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JUNE 15, 2014



June 15, 2014 Dear Shareholders, It’s already Annual Report time again! Each year, the months seem to fly ever faster... For another stellar year, top management has seen us through both the good and the rough spots, keeping our corporation well positioned to take on all new and challenging developments on the horizon. As we move forward, it is our great pleasure to recognize those individuals without whom our accomplishments would have been so difficult to realize. James “Daddy” Milner has achieved what all thought impossible. For the thirteenth year in a row, all levels of management have unanimously voted for this superlative employee to receive the highest award the corporation has to bestow. No one else even comes close to taking the coveted Employee of the Year Award from his masterful hands. We congratulate him with all the admiration and esteem within us. With honor, love and respect, I remain,

Sydney Llewellyn Milner Chairman of the Board


Salerno ...spring quarter


This year at FAIS has been a marathon for the Chairman, with nine academic subjects to juggle on a weekly basis — along with the usual PE, music, theatre and art. There were some compensations, however. An almost two weeklong trip to Salerno in April was certainly the highlight. Accompanied by the Latin and Italian teachers, Sebastian Dufresnes and Lidia Mazza, the Chairman went non-stop from morning until night. M. Dufresnes finally got out of his suit and tie... and became rather mellow in his T-shirts and tight (yecch) jeans...

Italy Trip Blog — From end to beginning... Museo della Carta 4/8/2014 The paper mill is a very old company, dating back to the 14th century. The first method, used for about one century, involved scooping up a mixture of linen fibers in water with a screen. Followed by placing them between sheets of wool and squeezing the water out with what looks like a printing press. It took 24 hours for the paper to be ready in this way. The next advancement still used the sheets, but used wooden ham. The second machine, also powered by water, was much more complicated. From what the guide explained, the material was scooped out of a basin and placed on a moving belt and dried, before being cut with a saw. The machines are powered with water from the nearby rivers. There are also tanks to store water when there are shortages.

Positano 4/8/2014 We took a beautiful ferry ride out to Positano and walked up the one road in the city. There was an amazing view from the top looking over the ocean. We had 30 minutes to shop and explore the city. We sat on the beach and admired the view of the boats in the water. After getting our feet wet in the water, we took the ferry to Amalfi, another beautiful city like Positano. -Elliot. Una giornata alla scuola media “Pirro” 4/7/2014 This morning, we visited two 8th grade classes from the Italian school Pirro. In the first class we visited, they asked us questions in Italian about Italy and we asked them questions about the US. It was really fun to see the school because we hadn’t met any Italian kids yet on our trip. All the students were very friendly and welcoming and told us about life in Salerno. The next class we visited had prepared a presentation on the history of Salerno which was really interesting. We also played a game they had made about the shops in Salerno. The kids were very friendly but we didn’t get much time to get to know them because we needed to get back to our school for classes. -Margaret. Basilica di San Pietro 4/6/2014 Seeing Basilica di San Pietro was an amazing experience. From the outside we marveled at the architecture that made the cathedral such an extraordinary building worth seeing but the inside was even more spectacular. Each wall was lined with gold trim and a marble finish and exquisitely sculpted statues dotted the floor. Lights were strategically placed to bring out the most important aspects of decoration. The beautiful piece of architecture called Basilica will continue to be an important part of Rome and its history, but most importantly an essential sight to see. -Amalia

Colosseo 4/6/2014 April 6th, Sunday, our whole class took a wonderful trip to one of the most gorgeous monuments in Europe, the Colosseum. It was quite crowded but definitely worth it. The building was strongly damaged but it still stood, it was a magnificent site. The landmark was mainly a place of entertainment for the Romans. Courageous gladiators fought against each other amongst terrifying animals and the winners would gain a large amount of money or their freedom. We all had an amazing time and we wish we had more time to enjoy the beauty of the Amphitheater. -Nicolas et Quintus. Fori Imperiali 4/6/2014 I had already gone to the Forum two years ago with my family, so this was my second time and I still remember how it looked two years ago. Something I have always liked about the Forum was how much of it is still intact. I think it’s cool that we are able to go and see a huge part of Italy’s history, and how the Romans used to live. When you first walk in to the Forums you immediately see all of this land filled with chunks of marble and rubble, it looks a lot better than it sounds. From the garden at the top you can look down and see all of ancient Rome and behind it you can see modern day Rome and it kind of looks like a then and now picture. -Maggie. La Fontana di Trevi 4/6/2014 When we were in Rome, we visited the Fontana di Trevi. It was a magnificent fountain with many statues and coins that people threw in for good luck. There were even rumors of people jumping in the fountain for good luck! There were statues of horses and babies surrounding a big statue of Poseidon. All the statues were white, so it contrasted and worked well with the color of the water. The water was clear and you could see your wavy reflection in it, as well as some euros. As we started going away, we heard cheering and found out that a



man had proposed ...and the lady had said yes! We smiled as we went to our next destination, la Basilique Saint-Pierre. -Sydney. Sorrento 4/5/2014 After Pompei the Italian class went on a shopping spree in Sorrento. We arrived by bus 3:00 and we walked all the way to a little area on a cliff overlooking the sea. Sebastien and Lidia gave us all an hour to shop in the shops that we passed on our way. The store included various candy shops, a lot of gelaterias, and a beautiful little chocolate shop that sold a huge array of chocolates and spread. I, loving rain, thought it was a beautiful day but others may disagree, it rained very hard. -Nicolas P. The walk to Pompeii 4/5/2014 The walk to Pompeii was the best way to spend the day. We were guided through the ruins of the city with information on everything we saw. We learned the way of life of the ancient romans, and saw how, and where they lived. We also saw the big amphitheater where took place the deadly gladiator fights, it held 20000 spectators! At one point we saw the corps that where preserved by the ash for 2000 years. At the end of the day we finished our walk by going to the house of mysteries which was full of frescoes (paintings on the walls of the buildings). -Nick Shapiro Facciamo gli gnocchi 4/4/2014 On Friday, we made gnocchi, a potato based pasta. Our teacher was Giusy, one of the hosts. Giusy taught us how to make a tomato sauce as well as the actual pasta. We all got a turn rolling the dough and cutting it before it was devoured by the whole class. -Maxine.

