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RISK MANAGEMENT Africa’s own Risk Management Journal Mar-Apr 2018 > Issue 6> Vol.#7

Weighing up risk Pg10

A unique, innovative concept for the ultimate solution of material ow problems Pg26

Building design must incorporate effective disaster management Pg18





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Minister Pandor gives a boost to COS initiative … … SAIW to play major role in the welding sector

Businesses can make a difference through correct separation-at-source

13 SMART-100 Tramp Metal Detector

16 Building design must incorporate effective disaster management

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A unique, innovative concept for the ultimate solution of material ow problems



Mar - Apr 2018

RISK MANAGEMENT Africa’s own Risk Management Journal Mar-Apr 2018 > Issue 6> Vol.#7

Weighing up risk Pg10

A unique, innovative concept for the ultimate solution of material ow problems Pg26

Building design must incorporate effective disaster management Pg18





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Editor’s Comments Ladies and gentlemen welcome to this edition of this wonderful magazine. Our aim is to keep you informed on risks which we encounter everyday as we do business. In this issue I will talk about cybercrime which is a concern to governments and the cooperate world. The Oxford dictionary denes cybercrime as criminal activities carried out by means of a computer on the internet. Others dene it as crime which a computer is the object of the crime or is used as tool to commit the offence. This could be child phonography, hate crime or hacking of organizational computers. With the amount of data stored in data bases around the world, this has made the use of the internet very important. Data can be easily accessed at the press of a button. The infusion of the internet has changed the way we handle data and at the same time more threats to held information has arose with this infusion. Fraudsters have managed to transfer money from different bank accounts and have remained unapprehended. Cooperate data has disappeared when computer induced viruses and malware attacked company data bases. In the USA a teenager boy managed to hack into the Pentagon computer system for fun. This exposed the data security of the Pentagon. Software designed to disturb or cause damage to computers have been designed and are being sent out to different computers through emails which once opened pass the virus to the computer leading to its malfunction. In the last year cybercrime has been rmly established as one of the biggest threats to democracy, privacy and health and safety. Terrorists groups are also now using the internet to champion their cause. While money laundering is at a huge scale on the internet. Child phonography is also a huge concern as children are targeted by unruly elements and subjected to horric pictures aimed at inuencing their behavior. Recently cyber criminals have been demonstrating that their activities are becoming more about nancial gain and recognition. Although this was always the motivation, after all the easiest means of making money is to get hold of personal records and sell them on the dark web. We are witnessing a notable increase of attacks for this purpose. To prevent cybercrime from taking place in organisations there is need to employ cyber security. Cyber security is the body of technologies, processes and and practices designed to protect networks, computer programs and data from attack, damage and unauthorized access. This include Application security, Information security, Network security, Operational security. Business continuity plans and End user education. One of the most problematic elements of cyber security is the quality and constantly evolving nature of security risks. In other words the threat is advancing quicker than we can keep up with it. As a result cyber criminals always change their ways and continue to commit crimes and untold damages to unsuspecting people, In conclusion the risk of cybercrime is real and as risk personnel should be able to come up with security measures to minimise this risk. Best Regards

Editor G. Sibanda


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Africa’s own ent Journal Risk Managem > Issue 2> Vol.6# 2017 July-August

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Mar - Apr 2018


Minister Pandor gives a boost to COS initiative … … SAIW to play major role in the welding sector


Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET)

A21 which is aimed at producing: a skilled and capable

training. For the welding industry, it will be Nell's

Minister, Naledi Pandor, at a recent meeting with captains

workforce to support economic growth; an increased

responsibility to help the two chosen colleges to procure

of industry, has emphasised the importance of the

availability of intermediate skills and an increased

the equipment, train the trainers and generally ensure that

department's training initiative to boost youth employment

delivery of properly qualied artisan welders, at the

their infrastructures are in the appropriate condition for

in South Africa. Referred to as the Centres of

Centres of Specialisation.


Specialisation (COS), the programme aims to secure

“The Minister is fully committed to the QCTO programme,

SAIW executive director, Sean Blake, says that Minister

partnerships between the industry and 26 Technical and

which ultimately puts pay to the failed 'Learnership' idea.

Pandor's support of this programme is wonderful news for

Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges,

This is an excellent thing for the welding industry and all

the welding industry. “The Minister has said that national

countrywide, for the training of top artisans in 13 priority

other trades in South Africa,” Nell says.

associations have a key role to play in modernising TVET

trade sectors.

One of Nell's rst tasks was to nd the two welding TVET

colleges' system for the production of intermediate-level

One of these sectors is welding and the Southern African

partners and, after visiting several colleges, the Boland

skills and the SAIW is certainly ready to rise to the

Institute of Welding (SAIW), the leading welding training

College in Worcester and the East Midlands College in

challenge,” he says.

organisation in Africa, has been awarded the contract

Uitenhage were selected. These colleges will run the

He adds that bringing together of all the right players,

from the DHET to act as the 'Quality Custodian' of the

QCTO's 'dual' training system, which combines technical

including the various industries, government and

process in the welding industry.

education and practical training with authentic work

business, in a cohesive programme will do wonders in

Moreover, SAIW's Etienne Nell has been appointed the

experience in a fabricator's workshop.

helping to improve the skills situation in this country. “This

industry's Occupational Team Convener for the

Meanwhile the National Skills Fund has set aside R150

is long overdue and the SAIW commits to doing all it can to

implementation of the Quality Council for Trades and

million to support the partner colleges across all the

make the initiative a success,” he concluded.

Occupations (QCTO) Artisan Welder Curriculum (NOCC –

sectors to ensure they are up-to-date and ready for

Mar - Apr 2018

Carl Hamm embarks on an aggressive growth strategy

Germany-based pipe and pump solutions provider Carl

far quicker to install and maintain than the alternate

deliver major impacts on heavy-duty pumping

Hamm has embarked on an aggressive growth strategy

ange pipe connection,” he highlights.

requirements. The uncomplicated disassembly of the pipe

which has seen it establish a South African subsidiary Carl

ZSM is an axial, non-positive and detachable tight sleeve

section guarantees shorter times (up to a third less time)

Hamm Pipes Pumps Solutions (Pty) ltd business to focus

pipe connection which is ideally suited to hanging

when changing a pump which in an AMD application is

on mining-related dewatering opportunities on the African

pipe/pumping vertical shaft dewatering applications. The

critical. This is highly relevant to the South African

continent using its proven ZSM coupling system. It offers a

patent-protected tight sleeve connection is, according to

environment when AMD generated from the enormous

safe, quick and angeless installation solution which is

the company, a “unique” alternative to other conventional

underground workings of historic gold mines requires

ideally suited to managing acid mine drainage (AMD)

connection systems thanks to its quick and easy

intensive pipe and pumping activity to prevent millions of

While Carl Hamm has not largely focused on the South

assembly/disassembly, space-saving design. The design

litres of water from decanting to surface every day.

African/African market over its 90 year history, Munnick

is available from 50 nb to 1.4 m nb and can be installed in

The system is safe in that staff no longer have to enter the

recognised the potential its ZSM coupling system offered

from surface over 1 400 m.

mine to work on equipment. All is controlled, installed and

in heavy-duty, hanging AMD applications and oversaw its

Basically, the combination of a spigot end, sleeve, O-rings

removed from surface.

successful implementation in all three of the country's

and shearing elements enable pipes to be joined quickly,

Outside of dewatering applications, the hanging

AMD treatment plants across the three Witwatersrand

securely and are also electrically safe – unlike a ange

pipe/pump system is perfectly suited to concrete batch


which takes a signicant time to install and requires

pumping systems which are used for shaft sinking

The design and advantages of the ZSM coupling, noting

attention to detail to ensure accuracy.

projects. Munnick explains that pumping concrete

that ZSM is a German acronym for 'Zo spoedig mogelijk',

The ZSM connection excels owing to its cost effectiveness,

underground works optimally with a perfectly straight pipe

which in English simply translates to 'as quickly as

especially when used with high-performance submersible

system – which is exactly what ZSM delivers.

possible'. “This is the core benet of our system, which is

pumps where time-saving assembly and disassembly

For more info visit:

Mar - Apr 2018


Dekka is the industry leader in packaging machinery tape heads

Dekka is the industry leader in packaging machinery tape heads with technological advances like the no break tape advance system and an open design for easy threading. Being one of the few companies dedicated to tape head manufacturing, we are able to keep a high standard of sizes and can easily be changed to adapt different cases

quality with exible solutions with a variety of tab sizes, lengths and speeds.

with a quick 2 point size change over. The machine is

Dekka offers over 400 unique tape heads to ď€ t on almost

simple and easy to use with helpful pictorial guides and color-coded size change labels. The machine was

every case sealer, erector, former or packer in the market.


