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Flowi Fl ing S Sun n

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A colle c ectiion o of P Poem ms

By y Bh hara at M

The T Sile S ent S Stre eam m The water flo ows, Quietly y in an everlast e ting sile ence, It I jumps s over r rocks, And d shimm mers in the sun n, Then rocks r fa all into o the str ream Slow wing the e water's 's advan nce How owever itt is uns stoppabl ble It wiill break k down the roc cks Thou ugh it m may Take an a etern nity The stream s w will Clea an itsellf Natu ure is sttrong and an mak kes it th hrough a all http://www.go ?imgurl=http://1.bp Nmt83copMuU/SD DZexccItI/AA AAAAAAAAD4 4/FoAXMUtZsf0//S730/Mountain%2 2BStream%2B%2BDominica a.jpg&imgrefurl=htttp:// 9/09/dominica-indi dian-riverportsmouth.h html&usg=__H0ontttFVr8fv5O3gorY112oGtIY0=&h=375 5&w=500&sz=70&h &hl=en&start=0&zo oom=1&tbnid=owkN NlPfJ-GjtM:&tbnh=1167&tbnw=244&pr rev=/images%3Fq% %3Dmountain%2Bsttream%26hl%3Den% %26sa%3DX%26biw w%3D1280%26bih% %3D675%26gbv%3D2%26tb s%3Disch:1&ittbs=1&iact=hc&vpx x=988&vpy=297&du ur=539&hovh=189& &hovw=253&tx=107 7&ty=139&ei=KrKc KcTODnOMH68Aa AaQz8CkDQ&oei=Kr rKcTOD nOMH68AaQ Qz8CkDQ&esq=1&p page=1&ndsp=15&v ved=1t:429,r:9,s:0

Th he Final Fi l Cal all The soldiers s wa ait In silen nce and n night For the enemy y Who will attack k. The solldiers cry out, And char rge into th he light The spears las sh and sw words slash h. In the heat of ba battle No one knows k whe ere braver ry comes ffrom, The soldiers s fa all, And the e General c calls. The horses fly y Over the groun nd. The last soldiers s c charge and ar re supporte ed , by the gr rass that g grabs the Enemy's E leg egs The Ba attle was w won, The da ay was don one. The so oldiers res sted To awaiit a new ba battle, The king gdom was safe. http://ww ww.richard mages/Batttle%20of%2 20Boswor rth.jpg

The T Pou uring ng Ra ain BOOM!BO OOM!FLA ASH! The fo orest soak ked, Rain pours ove er the fore est lavishlly. The liight flash hes Ze eus's bolt. The th hunder boo oms The tiger's t roa ar. In wa ater and fiire. In life fe and deat ath. In I Thunde er and Lig ghtning. Th he rain driips from th he leaves with a sweet sm mell. With a salty tas ste And An a soft Pittter-patter r.

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