Visita a Vietri Sul Mare 4/4/2014 The walk to Vietri was along a highway that looked on to the harbor. The harbor was filled with cargo ships loading and unloading their storage. We reached the shops ,and during our stroll we stopped by many different stores that sold ceramics painted in vibrant colors. My favorites were the dark blue. Vietri was a great place to buy things for ourselves and our families. It was a perfect place to get presents. After we had finished buying what we wanted we made our way down and steep hill that soon brought us to the ocean. There we sat and rested with the gelato that we had bought from a store close by. So far, the best gelato I’ve had!- Olivia Meurk Visit of the Archeological site of Paestum 4/3/2014 Thursday April 3rd, our Italian class adjourned to one of the oldest cities in Europe, Paestum. Paestum was an ancient city built by the Greeks with three massive temples constructed around the forum. The first temple belonged to Athena, the goddess of war and wisdom, the second was the house of Poseidon, the god of water, and the last but most certainly not least, Hera, the goddess of family and marriage. All three of these massive temples still stand to this day, strong and just as beautiful looking as they did 2,500 years ago. Later, we walked through the gorgeous Greek city. Even though it was in ruins, the city amazed each and everyone of us. The Greek theater was the biggest monument standing, it was small but magnificent. This is a visit none of us will forget, the beauty and size of the place is wonderful and we will cherish it forever. -Nicolas Hills Visita al caseificio Vannulo 4/3/2014 Thursday our Italian class went to the mozzarella factory. The mozzarella is made from bufalo milk. I was very impressed with the treatment of the bufalo, the bufalo had massagers to keep them comfortable and they played classical music for

them each morning, the bufalo were also allowed to eat all the food they wanted. The milking machines were also very impressive. The machines were totally self functioning, they would keep track of how much milk each bufalo produced and if the bufalo did not give enough milk, they were not allowed to leave the machine. The mozzarella is made daily from fresh bufalo milk, there was only one room for making the mozzarella and about seven people making it. The mozzarella was made just from bufalo milk, water, and salt nothing else. The mozzarella was delicious! -Christopher Our visit to the cathedral and art workshops 4/2/2014 We walked through the streets of Salerno to the cathedral. Inside the cathedral, in the square, we saw different geometrical shapes that made interesting, small mosaics. After that we had workshops to create our own mini mosaics. We were given a medium sized colored paper, then smaller colored pieces of paper and some magazines, then were told (in Italian) to cut out things then glue it onto our colored paper to make our own mosaics. After our time creating masterpieces, we got to enjoy the delicious gelato of Italy. Juanito. First day at school 4/1/2014 After a restful morning, we all met at school at noon for a welcome breakfast and lunch. As you can see from the pictures, they are enjoying the panini! They’re all happy with their family and ready to start the Italian class. Arrival 3/31/2014 After a long flight we all arrived safe and a bit tired in Salerno! good night.....more news tomorrow


erature n? ater Tempd of the chemical reactio er and W Alka-Seltz the water affect the spee re of

e temperatu

How will th

As difficult as it seems to imagine that the workload could get any more strenuous than the previous year in 6th grade, French American added two more subjects to the seventh grade load. Latin and a combined Physics/Chemistry class were each given a place on the week’s schedule — making a total of nine separate and “testable” subjects for the Chairman. The Chairman has worked hard and studied hard in her ongoing attempt to keep up with all the information being provided. She has even consented to twice weekly math tutoring without any complaint.

seltzer bubbles and their relationship to temperature. The Chairman found both science classes interesting and the teachers engaging.


(unit: ml)

N N OBSERVATIO CONCLUSIO HYPOTHESIS TERIALS MA tablets fizz zer -Selt Alka into water. EDURE ts when dropped tablet start9s Alka-Seltzer table PROC 1. moment the

pieces r Alka-Seltzer re of the wate of I watched the The temperatu a major factor ed into a flask to fizz, ared to be being dropp d rapidly starte whichappe speed of the chemical water. They in the n dioxide gas creating carbo reaction. t The balloon tableon. ion r zerballo The react -Selt the ical Alka the e h r filled rred at a chem 2. wate 1. Crus of wate test ht long befor 80ml dissolving, reaction occu uprig on with filled 80ml for each 2. Fill beakerwas Although the the hotter water releases carb ed. es, 0 occurs that , hot) at 50 C fizzing stopp all tempertur into energy (cold, warm zer (2.86g) cules more dioxide gas. re gave the mole ion occur faster. er flask 3. Put Alka-Selt the temperatu the react 3. erlenmey I increased for r the As make took er wate to it ging ofr,beak chan the time wate on on top I think that thermometer fizzing r to 4. Put ballo of theles in wate will make a 4. -Seltzer to finish bubb temperature that e withlly. 5. Observe the Alka tabletatica the speed of5. scal the dram ion ofased difference in r will time reactdecre long it timer hot wate6. seeing how reaction. I think r. the water by bubbles to stop. 7. pill crusher faste takes for the make it go ons ballo time. 8. 15006. Record 1-6 three times 6. Repeat steps r at 500 C, 210 C each for wate 1200 and 100 C .


