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•  About AIESEC     •  AIESEC  in  Jordan   •  Na2onal  Supervisory  Group   •  What  we  do   •  13-­‐14  Plan     •  Tes2monials  from  our  members  and  interns     •  Tes2monial  from  our  partners  


About AIESEC   AIESEC   is   the   global   youth   network   impac2ng   the   world   through   leadership   development  experiences.  AIESEC  has  been  facilita2ng  youth  leadership  ac2vi2es  as   well   as   interna2onal   internships   &   volunteer   experiences   for   over   65   years,   developing  a  global  learning  environment  across  124  countries  &  territories.   What  We  Envision   Peace  and  fulfillment  of  humankind's  poten2al.    

A I E S E C i n   n u m b e r s  

AIESEC’s Scope   AIESEC  is  a  global,  non-­‐poli2cal,  independent,  non-­‐for-­‐profit  organiza2on  run  by   students  and  recent  graduates  of  ins2tu2ons  of  higher  educa2on.  Its  members  are   interested  in  world  issues,  leadership,  and  management.    

64 years  of  experience     124  countries  and  territories     86,000  members     20,000  exchanges     8000  partner  organiza2ons     500  conferences  annually     1  million  alumni  

3 AIESEC   Jordan   started   in   the   summer   of   2006,   enabling   change   in   Jordanian   youth   and   providing   them   access   to   the   most   prominent   and   established   student   organiza2ons   in   world.   From   that   point   on,   AIESEC   has   helped   hundreds   of   young   people  from  various  universi2es  engage  in  a  global  learning  environment,  and  given   them  a  chance  to  develop  effec2ve  and  prac2cal  leadership.       AIESEC   Jordan   has   partnered   with   more   than   60   companies   and   organiza2ons   through   the   Global   Internship   Program   and   Interna2onal   Volunteering   Program.   Our   Global   Exchange   Program   enables   these   en22es   to   access   a   wide   pool   of   talent   from   124  AIESEC  countries.     In  Jordan,  AIESEC  is  crea2ng  conferences,  learning  seminars,  and  educa2onal  events   for   its   members;   a   chance   that   can   enable   the   local   market   to   capitalize   on   the   talents  of  youth  that  exist  in  the  country.       AIESEC   brings   young,   unique   individuals   together,   offering   its   partners   an   opportunity  to  showcase  their  brand  and  profile  youth.  

Number of  internaEonal  experiences  delivered  since  establishment:   +170  

AIESEC in  Jordan  


Main achievements    

§  Establishment of  2  local  offices  in  Amman  and  Irbid  with  access   to  over  6  major  universi2es.     §  2009   to   2013   -­‐   Youth   Leadership   Forum:   an   event   held   every   year   by   AIESEC   Jordan.   The   forum   is   a   pla]orm   for   young   students  to  discuss  social  and  economic  issues  challenging  their   development  and  their  role  in  the  society.   §  2010   to   2013   -­‐   Career   Development   Seminar:   aims   to   create   the  first  youth-­‐centered  career  building  programme,  highligh2ng   the   main   challenges   faced   by   Jordanian   youths   when   star2ng   their   careers.   Throughout   the   seminar,   prac2cal   solu2ons   were   presented  to  enable  those  youths  to  overcome  their  challenges.    

§  Holding our   first   regional   conference   MENAXLDS   (Middle   East   North  Africa  Exchange  and  Leadership  Development  Seminar).  


The NaEonal   Supervisory   Group   is   a   management   and   governance   tool   that   is   comprised   of   8   leading  individuals  in  different  sectors  in  Jordan.  The  main  purpose  of  the  Supervisory  Group  is  to   ensure   guidance,   accountability   and   transparency   of   the   Na2onal   Commieee   of   AIESEC   Jordan,   making  sure  that  they  are  held  accountable  towards  their  measurable  goals.  

AIESEC Jordan  Supervisory  Group  Members:     Mr.  Walid  Tawil        Chairman   Ms.  Dima  Khlaifat        General  Secretary  of  the  Register  of  Socie2es   Mr.  Yusuf  Mansur        CEO  of  EnConsult   Ms.  Salma  Shuhail        Member  of  the  Royal  Court  Protocol   Ms.  Salwa  Al  Khairi        Vice  President  of  the  Jordan  Environment  Associa2on   Eng.  Ahmad  Theinat        General  Manager  of  Irbid  District  Electricity  Company   Eng.  Mohammad  Batayneh      CEO  of  Bader  Development  Company   Ms.  Oksana  Arkupchuk      Former  President  of  AIESEC  in  Jordan  