This versatility extends to the types of packaging tape and

The DEKKA SE is our agship tape head and the majority of

cases that our tape heads are able to handle as well

our products are based around this design. This tape head

including hot melt, acrylic, rubber, and other types of tapes

is built with premium stainless-steel materials, open side

for cases, boxes, recycled cartons and more. The wide

wall for easy tape threading, and our exclusive No Break

range of our products has driven and been driven by the

Tape Advance for reliable performance. The success of

overwhelming demand for our product. Dekka customers

this tape head is in the details as although the tape head

understand the importance of the quality, reliability and

design is relatively simple, it reliably gets the job done

service that comes with each Dekka tape head.

every single time.

designed with maintenance in mind with easy access to belt and tape head changes.

Dekka has also recently introduced its new machinery line, bringing the same level of quality and reliability from our tape heads to case sealing and erecting machinery. These machines have been designed and built to synergize with Dekka tape heads to bring the highest level of performance and reliability to our customers. Main Products:


DEKKA 100 The DEKKA 100 is a pressure sensitive, bottom belt, semiautomatic case sealer. It is designed to be the perfect pairing for the Dekka tape-head, providing an economic and reliable case sealing solution. It is designed with a heavy-duty structure and space saving design. The DEKKA 100 is able to handle a wide range of case

Mar - Apr 2018

Benets and uses of redeployable devices – Body Worn Camera, Speed Dome and Site Tower

There are multiple benets to implementing a

ASIS Accolades (Security's Best, Judge's Choice, People's

The WCCTV Site Tower is specically designed to provide

Redeployable CCTV programme. With reduced set-up

Choice), a SIA New Product Showcase Award for Best HD

all-in-one site surveillance for temporary sites such as

costs and ease of installation through to scalability and

Surveillance Camera and was a nalist for CCTV Camera

construction, demolition and highways infrastructure

future-proong, WCCTV's clients across both the public

Equipment of the Year at the IFSEC Security and Fire

projects. The Site Tower is a rapid-deployment CCTV

and private sectors have benetted from integrating


system which means that it can be fully operational in

Redeployable CCTV into their monitoring strategy.

The WCCTV 4G HD Speed Dome Camera is a day to night

minutes. The exible power methods make it suitable for

The simple yet functional design of the WCCTV Body Worn

camera with 360° movement, offering the best view and

deployment even in the most remote location because it

Camera lends itself to ease of use, with a simple one-

capturing of events. The camera has no blind spots and is

doesn't require any supporting infrastructure. The Site

button record mechanism. The award-winning Body Worn

used for middle to large scale surveillance areas. The low

Tower is ideal for any temporary, mobile or semi-

Camera's video solutions are fully scalable, making them

streaming bandwidth allows high-quality live video with

permanent applications and it can be installed and moved

suitable for the largest complex law enforcement

no delay. The Speed Dome Camera is mainly useful in

for short to long-term purposes, making it a very

deployments down to single-use cameras. It offers live

terms of safety, but it has other uses as well. Trafc

convenient health and safety measure. The Site Tower is

transmission of video, audio, real-time alerts and GPS

disruption patterns and antisocial behaviour reduction

used for health and safety, which will control any losses on

information via 4G/3G and Wi-Fi connectivity. It enables

are two ways in which the Speed Dome Camera is

site, by providing surveillance.

an operator to connect to the Body Worn Camera in the

necessary for maintaining a safe and secure environment.

WCCTV's continuous product development and customer

eld, view the live video, communicate with the wearer

Receive email alarms and notications of possible

focused approach has lead to ongoing improvements in its

and understand their position via GPS. Alternatively, the

interferences or trafc sent directly to you. The Speed

redeployable CCTV systems. WCCTV prides itself on

wearer can send an alert back to the control room.

Dome Camera is an essential safety must have with a

providing unrivalled customer support and focuses on

The Body Worn Cameras has been named as a nalist in

complete, lightweight integrated unit. The portable and

continual technical product development to meet its

the Safety and Health Excellence Awards (SHE). The

rapidly deployable dome is perfect to move anywhere,

customers changing requirements.

WCCTV Body Worn Camera has previously been awarded 3

inside or outside, because it has a 2MP day/night camera.

Mar - Apr 2018


Weighing up risk

In excess of 60% of the SADC group of countries combined GDP comprises goods that are weighed at some point in their transition to market, whether locally or as exports. Weighing is therefore profoundly important. Risks are Higher in Industrial Sectors Weighing breaks down into basically retail weighing, comprising goods sold through large and small retail outlets, and the much larger component termed industrial weighing. The risks associated with decient weighing within the retail sector are comparatively low, but the same cannot be said for industrial weighing and these risks have been growing. Prior to the advent of the digital age, globalization, expanding trade within the SADC region, the introduction of axle weighing overloading regulations throughout SADC, the introduction of SOLAS regulations which has impacted all global containers exports by sea, industrial weighing was a mundane process involving trucks driving over weighbridges with the results being written down, and eventually captured into an accounting system.


In this “mundane age” of industrial weighing risks of decient weighing were low, and the scale companies providing industrial weighing equipment and services were equally mundane. The business of these participants was essential the installation of scales and the maintenance and repair thereof. Changing Dynamics are Increasing the Risks The term “decient weighing”, includes weighing done on devices that are unapproved, weighing done on devices that are inaccurate, weighing software that is not compliant and weighing software that does not enable real time weighing data to be supplied. Understanding the signicant risks associated with “decient weighing” in today's rapidly changing market place requires one to dissect the associated risks that arise from directly from the new trade dynamics, laws and regulations and technologies that impact on and shape our industrial trade ows in today's global economy. Each of these dynamics and the associated risks can be

summarized as follows: 1. Introduction of axle weighing overloading regulation: In South Africa, the Road Trafc Act 22nd Amendment requires that, for every load, the transporter and or consignor must produce and retain proof that each vehicle in question is loaded to within permissible limits. Government weighing stations both in South Africa and the rest of SADC then weigh vehicles to ensure they are within limits. Failure to be able to prove full compliance with the Road Trafc Act 22nd amendment will result in large potential nes for non- compliance, potential nes for overloading at government weighing stations, the possible required discharging of cargoes at government weighing stations so as remedy overloading causing resultant delays and added costs and nally the possibility of insurance cover being rendered null and void in the event of an accidents. 2. Compliance with SOLAS regulations on containers shipped by sea:

Mar - Apr 2018

Weighing up risk Validity of Transporter's Third Party insurance cover called into question without proof of compliant axle loading and total loading.

IMO SOLAS regulations require that, for every container to be transported by sea, the owner of that cargo must determine the gross mass of the container on an approved weighing device, and must generate documentary proof thereof in a specied format. Failure to comply with these regulations will prevent containers being allowed into departure ports risking delays and added costs. 3. Controlling in transit stock losses The volume and value of goods transported around SADC countries by road are vast. Stock losses in transit can only be controlled and managed if volumes of goods load and the point of loading and the volume of goods discharged at the point of loading are determined with great accuracy.

Weighing is the obvious way of establishing these values, and is highly effective when these values are integrated into an overall ERP system so as to make real time reconciliations possible. Solutions to Mitigate Weighing Related Risks Weighing related risks can only be mitigated through management having access to accurate and compete weighing data on a real-time basis. The provision of these types of solutions are therefore key. While a number of software companies have sought to provide these solutions, they have generally lacked the base weighing knowledge and understanding of weighing devices, which has curtailed their success. With one notable exception, most of the scale companies that historically focused on the supply, servicing and

Mar - Apr 2018

repair of scales, in the “mundane age” of weighing have continued to focus on service and repair of scales. The notable exception is Sasco, which traded as during the mundane age” of weighing as the South African Scale Company. Sasco commenced trading in 1910 and was the market leader during both the mechanical age of weighing and in the in subsequent electronic analogue age of weighing. Sasco transformation into the leading weighing data systems provider has been achieved by securing rights to the most advanced digital weighing technologies, integrating these devices with micro-computer systems capable of providing fully automated weighing solutions and the complete integration of this data to real- time ERP and cloud based solutions.


Businesses can make a difference through correct separation-at-source

South Africa's paper recovery rate is well above the global

Some paper-based items should not be recycled due to

An Australian study showed that paper recycling rose from

average at 68.4% of recoverable paper. This means that

contamination and elements like waxes, foils and glues:

28% with one bin per ofce to 94% when paper trays were

1.4 million tonnes of paper and paper packaging was

dirty paper plates, cigarette butts, tissues, toilet paper,

located on desks.

diverted from landll in 2016, with a majority of this being

paper towel, sticky notes, carbon paper, as well as foil-

paper packaging. This would cover 254 soccer elds.

lined, wax-coated and laminated paper.

