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Truth or Dare‌ Market forces at play

ALUCA 2014 CONFERENCE Maroochydore, Queensland 18 - 22 October


Dear Colleague On behalf of the ALUCA Board, I am delighted to welcome you to ALUCA’s biennial conference. This conference is always eagerly awaited by members of the association. It is seen as a major opportunity for professionals involved in the functions of claims and underwriting to get together to reflect on the current position of their critical roles in the strength of the life protection industry and see what lies ahead for them and the industry. We should all remember and be proud of the fact that the life insurance industry continues to provide one of the most important elements of financial protection during times of need for the community in our geographical region. This year’s conference theme of 'Truth or Dare… market forces at play' challenges us to consider where we as professionals have come from, where we are currently and where we should aim to be in the future by asking some important questions:  Have we in underwriting and claims moved with the times and adapted innovatively to the changes and challenges?  What have we to show for it?  Are we still relevant to our customers?  Where are the opportunities for those involved in underwriting, claims and product to reinvent the current approach taken? Each day of the conference will have a different focus, firstly the Market, followed by Do we Dare to Change and finally, People at Play. Our Conference Program Sub-committee has assembled an exciting array of Plenary Sessions and presenters who will be providing insight into topics of interest to all within the industry. These sessions will be supplemented by a range of specifically targeted Concurrent sessions encompassing technical and skills development sessions on topics which provide technical knowledge as well as reinforcing the practical application of skills. Master Classes will focus on complex issues of a medical nature that will continue to challenge our industry. The concurrent sessions are designed to create a suitable forum for you, our conference delegates, together with a range of internal and external industry experts, to discuss topics of critical importance to the life insurance industry. These sessions will be aimed at varying levels of experience and delegates will be able to attend those sessions best aligned to both their professional interests and level of expertise. This year’s ALUCA conference will be making use of technology to facilitate interaction and to improve the overall experience for delegates. As a result, delegates will have access to a conference App which will allow them and anyone interested in the conference to keep up to date with conference news as it develops. Please feel free to make use of it once it is available. Finally, the work of ALUCA could not continue to be a success without the ongoing support of the various companies who have committed to the association’s initial two year business partnership program. We thank our partners again for their commitment to the growth of professionalism and encourage you to get to know them during the conference. The ALUCA Board looks forward to meeting with you at the conference and making this year’s event another major step in the advancement of professionalism.

Brian Sussman Chairperson



The Australasian Life Underwriting and Claims Association Incorporated (ALUCA) is a professional association for people involved in the Life Insurance area of the Financial Services industry. The Vision of the Association is to be recognised by ALUCA members, their employers, industry colleagues and relevant organisations both internal and external to the Life Insurance industry as the premier association for Life Insurance underwriting and claims professionals in Australasia. The purposes of the association are to: (a) represent the professional interests of underwriting and claims personnel in the life insurance industry. (b) maintain and improve the level of professional competence and practice in the field of risk management. (c) promote and facilitate the professional development of members. ALUCA is governed by a Board. Members of the Board and their particular portfolios for 2014 are: Chair Deputy Chair / Secretary Governance / Treasury Education / Relationships Membership Communication Conference Program Conference Logistics Strategy & Marketing

Mr Brian Sussman (RGA) Mr John O’Leary (CommInsure) Mr Trent Tosh (Gen Re) Mr John O’Leary (CommInsure) Ms Vanessa Dobson (Munich Re) Ms Fiona Guscott (MLC) Mr Matthew Ramjan (Gen Re) Ms Roscel Uy (Hannover Life Re) Ms Kathryn Sanford (TAL) Mr Howard Williams (MLC) Ms Claire Nolan (Swiss Re) Mr Peter Jones (Cogent Management)

The Board is assisted by: Executive Officer Secretariat Officer

Mr Tony O’Leary Ms Alison Dews

Members of the 2014 Conference Program Sub-Committee are: Ms Kathryn Sanford (Chair) (TAL) Mr Howard Williams (MLC) Ms Katherine Ashby (BT Financial Group) Ms Louise Burwood (MLC) Ms Jane Dorter (KPMG) Ms Gail Jones (AMP) Ms Lizz Kiernan (TAL) Ms Christie Loustau (RGA) Mr Ben Lynch (RGA) Ms Noelene Palmer (Swiss Re) Ms Ann Papas Ms Alison Dews (ALUCA)


Conference Rooms Novotel Twin Waters

Plenary Session Location Keynote and Plenary Business Sessions will be held in the Wandiny Room (see map next page)

Concurrent Session Locations Concurrent Sessions will be held in the Mudjimba, Ninderry (see map above) or Lily Rooms (see map next page).

