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By: Kimia P.

She is one, and an only. She's morbid. different. complex. She serves a purpose far greater than herself. She's conformed to the idea that there are no friends in life. She's been alone from the start, met many wonderful people — However, they're no longer with her. She's learned to live with that fact. She believes in Christianity. Not Christians. She thinks Christians are immoral hypocrites. She's no exception. She has faith in the Scriptures and utilizes them as guidelines. “Christianity isn't so bad�, she says. It's a lifestyle she enjoys. She thinks its Christians that drive people away from the faith. She says: "don't lose faith in God". She thinks it's humans who are immoral. She's not afraid to voice her ideals, nor stand up for what she believes in. If she were, would they be worth believing in, in the first place? She travels the world to gain knowledge. To seek escape from her own little world she's become trapped in. She seeks for understanding. She's yet to understand her tragic life. However, she may be of service to you. You're welcome to come to her when you need help. Advice. Someone who'll listen. Someone who'll care. A friend. She's stopped believing in love. It's just one dreadful white lie. She's never received it, and its only proven to be a weakness to her.

She's a humble person, and she conforms with little. It doesn't take much to make her happy. Kind gestures, and the simplest of things make her day. Above all, someone's smile. That's the trump card. She's always thinking. In fact she thinks too much. The past. The present. The future. She lives to constantly ponder: "How..?","What if..?", What would have been..?", "Why..?"

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And she's yet to come to an answer‌

What is loss? Is it a part of life? Part of a disgrace? What does it make someone feel like? Like the loser of the whole school? Or like the loser of the whole world? They are drowning? Like a "littlie" learning to swim? Maybe in a swamp of failures, Or massive regrets. What is loss? Is it unknown? Are its victims singled out? Like a mass killer, Causing genocide? Is it lurking amongst someone's shadows, Like a phantom playing hide-and-seek? Ready to attack at any moment? What is loss?

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Might it be a benefit? Or is it supposed to be torturous? It is sly and sneaky, A one and only. That never regrets it's sins.

She stands there, Sparks flying amongst her eyes. that flutter in every which way, Illuminating the dark night. She has her bright, happy face on, Like a sun smiling into her Isolating everything… Except for her zeal for adventure--And that one burning sparkler, She is imagining a burning ember, Like she is taking an endless voyage in a volcano, She doesn't need a crew, Or survival gear, Or anything… Just a quest…… in the midst of fire,

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By: Kimia P. Photo found from: bqg5otp8B3MF8ytXFFbB- ArHnMQGXwo&t=1&usg=...


By: Kimia P. Photo found from: bqg5otp8B3MF8ytXFFbB- ArHnMQGXwo&t=1&usg=...