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Saturday June 23 | 8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Andrés Fundia has over 20 years of experience developing Risk Management and Business Analytics models. He has served as professor, risk director, and auditor. Currently he is Director at Nabla Solutions, and previously he was Risk Director at INFONAVIT. Andrés developed multiple consulting and audit services as Manager at KPMG. He has been a professor at various educational institutions, including RiskMathics, ITESM, Universidad Anahuac, Universidad Panamericana, and ITAM. Andrés holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA (1994) and he has a BS in Mathematics from the Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires, Argentina (1985). He holds international accreditations in Risk Management, like the Financial Risk Manager Certificate issued by GARP (2005), and the Financial Risk Management Certificate issued by New York University (1999). COURSE DESCRIPTION: The main Business Analytics models applied to the financial industry will be explained, finishing with a model that estimates the customer lifetime value of a bank´s customer. Models will be accompanied by case studies implemented in Excel. OBJECTIVE: The objective of the course will be to equip participants with the essential techniques so they can immediately implement the business intelligence in their activities to answer questions such as: Which is the customer’s long-term value? For how long a relationship with a customer should be maintained? How much to invest in a commercial campaign? Which products to offer to different customers? TOPICS 1. Introduction to Business Analytics 1.1. Business Analytics Objectives and Areas 1.2. Types and Scopes of Models 1.2.1. Customer Segmentation 1.2.2. Forecasts of a time frame, linear regression, and logistics 1.2.3. Machine Learning 1.2.4. Analytical Models 1.2.5. Probabilistic ModelsEl valor de un cliente durante toda su vida (Client Lifetime Value, CLV). 2. Customer Lifetime Value, CLV 2.1. Applications 2.2. Standard Model 3. Buy to Death. Probabilistic Models 3.1. Determination of active costumers 3.2. Discret Time (description and Excel example). 3.3. Continue Time (description). 4. The Banking Services Value 4.1. Value of Deposits 4.2. Value of Credits 4.3. Value of Investment Funds 4.4. CLV of a bank´s customer


PRICE: $10,000.00 Mexican Pesos + Tax (16%)

• Graduated from an economic and/or administrative career. • Preferably working in Financial Institutions. • Participants should bring a laptop.

DURATION: 8 Hours (1 Session) VENUE: JW Marriott Santa Fe Hotel

Avenida Santa Fe 160 Col. La Fe Santa Fe, CDMX.

PAYMENT METHODS: 1. Bank Transfer in US Dollars (Foreign Institutions) BANK: BBVA Bancomer ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0121 8000 11 0583 0066 SWIFT: BCMRMXMM BRANCH NUMBER: 0956 BENEFICIARY: RiskMathics, S.C. 2. Credit Card: VISA, MASTERCARD or AMERICAN EXPRESS. IMPORTANT NOTICE: There will be no reimbursements.

Registration E-mail: Telephone: +52 (55) 5638 0367 y +52 (55) 5669 4729


Business Analytics for Banking Industry 2018 Ing  
Business Analytics for Banking Industry 2018 Ing