(unit: grams)



TEMPERATUR 0 (unit: Celsius)

10 80 2.86 21 80 2.86 50 80 2.86



(unit: seconds)




(unit: seconds)

Test 1: 1290 Test 2: 1270 Test 3: 1282


Test 1: 900 Test 2: 910 Test 3: 890


Test 1: 555 Test 2: 601 Test 3: 605


600 300 0

Entretien Avec Vincent Van Gog Entretien h par Avec Sydney Milner Vincent Van Gog h

Vincent Van Gogh Entr par Sydne est l’un des artiste etien Avecy Milner s les plus révolu Vincent Van Gog très curieu Vincen se det savoir tionnaires de h Van Gogh par Sydne pourq estuoi l’un y Milner son temps, et à ce jour. il s’des est artiste suicidés .les j’allaistrès Donc, plus pour J’étais dans curieu révolu ma machi se de savoir avoir tionna une ne du pourq ires répons de son Vincen tempsuoi e àtemps t Van le comm cette ,questio il s’est encé Gogh et à ce n, suicidé Normj’allais est, l’un jour. J’étais et .en andie,dans Donc, des artiste quelqu pour ma Gogh Van es second machianegrandi avoir une s les plus trèsoù curieu du révolu j’répons étais quelqu temps se . J’étais tionnaes, e à cette , le comm ires e part il a vécu! questio excité. de son Normandie, où de savoir pourq encéPuis, et j’ai uoi très temps quelqu , et àence n, réalisé es second Gogh a grandi il s’est suicidé. en j’allais dansVan jour. J’étais que je n’avais Donc, es, j’ pour é ma tais . aucun J’étais très excité. machi avoir quelqu idée Finale e part il a vécu! où en ment, après quelqu ne du temps , le commencéPuis, j’ai réalisé une réponse à ecette Normandie, où e heures et en quelques que je n’avais aucun question, j’ai Van finalem peau. Je n’ secondes, j’étais Gogh a grandi ent trouvé e idée où Finale étais ment, pas sure, . J’étais très excité. un maison qui quelqu après e part en mais il a vécu! quelqu c’était ressemblait à e heures Puis, j’ai réalisé le seulej’ai maison il n’y peau. un chafinalem avait pas que entjetrouvé Je n’de je n’avais Pque étais n’avaisun répons pas sure, eifrappé aucune idée où pasmaison e. Enviro essayée. ntu Finale maisnc’un qui J’airessem ment, était million le seule après blait un homm re à la quelqu à de maison il n’y eavait un porte fois, chae s j’aique heures j’ai finalem crier,pas assom je n’avais de V et la porte mé de pas réponsoe.uvrit peau. un fois essayé ent trouvé Jeetn’éde Enviro plus, tais pass’sure, e. J’ai brusqu n unement un frappé maison j’ai entend Il un à in mais . C’de était homm quique était fois, c’étaitmillion u ceet là. peintr ressem Vincen j’ai assom crier, et le seule nt va blaitlaàporte Vanmé la porte maison il n’yLeeavait un chaGogh. de un fois plus, révolu s’ouvrit quet je pase le tionna n’avais deplus brusqu n Go répons que j’ai entend Est-ce que ire ement pas essayée. J’ai e. Enviro Il était le.monde C’était Vincen les gens n undans u là. Le frappé à la porte million déteste peintre votre gh un homm t Van J’ai de fois,entier. le euGogh. e crier,nt travail j’ai assom révoluàtionna et et la plus cause ire oreille métellem questions! porte Est-ce de unent de dans parceque s’ouvrit votreleperson foisdeplus, queles brusqu vous gens que j’ai entend nalité? entier. déteste ement. monde en colère? Il était Avez-v J’ai euous nt votreParce C’était là.étiez tellem Le peintr Vincen coupé entvotre pensée que t Van à cause de questions! u e le plustravail oreille vous étiez s de Van Gogh. de votre parce que quand révolu fou?person tionna Mon vous Est-ceGogh ire nalité? esprit étiez dans dit que les gens déteste en colère? était Avez-v d’une le monde entier. de course ous coupé bourruque “Que pensée J’ai eu nt voix des vous étiez fou? voulez votreParce s de-vous? tellemavec Van Gogh travaile.à cause entvotre de Mon Je bégaya oreille questio quandisdit esprit de parce ”que votre ns! ... d’une voix bourru personnalité?était de course avec vous étiez “Euh,“Que en colère? Parce e. Avez-vous coupé des euh, voulez euh ... -vous? Êtes-v”ous pensée que vous étiez votre Je bégaya s de Van Vincen is t ... fou? Mon esprit Gogh quand Van Gogh?» “Oui,“Euh, que voulez dit d’une voix était de course euh, euh -vous? ... Êtes-v bourrue. ” avec des “Que voulez Vincent Van Gogh? Le Po -vous?”ous “Je suis Je bégaya “Oui, » juste que nt d’ unvoulez grand-vous? fan de” votre art!”is ... “Euh, Arle euh, euh ... Êtes-vous Vincen Il éclata de rire. Le s 18 “Ha Ha “Je Ha suisHa, juste 87 vous, t Van Gogh?» Pont un grand tous lesfan “Oui, gens que voulez de votre d’Arle t mon -vous? “Euh,“Ha Il éclata Les art?” de rire. ” aimenart!” oui... Le Po Ha s 18 ” Viei vous, tous les 87 “Je Ha nt d’ suisHa, lles juste un grand fangens aiment mon Il soupir“Euh, Arle Chau a. de votre Femart!” Il art?” oui...” s 18 LessPo me de éclata de rire. “Ha Ha Ha Ha, urnt 90 esd’18 vous, tous les “Est-c Il soupir Cout e que A83 a. quelqu’un gens aiment mon rles ur “Euh, art?” e 1890 oui...” n’aime pas votre art?” “S’il vous je demandais. 1881 “Est-c plaît e que partez quelqu Il soupir loin. ’un” n’aime pas a. votre art?” je Il a répond “S’il demandais. u avec vous un regard partez “Est-cplaît triste loin. ” son visage e que quelqu’unsur J’ai Il crié, , puis il a fermé a répond n’aime pas votre “S’il uvous avecplait! la porte. un regard art?” Monsi “S’il vous je deman triste plaît partezeur sur Gogh! Van dais. Il n’a pasJ’ai Est-ce loin. , puis répond ” son visage crié, u. queiljea peu “S’il fermé Après vousquelqu te la Il a répond plait! es parler? porte.” Monsi minut u avec euresVan un regard j’ai essayé “S’ilIlvous n’a pas triste Est-ce.que je encore plait répondu.eur!” sur Gogh! son visage peu te parler? Après quelqu J’ai Monsi , puis il a fermé crié, “S’il es minutes j’ai vous plait! LaMonsi Il n’a encore la porte.” “S’il vous Au Pl pas plait eur Van essayé agtoepo répond Monsi Gogh! encore u. Finale Il n’a eur!”ment après à Sc pas Est-ce .que je répond rtra u. Après heit es peu te parler?Les M quelqu “Mons Il n’a ieur quelqu encore heures ange ” nij’ai pas , Auestominutve 88 Gogh, répondvoudra es18 ngessayé “S’ilVan u. Finale urs de vous en 18 encore. povous is ment plait je vraime Monsi après rt nt “Enfin eur!” quelqu ra 82 Auto “Mons Po parler , oui, ieur it 18 es heures de votre tu m’as Vanattend , vie et de l’art. Gogh,u je Il n’a encore po 88 1885 mmes de trop voudra longte pas répond ” rtrait is mps. vraime ” nt vous parler u. Finale “Enfin, oui, tu Terr 1889 ment Auto après de votre vie et e “Monsieurm’as de po trop longtemps. quelques heures l’art. Vanattend ” , Gogh,u je rtra ” voudrais vraime it 18 nt vous “Enfin, oui, tu 89 La se parler deLe m’as attendu trop ule pe votre Vigvie et de l’art.” longtemps.” no in bl