Na2onal Supervisory  Group  


What we  do   Leadership   Program:   A   program   aimed   at   establishing   the   basic   concepts  of  leadership  development  in  the  youth.    In  this  phase   you   will   be   introduced   to   a   pracEcal   team   experience,   gain   access   to   a   global   network   and   engage   in   pracEcal   hard   skills   development.       Global   Volunteer   Program:   This   program   seeks   to   create   cross-­‐ cultural   posiEve   impact   through   sending   youths   on   social   and   community   development   projects   which   lead   to   self   development   and   skills-­‐enhancement.   The   program   allows   Jordanian   youths   to   volunteer  abroad  as  well  as  bring  in  interna2onal  students  to  engage   with  the  local  communi2es  in  Jordan.     Global  Internship  Program:  This  program  aims  to  match  the  needs  of  the   market  through  sourcing  global  talent  possessing  specific  skills  and  global   mindsets   which   are   less   easily   accessible   in   the   domes2c   market.   This   benefits  local  companies  in  terms  of  providing  interna2onal  perspecEves   and   diversity   while   the   interns   (students   and   recent   graduates)   develop   themselves  both  personally  and  professionally.  


13.14 Plan   Our  AmbiEon  

120 Jordanian   youths  to  go   for  Global   Volunteering  

30 Jordanian   youths  to  go   for  Global   Internship  

60 foreign   students  to   come  for   Global   Volunteering  

40 foreign   students  to   come  for   Global   Internship  

We   aim   to   develop   the   leadership   poten2al   of   Jordanian   youths   by   providing   them   with   120   volunteer   abroad   and   30   global   internship   opportuni2es   in   over   124   countries   and   territories   across  the  world.  Besides,  we  also  want  to  facilitate  the  exchange  of  informa2on  between  global   youth   talent   with   Jordanian   communi2es   and   companies   in   all   sectors   by   receiving   60   youth   volunteers   and   40   interns   on   our   Global   Internship   Program.   We   believe   that   our   exchange   program  will  develop  our  par2cipants’  leadership  experience,  eventually  leading  us  to  peace  and   fulfillment  of  Jordan’s  youth  poten2al.  

8 Our  AcEviEes    

NaEonal  Project  –  iLeap  

  Why  iLeap?   Our  youth  has  the  most  poten2al  as  a  resource  that  Jordan  has  as  a  country.  To   ensure   the   crea2on   of   the   best   future   genera2on,   we   need   to   develop   our   youths  since  early  age.  To  answer  this  need,  our  project  will  aim  to  enhance  the   quality   of   the   Jordanian   human   resource   at   a   young   age   through   character   building  and  skills  development.       When?   This  project  will  be  held  between  March  2014  and  April  2014       What?   School  Road  Show   Our   targeted   audience   is   students   who   are   in   9th   and   10th   grade.   This   will   be   executed   in   Amman   and   Irbid.   There   will   be   60   interna2onal   students   volunteering  on  the  project.  We  also  aim  to  work  with  local  organisa2ons  which   deal  with  educa2on  during  the  delivery  of  the  project.       Global  Village   As   the   closing   of   the   project,   we   will   hold   a   na2onal   event   where   all   our   stakeholders  will  gather  and  get  connected  to  the  AIESEC  network.  In  this  event,   we   want   to   showcase   the   impact   that   the   project   had   on   the   society.   We   will   also   have   cultural   performances   from   our   interna2onal   volunteers   and   Jordanian  tradi2onal  performances.  Therefore,  this  event  is  also  an  ini2a2ve  to   raise  the  value  of  living  diversity  as  a  global  ci2zen  and  to  promote  Jordan  as  a   country  at  the  same  2me.  

9 InternaEonal  and  NaEonal  Conferences  

As   a   large   interna2onal   youth   organiza2on,   AIESEC   provides   us   with   a   global   structured   learning  environment.  Conferences  form  an  important  aspect  of  our  learning  cycle.       Conferences  that  we  will  aeend:          

InternaEonal Congress  Egypt  

  Date   August  2013       Conference  Purpose   The   AIESEC   Interna2onal   Congress   has   been   a   landmark   event   which   celebrates   the   coming   together   of   young   leaders,   diverse   na2onali2es,   businesses,   ideas,   causes   and   organiza2ons  for  65  years.  It  brings  together  the  best  of  thought  leaders  from  across  the   world   to   impact   a   microcosm   of   the   world’s   future   leaders.   In   its   65th   edi2on   between   16th   to   25th   August   2013,   AIESEC   Egypt   will   host   1000   young   leaders   from   124   countries,   thought   leaders   from   the   Egyp2an   corporate   and   non-­‐corporate   sectors,   as   well   as   the   top  management  of  over  100  interna2onal  companies.  