Make it easier:

However, it is estimated that less than 10% of businesses

Educate and empower:

· Install paper-only bins in key locations: printing/copying

recycle their used paper and cardboard. “This represent a

· Educate employees and cleaning teams around what is

· Ensure that each desk has a paper-only bin.

signicant opportunity for business, commercial ofce parks and retail outlets to make a difference by not only recycling but setting up systems and infrastructure to make it happen,” says Ursula Henneberry, operations

recyclable and what is not. ·Use printable material available on

stations, meeting and break rooms, kitchen areas and reception. · For every paper-only bin, there should be a general bin alongside it.

· Appoint a recycling champion to manage the programme.

director for the Paper Recycling Association of South Africa

Mistake 4: Not knowing what to do with your recyclables


Mistake 2: Putting wet waste into the recycling bin

Your ofce has collected all this paper but doesn't know

Wet waste – food, tea bags, cigarette butts and soiled

what to do with it.

Recycling reduces waste going to landll, provides raw

take-away containers – contaminates the paper and

material for new products and sustains jobs - in the formal

reduces its value. Paper also starts to degrade once wet.

sector, for small enterprises and waste pickers.

· Assign a sheltered area to keep recycled paper clean and Keep it separate:

Four common recycling mistakes in an ofce environment Henneberry outlines four common recycling blunders with

· Set-up a two-bin system – receptacles for paper-only and bins for food, liquid and non-recyclable waste.

helpful tips to make sure that paper and board remain in a clean and dry condition for effective reprocessing.

How to correct these mistakes: dry. · Partner with a collection agent – a big company, a smaller business or an informal collector. · Support a local school or charity's recycling fundraising

Mistake 3: Making it difcult and time-consuming for


employees to recycle Mistake 1: Putting non-recyclable paper products into the

We are all human. Nobody likes to walk too far to throw

recycling bin

something away.

Mar - Apr 2018


Electrical heat tracing for Ex areas

Electrical heat tracing (EHT), heat tape or cable, is a


Can be cut to length off the roll


Single end power input

system used to maintain or raise the temperature on


Moisture proof


Can be cut off the roll Constant power output per meter

vessels, tanks, pipes and valves. Essentially, it uses an




electrical heating element that runs the length of a pipe;


Approved for use in hazardous areas


Long life cycle


Laying without exact measuring possible

this heating element is then used to regulate temperature. “Electrical heat tracing can assist plant and process



High chemical resistance

managers to alleviate stubborn viscosity sensitive


Frost protection


UV resistance

products and processes. This also ensures that pumps


Heat tracing on level indicators

don't malfunction due to cavitation and pipes don't get


Chemical & petrochemical industries


blocked, mitigating costly repairs and maintenance.”


Tank bottom heating of LNG storage tanks


Vessels, piping, valves

explains, Peter Stone, Managing Director of eltherm South


Pipe heat tracing


Building construction



Vessels and tanks


Food processing industry

eltherm, as an ATEX and IECEx-certied company, fullls




Paper industry

the increased safety standards according to the latest Ex-


Food processing industry


Ex-Box Temperature Controller with Display

Whether it is heating cables, heated hoses, heating mats

Constant Wattage Heating Cable with Resistance Wire

Ex-Box REG/DIS: Complying with latest Ex-protection

and jackets, measurement and control appliances or

These parallel heating cables offer tremendous exibility

directives 94/9/CE (ATEX 95) this electronic temperature

ancillaries – for all its products eltherm has approved

in use, as they can easily be cut to the required length off

controller has been designed and developed especially for

equivalents for heat tracing systems in hazardous

the roll, with the assurance of constant power output.

its use in hazardous areas. Programming and operation is


There is no need for a connecting cable and input can be

done via the integrated operating panel with display.



Self-regulating Heating Cable

It is quick and easy to assemble; this saves a lot of time,

The versatile self-regulating heating cable ELSR-N is

and reduces costs considerably as a result. Since output


Rugged enclosure IP 65

suited for frost protection and temperature maintenance

of up to 60 W/m is possible for lengths laid to piping, ELP


Operation and programming in hazardous

in the low temperature range of industrial applications. It

parallel heating cables are particularly suitable for piping



is approved for use in hazardous areas. The BOT version of

with high output requirements such as in industrial


Increased safety through fail alarm

this heating cable even withstands aggressive chemicals,

process technology.


Integrated heating circuit monitoring

oil and fuel and, thanks to this high chemical resistance,

The particularly temperature resistant outer shell in



stands out for a long lifetime.

Fluoropolymer and the high level of chemical resistance of


the Fluoropolymer ensure a long useful life.




Four nominal outputs


Applications: ·

Hazardous areas


Power plants

Mar - Apr 2018

Electrical heat tracing for Ex areas ·

Chemical & petrochemical




Wastewater treatment plants

This temperature sensor has been designed according to


Oil & gas industries

Ex-Box Limiter with Display

and dust atmosphere. An emphasis on safety, simple


Pharmaceutical industry

The Ex-Box LIM/DIS is a limiter for switching off heating

installation and tting accuracy were the requirements


Plastics industry

circuits in case of excess temperature or current overload.

that our development engineers met.


Wastewater treatment plants

Output signal values for maximum and minimum

Ex standard 94/9/EG especially for use in explosive gas

temperatures are programmable. Programming and


Ex-Box Temperature Controller with LED-Display

operation is done via the integrated operating panel with


Ex-Box REG/LED: Complying with latest Ex-protection


Impact protection (U-prole) for sensor protection


Strain relief by hexagon-swaging

controller has been designed and developed especially for

directives 94/9/CE (ATEX 95) this electronic temperature Advantages:


Bend protection


its use in hazardous areas. Programming and operation is


Rugged enclosure IP 65

done via external Ex-Control manual control.


Operation and programming in hazardous

surrounding electrical components because

Decrease of parasitic coupling from


of uoropolymer shielded sensor cable



Increased safety through fail alarm


Rugged enclosure IP 65


Integrated heating circuit monitoring


I n c r e a s e d s a f e t y, t a m p e r p r o o f, n o



unauthorized adjustments

Applications: ·

Hazardous areas


Power plants


Increased safety through fail alarm



Chemical and petrochemical plants


Integrated heating circuit monitoring


Hazardous areas


Oil and gas industry


Power plants


Varnish and paint



Chemical & petrochemical industries


Heating of instruments, devices and plants


Hazardous areas


Oil & gas industries


Pipe, pump and valve heating


Power plants


Pharmaceutical industry


Chemical & petrochemical industries


Plastics industry

For more information about eltherms full range of


Oil & gas industries


Wastewater treatment plants

electrical heat tracing products, go to,


Pharmaceutical industry


Plastics industry

Mar - Apr 2018

email: or call 011 326 6475. Temperature Sensor


SMART-100 Tramp Metal Detector

A technically advanced Tramp Metal Detection system is

conductive and even some magnetic properties of various

to withstand even the harshest environments. They are

vital in assisting mining companies in eliminating the


encased in impact resistant, weatherproof breglass. The

damage caused to machinery by a tramp metal. Such

This detector has latest technology set of basic features

upper antenna swings away to protect from large

system would save mines costly downtime and repairs to

and is designed to operate in a very wide and difcult


damaged processing equipment such as crushers and

range of applications. It is compatible with steel corded

Marking device marks the exact location of metal which trips

mills. Unfortunately, many available tramp metal

belts as well as the belts where the steel clips are used for

the detector by means of bright colorant spray. This feature

detectors false trip on ores such as copper, iron ore,


helps to nd buried metals and saves search time thus

manganese, vanadium, coal with pyrite, etc. due to

SMART 100 tramp metal detector systems are custom

improving production.

conductive and sometimes magnetic properties of the

made to suit each user's particular application. Each

Overall it is the most advanced tramp metal detection


detector system is subjected to extensive testing both at

system available worldwide that can be used in a very wide

PJ Tech has just the solution to address such challenges

the sub-assembly level and after nal assembly to ensure

and difcult range of applications.

faced by the mines in detecting tramp metal in the form of

best performance and complience of electrical safety

Average production lead time per detector is less than a

their SMART-100 Tramp Metal Detector. This



technologically advanced system detects magnetic and

The transmitter and receiver antennas are manufactured

non-magnetic pieces of tramp metal while ignoring


Mar - Apr 2018

Solutions for Recovery boilers and Coal red boilers The solutions used by Heat Management are: ·

Infrasound fouling prevention


Optimized steam soot blowing

Infrasound fouling prevention Recovery boilers typically suffer from build-up of deposits in the duct between ECO and ESP (electrostatic precipitator). Infrasound cleaning (low frequency acoustic cleaning) is a fouling prevention method with unique power and cleaning range. Typical results are: -Solving clogging issues -Drastically reduced need for manual cleaning -Stable pressure drop over the duct Optimized steam soot blowing of In coal red boilers the applications are mainly

retractable soot blowers

technology constitutes a step-change in soot blowing technology, doubling the capacity (starts per day) without installing more soot blowers or consuming more steam. If

Economizers, Rotating Air Preheaters (RAPH) and SCR catalysts.

