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Farmer’s Market

Arrowhead Mills

Organic Pumpkin

Organic Stuffing Mix


$ 99


$ 69

15 oz

10 oz

Wholly Wholesome

Organic Pie Shells



Whipped Topping


Pacific Foods

Organic Broth


$ 59

$ 69

14 oz

10 oz

32 oz

Organic Valley

Bob’s Red Mill Organic Unbleached White Flour


Organic Butter



$ 89

Organic Chocolate Chips


$ 99

$ 39

$ 29

16 oz

5 lb

9 oz


Organic Valley

Did you know…

Organic Fair Trade Vanilla


$ 99

4 oz

$ 89

Giving thanks is good for your health. Gratitude has long been extolled by religion and now, there is scientific evidence showing that those who practice grateful thinking “reap emotional, physical and interpersonal benefits.”

16 oz

How the New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier (Houghton Mifflin, 2007).

Organic Whipping Cream


Prices & varieties may vary by location. Some items or varieties may not be available at all stores or on the same days in the month of November.

Gluten Free Chocolate Cheesecake Bites (note: this recipe contains nuts and dairy)

Celebrating with family and friends is part of what makes the holiday season so magical. Of course, trying to plan food for all the dietary needs of your guests can be overwhelming! Fear not…these cheesecake and chocolate bites are so good, they are sure to please all your guests.

CRUST FILLING • 1 c Bob’s Red Mill almond meal • 8 oz cream cheese • 4 tbsp Organic Valley butter, chilled, and • 1/4 c Madhava organic agave cut into small pieces • 1 tsp Frontier Fair Trade vanilla • 3/4 c Pamela’s Baking and Pancake Mix • 1/2 c Organic Valley organic • 1/4 c Madhava organic agave whipping cream; whipped • 1 tsp salt • 1 3.5 oz bar Green & Black’s organic 70% dark chocolate; roughly chopped Directions: CRUST 1. Preheat oven to 350° 2. Combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl except for the chocolate; mix thoroughly 3. Press into a greased 8”x 8” baking dish 4. Sprinkle chocolate evenly over crust 5. Bake for 20 - 25 minutes until edges are lightly golden and chocolate is melted 6. Allow to completely cool in refrigerator FILLING 1. In medium bowl beat cream cheese, agave, and vanilla 2. Fold in the whipped cream 3. Spread evenly into crust 4. Cover with foil and freeze for 1 hour 5. Thaw in refrigerator for 30 minutes before serving


Organic Refined Canola Oil


$ 99 32 oz


Organic Light Agave Nectar


$ 19 23.5 oz


Baking & Pancake Mix


$ 49 24 oz

Green & Black’s

Organic Chocolate


$ 59 3.5 oz

The Greek Gods

Traditional Greek Yogurt


$ 19 24 oz

Prices & varieties may vary by location. Some items or varieties may not be available at all stores or on the same days in the month of November.

Immaculate Baking


Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss

$ 69

8 oz


6 oz

16 oz

Earth Balance

Cascadian Farm


Crescent Rolls


$ 19

Original Buttery Spread


Organic Yogurt

Organic Frozen Fruit


$ 39

$ 29

15 oz

8-10 oz

Organic Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert


Organic Smoothie Packs

2/$9 4/3.53 oz

Prices & varieties may vary by location. Some items or varieties may not be available at all stores or on the same days in the month of November.

Nature’s Path


Beautiful, Delicious, and Amazingly Healthy

It is hard to avoid hearing about the healthy benefits of cherries these days. Their crimson color is a beautiful invitation to enjoy an antioxidant rich powerhouse. The deep red color cherries are known for comes from flavonoids, which help fight off free radicals; a known cause of cancer. Numerous studies show that cherries also help decrease inflammation, help in muscle repair, benefit gout sufferers, and help you sleep. While sipping a glass of tart cherry juice may be just what the doctor ordered, cherries are also a wonderful addition to both savory and sweet culinary delights. Try this variation of Chocolate Pots De Crème with Cherry Whipped Cream for a rich, gluten free, holiday indulgence.