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The weekly schedule of classes... so coomplicated, it needs to be color coded just to keep track...




Italian was one of the Chairman’s favorites this year and we hope she got in a little practice in on her trip to Salerno!


English required many long papers and quite a few rewrites. In science, there was the dreaded science fair project” — where after a few false starts in project creation, the Chairman did quite an excellent job with those fizzy alka-



Extra credit paper for French.

The final Theatre performance found our Chairman playing Francisco in the first scene of Hamlet... not the largest role, but performed with much vigor, clear and forceful...yikes!...the ghost comes...!

Hard at work studying for those constant exams...


Soccer ...fall and spring quarters 10

Year after year, the Corporation continues to support the Chairman in her wide array of extra-curricular interests and activities. While some have given way to the inevitable time constraints, many continue unabated in one form or another. SOCCER: Fall and spring Saturdays (and as often as possible, Fridays) are given to the joy of running and kicking a small ball — trying to goal (or at least defend) on the soccer field. The Chairman maintains her pivotal position at mid-field and generally gets to play at least half of each game. Although the win-loss record remains a bit light in the win column, all the girls enjoy their time on the field immensely and already are looking forward to... and signed up for, next year’s rivalries on the field. Of major note: on April 26, the Chairman scored a goal against the tough Jamestown Tigers team. Although, sadly, they lost the game

4-3, it was memorable for our Chairman! SKIING: Winter quarter’s most intense activity continued this year unabated with some notable upper fifth finishes for the Chairman in slalom. Snow conditions were noticeably thin for the first couple of months and several races were either canceled or postponed due to the spotty conditions at some of the resorts on the circuit. Of course, the upside to the unseasonable weather was mostly easier 4 hour commutes up to the mountains on Friday afternoons, instead of 7 or 8! (only one trip with the hated Chain Control in evidence...)Made it to the condo almost each weekend at least in time for Shark Tank... The weather was so warm for most of the season that we were almost able to dispense with full jackets and ski in vests! The major downside was for our inestimable VP whose stint at ski patrol at Royal Gorge was eliminated

for most of the season due to lack of snow and only reinstated at the end when the Chairman was already done for the season... several lonely weekends for him in the condo fulfilling his obligations...! The Chairman did her early morning 7am training runs without complaining and hung out with a wider variety of teammates over the course of the season. Coming home for lunch was new... perhaps our VP for Dietary Production is doing something right! Our VP’s for finance, transport and activities made the mid season decision to skip the Super G races in Mammoth, thus eliminating the long drive, 3 nights of hotel reservations and a plane ride for the Chairman and her entourage for the one-way southern trek. This proved to be an excellent (and psychic) decision as stormy weather conditions canceled the first two days of the series anyway! The championships (in Mammoth as well) were also a non-show event



Lake Tahoe...winter quarter


Yikes! the top of the start list!

not too many lifts running...

don’t forget where you left your skis...!