Soot blowers in recovery boilers are generally operated

more starts is not top priority, the technology can be used

non-stop, to keep the ue gas path clean and prevent the

for saving 50 % of the steam consumed by sootblowers.

Typical results are:

fouling and sintering of accumulations on heat exchanger

-Stable pressure drop over RAPHs and SCRs

surfaces. In many cases this is not enough, with resulting

-Heavily reduced or eliminated use of steam soot blowing

downtime for manual cleaning. Heat Management's

To sum up, by equipping the sootblowers with our

-Reduced wear of heat exchanging surfaces

optimization can increase soot blowing capacity by 100

actuators for regulating the steam ow locally we can

%, without installing more soot blowers or steam headers. obtain: Infrasound system operation

By introducing a simple local control on each soot blower

The infrasound (15-30 Hz sound) is typically

steam (poppet) valve, existing soot blowers can be

-Up to 50 % reduced steam consumption of the steam soot blowers

surfaces clean continuously during boiler

upgraded to one-way soot blowing, without taken the boiler down and disrupting the chemical recovery process. -Double the soot blowing frequency During boiler shutdown, the control system is upgraded to -A combination of above


achieve overlapping operation of soot blowers. The

generated for 2 seconds every 4 minutes, keeping the heat transfer surfaces of catalyst

Compressed air, 6-8 bar(g) (85-115 pis(g)) is used. The powerful infrasound waves are transferred to the ue gas, increasing the turbulence temporarily and ushing ash from surfaces before it has accumulated/sintered into thick layers. The infrasound has a cleaning range and cleaning effect far superior to other types of acoustic cleaning, typically using 75-300 Hz. 12 infrasound generator are enough to cover a large cleaning area, such as a whole goose-neck duct after a recovery boiler or a whole SCR reactor on a coal red boiler. Mar - Apr 2018

Local actuator on sootblower poppet valve


Building design must incorporate effective disaster management

All building designs must incorporate effective disastermanagement systems to allow for safe escape and the control of re and smoke. A minor design aw could potentially place people, equipment, and property at risk of death and destruction, ASP Fire CEO Michael van Niekerk warns. All buildings in South Africa need to comply with the requirements of the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act, 1977 (Act No. 103 of 1977), Fire Protection, as set out in SANS 10400 Part T: 2011. Effective re-safety solutions take into account the dimensions and construction of the building, the materials used, and the occupancy and storage of items. These all fall within the prescriptive requirements set out in SANS 10400-T. Any digression from the prescriptive requirements requires a rational design to be completed in accordance with the re engineering methodology framework requirements of BS 7974. The Application of Fire Safety Engineering Principles to the Design of Buildings, supported by the published documents, form an integral part of the BS 7974 framework. A rational design is the performance-based design of re safety and prevention mechanisms and strategies in a building in order to provide the same or better re safety levels of the National Building Regulations, where the prescriptive requirements cannot be applied. This process is not elective, inasmuch as that only certain parts of the framework may be used, or that the results of the process are subjective or optional.


A rational design commences with a re-risk consultant such as ASP Fire visiting the premises, or reviewing a set of new building plans, to undertake a comprehensive evaluation of all areas of the property to inspect all areas of re safety and risk in detail. Correct and proper re-engineering principles are applied to ensure that the design complies with the life, building, re behavioural, and environmental re- safety objectives required by law. According to Van Niekerk, the three main causes of re are electrical, arson and heating equipment. “In the event of a major re that results in immense damage and the possible death of occupants, the re engineer will be held liable. Rational design takes into account the behaviour of a building during a re, meaning the structure must be designed accordingly, thereby minimising any potentially devastating impact.” Fires can be dealt with through three main actions. The rst is controlling the growth of the re to prevent it from spreading. The next is suppression, which involves cooling the re rapidly. Finally, extinguishing the re means that there is no heated substance remaining. Evacuation should also be safe and easy, while allowing unrestricted access for emergency services. The installed re-detection system must be able to detect the re as soon as possible, warn occupants, and allow them to escape in time. The qualitative review under rational design includes an architectural review, re- safety objectives, re hazards and risks, trial re- safety designs, and worst-case re scenarios for analysis. For example, consultants often ignore the building roof's geometry, and the required

substitute rectangular volume used in smoke - ll formulae. The next step is quantitative analysis according to BS7974. Here the main focus is on the development of re within the enclosure of origin, the spread of smoke, structural response and re spread beyond the enclosure of origin, detection of re and activation of re-protection systems, re- services intervention, and evacuation of occupants. Assessment against criteria is the nal step, where the re - safety designs developed during the engineering analysis are assessed to ensure that the objectives established at the beginning of the process are, in fact, met. Upon the completion of the re-risk assessment and drafting the rational design report, ASP Fire provides the client with practical actions to implement. The report comprises a detailed and documented objective re-risk assessment, as well as re-engineering calculations and analysis where required, covering all aspects of re risk and safety. “This guides the client in protecting its business, employees, and customers by providing prioritised recommendations for action, in order to rectify problem areas and strengthen existing re-safety procedures. This also ensures that the client complies with re-safety regulations for the protection of life, property, and the environment,” Van Niekerk elaborates. As part of its value-added service, ASP Fire also works closely with insurance brokers and underwriters to address a client's re risk based on the outcomes of the

Mar - Apr 2018

Building design must incorporate effective disaster management re - safety risk assessment report. This assists in preventing damage to property and products, loss of life, nancial loss, consequential loss of prot, loss of productivity, and insurance repercussions. “We also provide ammable liquid store designs and certication, special-risk re protection systems, visual safety awareness programs, SHEQ safety le drafting and implementation, emergency response and business continuity plans, emergency evacuation plan design,

emergency evacuation drills, and re equipment training,” adds Van Niekerk. ASP Fire also offers standardised and customised client training. “The client has the option to select a standard re risk and safety course, or have a customised training programme developed around individually specic needs, or the areas indicated in the re safety risk assessment report,” he states.

ASP Fire Contact Michael van Niekerk ASP Fire CEO Phone: +27 (0) 11 452 2169 Cell: +27 (0) 83 779 1701 Fax: +27 (0) 86 505 1030 Email: michael@asp Web: www.asp

Mar - Apr 2018


Surveillance System from Secu-Systems

Charles Harrison of Secu-Systems says that in essence

inside out , says Harrison. This allows for 360° wide area

kilometre available on the market.

there has been a fundamental change from traditional

surveillance solutions. On large sites that include

Thermal tags issued to enrolled users and utilised in

perimeter intruder detection systems. Typically, mining

opencast mines or even country borders, physical barriers

conjunction with thermal cameras, allow mines to

operations now tend to spend less money on installing

do still play a role but detection options such as high-end

differentiate friend from foe. Harrison cautions that

physical barriers such as fences and have moved towards

thermal and day/night HD camera solutions are being

because this is a military application, end user

investment in bre based technology, wireless point to

strategically deployed in high-site locations.

certication is required.

point , camera following camera or beams, typical

This deployment is often coupled with Australian-

He adds that commercial cameras can attain detection

intrusion solutions on critical infrastructure internally, due

developed Panoptes military type Moving Target Indication

radiuses of only 2.5 km, whereas military-spec cameras,

to the complexity of operations and the sheer distances

software. This allows long-range ground-based

such as the FLIR HRC-X, can attain detection distances of

that need to be covered.

surveillance sensors to cover 20 to 30 times more area

up to 17.8 km or the FLIR PT-602CZ can attain target

He adds that another prompting factor towards additional

with the same assets. Further, it allows for multiple target

detections up to 9.2km. This makes these cameras

technology adoption is that once an intrusion has been

identication and tracking autonomously and

extremely benecial on large sites and in ambient

detected, the time taken for a reaction team to nd and

simultaneously. Cameras can easily detect movement

conditions of total darkness, smoke, dust and light fog.

reach that point is often excessive, with criminals having

down to 4 pixels.

Worth noting is that while thermal cameras give users the

entered the facility and further detection proving nigh

This software can also be coupled with ground radar in

ability to see what is going on, irrespective of the level of

impossible due to the vast area to be covered.

areas that allow for it, such as fairly at areas whereby

light and in adverse weather conditions (since they rely on

The trend is to institute the peeling-onion strategy from the

slew to cue options can be used. The cost benets are that

heat to detect movement or motion), they cannot be used

it is the surveillance system cheapest per square


Mar - Apr 2018

Surveillance System from Secu-Systems for personal identication purposes. Therefore, a combination of thermal and traditional cameras is suggested as best practice. Return on investment through surveillance camera adoption is guaranteed. Harrison cites the case of a mine that is currently installing new cameras. “The actuaries have performed calculations on the four new cameras in terms of their cost effectiveness and in only three weeks the cameras paid for themselves twice over. This was primarily due to the fact that each week their footage led to the arrest of between 80 and 100 Illegal miners. Incurred losses from illegal mining have been totally obliterated. The successes we have experienced here have led to us embarking on a drive to enter the anti-poaching arena with our technology solutions.”