Meals and Refreshments Breakfast and Lunch will be available in the Nouveau Restaurant Morning and afternoon teas will be available in the Foyer area Dinners and functions as indicated in the program

Exhibition Exhibition booths will be located in the Foyer area and will be in operation from the evening of Saturday until lunchtime on Tuesday.


Resort Layout The Wandiny Room is along the garden path at the front of the resort

The Lily Rooms are along the lake path


General Information Concurrent Sessions Concurrent sessions on a wide range of topics are intended to induce discussion and interaction and enhance technical knowledge and skill, and will be of several types:  Link sessions which have a direct link to the preceding Plenary session, enabling deeper exploration of the topic.  General sessions which may be of interest to all delegates  Masterclasses, some of which will be by invitation only  Streamed sessions, designed to appeal to various disciplines. Delegates may choose to either follow one discipline stream or mix their choices in order to broaden their perspective as a professional. Details of the location of each concurrent session will be provided in a separate pocket program at the conference and on the conference App.

Dress Code For Business Sessions, Welcome Drinks and Dinner and the Networking Dinner the dress code is smart casual. The Networking Dinner will be outdoors so please carefully consider your footwear. For the Gala Awards Dinner, we dress to impress!

CPD Full participation in the ALUCA 2014 Conference will earn 18 hours towards ALUCA Continuing Professional Development.

Name Tag Lanyards – Key to Colours Delegates: White with green logo. Speakers: Red with white logo. (Partners will be allocated a special colour lanyard at registration.) ALUCA Board members: Green with white logo. Please talk to a Board member if you have any questions about ALUCA.

Conference Program Saturday 18 October 11.00 am - 4.00 pm

Flights Incoming

1.30 pm – 6.00 pm

Registration Location: Novotel Twin Waters Resort Foyer

6.30 pm onwards

Welcome Drinks & Dinner Chairperson’s Welcome - Mr Brian Sussman Location: Novotel Twin Waters Resort Foyer


Sunday 19 October NB: This program may be subject to alteration

Theme of the Day: Market Focus 8:30 - 8:45 am Wandiny

Welcome and Opening of the Conference

8:45 -10:15 am

Keynote Address:

Wandiny 10:15 -10:45

Sales, marketing, and customer service – how much more do we need to know, or do we know at all?

Brian Sussman

Amanda Stevens

Morning Tea

10:45 – 11:15 am Wandiny 11:15 am -12:15 pm Wandiny

12:15 - 1:15

ALUCA: the way forward

Tony O’Leary and Peter Jones, ALUCA

Plenary Session:

Naomi Ballantyne, Partners (NZ), Leigh Watson, Swiss Re, and Andres Webersinke, Gen Re

Where’s the competitive advantage in Life Insurance? Executive Panel Discussion - Our next steps. Lunch

1:15 - 2:15 pm Wandiny

Plenary Session: The Impact and Speed to Value of Big Data in the Life Insurance Industry

Adrian Smolski Principal Data Scientist CSC

2:20 – 3:05 pm

Concurrent Link Session:

Mudjimba combined

Underwriting and Claims: Data – From Operational Reporting to Insight

Jim Welsh, AMP

Underwriting: Data – linking analytics

Adrian Smolski, CSC

Wandiny 3:05 - 3:35 pm

Afternoon Tea

3:35 - 4:20 pm

Concurrent Session:

Mudjimba combined

Claims: Is work really beneficial - a crucial claims conversation

Roger Clark, RGA

Underwriting: New thinking in underwriting: why predictive analytics and behavioural science could represent powerful allies

John Cardus, Swiss Re

Product: Group Mentality – pressures and developments in the Group market

Jenny Oliver, TAL

General: How is Life Insurance responding to the diversity in the Australian community?

David Wilkinson, TAL


Fire Lily

Water Lily 4:30 - 5:15 pm Wandiny

Mudjimba combined Fire Lily Water Lily

7.00 pm

Concurrent Session: Claims: A look at stress and psychosomatic claims – how defined is the link?

Dr Tanveer Ahmed, Medico Legal Specialists

Underwriting: The Future of Cancer diagnosis

Prof Richard Fox, mlcoa

Product: Regulation – Super Changes

Katherine Ashby, BT Financial Group

Masterclass: Nanotechnology – advances in medical technology (This session is invitation only)

Dr Bill Monday Munich Re

Networking drinks and dinner - commencing in foyer area


Monday 20 October NB: This program may be subject to alteration

Theme of the Day: Do we dare to change? 8:30 - 8:45 am Wandiny

ALUCA Introduction

Daily MC

8:45 -10:15 am Wandiny

Plenary Session: Economic Outlook or Lookout!

