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Poe ems by Ian O’R Rourkke

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MY DOG Spots of o brown, Overwh helmed by fur as dark as the niight sky, Glimme ering in the e hot sun, With sh hades of white and grey. Piercing g eyes with h a warm expression e n, Tail, wa agging for joy, j Mouth, open in ex xcitement, Feet, re eady for ac ction, Ears pe erked up in n surprise. His collar jingles in happine ess, As he dashes d acrross the law wn, My dog goes, Running g through the grass, Bundlin ng forward,, Happy as a can be..

SCHOO OL I step out of the car, Then walk w up the stairs, Through h pillars off bright white, Strolling g across co oncrete off gray. Through h doors gu uarding the e entrance e, I walk down d the hall, and up p the stairs s, Where kids play about, a I travel through piles of bags, As tall as a mountains. I walk in nto my clas ssroom, Preparing for clas ss, I talk to my friends s, Waiting g for any sign of the teacher’s t arrival. a We wait in the cla assroom, With po osters all about, Watchin ng the doo or, Waiting g for it to op pen. Then, th he teacherr walks in, With a smile, s he sets s down his compu uter, Saying hello to the class, Shufflin ng over to the t board, ready to start s the da ay.

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MY HOUSE Shining g in the mo oonlight, Quiet as can be, Standin ng there an nd glistenin ng, Smiling at me. He wak kes up in th he morning g, Opening the doorr with a gre eat big yaw wn, Waving g to the bird ds, As he says s hello to t the lawn n. Sitting there t and waiting, w For the cars to co ome by, Sitting there t and waiting, w For som meone to say s hi. As the owls o come e out, Hooting g with glee, The gre eat house says, s Let me sleep!! Great re ed bricks, Along with w stone, Surroun nding him, While he h stands all a alone.


by Ian O’R Merchant2/ www.sticker /imgs/450/s peg http://w Spots o Overwh Glimme With sh n happine ross the law g ey...

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