Chocolate Pots De Crème with Cherry Whipped Cream Makes 4 6oz ramekins

CRUST • 4 oz bittersweet chocolate, chopped • 1 1/2 c heavy cream • 1/4 c sugar • 2 large egg yolks

FILLING • 1 c heavy cream • 1/3 c Knudsen cherry juice • 1/4 tsp vanilla • 1 tsp sugar (optional)

Directions Step 1: 1. Preheat oven to 350° 2. Place chocolate in an oven-safe bowl 3. Heat cream and sugar on low in a medium saucepan until sugar is dissolved 4. Pour the hot mixture over the chocolate and whisk until smooth 5. Whisk egg yolk in a small bowl and slowly add the warm chocolate mixture, continue whisking until thoroughly mixed Step 2: 1. Place ramekins in a baking dish 2. Divide the chocolate mixture into the ramekins 3. Fill the outer pan with hot water until it reaches halfway up the sides of the ramekins 4. Put pan in oven until custards are set but still jiggle slightly in the center 5. Remove from oven and carefully remove the custards 6. Cool to room temperature and refrigerate the custards at least 2 hours or overnight Step 3: 1. Place 1/3 cup cherry juice into small pan 2. Cook over medium heat until reduced by half 3. Whip the cream and sugar until slightly firm 4. Gently fold the whipped cream into the cherry juice until just combined Serve chilled, topped with a dollop of cherry whipped cream

Organic Granola


$ 39 11.5-12.34 oz

Barbara’s Bakery


(selected varieties)


$ 69 8-14 oz


Organic Sparkling Probiotic Drink


$ 69 15.2 oz

Food for Life Organic Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Whole Grain Sesame Bread


$ 79 16 oz

R. W. Knudsen

Organic Just Tart Cherry Juice


$ 89 32 oz

Prices & varieties may vary by location. Some items or varieties may not be available at all stores or on the same days in the month of November.

How Much?... When it comes to entertaining, how much food and drink you should have can be a maddening thing to figure out. The Farmers’ Almanac has a great guide for how much food to serve at a party; there are also many online calculators to help you estimate. Here are some basic guidelines caterers use to figure out “how much” for a classic cocktail party. Cheese: 2-3 oz. per person if cheese is not your only item or 6-8 oz. per person for a wine and cheese party. Most cheeses last a couple of months in the fridge if you have leftovers. Hors d’oeuvres: 8-10 pieces per guest Drinks: In general guests consume two drinks the first hour and one drink each following hour. When serving wine, beer and spirits, the general rule of thumb is: •50% Wine •30% Beer •20% Mixed Drinks If not serving mixed drinks, plan on 60% wine and 40% beer. Also have plenty of non-alcoholic beverages available including water.

Back to Nature Organic Stoneground Wheat Crackers (other Back to Nature crackers on sale)


Organic Cereals


$ 69

$ 99

6 oz

10.3-16.3 oz

San Pellegrino



Sparkling Mineral Water


Organic Pure Cranberry Juice


$ 99

$ 99

750 ml

32 oz

Traditional Medicinals


Organic Peppermint Tea (other Traditional Medicinals teas on sale)


Herbal Coffee


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$ 99

16 ct

11 oz


ince 1995, when Caroline MacDougall first launched Teeccino Herbal Coffee, coffee drinkers with sensitivity to caffeine and acidity have relied on Teeccino as the only coffee alternative that brews and tastes like coffee. Now with the convenience of Tee-bags, tea drinkers have discovered Teeccino’s rich smooth flavor too. Our Company pioneers new trade for unique ingredients in developing countries to provide sustainable sources of income for impoverished families. We’re proud of our work with organic chicory in India and with the wild ramón tree in the Maya Biosphere Reserve supporting rainforest preservation in Guatemala.


The #1 Brand of Coffee Alternatives Supplying Innovative and Organic Herbal Beverages Since 1995

Prices & varieties may vary by location. Some items or varieties may not be available at all stores or on the same days in the month of November.

Late July


Muir Glen


$ 89



Organic Classic Rich Crackers


Organic Diced Tomatoes

6 oz

6/12 oz

Annie’s Homegrown




Organic Bunny Snack Mix


Potato Chips

14.5 oz

Organic Broth


$ 79

$ 89

$ 69

9 oz

5 oz

32 oz

Crafty Thanksgiving

Decorating for the holidays brings pleasure to both those who do the decorating as well as those who enjoy the end result. Creating homemade decorations provides a unique touch as well as wonderful stories and memories for years to come. Here are some fun craft ideas that are simple enough to do yourself and are safe enough to involve the children in your life. Use these ideas as a springboard for your own creative projects. • “Give Thanks” banner: Using twine and natural findings such as twigs, leaves, etc., spell out each letter and adhere each on to a piece of construction paper. Tie the letters together with twine to create a long, festive banner. • Cranberry strings: Do you remember stringing popcorn during the holidays? Well, grab a bag of fresh cranberries and start threading! They look beautiful on the mantle or placed artfully on a dining table. • Scented Pinecones: White glue, ground spices, a small paintbrush, and a small plastic bag are all you need to create beautifully scented pinecones. Mix your desired combination of spices in the plastic bag, and then paint a generous layer of glue all over your pinecones. Sprinkle the pinecones with the mixed spices and keep them somewhere safe to dry overnight.