10 MENA  Leadership  Conference  

  Date   March  2014       Conference  Purpose   MENA   Leadership   Conference   is   the   biggest   and   the   most   an2cipated   event   in   the   MENA   region,   taking   place   annually   and   uni2ng   the   representa2ves   of   local   and   na2onal   AIESEC   en22es.   It   aims   to   drive   interna2onalism   by   raising   the   importance   of   exchange   of   cultures,   interna2onal  work  experience  and  bridging  culture  gaps  through  working  abroad.    

Global Leadership  Summit  China  

  Date   February  2014       Conference  Purpose   Global   companies,   students,   media,   former   members   of   the   organiza2on,   student   organiza2ons  and  young  leaders  from  124  countries  will  gather  in  China  to  increase  AIESEC's   worldwide   vision,   develop   new   strategies,   and   enhance   the   implementa2on   of   our   organiza2onal  vision.  This  conference  is  held  for  all  of  the  presidents  of  AIESEC  en22es  across   the  globe.   Conferences  we  will  hold:  

NaEonal Conference  -­‐  ACTIVATE   Date  

November 2013  


To welcome  the  new  members  to  AIESEC  induc2ng  them,  to  empower  the   membership  of  AIESEC  Jordan  to  become  the  leaders  that  the  organiza2on  and  the   society  needs.  

NaEonal Conference  -­‐  OUTLOOK   Date  

February 2014  


To evaluate  and  reflect  the  results  obtained  at  the  2me,  focusing  on  re-­‐planning  our   ac2ons  steps  in  order  to  provide  more  interna2onal  experiences.  

NaEonal Conference  -­‐  DISCOVER   Date  

May 2014  


To welcome  the  new  members  to  AIESEC  induc2ng  them,    to  develop  their   leadership  skills  and  to  give  access  to  the  na2onal  network  of  AIESEC  Jordan  


Jordan Youth  to  Business  

Why  Jordan  Youth  to  Business?   The   number   of   young   people   is   increasing   rapidly.   Countries   are   struggling   to   adapt   their   workforce   due   to   the   growing   gap   between   the   skills   of   unemployed   workers   and   the   skills   needed   to   perform   the   jobs   of   today   and   tomorrow.   Young   people   are   currently   facing   inequality  in  access  to  the  corporate  sector.       Besides,   as   the   dynamics   of   the   corporate   industry   has   increased   over   the   years,   fresh   ideas   from   young   people   are   needed   to   maintain   industry   movement.   We   believe   that   the   youth   aspira2on  will  be  a  big  contribu2on  to  the  corporate  sector.  The  mutual  rela2onship  between   widespread   unemployment   and   the   youth   aspira2on   led   to   the   idea   of   organizing   a   Jordan   Youth  to  Business  forum  that  aims  to  facilitate  communica2on  between  Jordanian  youth  and   the  corporate  sector.       Youth  to  Business  has  been  organized  in  several  countries  in  the  MENA  region  such  as  Bahrain,   Egypt,   Morocco,   Tunisia   and   Lebanon.     Youth   to   Business   is   a   global   brand   which   is   trusted   by   top   interna2onal   corpora2ons   such   as   Microsom   which   par2cipated   in   Egypt   and   Aramex   which  par2cipated  in  Bahrain.  Therefore,  we  believe  that  this  year  is  the  2me  for  is  to  bring   Youth  to  Business  to  Jordan.       When?   February  2013       What?   Youth  to  Business  is  a  pla]orm  of  special  dialogue  between  representa2ves  of  the  youth  and   the   business   world   on   specific   issues   in   Jordan   and   their   corresponding   solu2ons.   Youth   to   Business  is  a  one  day  event  where  a  space  is  created  for  all  delegates  and  guests  to  connect   and   discuss   a   specific   ques2on   and   other   related   topics.   This   event   is   an   evolu2on   of   our   annual  event,  the  Youth  Leadership  Forum  which  has  been  held  in  previous  years.  

12 Me  being  a  Jordanian  young  man,  living  in  Al-­‐Mafraq,  studying  in  Irbid  and   now   teaching   Arabic   in   Warsaw-­‐Poland   I   am   living   the   ulCmate   internaConal   experience   by   working   with   people   from   10   different   countries,  learning  about  their  cultures  and  teaching  them  about  mine.   What   AIESEC   have   given   me   can   only   be   described   as   a   life   changing   experience.”      

