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My favorite time of the year, The leaves change into different colors as they begin to curl up and spin and fall to the ground, The air gets colder, The trees sway in the breeze, Creatures of the Wild save up food for hibernation, Comfortable in their trees, holes and caves they await winter, Knowing that this winter would be colder and harsher than the last, But they do not have a blanket, They have their cozy fur in different shades of brown, Their fur keeps them warm while they sleep until spring,

The colors of fall still lay on the ground, The leafless trees still swaying in the gentle breeze, The leaves covering the ground in yellow, red and green Now winter has just begun

It was a warm day as the dog was awaiting the boat, Boats sailed by the marina but we he was still waiting for the boat, Boats were all throughout the marina, As the ocean crashed on the beach like, The dog getting excited as the boat sailed into the marina, My dog knew where he was going, My dog knew that he was going out to the beach, He panted with his wet slobbery tongue, As he saw other dogs and new people awaited him He hopped onto the boat and began to ride He met new people and animals

The boat took off, Separating itself from the dock, The passengers and crew had been waiting for this moment, Now into the deep sea, Full of fish, sharks, turtles and crabs, The boat had departed from the marina, The boat was now at full speed ahead, The boat was slicing through the waves as scissors to paper, The yacht now deep at sea there is no turning back, The sun starting to set down into the sea, Melting down as beautiful colors flying across the sky as the sun melts into the ocean, The wind in the hair of the passengers and crew,

As the yacht arrived at the destination, An island surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of North Carolina, The boat had departed from the marina,