Mar - Apr 2018


GMAW Automated pipe spool welding solution: “Rotoweld”

Rotoweld 3.0,( Twin Bay) Automated pipe spool welding machine The Rotoweld is a fully automated pipe welding work cell

“Welding one dia-inch per minute with the Rotoweld”

travel speed, wire feed rate, arc voltage and weaving

developed specically for industrial pipe prefabrication,

The Rotoweld can completely weld for example 12” carbon

width, constantly adapting the process to varying

small pressure vessels manufacturing or other similar 1G

steel pipe with standard wall in only 12 minutes. The

conditions such as changes in gap, alignment, root face,


Rotoweld 3.0 welds the root with GMAW and the ll and the

or temperature.

It integrates machine vision, adaptive control and robotics

cap with GMAW, FCAW or SAW.

full-penetration root pass in an open bevel joint represents

technology in a complete dedicated solution that is fast

Optional you can choose to work with a single bay or twin

the epitome of pipe welding skill, and this applies in the

and offers full penetration 1G high quality welding. This

bay, obviously the twin bay system has major advantages

fabrication of pipe spools; that is, a subassembly of pipes

system is up to 5 times faster than SMAW and uses GMAW

and it also is the most sold one. The twin bay is the most

and ttings welded in pipe shops and then sent into the

for the root, the hot pass and the cap. The work cell will

efcient and most obvious one to purchase because of the

eld. If the welder deposits metal too far above the weld

process spools from 4” to 42”. The Rotoweld welding torch

efcient way of work on two bays at the same time and the

pool, it sinks and cools prematurely, so fusion

is standing still and the pipe spool rotates on the idler

higher output this leads too.

is incomplete. But if the welder keeps the arc in front of the

Adaptive control during welding

toward the root and, voila! he gets a full-penetration root

rollers. It can weld pipe to pipe and pipe to tting connections and welds carbon steel pipes with standard wall in one dia-inch per minute!! Not only is it fast also it is

The vision based welding technology enables the operator

pass that should pass muster. The Rotoweld has the

easy to operate and erases human errors in the welding

to control the complete process.

knowledge of highly experienced welder and will therefore

process by its adaptive control. This results that even not

The system continuously analyses the image of the root

for come lack of fusion by it's adaptive control. The

experienced welders can perform quality welds after

weld pool picked up by a video camera

operator should only monitor the welding process and

training by us.


weld pool, and at just the right height, hot metal ows

incorporated in the welding arm. Unique algorithms use

might now and then correct the welding process when the

this information to adjust welding parameters such as

system provides a signal.

Mar - Apr 2018

GMAW Automated pipe spool welding solution: “Rotoweld” In 2014 the company released the third iteration of the

The Rotoweld is a machine that belongs to our portfolio of

Telephone :+31-(0)183441313

technology, Rotoweld 3.0, which uses a

machinery and really has major competitive advantages

Contact sales

: Mr. Bertels

custom robot to perform 1G girth welds. The robot arm

compared to other automated welding station. The main



performs the root, ll, and cap passes with one

advantage is that it adaptive control is incorporated in the

welding gun, though the system still can be congured

machine, the positive aspect of this feature is that the

with multiple processes. For instance, a thick walled pipe

welding parameters are adapted on the situation the

might call for gas metal arc welding (GMAW) for the root

camera encounters during the welding process and in the

pass and submerged arc welding

weld pool.

(SAW) for the ll and cap passes.


Visit our dedicated website for this machine on The main advantage of the Rotoweld 3.0: ·

High quality welding: the machine offers awless root welding automatically.


Root, ll and cap can be done with GMAW in one set up.


High productivity : The GMAW is much faster than TIG welding processes


The machine has a large range of pipe diameters : from OD 4” to 42”


For root welding the LINCOLN STT welding source is available

Copier Bevel Machines (C.B.M) sells the Rotoweld as an agent in EUROPE, AFRICA and MIDDLE EAST countries for the Canadian company TECNAR. Further more Copier Bevel Machines is a machine manufacturer based in the Netherlands and focusses on stationary equipment for the pipe fabrication industry. Copier Bevelmachines manufacturers and sells worldwide pipe bevelling machines, pipe cutting and bevelling machines, pipe end working machines, cnc pipe machining centres and pipe roll grooving machines. We also sell custom made machinery for machining ends of ttings, cylinders, axis and shafts. Mar - Apr 2018


A-Gas South Africa launches US refrigerant-recovery service The company is achieving this through its association with Rapid Recovery of the US, which it acquired in 2016. A-Gas South Africa introduced its Rapid Recovery service offering for the local market at a media event held on the 1st and 2nd November 2017 at supplier Metraclark in Cape town and Johannesburg respectively. The event was attended by Rapid Recovery MD Adam Dykstra. The company is not only the largest refrigerant recovery company in the US, but in the world. “We recover more refrigerant than any other single company globally,” he reveals. “Anywhere there is a regulatory compliance for a contractor, or a demand for such compliance from a customer, there is a need for high-speed refrigerant recovery solutions,' Dykstra explains. He adds that the recovery equipment available to contractors today is offthe-shelf and bulky. “We offer a service that essentially encompasses both a technical, compliance and legal solution. We not only assist contractors in complying with the law, but also give their own customers peace-of-mind that they are dealing with professionals well-versed in the latest technology and trends.” One of these latest trends is the A-Gas Rapid Recovery

Mar - Apr 2018

service, which offers contractors the latest equipment. “Our train from refrigerant coming in and going straight to machines are based on the simple concept of a compressor the atmosphere through a piece of equipment that is and a condenser. It basically recovers refrigerant from one not properly maintained or inefcient. By recapturing it unit to another really fast, in order to prevent it from venting and bringing it back onto the market, we also reduce the quantity of new refrigerant that needs to be to the atmosphere.” “SANS 10147 regulations have specic refrigerant recovery, produced, thereby lowering the global footprint.” tracking, handling, and documentation requirements. A-Gas Dykstra highlights that Rapid Recovery launched in the UK and Europe earlier this year, and will launch in Rapid Recovery provides all necessary documentation electronically to clients,” A-Gas South Africa National Sales Australia in 2018, as part of its overall globalisation strategy. “South Africa is now compatible with the US Manager Michael Labacher explains. “Rapid Recovery is performed by us, while the contractor as far as refrigerant recovery speed is concerned. The team can utilise its specialised skills to diagnose and repair playing eld has denitely been levelled here with the the equipment, rather than handling empty and full recovery advent of the A-Gas South Africa Rapid Recovery cylinders, and waiting on traditional recovery equipment. service.” Custom-made petrol-operated machines are typically ten Dykstra stresses that extensive technical support is provided to all Rapid Recovery technicians, who times faster than a contractor's 'buzz box' (recovery receive two-week' intensive training in the US, machine),” Labacher elaborates. followed by four-weeks local training, which includes Dykstra cautions that venting occurs when a line to a machine is simply cut, or it develops a leak, allowing the legal and technical aspects. The A-Gas Rapid Recovery service is applicable to the heating, refrigerant to escape into the atmosphere. “The correct ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, demolition, thing to do is to capture that refrigerant, keep it from and marine industries. damaging the ozone layer and also from causing global warming, clean it, and bring it back onto the market.” The A-Gas Rapid Recovery solution “stops that one-way


Biological Infectious Waste Disposal Systems

Cradle to Grave Waste Management

We offer a range of thermal and non-thermal destruction

and veried. We are in the process of introducing radio

One of Averda South Africa's key offerings is end-to-end

and treatment solutions at Averda South Africa's owned

frequency identication (RFID) tracking which will

Health Care Risk Waste (HCRW) management that is

and operated facilities to satisfy both your regulatory

automate tracking and record keeping processes. Weight

compliant with the strictest industry regulations. An end-

demands and the rigorous legislative requirements

and location details will automatically be recorded along

to-end solution is important because, according to the

associated with this waste stream.

all phases of the waste management journey. The

Waste Act, generators have a legal duty to ensure their

automation of this process will enhance data integrity and

waste is responsibly managed. Therefore, it is essential to

Waste Receptacles

assist our clients with record keeping according to strict

know a reputable provider is in charge of the whole

We supply the top of the range certied waste receptacles,

legislative requirements.

process, from segregation, containerisation and collection

specic to our clients' requirements, to ensure that

Weighing and tracking waste is important to ensure that all

of waste to treatment and nal disposal.

healthcare waste is safely contained, easy to transport

waste is accounted for as it progresses from the point of origin to nal disposal at landll. The effective

and easy to identify. Waste Treatment

management of this process is essential to ensure that

Averda South Africa prescribes the same treatment

Tracking and Control

methods to sanitary waste that are prescribed to HCRW,

All waste output is recorded, itemised, weighed, scanned

hazardous waste is dealt with safely and effectively.

going beyond-compliance in the treatment of potentially infectious materials. While most sanitary waste providers treat waste on-site using chemical processes, Averda South Africa either incinerates or uses high-tech non-burn electro-thermal deactivation (ETD) facilities to ensure all inherent pathogens are neutralised from waste prior to disposal. Averda South Africa is a national leader in the safe collection, transport and treatment of infectious, pathological, sharps and pharmaceutical waste streams.


