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IntegraScreen Pakistan Pvt. Ltd

1. Started with IntegraScreen Pakistan (Pvt) Limited


Discover The Risk!

2. Focused on Immigration screening 3. Education verification, Driving license for various Middle-East governments

STRENGTH 6-8 Employees

REACH Limited coverage in Pakistan

Our mission is simple – we spread awareness about the risks, discover and mitigate those for our clients. Many of the severe risk types are still considered to be minor and the methods being used in their mitigation are not enough to address the real threat.

VOLUME 600 to 800 checks per month

* IntegraScreen Global sold

World-Check of UK

* Later on acquired by


Thomson-Reuters in 2011

This is why many organizations and countries continue to face similar issues that usually stem from the use of fake degrees, diploma mills and fake references. The attestation system operated by governments is unwittingly complicit in this and has been exploited for years by criminals TM and fraudsters. It allows human traffickers to enslave people and force them to labour and prostitution. It creates a hole in corporate security when combined with other fake documents. It undermines the global education system. We continue to see thousands of fake degrees and diploma mill certificates notarized and attested

DataFlow Pakistan Pvt. Ltd 1. IntegraScreen Pakistan renamed to DataFlow Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd 2. Focused on Primary Source Verification for medical staff & engineers going to Mideast on work permits


3. Pre-employment verification for corporations - major banks, pharmas, telecom, oil & gas clients


Diploma Mills Fraud | Immigration Fraud | Vendors and Reputation Risks Fake Employers | Fake Documents and Public Safety | Attestation Risks

50 plus employees

CLIENTS 25 plus clients

REACH Full coverage included troubled & remote areas


Who We Are?

1500-2000 checks per month

Riskdiscovered is the brand name of BackgroundCheck Private Limited (formerly DataFlow TM Pakistan Pvt. Ltd), the largest and prestigeious primary source verification provider in pakistan operating since 2007 and is the founding member of (NAPBS-APAC chapter) we verify thousand of applicants, identify hundred of red flags and contribute in saving invaluable reputation of our esteemed clients. Riskdiscovered brand is focus on fostering TM awareness about the risk and providing free and unique technology solution to make background verification process faster, more organized and hassle free.

BackgroundCheck Private Limited


1. DataFlow Pakistan renamed to Background Check Private Limited 2. Introduced Risk Discovered Brand in Pakistan 3. Focused on risk awareness and mitigation thru revolutionized tech-driven products

Affiliations Founding Member

4. Offering ‘Pay-by-Applicant’ model for the first time in Pakistan

We are the founding member of National Association of Professional Background Screeners (APAC Chapter). The Association is active in public affairs and provides a unified voice on behalf of members to local, state, national and international lawmakers about issues impacting the background screening industry.

5. Issuing verified certificates to aspirant-applicants

STRENGTH 100 plus employees

CLIENTS 150 plus clients

REACH Full coverage included troubled & remote areas

VOLUME 10000 plus checks per month


Heat-Map of Negative Verifications and Red Flags in Pakistan Total Negative Verification and Red Flags = 4742 Records

less than and equal to 100 more than 100 and less then 201 more than 200 and less then 2001 more than 2000

Source: RiskDiscovered Research & Verification Department

BackgroundCheck Private Limited

F-63 Clifton Block-4 Karachi - 75600 Sindh, Pakistan

Phone: +92 21 3530 9933 | Fax: +92 21 3530 9934


Technology 365 RiskDiscovered™ designed and developed unique suite of fully automated and secure solutions based on web 2.0 technologies to efficiently manage verification requirements online. We call it 365 because it is available 24/7 and 365 days, accessible from anywhere anytime. It is a hybrid solution for both types of business models, whether your applicant pays for verification or you pay us, it works both ways. Very user friendly and intuitive – no training or special instruction is required to use our 365 solutions. If you know how to browse internet, you can start using our 365 solutions right away.

Technology 365 Solutions is fully automated workflow system for background verifications process. Our clients and applicants submit cases for verification using this system, our verification analysts and case managers initiate the checks using the same platform and continue working there until the case is closed. is a free , real time Geomapping system that uses media sources to pin point crimes and incidents locations on GoogleMaps covering entire Pakistan. Incidents includes kidnapping, robberies, murders, terrorism attacks, street crimes , fraud, extortion etc. By using this system you can analyze red zones where your’s employees /asset’s safety can be compromised and can take preventive measures. In phase 2 we will integrate this with an alert system so our clients can define their alert criteria based on location and types of risks to get notified as soon as the data available on our maps. is another free product of RiskDiscovered that uses our Awareness 360 data to display the popular news in more organized and graphical way like a portal system. So our clients and general public can read the most popular risk news from around the world using this single screen.

BackgroundCheck Private Limited

F-63 Clifton Block-4 Karachi - 75600 Sindh, Pakistan

Phone: +92 21 3530 9933 | Fax: +92 21 3530 9934


Services by RiskDiscovered™

Vendor verification has become an increasingly complex, timely, and costly task to manage. Rising regulatory requirements and mounting concerns relating to fraud and the continuous change in information have made it difficult for procurement departments to effectively administer vendors. RiskDiscovered™ screens hundreds of vendors and business partners for our international and local clients who usually check the credibility of their vendors and partners before signing off deals with them.

RiskDiscovered providing pre-marriage screening services for parents to get a discreet and full report prior to marriage and rest for life with this satisfaction that your son or daughter is entering into a long-term relationship with an honest, truthful, and sincere human being.

Thorough and orderly verification of employees reduces the risk of loss to the company and protects it from any potential perils. RiskDiscovered™ has been verifying thousands of candidates every month employed by corporations from nearly all industrial sectors.

We have been working with International Governments to verify credentials of professionals who apply for employment overseas from Pakistan. RiskDiscovered™ has identified hundreds of red flags and discrepancies in application data, fake diploma, fake professional qualification, forged or misrepresented employment history, fake bank statements / loan letters, fake IDs and passports.


RiskDicovered carry a large number of pre-marriage screenings not only for those parents who are in Pakistan, but also for those parents who are living abroad. Our strong network of screening helps us to deliver accurate and quality result in the given timeframe. TM

Awareness 360

BackgroundCheck Private Limited

Our well organized and in-depth verification checks will help you to gained potential medical staff working in your organization and your will remain in peace of mind that all employees carries genuine credentials and clean background and were not involved in any type of medical negligence and malpractice.

We have created a network of free and dedicated blogs to spread awareness and information about risks and to keep our clients, partners and general public informed, its called Awareness 360! We have a very strong social media presence over internet and thousands of our readers benefit from this information and helping us in spreading the word.

F-63 Clifton Block-4 Karachi - 75600 Sindh, Pakistan

Phone: +92 21 3530 9933 | Fax: +92 21 3530 9934

About Riskdiscovered  
About Riskdiscovered