Stephen Koukoulas

10:15 -10:45 am 10:45 am -12:15 pm Wandiny 12:15 - 1:15 pm 1:15 - 2:15 pm Wandiny 2:20 - 3:05 pm Wandiny Mudjimba combined

Morning Tea Plenary Session: Innovation Lunch Plenary Session: Mental Health – Global Learnings

Nikki Brouwers, The Interact Group and Adele Spallone, Aetna (USA)

Concurrent Link Session: Claims: Mental Health – Global Application Product: Mental Health – Global Application

3:05 – 3:35 pm

Afternoon Tea

3: 35 - 4.20 pm

Concurrent Session:

Water Lily

Nils Vesk

Claims: Beyond Disability and Towards Career Independence - Realising Capability Based Vocational Opportunities

Nikki Brouwers, The Interact Group, and Adele Spallone, Aetna (USA)

Frank Imbesi, AMS Consulting

Claire Machin, Henry Davis York, and Sean Boner, BT Financial Group

Fire Lily

General: FSC Life Priorities - an overview and update


Product: Complexity of Products - Income Protection - the little things

Pete Rushbrook, CommInsure

General: FOFA – where are we now?

Chris Kirby, AMP

Mudjimba combined 4:25 - 5:10 pm

Concurrent Session:


Claims: Demystifying: Claims Technology - making it work for your business

Howard Williams, MLC, and Noelene Palmer, Swiss Re

Mudjimba combined

General: Panel Discussion: Making the puzzle fit. Managing the challenges of competing business unit priorities to achieve a shared purpose

Paula Bourke and Richard Zarzeczny, BT Financial Group and panel

Fire Lily

Water Lily

Product: Direct Market expansion – what’s the outcome look like?

Cath Stewart, Suncorp Life

Masterclass: The value of the pills ‐ understanding 

Dr Dielle Felman, Work Life Well

psychotropic medications in the insurance setting  (This session is invitation only) 5.10 pm onwards

Free evening


Tuesday 21 October NB: This program may be subject to alteration

Theme of the Day: People at play 8:45 - 9:00 am Wandiny 9:00-10:30 am Wandiny

Plenary Session: Passionate About People - It Starts with Passion


Morning Tea

11:00-11:45 am

Concurrent Session:

Water Lily

Fire Lily

Mudjimba 1 Wandiny

Mudjimba 2&3

11:55 am – 12:40 pm Mudjimba 1 Fire Lily Mudjimba 2&3

Water Lily


12:40 - 1:30 pm

Daily MC

ALUCA Introduction

Keith Abraham

Claims: Are we prepared? - Understanding the NDIS and its potential impact on the Life Insurance industry

Linda Winterbottom, RGA

Product: Ageing population: Some fish, a reptile, a sponge and a jellyfish call up an advisor

Ilan Leas, Swiss Re

Product: Launch of the Bancassurance Force

Andre Dreyer, RGA

Underwriting: ICA – what Life Professionals need to know about non-disclosure

Fiona Hanlon, TurksLegal

Masterclass: The value of the pills - understanding psychotropic medications in the insurance setting (open session)

Dr Dielle Felman, Work Life Well

Concurrent Session: Claims: Claims Professionals Decoded

Carol Smit, Gen Re

General: Speed date your actuary… Do you dare?

Natalie Eckersall, MLC

Underwriting/Product: Predictive Medicine and Longevity

Dr Karsten Filzmaier, Munich Re

Claims: Avoiding the claim black hole through a paradigm shift in case management

Dr Jack Cygler CaseWorks, Dr Shiva Gunapu, MedHealth and Dr Matt Paul, mlcoa

Masterclass: Nanotechnology – advances in medical technology (open session)

Dr Bill Monday – Munich Re


1:30 - 2:30 pm Wandiny

Plenary Session: Cracking the Code - Unlocking the potential for change

Vicki Writer – AIA

2:30 - 3:00 pm Wandiny 7.00 pm

Close of conference

Brian Sussman

Gala Awards Dinner - Wandiny

Wednesday 22 October Breakfast and departure 9

Business Partners ALUCA has a centralised sponsorship program. The current sponsorship period is for 2014 and 2015. There are several levels of sponsorship and ALUCA would like to acknowledge all of its sponsors as follows:

Platinum Education Partners 

Gold Sponsorship Partners


Business Partners

Gold Scholarship Partners 

Silver Sponsorship Partners 

Bronze Sponsorship Partners 



Exhibitors ALUCA welcomes the following Exhibitors: (as at 19 August 2014) 3 days

