our international intern. More than 10 countries participated in this event which included China, Japan, South Africa, Germany Brazil and others. It was a fun and colorful experience which aimed at promoting internationalism and cultural sensitivity in the youth. Our international trainees had put up their stalls which displayed their food, clothes, drinks, and chocolates. This event was attended by the AIESEC Alumnus, around 500 students from different colleges and the AIESEC members and interns. The attendees had a great time jiving and interacting with the interns.

Session on AIESEC by the President

Session by Mr. Kannan from ISB Hyderabad

This event was covered and marketed by 107.8 Power FM, The Telegraph and Taaza Tv who were our partners for the same. On the whole, the event was a great success.

AIESEC Kolkata Interns displaying their culture by putting up stalls

Event Partners

Upcoming Events Lakshya This is the biggest social initiative of AIESEC Kolkata where we believe that there is an artist in every child. Art is the expression of creative skill in a visual form such as painting or sculpture. Through Lakshya we have provided the underprivileged kids from the city of Kolkata a platform to express themselves, through art in the form of a painting competition. Lakshya 2010

AIESEC Kolkata would be inviting close to 4000-4500 under privileged kids. It involves events wherein activities such as tshirt painting, dancing, paper bag making, pot painting & others which will nourish the talent of these children, would be taken forward. The event would also see participation from different NGOs, corporate and media houses in the city. Lakshya will take place from the 13th of November, with the final event being held on 3rd of December which would include a sit and draw competition for these children.

Global Village The Global Village is a landmark for coming together of diverse cultures, different people from various countries to create a "potpourri of multiple cultures� at its finest edge. It embodies the high spirit celebration of diversity through myriad cultures, umpteen number of internationals coupled with global cuisine, international music, art and dance and stage performances, international exhibits, many activities and competitions providing an interactive platform to all. The purpose is to promote multicultural awareness to bridge the gap between cultures. August, Global Village 2011

This year too we organized a Global Village at the Vidya Mandir on August 28th, where countries like Brazil, China, South Africa, Germany and others displayed their culture. This event witnessed around 600 students from across the city. We again plan to organize two more Global Villages in the month of November and December with more than 25 countries putting up their stalls.

Annual Stakeholders Summit Annual Stakeholder’s Summit, as the name suggest, is the annual meeting of all the stakeholders of AIESEC. All the organizations, companies and NGOs that have partnered with us during the year will be present during this summit. A brief presentation of the activities and achievements of AIESEC will be made and discussed with our stakeholders to make them more aware of National Stakeholders Summit 2010

what the organization has been doing in the past year and what lies in store in the next year. Such a platform ensures transparency in the activities and more participation from the stakeholders. This year the Summit will be organized in the month of December.

Upcoming Events Local Congress This is a local conference for a period of 3 days which will be held in the month of December after the new President of AIESEC Kolkata has been elected. Here the whole of AIESEC Kolkata comes together to plan and strategize for the next year. This yearend conference witnesses sessions on Leadership and soft skills by the Alumnus and various other externals to prepare the next set of leaders for their term ahead.

December Local Congress 2010

National Leaders Summit It is one of the biggest national conferences in AIESEC, and this year, AIESEC Kolkata is privileged enough to host it after 7 years. This conference shall happen in January 2012 for a period of 7 days, where the incoming and outgoing executive bodies of all the 25 local committees of AIESEC India find themselves under the same roof. This conference holds immense importance for AIESEC members and executive bodies of all local committees as more than 20 companies come down for their recruitments. Our National Board of Advisors like Coke and other known learning partners like Indian School of Business (ISB), Google and

Session on Leadership by Coca Cola India in NLS 2011.

Facebook, come down to give sessions on Leadership in order to prepare the new set of leaders for their term ahead. It’s a brilliant opportunity for partners to promote themselves amongst the youth of 25 cities for 7 days. However the highlight of the conference always remains the National President Elections and National Committee Selections that takes place in this conference. Also the performances of all local committees are reviewed and awarded here. Hence, one of the biggest events in AIESEC India shall happen this year in

Awards night in NLS 2011


Upcoming Projects NSHM Project

PWC Project

A project aimed at getting the voice of the


people on the biggest issues plaguing the

PriceWaterhouse Coopers presents the Global

city and their opinions on how to tackle

entrepreneurship project. It is the project

them. The Project will be facilitated by 6

where 20 international interns from different

interns from 6 different countries along with




companies, will

high impact zones










are be


working receiving






by on

through detailed research and analysis and

entrepreneurship, marketing and soft skills. This

compiling all their findings in a detailed

will enable the young international interns to

report at the end of the Project and

learn more and have a better experience in

providing it to the Government authorities





use and

reference, hence

creating a perpetual impact.









Coopers and AIESEC Kolkata for being a part of the project.

Clients for 2011 Here is the list of companies and NGOs who have been taking interns from AIESEC Kolkata for the past few years and are still continuing to do the same.

Companies: 1. Patton International Limited 2. Keshan Infotech Pvt Ltd 3. JAYPEE projects 4. Golden Tulip Hotel 5. VNS Marketing Ltd 6. Shree Cements 7. Bengal Shrachi Housing Development Ltd 8. City Tech Software 9. Krishna Agrotech Ltd 10. Taj Bengal 11. Kariwala industries 12. Anthroplace Consultants 13. Hotel Chrome


Communication Partners:

1. 2. 3. 4.

Tommorrow's Foundation Towards Future Ability Unlimited Banglanatak / I Land Informatics 5. World Wildlife Fund for Nature 6. Garden Reach Slum Development 7. Ganadarpan 8. LIONS Club of Burdwan 9. St Stephens 10. Vikramshila Education Resource Society

Colleges we recruit from: 1. St. Xaviers 2. J.D.Birla Institute for Management 3. J.D.Birla 4. Shri Shikshayatan College 5. Bhawanipore College 6. Calcutta University 7. Techno India 8. Loreto College 9. City College 10. Calcutta Anglo Gujarati College 11. NSHM Knowledge Campus 12. ITME

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Anderson Printing Jhaveri Technologies Taaza TV Selvel One 107.8 Power FM The Telegraph Aajkaal Prabhat Khabar

Educational Institutes: 1. 2. 3. 4.

ILead Institute ISM Dhanbad ITME NSHM Knowledge Campus 5. Globsyn 6. Bengal Institute of Business Studies

Local Board of Advisors

AIESEC Kolkata Annual Newsletter- 2011  

This newsletter contains all details of the events, projects, partners, clients and board of advisors of AIESEC Kolkata

AIESEC Kolkata Annual Newsletter- 2011  

This newsletter contains all details of the events, projects, partners, clients and board of advisors of AIESEC Kolkata