Alpine Meadows - end of the dual slalom race course


Alpine Meadows - early morning registration... our executive VP still helps to carry gear... Chairman is still waking up... from the start gate: progression of a dual race...

... and on to the finish line... waiting for our teammate...


holding our speed for the last few gates...!

...must have a good breakfast to get a good start... these resorts really make a great breakfast burrito!


this year as the 7th grade trip to Italy took precedence. Hopefully, the Championships next year will not coincide with critical school based events - such as the trip to Paris, and the Chairman will have additional chances to show her stuff on the race course. VIOLIN: The Chairman dutifully continues to improve her skills on the violin, combining her weekly lesson from the ever-patient teacher, Jason Totzke with her endeavors in the 2nd violin section of the Golden Gate Philharmonic’s Senior Orchestra. Following an inspiring two weeks of Cazadero Music Camp during July, she returned in the fall to her orchestra audition (finally making the transition to the senior group), and another glorious Cazadero weekend with the orchestra. At the retreat this year, Jason took the helm of the Senior Orchestra and kept them on their toes during two days of intense rehearsals for the final Sunday concert. Even so, there was still time for playing ball, roasting marshmallows and the yearly Jeopardy competition with Camerata, leader Mr. Gallegos. There were also the yearly “nature walks” with Dr. Nelson and a very interesting


geological lecture on the Russian River area by one of the parents. Mrs. Murray celebrated her 80th birthday at the retreat amid Mrs. Murray listens intently at every concert... much celebration. (She looks amazing!) The Chairman took advantage of “arts & crafts time” to create a beautiful and thoughtful card which was presented during dinner. Our VP, “Daddy” Milner, who usually takes advantage of being on call as nurse at the retreat — and therefore entitled to sleep in the medical bungalow — was unfortunately booted from those deluxe accommodations this year by another Cazadero employee and forced to “tent-it” along with the rest of the ‘plebes.’ However, he rose to the challenge, snuggled up and made it through the night unscathed. Bravo! (We’ll see if he volunteers again next year for this detail without any guarantee of special housing...) At the time of this report our Chairman is finally finishing up Book Two in the Suzuki series.

Violin ...fall, winter and spring quarters





After a long hiatus from solo performing... she was “convinced” by Jason and others on the executive team to participate in a May recital with his other students... albeit under protest... a Mother’s Day present to our other VP. The well-known Minuet in G by Beethoven was the selection performed to an appreciative crowd. As a short term corporate goal, the Chairman has promised to finish up the “BIG” theory book by this time next year. (Perhaps during the summer quarter, she’ll have a little extra time to devote to all that memorization of key signatures!) The long term goal of making it into the Camerata­­­— or at least 1st violin in the Senior Orchestra — remains on the table. We are hoping for some continuation in this endeavor to take the Chairman through High School. (Excellent to keep some long term activities on the resumé...) Keep watching this section in subsequent annual reports for updates!


ADDITIONAL SUMMER ACTIVITIES DURING THE 2013-2014 FISCAL YEAR Over the course of the summer events encompassed in this Annual Report, the entire team did not venture out on any prolonged trips, (so there is a lamentable dearth of photos from these three months) but the Chairman did partake in several camps. The summer “vacation” started in with a vengeance the weekend right after school ended with the Chairman off to a week of gun training in Red Bluff to culminate with her obtaining her very own California Hunting License. Combined with much fun doing archery and swimming, she graduated this course with honors with the highest score for the group. (She’s also now eligible for the “Liberal Ladies Gun and Book Club...) Immediately on pickup, she and our Senior VP

were off to Mount Hood for a week of skiing camp for fun and technical improvement. As in previous years, a short video for reference purposes documented progress made... or at least some of the fun! The excursion concluded with a few very theatre packed, pleasurable days in Ashland, Oregon viewing four different plays! ...Midsummer Night’s Dream, Cymbeline, Taming of the Shrew and My Fair Lady! Then it was immediately off to Cazadero for a two week Junior High stint of fabulous orchestra work. Attending this summer with two FAIS friends (Audrey and Tessa) added to her enjoyment of the sessions. With an impressive concert at the end of each week, it was a memorable experience both for the Chairman and the rest of the Board who made the trek to the Russian River even midsession to hear the wonderful concerts! Fresh back from the Russian River, our Chairman toured the city with “Wheel Kids” camp, which she attended along with colleague, Samantha Lavan. They traveled by bike all over the city and for a one day change took their bike

on the ferry over to Alameda where they had a ship side tour! Not feeling any strain from the exertion, it was off to Tahoe for a week of Sugar Bowl camp where the chairman made good use of her biking skills — all over the area trails. The Chairman even took some time to take a hike with our other VP over trails that we’d ski in the winter. They look amazingly

two exciting stints of water skiing with the our corporate partners, the Sullivans. VP “Mommy” Milner actually took a turn and got up and going on those skis­— albeit briefly.... During the same week at Tahoe, another summer Sugar Bowl tradition was continued with a nighttime excursion to Sand Harbor and the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival where we were treated to an entertaining version of A Midsummer’s Night Dream. (The second time for our Chairman, who had also seen it earlier this summer in Ashland.) Tahoe’s version was voted the best with its modern dress and catchy music by the Beatles accompanying the comedy. Of course, a week at Lake Tahoe would not be complete with at least one day immersed in the frigid waters skiing or at least snorkelling.

beautiful in the summer, but oh so different from ski season — green and lush and awash in wild flowers...! While in the mountains, we did another 21

Hiking Sugar Bowl...summer quarter

22 22

23 23

Watch out, someone’s down....!