Mar - Apr 2018

A unique, innovative concept for the ultimate solution of material ow problems

Flow Industries' Silo-Flow system employ a technology

less efcient. For hard buildups like in high-temperature

using a new, proven concept of cyclical sudden, high-

the compressed air from the pressure tank into a storage

facilities, air cannons slightly reduce the rate of buildup

pressure air discharges (up to 3000 PSI or 200 bars) for

or process vessel and this discharge is supposed to break

formation but are very inefcient to clean them or

eliminating blockages and accumulations in all types of

down accumulations and blockages.

maintain the surface clean.

silos, hoppers, bins and bunkers at cement, chemical and

In many cases, the maximum pressure amplitude of 100

Cardox is a method of converting liquid carbon dioxide into

steel plants as well as at power stations. Limitation of existing solutions


compressed up to 100 PSI (7 bar). The cannon releases

psi of traditional air blasters is not sufcient to do the job

gas inside the tube containing at one end a bursting disc.

effectively. To overcome the disadvantage of low power

Gas rapidly expanding in the tube breaks the disc and

discharges, plants usually install a great number of

creates a blast outside the tube. The method is used

Existing solutions of bulk material ow are usually air

cannons. Since bulk material has usually cracks and

mostly to clean hard buildups in high-temperature

blasters or cannons and Cardox. An air cannon consists of

holes, a part of the air released by the cannon immediately

facilities and creates only a single blast per charge. The

a fast-acting normally-closed valve and a pressure tank.

escapes over the paths of the least resistance, causing

method is inconvenient and expensive while has a

The tank may be of various capacities and is lled with air

immediate pressure drop and making the process even

potential to damage the refractory.

Mar - Apr 2018

A unique, innovative concept for the ultimate solution of material ow problems Silo-Flow™

Silo-Flow™ Device working principle. The SFD working

gypsum, causing severe ow and operational problems

General. The Silo-Flow™ patented technology has been

principle is based on a unique innovative concept of

industrywide, regardless of the gypsum bin design or

developed and marketed worldwide by Flow Industries

continuous ring of blasts triggered by the incoming

cover. These ow problems signicantly impact

Ltd. Silo-Flow™ devices (SFDs) are pneumatic devices

high-pressure gas. Pressure of the gas owing into the

productivity, to the extent that cement manufacturers

for sudden multi-pulse release of air compressed at up to

device governs the ring power. The higher the gas

avoid replacing natural gypsum with synthetic.

3000 psi (200 bar) into the plant storage or process vessel

pressure, the stronger the ring pulse. In general, the

Like many other cement plants, the Lehigh plant in

to meet unique application requirements.

SFD consists of two chambers separated by a piston.

Alabama tried to replace natural gypsum with synthetic,

When air is fed into the device, the inlet chamber is

but experienced severe problems with the ow of synthetic gypsum in its feeder bins although there was no problem

Operation. Silo-Flow™ system consists of SFD, a control

lled more quickly and has a higher pressure than the

panel (CP), one or two standard high-pressure tanks and a

pressurized chamber. This keeps the piston in a closed

with natural gypsum ow. Despite the installed air cannons (several per bin), the gypsum bins would

dedicated high-pressure compressor (Figure 1). The

(charged) position (See Figure 2A). As gas continues to

compressor supplies air to the high-pressure tanks, which

ll the SFD, the pressure in the pressurized chamber

severely clog with the synthetic gypsum, so the plant continued using the more expensive natural material. The

are connected to the SFD by a high-pressure tubing

increases and becomes close to that of the Inlet

through a normally closed CP valve, so that in the standby

chamber. Because of the different piston surfaces

plant engineers were frustrated with the continued

mode the SFD is not under pressure. The SFD is attached

exposed to the chambers, the piston is eventually forced

inability to use to the synthetic gypsum. When they heard

to the vessel wall by a mounting socket enabling insertion

towards the inlet chamber and opens the discharge

that Silo-Flow technology assured continuous and stable

of the SFD nozzle into the vessel. The system can be

ports releasing the energized compressed air stored in

material ow, they decided to try it at the plant.

activated from the control room by a standalone timer or

the pressurized chamber (See Figure 2B). This burst of

The plant had the device re for 25 seconds (5 'shots')

manually by opening the CP valve and allowing the

air is directed into the storage or process vessel through

every 20 min at about half its maximum power (1500 psi).

compressed air from the cylinders to ow freely into the

release tunnels alongside the SFD body. When the

After several trials with various mixtures of synthetic and

SFD. As soon as compressed air reaches the SFD, it

compressed air reaches the vessel and atmospheric

natural gypsum, they moved to 100% synthetic gypsum.

continuously creates powerful air pulses (blasts) with the

pressure inside, the sudden jump in pressure inside the

The SFD maintained continuous material ow of 100%

frequency of one pulse per three or four seconds as long as

vessel creates an instant shock wave and a strong

synthetic gypsum at all times. The plant achieved huge

the air supply is activated. Each such pulse results in a

turbulent air ow throughout the material inside.

savings with the move to 100% synthetic gypsum and paid back the investment in less than a year.

shock wave followed by a high velocity air stream. The shock wave and air stream inside the plant vessel

Silo-Flow replacing natural gypsum with synthetic

dislodge any blockage or build-ups inside. The SFD is


Silo-Flow eliminates y ash and coal blockage in power

programmed to 're' at predetermined intervals,

The availability and low cost of synthetic gypsum (a by-

plant hoppers.

depending on the application. In addition, air pressure is

product of power plant activity) has enabled cement

Ashkelon power station in Israel, like many other plants,

fully controlled from as low as 300 psi (20 bar) to 3000 psi

producers to reduce the demand for mined (natural)

experienced severe ow problems with their y ash and

(200 bar).

gypsum. But synthetic gypsum is a cohesive material and

coal hoppers.

has much more problematic properties than natural

efciency, raised maintenance expenses, and caused

These problems affected process

costly process interruptions. Air cannons (several per hopper) couldn't solve the problem. The plant searched for an efcient and safe method to prevent such problems, and chose Silo-Flow system. The plant installed one Silo-Flow device per hopper and that was enough to solve completely the plant material ow problems. gypsum and paid back the investment in less than a year.

High-pressure compressor

High-pressure Air Tanks Control Panel

Silo-Flow™ Device

Typical Silo-Flow™ System Configuration

Mar - Apr 2018


Powder King®

Powder King®, founded in 2003 by respected industry

looks as if the future is very promising for those numbers

professional Jim Hummel, has provided over 40 years of

to substantially increase.

fabricating services, including manufacturing and

The Powder King® line of Pulverizing systems have been

corporate services. Powder King® has been producing

proven to be the workhorse of the Plastics Industry

our unique design of Single and Dual Mill Pulverizers for

throughout the world. Powder King® has always been a

over 15 years. In that short period of time they have rmly

company that looks forward to the future and also listens

taken the lead in the design and capability of Pulverizing

to their customers. “The only way to be the best is to listen

Machinery. With machines installed and producing

and gather great ideas from your employees, a customer,

consistent product worldwide, Powder King's reputation

or your piers within the industry. We need to constantly be

for quality and dependability has grown as fast as our

aware of any opportunity to learn something new and

customer base.

improve or services,” says Hummel. Powder King® has

Powder King® has been at the forefront of machine

and will always be on the forefront of the Pulverizing

design, now with 4 generations of our pulverizing system

Industry. The future for Powder King® will continue to be

designs we have the ultimate pulverizing system for all our

innovative and remain a wise investment to their

customer requirements. Our last design change, our


Velocity Series® is a game changer in this industry and

The pulverizers are manufactured in Anthem, AZ, in a modern, well equipped facility with many contemporary tooling centers, support equipment and disk sharpening machines. We are sure you recognize how important it is to have the in-house capability to quickly produce replacement parts should it become necessary. Additional service and technical expertise is provided by skilled professionals that are very well versed in all

aspects of the pulverizing technology. For more information, please contact Jim Hummel at or visit our website at


Mar - Apr 2018


The Tubebarrier is a temporary ood defence; quick and

The principle is that we use the upcoming water from the

can be folded back together in the box and easily be

easy to deploy to prevent ooding of water in urban and

ood to stop the same water. So "Fighting water with

transported to a storage facility for reusing. This way 100

rural environments. As well in case of industrial


meter Tubebarrier can fold back to 6 meter.

leakage/seepage or temporary water storage.