Prices & varieties may vary by location. Some items or varieties may not be available at all stores or on the same days in the month of November.

Do Less, Enjoy More: A Holiday Challenge

“Sometimes it’s about less is more. It’s about the seed. Thinking about this gigantic tree that you think is so beautiful but it started with this just seed.” Fred Durst “Less is more… Stay in the present… Appreciate the little things in life.” These words of wisdom pop up all the time these days on social media, in frames at our chiropractor’s office, and in cards our friends email to us as reminders to slow down. It’s easy to always be busy “doing”…especially with technology literally at our fingertips. We can be working, checking and “doing” every moment. Our busy lives have us moving at record speeds to do more in less time but how much of what we “do” do we appreciate…or even remember we have done? What if we challenge ourselves to choose ONE thing each day and just enjoy what we are doing? For example, let’s say you bake cookies with your family every year. Instead of baking 10 different kinds of cookies, just bake three or go crazy and just bake just one! Take time to choose your favorite recipe and tell the history of where you found it. Take the time to gather the ingredients; have fun measuring, pouring, and mixing… watch as they transform from cold globs of dough into golden cookies. Then, when they are done and still warm, find the softest seat in the house and sit with your fellow bakers and enjoy a cookie. Why not choose one thing on your “to do” list this season and just relax and enjoy?


Triple Treat Shampoo


$ 19

Garden of Life



$ 79

Raw Probiotics™ Women


Calms Forté Tablets


8.5 oz

90 ct

100 ct

Rainbow Light

Nordic Naturals

Natural Factors

Men’s One™ Multivitamin



90 ct

Ultimate Omega


Tranquil Sleep




180 ct

60 tab

Prices & varieties may vary by location. Some items or varieties may not be available at all stores or on the same days in the month of November.

Prices & varieties may vary by location. Some items or varieties may not be available at all stores or on the same days in the month of November.

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” William Arthur Ward

Independent Choice specials are available at these independent natural food grocers: TM


Chamomille Natural Foods 58-60 Newtown Rd, Danbury

It’s Only Natural Market 575 Main St, Middletown

Nature’s Temptations 32 Prospect St, Ridgefield

New Morning Market 129 Main St, Woodbury


Harvest Market

7417 Lancaster Pike, Hockessin

District of Columbia

Yes! Organic Market

2123 14th St NW, Washington 1825 Columbia Rd NW, Washington 3809 12th St NE, Washington 3425 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington 4100 Georgia Ave NW, Washington 410 8th St SE, Washington


Abby’s Health & Nutrition 14374 N Dale Mabry, Tampa

Get Healthy

1254 Broad St South, Brooksville 1856 Hwy 44W, Inverness 4011 Tampa Rd Suite 12, Oldsmar 11083 Spring Hill Dr, Spring Hill