Our Chairman gets better every year!

Okay, just one more run! Finally got another VP into the water... barely up... but enough!


Unfortunately, our favorite Milner VP had to miss the water skiing with the Sullivan’s due to corporate committments back in SF, but he was right on hand for a day on the lake snorkelling and watching the annual classic wooden boat competition.

To jump or not to jump....

check our iphones to decide...

The summer’s events were rounded out at the end of August with a week sailing in the Delta. Thank goodness the water there was much warmer!

Water Sports

Lake Tahoe...summer quarter


Competition croquet, bocce... ...and more — grape stomping, tennis, swimming at the Napa Valley Reserve yearly event...fall quarter

...a bit of love in the cave!

26 26

The chairman gets her own am chocolate... beats the sheet in bocce and plays as mean game of croquet... we all brought our whites...!

There’s nothing like a bit of inter-corporate competition to keep the adrenaline flowing. The Milner and Sullivan groups came together again at the beautiful Napa Valley Reserve in early October for the annual Harvest Festival and associated competitions in bocce, croquet, tennis and wine stomping.

This year, we elected to stay at the Wine Country Inn- a B&B replete with lovely grounds, and delicious, included breakfast feast. The girls bonded in the pool while executives sipped wine at Meadowood.

27 27

BFF’s 28 28

Summer, fall, winter and spring quarters...

Always essential to the efficient running of the corporation (in addition to the superlative executive team...) are the personal alliances of the Chairman and her associates. This set of relationships shifts subtly year to year, evolving with her in and out of school activities. In the outside of school group, Georgianna Sullivan remains a stalwart and Isabella Griepp crept into the mix more often this year during ski season. With Georgianna’s corporate HQ relocated to her Madera ranch, out of ski season conferences are harder, although time was enjoyed together at NVR and Sugar Bowl during the summer/fall quarters as described in this report. On the school front, Ella Moore and Olivia Muerk are in the BFF category, with the Moreland twins Margaret and Claire, Maxine

Rosenfeld and more recently Amalia Bakke, Clem Evans and Ali Squillace included in the “in” category. Samantha Lavan seems to be transitioning to other “greener” pastures, although she is still in this set for many group activities and violin related functions. Halloween was celebrated in Olivia’s Potrero Hill neighborhood with a great street party all the inner core of friends ...and a feast at her house. This may well be the destination for the October event for several years to come! For whatever unknown reason to our other executives, both the Chairman and Ella decided to be woodsmen this year...?!?

summer with crossbow shooting as the featured event — due to this year’s popular book and film, The Hunger Games. Everyone tried their hand at the skill, then retired to a relaxing lunch around the pool. Even Grandma Lil was on hand for the festivities. The annual end of fiscal year June social event is Mountain Play... this year taking place on Father’s Day. Since last year’s didn’t make it in time... we’ll include a few documentary photos here...

The entire Moore corporate clan were welcome guests for a long weekend at La Ferme during the


For other social gathering news, we must not forget to include Harrison Rosenfeld’s Bar Mitzvah - attended by practically the entire French-American 7th Grade. Everyone participated through the traditional service which was followed by a party with great food, dancing and fun! The main corporate event for the Chairman, of course, was her twelfth birthday gala — also held at the farm this year. On hand for the festivities were a select group: Ella, Margaret, Claire and Samantha. It was a full week-end event. Starting on Saturday with a giggly girl-drive to the farm, participants warmed up for the fun with a dip in the pool after painting faces with sunscreen. Then, La Ferme sometime contractor, Dennis Chapman, made an appearance with his wild owls — attempting to let them loose


on the property for some natural rodent control... unfortunately our young owl was a bit spooked and refused to take off... But no matter, a plethora of activities are always available in abundance at La Ferme. Shortly after the arrival of the last guests, we were off to downtown Vacaville for a takeout Japanese dinner and the cooling atmosphere of the movies where the Chairman treated her friends to the requisite popcorn treats. But that was not nearly all... later, on rearrival at the farm, it was perfect weather for a late night swim and smores...! All enjoyed a starlit dip in the pool before finally heading in to bed. The consortium was on notice that they needed to be up rather early for the next day’s activities. And sure enough, the non-stop birthday weekend continued in high gear as Sunday

was jam-packed as well! After a breakfast of the Chairman’s favorites... pancakes and bacon, the cars were loaded up for a short trek to the Solano river — where the girls paddled up stream for about an hour to reach the mysterious Treasure Island. (Our VP had gone ahead to plant the treasure...) After some splashing about in the river to stay cool, the treasure map was located, clues pondered and the search was on — culminating in the discovery of... delicious Ghiradhelli chocolate. Sandwiches in the cooler accompanied this dessert before the rowing trip back... But the event was still not over... As the final activity of the weekend, all attendees tried their hand at some miniature golf (not too much cheating...) Next year will be hard to top!