The Tube consists of a hollow tunnel that is held up by

Added value / main differentiating element from conventional approach(es)

Which hazard(s) is the innovation designed to mitigate?

reinforcing slats, with a stability ap in front of it. When

Fluvial oods: resulting from discharges that exceed ood

the water rises, the water runs on the ap and also in the

Quickly to deploy (100 m/hr with 4 people) and to remove.

protection levels; the high-river discharges are caused by

Tube itself, because there are inlet holes at the bottom of

Cheap, efcient and secure. Alternatives are slower, more

heavy precipitation in the river basin.

the Tube. Due to the weight and therefore the pressure of

difcult to organize during times of oods and less exible

Heavy local precipitation (rainfall events): results in 1)

the water, the Tubebarrier gets its stability. The innovation

for different surface conditions.

(urban) oods due to exceedance of drainage capacity,

works through so-called communicating vessels: when

and 2) ash oods, dened as rapid ooding of low-lying

the water is high the tube lls up and as soon as the water

Critical success factors

areas, generally within a few hours after heavy rainfall

is gone the tube empties itself.

Success factors:

events such as thunderstorms.

- Quick to place; installation doesn't need much people The Tubebarrier is capable for overow (not turning over

and equipment.

How does the innovation work?

once the water reaches a level higher than its capacity),

- Relatively cheap; for installation of a permanent ood

The Tubebarrier is an innovative temporary exible ood

which increases the safeguarding properties. The

defence is more complex.

barrier that can be installed without the use of electricity,

Tubebarrier is stored like an accordion (compact) and

- Reusable; can be used more than once.

pumps, compressed air and / or a lot of manpower. The

installed quick with a short installation guideline. The

- Multi-use on different locations; one Tubebarrier can be used at multiple locations.

Tubebarrier consists of elements of 10 meters that can

barrier is xed into the ground with ground plates or

easily be connected to each other, by a special design

anchors (depends on the surface), and operates

zipper, making the temporary dike as long as necessary.

independent from electricity. After usage, the Tubebarrier

Mar - Apr 2018


Gt Sonic Cleaning

Guangdong G T Ultrasonic Co, Ltd (GT Sonic) was


unwanted matter. In addition it is used to clean

tank ARS housing. It also comes with a basket and watch

established in 2003 and is a unique public company in

Applications mainly for extraction of agriculture, food,

holder. After cleaning the subjects will be as clean as new.

ultrasonic cleaning. The company boasts of more than 50

cosmetics, and other industry specic cleaning utensils

All the products offered by the company re certied

patents with more than 12 years' experience in the

and ingredients for extraction of emulsication

ensuring that they meet the industrial standards for such

industry. It is this experience which has enabled the



company to come up with different series of products to

The D Series ultrasonic cleaner is used widely in

All these products come highly recommended. I only spoke

carter for the different needs of the different industries.

laboratory, medical/dental, gem/jewelery, optics,

of 3 series however they are several series offered by the

The following are the product series offered by the

electronics, automotive, industry, pharmaceutical to

company. For more details you can visit their website.

company: Household ultrasonic cleaner, Ultrasonic

provide simple effective results for cleaning objects. The

sterilising cleaner, Tabletop ultrasonic cleaner, Industrial

whole range of G Sonic ultra-sonic products are designed

Ultrasonic cleaner, Ultrasonic medical equipment and

to give the best in cleaning. Those who have used the

Ultrasonic environmental protection equipment.

application have highly recommended it as a very

The GT Sonic –T Series ultrasonic cleaner is designed to

effective cleaning application.

carter for optical, mechanical, electronic, jewelery, metal

The Household Ultrasonic cleaner VGT-800/VGT-

parts, assembles, electronic tools, circuits boards and

200/VGT1000 is produced to carter for the home. Its

other cleaning applications. It is the best choice for object

function is to clean CD, VCD and DVD. It has the following

cleaning slits, grooves, deep hole, blind hole, surface

features: countdown digital display, a transparent lid with

cleaning removing oil, rust oxide and many other

blue light for viewing the cleaning process, stainless steel

Mar - Apr 2018

Mar - Apr 2018


Fire & Security Techniques introduces new range of local zone valves

Fire & Security Techniques CEO Neil Hughes explains that

automatically after discharge.

standby, in order to protect all the affected areas from re

the valve acts as a selector valve, directing the gas to the

Hughes highlights that using a main and reserve bank with


correct zone. Controlled electrically, the valve is used to

a sequence of zone valves, the system can discharge

“This process will also allow for cylinders to be removed

control the ow of Inergen re-extinguishing agent. Made

Inergen agent into the desired area, and thereby

and relled without any system redundancies occurring,”

of brass and stainless steel, the ZSV-25 weighs 2.3 kg,

extinguish any re. Following this, the system will reset

Hughes concludes.

with a 62 mm diameter, and measuring 135 mm by 155

automatically, with the reserve bank cylinders now on

mm. “The valve uses system pressure to operate the valve mechanism. When the solenoid is powered, the system pressure will force the valve open until the system pressure drops below 0.2 MPa, when it closes automatically,” Hughes explains. The valve must be pressurised on the inlet in order to be able to function properly. The valve's state can be monitored electrically when it is open and pressurised. Monitoring with additional equipment is also possible via the 3.5 mm activation ports. The pneumatic activation chamber is designed with a small leakage to protect the valve from unwanted activation caused by small leakages into the activation chamber. Once the valve is open, it remains so until the system pressure has dropped below 2 bar. It closes


Fire & Security Techniques CEO Neil Hughes

Mar - Apr 2018

I-CAT can customise re-suppression systems for mining environments

Poor maintenance and bad operator practice are some of

“A major factor easily overlooked is that re-suppression

provide the best possible solution for the specic risk.

the biggest contributors to res in mining vehicles, I-CAT's

systems are generally not installed to protect the vehicles

With our T-Rotor Technology, we provide customers with

Head of the Fire division, Andro Gibhard points out. In

or equipment, but to save the lives of the operator and

various options to mitigate all of the identied risks, even

some cases, the re suppression system installation itself

those around the vehicle. This is why it is important to

protecting the operator inside the cab,” Gibhard adds.

was deemed erroneously to be the cause of a re, as the

conduct a formal risk assessment agreed upon by all

In a recent major re incident on a mine, the I-CAT VPS

suppression hoses allegedly chafed against the fuel or

stakeholders, including the client, consultant, and service

system delivered beyond expectation, with an operator's

hydraulic lines, thus causing them to rupture and spray


life saved after being exposed to over 1 000°C for more

fuel on hot engine surfaces.

“Use this as your basis, and then see if the product in

than ten seconds. “This is just one of the cases where it

One of the biggest underground res in South Africa to date

question will speak to the risks identied,” Gibhard

has been amply demonstrated that the systems provided

was attributed to an operator running a vehicle with the

elaborates. “This is part of the fresh approach that I-CAT

by,” Gibhard concludes.

emergency brake engaged. Parked next to other vehicles

brings to re suppression in mining vehicles.” An Original

during a shift change, the brakes overheated to the point

Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) with a dedicated

where the tyres began to burn. With no one present to

research and development department, I-CAT recognises

douse the re early enough, it spread quickly to other

the need to customise equipment to speak to the specic

vehicles, leading to the nightmare scenario of the mine

risks identied.

having to close the shaft due to the danger posed.

“Providing unique technology patented around the world,

“The fact that a mining vehicle is tted with a re-

we are currently at the leading edge of technology

suppression system is meaningless if it is not

advances in the vehicle re-suppression market

accompanied by an action plan in the event of an incident,

internationally,” Gibhard stresses. An example of this

as well as proper training of operators on how to respond in

innovation is the I-CAT Fire Division's TRT-VPS-FM

the event of any re incidents.” A major problem in the

system, an acronym for T-Rotor Technology – Vehicle

mining industry is that customers often install re-

Protection System – Foam Mist. T-Rotor Technology is the

suppression systems simply in order to be compliant,

internationally-patented low-pressure mist system

without proper understanding of the system itself, or its

powering the division's extensive product range.

specic requirements.

