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Housing Migrants on European Fringes: A Case Study Sicily

Seasonal work in Sicily- current climate overview

5 sites for different products

144,000 No. of temporary workers in Sicily

map showing locations and seasonal work found in Italy

105 miles

Sites and users for wandering house Wandering house takes Fathers around sicily to find work

Inbetween timesstationary exisitng house

Spring-Autumn ermo pal


September- November


ni apa r t

October, March, July

nia a t ca


Existing Tunis Family Home tourism work

Travelling workers

Famiy Unit

“fruit picking is a dirty and difficult job especially in the summer sun”


almonds and olive


“Many look for jobs for 6 months travelling around the country looking for opportunities” there are some companies which can arrange your temporary work but its often better just to call them yourself


“ In 2006 I worked for 51 days out of the year now it is more like 101 - 151 days out of the year”

Family minus one person

Lone members- male and normally fathers act as a new family in some ways

It is law in Tunisia that a man should provide basic needs for his family. Shelter, food, clothing.


Palermo site for main house housing

2,500 sqm


1500 trees to harvest

Spring blossoms

Mastri San Basilio farm

Summer Heat

2100 sqm

Near Ispica, SE Sicily


2100 sqm On the north eastern slope of Mount Etna, 20 mins from Catania, SE Sicily

6 month time sequence of a migrant worker

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Spacially investigating previous proposals Investigating the conceptual links between flexibility of architecture and the idea of belonging to a place

Earlier projects

Spacial qualities to take into Harbour Project

Using the product as part of the architecture, as in here with alomond shells

Transparent passage way to different public areas of the building

Gridowork in which activities are slotted into

residential blocks

entrance to site

Industrial storage


Migrant Housing and Network centre, PALERMO The migrant’s journey begins here. The Palermo hub provides advice and networking along with personal room which the migrant can buy or rent. This personal room gives the migrant access to a host of jobs around the country. a) permanent washing, eating, sleeping facilities b) temporary structures for investment which keeps essential and emergency items to take with them to form accommodation at agricultural sites. (in orange) Community organisers offices Official Job organisers offices and meeting rooms. Postboxes and safeboxes and internet rooms. Networking areas Language and Learning centre


Agricultural Migrant Housing Housing in locations for lemons, almonds and grapes. Living spaces for 5 people in each site including: Permanent structure with washing, eating, sleeping facilities that work with the temporary structure taken from Palermo used to shade, safe keep, hold personal items, charge phones and keep pictures of family etc.

Sketch design of proposal mobile element: small lightweight and handheld



Each migrant can buy or rent a room which is transferrable to all the agricultural sites part of the scheme. The mobile part of the architecture acts as the most valuable belonging the migrant has due to the job possibilities it has. It also houses the most important things to him: his safe for his money, photos of his family, contacts he has made, his mobile phone and the experiences he has had.

Meeting rooms to enable migrants to liase with official job organisers from different companies.

Internet rooms to keep in touch with family members and also as a way to contact potential employers

Communal activites such as cooking integrates the waste from the almonds for fire and also helps to socially integrate migrants with each other.

The mobile house plugs into the existing structure keeping the sense of belonging and memories with the migrant

Almond manufacture- a permanent fixture to the landscape the remainder products used to shade and use for building materials

harbour interim  
harbour interim  

harbour interim