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* Marissa Hayes Visual Communications June 12th 2013

* This is my final project in Visual Communications, it is my Photojournalism project. My photojournalism assignment had to be on a teenager doing something good in his/her community, so I took pictures of my friend, Emma, playing basketball. She plays for the Shamrocks and it is an AAU team. I used her playing basketball for my photojournalism assignment because she is doing something good in her community; she is playing on a team sport, and participating in something positive. As you look through this photojournalism project, you will see a story being told about Emma, doing something she loves in her community, and all the pictures I took of her in action, working hard, and being a team player. This is the Extraordinary Emma. I hope you like this photojournalism project about Emma and my pictures of her playing basketball.

* Emma before the game starts. She is warming up with her teammates, taking layups and shooting around, getting loose and stretching.

* Emma playing defense after the game has started; full court pressing.

* Emma standing on the foul line after getting fouled, catching her breath.

* Emma playing on offense trying to score, calling for the ball, and posting up behind her opponent.

* * Emma fighting for the

basketball, taking it out of the other teammates hands, being aggressive.

* Emma taking a foul shot.

* Emma running down the court.


Emma being a pointgaurd and dribbling the ball up the court.

* Emma receiving a pass, being wide open in front of the hoop with nobody covering her.


Emma sitting with her teammates after a successful win.


The extraordinary Emma  

Photojpurnalism Project Visual Communications

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