Nezar Al-­‐OV  –  Internship  in  Poland   “That's  my  second  internship  through  AIESEC  and  there  would  not  have  a   beVer  opCon  for  my  first  Cme  in  Jordan.   AIESEC   offers   opportuniCes   in   companies   which   are   aligned   to   its   values   and  aims  for  a  beVer  reality  not  only  for  the  country,  but  for  the  world.   I'm   discovering   not   only   Jordan   and   its   culture,   but   myself   as   a   professional,  helping  to  improve  the  company  and  my  skills.”  

Raisa Jorge  –  Intern  from  Brazil   “Organizing   the   summer   camp   with   AIESEC   Amman   was   an   enriching   experience!   Working   with   people   from   Jordan   made   me   experience   the   Arab  culture  at  its  best.  It  was  really  special  to  see  how  the  kids  already   learned  to  share  all  their  knowledge  as  well  as  their  sweets.  Something  we   in  the  west  can  definitely  learn  from!”    

Hanne  Van  ‘t  klooster  –  Intern  from  the  Netherlands   “I   spent   3   months   in   Nairobi,   Kenya   working   for   an   NGO   in   the   field   of   environmental  sustainability.  It  was  the  experience  of  a  lifeCme,  I  got  the   chance   to   see   magnificent   unique   places,   I   made   friends   with   people   from   all  around  the  globe,  got  exposed  to  an  enCrely  different  business  culture,   and   most   importantly,   I   learned   that   every   person   has   potenCal   for   something,   and   that   we   can   do   anything   we   envision,   if   we   go   out   and   create  our  own  opportuniCes.”  

Rama Nimri  –  Internship  in  Quenia   "Throughout   my   1   year   experience   in   AIESEC,   I   have   held   2   different   leadership   posiCons   that   helped   me   explore   how   I   can   impact   people,   and   my  ability  to  strategically  lead  a  team,  and  by  working  with  the  market,  I   equipped  myself  with  a  set  of  skills  and  values  that  will  enable  me  to  bring   posiCve   impact   to   my   community,   and   benefit   me   on   the   professional   level."  

Mudaffar Shoubaki  –  Member  of  AIESEC  Jordan  

TesEmonials from  Members  and  Interns  

13 “Upon  opening  Discover  Jordan  I  had  a  lot  of  obstacles  to  face  in  a   well-­‐established  market,  not  to  menCon  begin  owned  and  operated   by  a  foreign  women.    Many  people  told  me  it  will  not  work  but  we   prevailed,  to  become  a  successful  tour  company.      All  of  this  could  not  have  been  possible  without  the  hard  work  of   each  and  every  AIESEC  interns;  they  really  are  the  finest  and  most   producCve  members  of  staff  I  have  come  across  in  all  my  years  of   business.”   Laura  Leader  -­‐Rihani     CEO  –  Founder  of  Discover  Jordan  Tours  

“As a  partner  of  AIESEC  in  Jordan,  we  are  able  to  feel  the  energy  of  a   truly   youth-­‐led   organizaCon,   and   we   have   been   able   to   develop   extremely  talented,  innovaCve  and  responsible  leader,  who  can  add   great  value  to  any  organizaCon  in  Jordan.”  

“For us   the   benefits   of   partnering   with   AIESEC   are   clear,   their   program   of   development   and   learning   through   the   AIESEC   experience   is   unique   in   Jordan   and   across   the   region.   This   means  that  AIESEC  is  able  to  provide  high  quality,  hard  working   and   proacCve   individuals   that   we   can   not   find   anywhere   else.   Our   partnership   is   based   on   mutual   value   and   this   is   why   we   will  conCnue  to  invest  in  the  relaConship  over  the  long  term.”  

“With today’s  world  globalizaCon  and  growing  challenges  facing  the   youth  AIESEC  is  uniquely  and  conCnuously  dedicated  in  empowering   the   youth   with   the   organizaConal   skills   and   experience   needed   to   be   tomorrow’s   leaders   in   a   world   of   peace   throughout   dialogue   and   cultural  exchange.”   Mr.  Walid  Tawil,  Chairman,  AIESEC  Jordan  Supervisory  Group  

TesEmonials from  Partners  


Contacts   Riyan  Pinas2  Rahajeng  –  President   0790128747     Mira  Nimri   0799901064     Jun  Ya  Tan   0790785074     Rita  Gomes  Ventura   0790140894  

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