AHCI AHC INVESTIGATIONS P O Box 605 Hornsby NSW 1630 Website:

Ph: 1300 242 468

ClaimVantage, Inc. 46 Atlantic Place South Portland ME 04106 USA Website:

Ph: +1 207 221 0560

eReports Level 8, 459 Little Collins St Melbourne Vic 3000 Australia Website:

Ph: 1300 130 963

FINEOS Corporation Suite 1101, 68 York Street Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia Website:

Ph: +61 2 8236 8400

Gen Re 1 O'Connell Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia Website:

Ph: +61 2 8236 6100

Independent Medical Opinion Level 9, 175 Castlereigh Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia Ph: +61 2 9267 5599 Website:

Medicins Legale Level 9, 49-51 York Street Sydney NSW 2000: Australia Website:


Ph: +61 2 9279 4477

Exhibitors ((ccoonnttiinnuueedd)) 3 days (cont’d)

mlcoa Corporate Office Level 10, 451 Little Bourke Street Melbourne Vic 3000 Australia Ph: +61 3 8688 9388 Website:

RGA Level 23, 225 George Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia Website:

Ph: +61 2 8264.5800

Swiss Re Level 28, 363 George Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia Website:

Ph: +61 2 8295 9500

TAL Level 14, 363 George Street Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia Website:

Ph: +61 2 9996 8400

Western Psychiatry Suite 5 Hollywood Specialist Centre 95 Monash Avenue NEDLANDS WA 6009 Australia Ph: +61 8 6140 1730 Website:

One day

MEDILAW Level 4, 113 Wickham Terrace Brisbane Qld 4000 Australia Ph: +61 7 3223 8930 Website:

Recovre Level 8, 179 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia Ph: +61 1300 550 276 Website:

Red Health Level 6, 101 Wickham Terrace Brisbane Qld 4000 Australia Ph: +61 7 3161 8163 Website:


Conference App Going a step further from last conference, this time we have a Conference App, which anyone interested in the conference may access to keep up to date with conference news as it develops. Download the App create your profile and start your ALUCA 2014 Conference experience today!

Getting Started   

Access the app by entering into your browser As the app is web based it will work on any device. If you are unsure of how to add the web app to your home screen check out these short videos on YouTube: iPad or iPhone - Android (Tablet or phone) -

Create a Profile Create your own conference schedule, take notes and send feedback on presentations.  Step One: Click in the top right corner  Step Two: Enter your email address  Step Three: Hit “continue”

Edit your profile Maximise your experience – help people find and connect with you  Step One: Hit  Step Two: Add the information you want to share, click to add a photo

To add your LinkedIn address  Make sure you have a public profile – you can do this here  Copy paste the public profile link you just created into the contact section Step Three: Click “Save your profile”

Navigation On the top left you will see the menu - use this to access all areas of the App  Program – The conference program, including locations, times and speakers, you can add events to your personal calendar from here by clicking “Add to your schedule”  Speakers – Photos and bios from all the speakers  Sponsors – All those who help ALUCA happen  Exhibitors – Details of all those with a presence at ALUCA 2014  Attendees – Who is coming to ALUCA  Social Media – Link through to Twitter and Facebook  Info Booth – Frequently asked questions, hints tips and advice  Polls and feedback – Conference surveys and feedback  Alerts – Instant messages to guide you through the ALUCA event


If you would like further information about ALUCA and its activities, please refer to the ALUCA website at or contact the ALUCA Secretariat Office as follows: Email: Telephone: +61 3 9836 5177 Fax: +61 3 9836 5277 or by mail at: PO Box 385 Canterbury Vic 3126 Australia Alison Dews, ALUCA’s Secretariat Officer, will be available during ALUCA 2014 to assist delegates and may be contacted via the Hospitality Desk or on +61 417 967 425.

Assistance at ALUCA 2014 Our Event Organiser is REM Event Management.

Our representative is Rebecca McLachlan, who can be contacted as follows: Email: Telephone: +61 3 5976 8688 or by mail at: P.O. Box 530, Mt Martha, VIC. 3934 Australia

Rebecca McLachlan can be contacted during ALUCA 2014 at the Hospitality Desk, located in the Novotel Twin Waters Resort Foyer, near the Trade Exhibition Area. Someone will be in attendance from 8 am each day until half an hour after close of business sessions each afternoon. If the matter is URGENT, Rebecca can be contacted on +61 409 033 808.


2014 conference brochure ebr opening  
2014 conference brochure ebr opening