This includes protection for not only vehicle systems, but

“Most procurement decisions about what to install are

also for conveyor belts (drive, take-up, and tail-end),

based on cost, which often means the cheapest system is

hydraulic power packs, transformers, and generators.

installed, and not necessarily the correct system for that

These are all stored-water pressure systems, which

particular application,” Gibhard highlights. I-CAT strongly

means that an external water connection is not needed in

recommends a proper risk assessment, especially given

order for them to be operational.

that the same mining vehicle might have a totally different

“A few case studies have demonstrated that you need to

risk assessment in two different environments.

improve your products constantly in order to ensure you

Mar - Apr 2018




What is Wolfpack?

housing and construction, and commercial solutions

We have partnered up with Philip Astley, a world-renown

Wolfpack is working to replace the traditional way of

throughout Africa.

chartered architect who specialises in healthcare

Our vision for a more creative, sustainable future led us to


currently in the process of designing modular, efcient

start creating one. We transform recycled containers into

Our admin ofces and main production facilities are in

“HealthPak” modules for mass deployment into Africa.

beautiful homes, pop-up spaces for business and other

Epping, Cape Town. We also have facilities for production

solutions which add value to our society. We focus on

in Johannesburg and storage facilities in Botswana and

creating high-quality, whilst delivering them at a very


construction worldwide.

planning and design. With his contribution, Wolfpack is

Pop-Up Units We have a variety of rental units for the pop-up market.

competitive price.

These are used as bars, retail space and stages at events Commercial Use

throughout South Africa and Kenya. Custom conversions

Find below a link to our company prole.

We offer multiple designs and units for commercial use.

are also available, we will tailor either a current availablele/d/0BzS9qRABvwPGZVJpUW

This includes and is not limited to:

unit, or build a new unit to suit the customers


Site ofces, classrooms, ablution facilities, kitchens,


mine accommodation and services.



Wolfpack offers both new builds, and rentals.

In 2014, Justin Anley and Alistair Van Rooyen founded

We are currently working alongside Stellenbosch

Wolfpack, for the concept development and project

University and Ajubatus Foundation (NPO) on agricultural

Our agship unit ts the dimensions of a standard 6m

management of converted container solutions. Along with

and social upliftment in the Kruger. This includes the study

shipping container when closed. Once on site, with a push

our corporate partners, the companies have successfully

of container grow houses for fresh and healthy produce

of a button the sides will open and the entire space can be

developed multiple solutions for the pop-up market,

and eco-friendly innovative housing solutions.

set up in under 20 minutes. This includes a spiral

Mar - Apr 2018


staircase with an upstairs VIP viewing deck.

Benets of Container and FlexiPak:


We have supplied multiple units throughout Africa,

Multiple containers can be stacked together to create

disaster-prone areas. Ease/speed of Construction : Building a housing structure

specically for the eventing and retail

large space. They can be stacked alongside each other, or

(microhome) out of a shipping container takes roughly 6-8

industries. This includes rooftop bars and lounges and

ontop to create multi-storey spaces.

weeks in comparison to brick and mortar structure which

Green Building : Containers are eco-friendly, as they are

assembled within a few days, if all the pieces have been

mobile set-ups across Kenya. Micropods and Housing

takes around 6-8 months to make. Most structures can be

Wolfpack has designed a range of modular container

repurposed into homes instead of being melted down. A

cut off site which is in equivalence to prefabricated

homes and additions. Most common usage includes

large amount of cargo containers are discarded in ports


AirBnb housing for homeowners, staff accommodation,

across the globe because of one way shipments. Using

affordable holiday homes, pools, kids play rooms and

containers also prevents the use of bricks and cement.

Off Site Construction : Container homes can be built off

many more applications. These units are built in our

The cement industry is one of the biggest producers of CO2

site and then delivered to your land ready to move in. They

facility and are sent to site, resulting in minimal on-site

and bricks essentially make the natural materials they are

travel easily on typical trucks, ships, and trains.


made of, inert.

Sometimes a plot of land isn't suitable to build on. In this


Cost Effective : In South Africa, Shipping containers

local workshop and then the nished product can be

Wolfpack has designed and developed a modular steel

typically cost only R24 000 - R32 000

delivered to the plot of land.

frame solution, referred to as “FlexiPak”. FlexiPak is a

depending on their size. They're are already the perfect

case, one can get the shipping container home made at a

high-tech construction method that allows us to

shape to be repurposed into homes. The structural work is

Relocatable: They can be relocated (including their

premanufacture the units in our facility, atpack the units

also minimal, reducing the cost further. This can be put to

foundations), so they can be moved from season to

into containers and deliver to site. This type of

very good use .

season, turning from sh camp to surf shack.

Structural stability : Containers are also “virtually

Safety : A major problem with remote and rural

construction offers a more exible, modern design with high-quality nishes and a fast and efcient, turnkey solution. FlexiPak units is a new system, however we are

indestructible”. Shipping containers are designed to bear

infrastructure is the risk of break-ins. Containers need a

receving a lot of interest for exports, due to at packing the

heavy loads, withstand harsh climatic conditions, as well

blowtorch or dynamite to break into, and are too heavy to

boxes and reducing our logistical costs. We are currently in

as rough seas and can also easily be stacked one on top of

lift up and make-off with without anyone noticing. This

negotiations for exporting these modules for large

the other to create multi-story homes. Their structural

contributes to making it a safe structure for use in remote

stability makes such homes earthquake and hurricane


proof, which makes them extremely safe for natural

They can also be secured against storms.

developments in Sweden, Botswana and Kenya.

Mar - Apr 2018


Waste Water Treatment Combine Performance with Security


Mar - Apr 2018

Waste Water Treatment

Mar - Apr 2018


May - Jun 2017



Stat-X –The Highly Advanced Technology Solution

Stat-X condensed aerosol re suppression technology

In the event of a re, Stat-X units automatically release

Ideal for harsh environments

offers the most compact and economical re extinguishing

ultra-ne particles and propellant inert gasses that stay

Rugged, sealed stainless steel construction

solution available today. A Stat-X unit consists of an

suspended in the enclosure which quickly and

Compact and modular design

extremely rugged, hermetically sealed, stainless steel

effectively extinguish res without depleting oxygen

UL Listed (and many other certications)

canister containing a stable, solid compound. The canister

levels and with no negative impact on the environment.

Zero Global Warming potential

is durable and non-pressurized, and is capable of

Stat-X –The Economical Solution

Zero Ozone Depletion potential

withstanding harsh environments.

Stat-X units have little installation expense as no


structural measures are needed, and no pressure-relief

Easy retrot option

Stat-X –The Versatile Solution

systems are involved. The simple and robust design

No maintenance required

Stat-X units are modular in size, capable of tting in

requires virtually no maintenance, thereby reducing

Low cost

special hazard enclosed compartment.The Stat-X

ongoing operating costs. Further, discharge of the

generator is activated by one of the following methods

extinguishing agent causes no damaging or harmful

Stat-X Fire Suppression Systems Applications by

based on the generator selected for the application.

byproducts, so in the event of a re, downtime is kept to a


Electrically with a xed re suppression system including


detection and alarm


Manually with a pull cable


Gas turbine enclosures

Thermally with our patented heat sensitive thermal head

Effective re suppression

Diesel generator rooms

available in three (3) temperatures requiring no external

24/7 automatic protection

Switch gear rooms

power source.

Ten (10)+ year service life

Battery rooms (lead acid / lithium ion)

Mar - Apr 2018


Stat-X® –The Highly Advanced Technology Solution

Wind turbine nacelles and power rooms

Rolling stock engines

Duct protection (non-explosive)

Generator rooms

Electrical equipment

Dust collectors (non-explosive)

Electric machine rooms

Locomotive power compartments

Food processing

Cable trays and electric cabinets


Cable tunnels


Manholes/high voltage underground services

Lifting equipment


Wind turbine nacelles and power rooms

Specialty vehicles

Elevator machine rooms

Battery rooms (lead acid / lithium ion)

Battery compartments (lead acid)

Flammable liquid storage

Power generation buildings

Elevator machine rooms Flammable liquid storage


Motor control centers


Off-road vehicles engine compartments

Battery rooms (lead acid / lithium ion)

Tunneling equipment

Battery rooms (lead acid / lithium ion)


Glove boxes

CNC machines

Enclosed fume hoods OIL & GAS

TRANSPORTATION - BUS Bus engine compartments


Upstream processes

Bus passenger compartments

Flammable liquid storage

Downstream processes

Electrical rooms

Mid-stream processes



LABORATORIES Chemical storage

Power wall

Pharmaceutical plants

Mar - Apr 2018

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Ultimate Washer, Inc. Company Name: Ultimate Washer, Inc. Contact: Kevin Netzer Telephone: (561)277-1635 Skype: ultimatewasher Email: Website:

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