Nassau Health Foods

Sunrise Health Foods 17650 Torrence Ave, Lansing 3203 Vollmer Rd, Flossmoor


Georgetown Market

4375 Georgetown Rd, Indianapolis

Natural Choices for Healthful Living

1825 Central Ave, Columbus

Nature’s Cupboard

1806 US Hwy 20, Michigan City 757 Indian Boundary Rd, Chesterton

Nature’s Pharm

3500 State Rd 38 East Suite 105, Lafayette 5888 E 82nd St, Indianapolis 8215 US 31 S, Indianapolis

Yes! Organic Market

Healthy Thymes Market

Martindale’s Natural Market


Pangaea Naturals

Nature’s Way Market

5331 Baltimore Ave, Hyattsville

Nantucket Greengrocer 8C Amelia Dr, Nantucket

Cambridge Natural Foods

City Feed and Supply

672 Centre St, Jamaica Plain 66A Boylston St, Jamaica Plain

Common Crow Natural Market 6 Elm St, Gloucester

Brighter Day Natural Foods

4040 University Ave, Des Moines 2749 100th St, Urbandale

Everybody’s Whole Foods Store 501 N 2nd St, Fairfield

New City Market

4721 University Ave, Des Moines


Rainbow Blossom

98 Commonwealth Ave, Concord 751 Kempton St, New Bedford

The Good Seed Natural Food Market 138 Central Ave, Seekonk

Choices Natural Market 6551 E Riverside Blvd, Rockford

42 Forest Ave, Glen Cove

Sunflower Natural Foods Market

75 Mill Hill Rd, Woodstock

443 US Rte 1, Freeport

Uncle Dean’s Good Groceries 80 Grove St, Waterville

Cornucopia Natural Food & Fine Cheese


Heritage Natural Foods

Dawson’s Market

Chestertown Natural Foods

89 Seminary St, Galesburg

303 Cannon St, Chestertown

1317 6th Ave, Moline

255 N Washington St, Rockville

The Green Grocer

934 East Main Rd, Portsmouth

south carolina

Bay Naturals

7611 N Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach

Bert’s Market

202 E. Ashley Ave, Folly Beach

New Life Natural Foods

556 Hwy 17 N, North Myrtle Beach

Rosewood Market Tennessee

334 High St, Newburyport

Food Matters Market

970 Woodland St, Nashville 311 12th Ave S, Nashville

100 Crawford St, Leominster

Healthy Home Market

3211 Peoples St, Johnson City

The Natural Grocer

Roots Natural Foods

273 Boone Heights Dr, Boone 1 Market St, Brevard

1319 Military Cutoff Rd, Wilmington

Royal River Natural Foods


2803 Rosewood Dr, Columbia


New Morning Natural Foods

591 Durham Rd, Wrightstown

Bare Essentials Natural Market

Lois’ Natural Marketplace Morning Glory Natural Foods

Organnons Natural Market

1020 South St, Pittsfield 760 S. Main St, Great Barrington

Guido’s Fresh Marketplace

4610 W Main St, Kalamazoo

152 U.S. Rt 1, Scarborough

Nature’s Pantry

north carolina

Natural Health Center

3 York St, Kennebunk 230 Main St, Biddeford


Rising Tide

Bath Natural Market

754 E G Miles Pkwy, Hinesville 455 Poplar St, Macon

LifeThyme Natural Market

2707 South Blvd, Charlotte 1816-G Galleria Blvd, Charlotte 261 Griffith St, Davidson 5410 E Independence Blvd, Charlotte

60 Maine St, Brunswick

Ocmulgee Traders

Kaaterskill Farm Natural Storehouse

Down to Earth Natural Foods

Campbell’s Nutrition

1102 Bull St, Savannah

Farmer’s Natural Foods

327 Rt 21C, Ghent


36 Centre St, Bath


Hawthorne Valley Farmstore

410 6th Ave, New York


4530 St Johns Ave, Jacksonville

2331 Commercial Blvd, State College

2173 White Plains Rd, Bronx

Debra’s Natural Gourmet

150 Main St, Ste 8, Northampton

Kimberton Whole Foods

Good ‘N Natural

Cornucopia Foods

3003 Charlestown Crossing Way, New Albany

796 Highland Ave, Greensburg

Cornucopia Natural Foods

173 Healy Blvd, Hudson 28 Grandview Plaza, Catskill

Rainbow Blossom

1172 Baltimore Pike, Springfield

2140 Kimberton Rd, Kimberton 150 E Pennsylvania Ave, Downingtown 1139 Ben Franklin Hwy E, Douglassville 239 Durham Rd, Ottsville

39 N Main St, Sayville

1218 Main St, Chatham 640 Main St, Dennisport


Sunshine Natural Foods

360 Nassau St, Princeton

Chatham and Dennisport Natural Markets

Peggy’s Natural Food Market 5839 SE Federal Hwy, Stuart

Whole Earth Center New York

Nature’s Food Patch

1225 Cleveland St, Clearwater

657 E Bay Ave, Manahawkin

23 White St, Cambridge

3738 Lexington Rd, Louisville 3608 Springhurst Blvd, Louisville 12232 Shelbyville Rd, Louisville 3046 Bardstown Rd, Louisville

833 T J Courson Rd, Fernandina Beach

265 Rte 94, Vernon

Natural Choice Market

Lovey’s Natural Food Market Katuah Market

The Turnip Truck

Natural Foods Market virginia

Ellwood Thompson’s

4 N Thompson St, Richmond

Health Trail Natural Foods 10848 Warwick Blvd, Newport News

2 Hendersonville Rd, Asheville

west virginia

374 Union St, Peterborough


148 N Washington St, Berkeley Springs

new jersey

131 NE 2nd St, Oklahoma City


796 Highland Ave, Greensburg

1000 Wisconsin Ave, Appleton

270 Londonderry Tpk, Hooksett

Nature’s Green Grocer Basil Bandwagon Natural Market

38 Old Hwy 22, Clinton 276 U.S. Hwy 202/31, Flemington

Dean’s Natural Food Market 1119 Hwy 35, Ocean 490 Broad St, South Shrewsbury 25 Mountainview Blvd, Basking Ridge

Green Street Market 3167 Rt 9 S, Rio Grande

Native Roots Market

Community Garden Market

Nature’s Way Market

The Free Market


Good Harvest Market

Nature’s Food Market 4727 US 62, Berlin


Frey’s Better Foods

1575 Main St, Hellertown

1850 Meadow Ln, Pewaukee

Greens N Grains

7821 Hwy 42, Egg Harbor

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