Birthday...summer quarter

The map pouch... the clues... figuring out the secrets.... eech! the panty clue....on the hunt... digging at the site...Margaret with the treasure!

31 31

The full tour contingent of executives...

Corporate research Spring quarter... 32 32

While the Chairman and her FAIS Italian colleagues were on their Salerno junket, our two other senior executives made a concurrent journey (along with executives from the Hall/ Hearth and White corporations) to savor the educational, artistic, gustatory and shopping opportunities that Rome has to offer.

Eight glorious days were spent in the Eternal City, with lodging in the beautiful Hotel Raphael near the Piazza Navona. (With a room designed by the eminent architect Richard Meier.) Delicious full breakfasts in the antique filled dining room began each day of discovery. Hitting the Roman cobblestones running... immediately after checking in to their hotel,

our VP’s contacted the concierge for suggestions on an evening’s activity... our VP’s washed up, wasted no time and picked up their first Italian opera — Traviata... on a small scale, in a charming, but ornate theatre not far from the Trevi fountain... spectators were more relatives of the orchestra and singers than tourists... and they served complimentary dinner at

intermission! What an excellent intro to the treats of this city... SLM executives spent the first full day on their own with a visit to the little that business class lounge, wine (good vintage?... waiting for the train into Rome... they still run on time!

Relais Chateau Hotel Raphael ...a most beautiful spot!

33 33

Museum of Medical History... keeping up with notes... how do we get to the Colosseum from here...?

Beautiful flowers on the street... traditional capitals... an Italian EMT!

Art everywhere on the streets... Trevi crowds even in off-season!

A break from sightseeing...

Lots of police everywhere... Museum staircase...


known Museum of Medical History, located on the campus of the University of Rome. Our two intrepid VP’s navigated the winding streets across town on foot to locate the hard to find attraction. Once there, they took a fascinating audio guided tour through the ages of medicine — from pre-classical to present day and were treated to a viewing of the locked basement treasures, by a museum staffer who was delighted to have someone visiting...! One of the most interesting exhibits was of a brain surgery that was done in Roman times to relieve the pressure on the brain of a youngster — accompanied by a video of the scientific studies that had been done on the skull (over 2,000 years ago!) The leisurely walk back across town was punctuated by an unplanned visit to one of Rome’s many art museums which had a current exhibition of many relatively unknown marble pieces by the great sculptor,

Rodin (we were unaware of the extreme sensual nature of the body of his work) ...and then some delightful shopping stops along the Via Condotti near the Spanish steps... our VP is so generous! The official group’s days of sightseeing were meticulously planned on a framework surrounding three incredible personalized Vatican tours. All early morning entries to the Vatican put us ahead of the masses and left us with insights and amazing scholarship not available to most visitors. We were treated to meeting actual restorers hard at work on murals, paintings, textiles and paper artifacts in the Vatican’s enormous collections. Our guide to the Sistine Chapel, Francisco Julius, had wide artistic experience, knew unusual details of Vatican history, recommondations for the best restaurants, hailed from the Bay Area and even knew Phoebe Cowles... Beyond just the Sistine Chapel, he guided us through many of the lesser known rooms, corridors and exhibits of this incredible museum. Even so, we barely scratched the surface of all that there was to see.

One of our junket participants, Ms. Hall, actually being related to Pope Pius XI, gave our group added cachet ... and our guide kept us far beyond our scheduled tour ending time... The Vatican gardens were a beautiful morning stroll... fountains of all kinds, English and French style gardens, the Grotto dedicated to Mary and the Vatican radio towers with some of the best towering vantage points of the Vatican dome and the city of Rome. All of this walking inevitably made us ravenous and Rome delivered a wide variety of both recommended Pope Pius XI with his relative... giant Vatican garden globe... yet another fountain ...Spanish Steps


Our VP awaits the St. Ignatious spectacle...

and unplanned restaurant choices. The “bar plates” in the smaller caffes turned out to be a great way to go for lunch... great choices, great meals... plenty of food... we sampled at least four or five different versions of artichokes... and the arugula “rocket” lettuce has become an absolute favorite with our VP... one that he’s now asking

for at every dinner! Opera was on the agenda for the entire assembly, and we did a second night with the entire group, seeing Maometto II, by Rossini at

36 36

the main Rome Opera House. We had wonderful box seats and the fact that there were no supertitles did not hamper our enjoyment one bit! The main soprano, Carmela Remigio, was fabulous... perhaps we’ll get to see her in San Francisco some time... One small glitch that night­— our hotel made us dinner reservations at a restaurant that actually was closed for the evening... making our meet-up with Lisa Sardegna a bit difficult...however, we scrambled, and with the beauty of cells/ texting... we were able to rendez- vous at last. During our travels impressive church - “Jesu” around the city, we entered most any church that was open to the public. (and in this city... that’s quite a few!) Almost every one had either some beautiful paintings, sculptures or quirky

relic to discover. We discovered one dedicated to the founder of Opus Dei, several parts of skeletons of various saints and in one church we made a special visit to see the weekly 5:30 unveiling

...before and after the painted panel slides down....

of an amazing statue dedicated to St. Ignatius... complete with golden angels, and a 20 foot tall golden statue of the saint himself, encrusted with



enough gems to make Liberace himself jealous... all of this accompanied by dramatic organ music and a narrative in Italian on the life of the saint. (Amazing that this “attraction” has not been picked up by the guide books!) The church itself was exquisite and the late afternoon light impressive as well... Milner VP’s took one morning with the expert guidance (and her fluency in Italian...) of Lisa Sardegna to explore the treasures to be found in the flea market of the Trastevere. Among the trinkets, used and new clothing, we dug through antiques were amazed at the variety of junk and treasures to be found... Lisa was on the hunt for erotic trinkets... and found some...! Our VP even found a stylish jacket for 5 euros, a new pair of shoes and leather belt. All in all, a successful hunt.

you never know what you’ll find...!


(For minute by minute details of the eight days of this excursion, check in with our VP Milner for a full transcript of his trip notes.) places for people watching... and so colorful! ...incredible statuary on every bridge... horse drawn carriages at the Forum...

39 39

Farm Division Summer, fall, winter and spring quarters... 40

After a long year of watering, weeding, fertilizing and (finally) stake removing...production picked up significantly at this year’s harvest. Due to unusually warm temperatures earlier in the growing season, budding, flowering, ripening and subsequent harvesting came about almost a month earlier than normal this year. Since that put our harvest into late October rather than around the Thanksgiving break when most “friends and family” are usually available for field work, it was necessary to find outside farm labor to gather our olives. To management’s chagrin, the group hired were not particularly fast... or skilled in the particularities of hand olive harvesting

and wound up not finishing all the treesincluding our staple “ancient” ones on the driveway and behind the guest house. But, that said, we still had a yield of around 20 cases, twice that of previous years!

..hard to keep our minds on the job with these guys around!

Just to keep the family’s hand in the harvest, we were able to get our other VP, the Chairman and an associate, Olivia Muerk to do some finish-up in the orchard the following week on the remaining unharvested trees which also included a few rows in the orchard on the west side. They worked hard, and got a well deserved afternoon playing with the dogs, Nico and Ammo! Next year, we are hoping to include the growing list of the many frustrated volunteers who have put in their names to do harvest duty and enjoy the legendary hospitality that La Ferme Soleil has traditionally provided to our harvest workers! (Of special note, Mireille Rabat, principal of the FAIS middle school has asked to be on this very VIP list!)

VP Milner has been on-site, days on end, throughout the year working with our peerless consultant (and to date volunteer - he hasn’t ever billed us...!) Dennis Bryant — along with our group of regular workers, Tom and Steve — keeping up with the numerous associated


View from the gazebo — ...persimmons were plentiful again this year... picked walnuts and pecans olive row markers


chores vital to keeping our olive trees happy and healthy. Given this year’s new bounty of oil, our fledgling sales force (our other VP... ) has kicked into gear and we have now established a foothold for our oil in a small variety of locations around SF, the East and North Bay and even reaching as far as Truckee in the Sierras! (The terrible ski season, did not help those sales...) One of our steadiest customers, has been Greenhearts Family Farm CSA boxes! Paul, the farmer, was very unsure at the time of our original consignment, but now has bought at least one case every other month... a real surprise! In addition to all his many other duties, our VP, “Daddy” Milner has, as usual, gone the extra mile and helped out in sales

by giving several store demos... charming all those midday shoppers in the Woodlands Market stores in Tiburon and Kentfield with his encyclopedic knowledge of extra virgin olive oil, its advantages, uses both in recipes and as a better ingredient than butter — with a special emphasis on ...ours! Our tireless VP enjoyed the experience immensely and is looking forward to more opportunities to do it again! After a disappointing entry in the COOC competition the previous year, management decided to take the plunge once again and sent in a submission to the 2014 Napa Valley Olive Oil Competition. We were thrilled to receive a silver medal this year for our oil!

Olive-pressing in a thirdcentury Roman mosaic found at Saint-Romainen-Gal, France ...looking forward to charging off our next trip to Europe to check this out!

...our “happy farmer” at Woodlands Market in Kentfield



Financial Statement

(Consolidated version/summary)

June 15, 2014

Assets Parents who adore her (including the Corporation’s “Employee of the Year”)

This one will never change... her permanent cheering section always on hand... for the good times and bad...


Increased to 9 subject classes this year + theatre, art and PE (grades in everything), a lot of work, but seems less stressed! Again...definitely ready for summer! Ella and Olivia definitely are the mainstays...Margaret, Claire and Maxine continue and new this year we’ve been hearing more about Ali and Amaiia... on the fringe, though included in most large gatherings.


Sense of Humor Wardrobe

Bank Account

Keeps a balance to her serious side... Hard to keep styles in pace with growing and trends with peers... shoe size is almost mom’s... not that she wants to borrow anything.. Still a pants girl, but will dress up when the occasion requires. Chairman still looks so good in those preppy shirts... if we could get her to wear more... As in last report...skiing fees still going up, school fees still going up... our VP/CFO manages to keep everything on the positive side... we will be able to afford high school and college tuition...!

Liabilities Hair in eyes

Trying to decide whether it’s time for a shorter style... so far we like the pony tail too much to change...

Sleep deprivation

Never enough hours in the day for devoting to computer pleasure time... Minecraft not so much anymore — but music downloads eat up much of our free capital.

Summary 44

If we keep up the positive gains, we’re going for a stock split!


SYDNEY LLEWELLYN MILNER CORPORATION 1712 Bush Street, San Francisco, California 94109 Copyright ©2014 Sydney Llewllyn Milner Corporation


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