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2012: Issue 15


Jay Shepard Multifaceted musician and songwriter Jay Shepard has just completed recording his long-awaited solo album Harsh Mistress with prominent producer Matty Amendola and 825 Records. While this is Jay's debut album, he is certainly no stranger to the music industry. Dubbing his sound to be alternative, many of Jay's songs deal with the themes of romance, unrequited love, and sexual conquest common in rock, pop, funk, and blues music. "As far as the sound, we were going for rock-and-roll guitars, Beatles-esque harmonies, with sly-modern production," explained Jay. "And of course, the most important ingredient - good songs with catchy hooks." The tracks on Harsh Mistress exude speed and power (even though at the core the songs may seem like standard pop tunes). Stylistically, it's in a category unto itself, blending unique rhythmic patterns, contrasting terraced dynamics, heavy fuzzed guitar riffs, lo-fi acoustic guitars and vocals, tight hard-hitting indie rock drums, in addition to a heavy use of electronic instruments and classic analogue synths. With musical improvisation, and extended jams, from the contemporary and catchy hooks on “Come Back Home,” “Vacant Scene,” “You Wanted,” and “Love on Lend,” to the hard hitting, heavy riffs, and gigantic sounding drums on “She's the Fire,” “Harsh Mistress,” and “Last Man on Earth”, coupled with eclectic and electronic influences on “Time Will Never Slow,” “Truth,” and “All You Got,” and the great depth throughout the ballads in “The City,” and “So It Goes,” Jay's sound is an exploration of music across genres. Photography by Froductions


2012: Issue 15


Rising: You list 60's and 70's rock icons Led Zeppelin, Cream, and Jimi Hendrix as some of your earliest influences. Who are your current rock icons? Jay: Some of my earliest influences on the guitar were definitely Jimi, Jimmy Page, David Gilmour, Slash, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Albert King, and early Clapton. Then the jam phase led to Jerry Garcia and Trey Anastasio. Some other guitarists I love are Jon Scofield, Tony Rice, and Django Reinhardt. There are also a lot of really good modern guitarists out there doing their thing. Two of my current favorites are Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys) and Jack White. Rising: "Harsh Mistress" is your title track. Can you tell us what it's about? Being controlled by money, power, addiction?


Jay: "Harsh Mistress" could be a multitude of things and probably means something different from person to person. Money, power, and addiction are certainly the big ones. I guess in my case, with this record, itʼs more like being compelled to doggedly pursue one's passion/interest. While s a c r i fi c i n g f o r y o u r a d d i c t i o n ( y o u r “Mistress”), relationships, love, family and other comforts can fall or be forced to the wayside. In this case, the addiction is to music, and harsh in the sense that one spends more and more time with the mistress and less and less time with the family and other "normality." I have moved away from my family back in South Carolina in pursuit of a career in music. Iʼve sacrificed living on the beach in Charleston, SC to a basement apartment in Manhattan. Donʼt get me wrong,

I love NYC, but anyone who has lived, or maybe even visited there, will tell you it's a grind and you have to hustle. Rising: "She's the Fire" is so sexy! Is there a story behind this song? Jay: Not one specific incident really… I was just trying to put myself in the shoes of someone who is seeing this super-hot girl for the first time and wants to pick her up. Iʼm pretty sure every guy or girl has been there - seeing a “hottie” and dying to break the ice but just being at a loss for words. In the song, the lead never quite gets to conversing with the desired. Itʼs more like a conversation in his head about how it should go down. (Laughs) Rising: "Love on Lend" is the first song you and Matty Amendola collaborated on. How did this come about? How did the song change during the process? Jay: When Matty Amendola and I first jammed together on a tour in 2007, we clicked immediately.

2012: Issue 15

I think we just dug each others' styles and then continued to get together on and off for shits and giggles whenever our schedules would allow. I think after peeping a couple of my original songs on, what was it called... Myspace? He decided he wanted to record live drums over the track "Love On Lend." I had originally demoed the track with midi drums. Obviously the first big change would be to record live drums. We re-arranged a few sections, added some new instrumentation, a guitar solo on the outro, and that was that. The song definitely changed for the better. Thatʼs when Matty signed me to his label, 825 Records and put me to work! Rising: You're well-known as a touring and live musician. What was it like being in the studio? Where do you feel most creative - in the studio or performing in front of an audience? Jay: Well, Iʼm not sure how well-known I am (laughs), but we are working on that. With that being said, I do play about 200 gigs a year, and I


was even when I was living down South, always with different bands, artists, shows, projects, etc. It keeps things fresh and me on my game. Playing funk with one band one night, then singing and playing 3 loud rock cover sets another night, to playing acoustic bluegrass the next day keeps me sharp. As far as recording goes, I have done sessions at the old Sony Music Studios, Tony Bennett Studios, Water Music, IshLab, and obviously at my label, 825 Records始 studio. Both recording and performing are extremely rewarding


in their own way. If I could only do one I would have to pick rocking a crowd - there始s nothing like it. Creating in the studio is a real special experience, too. I love building a song from the ground up. Starting from nothing and bit by bit, hearing it come together in the end... definitely creatively satisfying. Creating something from nothing is a lot of fun, like improvising a solo. That's why I'm in it really- for the fun.

Rising: This is your 1st full-length album. How long have you been collecting these songs? Where/when does inspiration usually hit? Jay: A lot of the songs were written between 2011-2012 but there are a couple tracks that we pulled from my catalog that are 5 or so years old (“Love On Lend” and “She's the Fire” being two of the older ones). As far as inspiration goes, change is certainly a catalyst. I wish I could confidently say that I knew but it could hit you any time, any place, any moment. I haven't really been able to find a discernible pattern… yet. Rising: What are your favorite songs on the album and what they mean to you? Jay: Hard to say… maybe the first single, “Last Man On Earth.” But I also really enjoy the newer ones that I wrote for the album like, “Truth,” or “Harsh Mistress.” I am sure a clear favorite will emerge once I start playing live with my band. Thatʼs where the proof is, isn't it? In the pudding?

2012: Issue 15


MOKSHA Whatʼs “Moksha?” Itʼs the Hindi word for “liberate” and itʼs also the name of an incredible new band that has blown up out of the Las Vegas music scene. “Moksha is the real deal,” said Beatplay, while Las Vegas Citylife noted their ability to put out “unpretentious, fun sway-able funk jams.” Even Travel Nevada sounded in on their neighbor, citing, “Moksha combines modern sound with that of classic New Orleans for a huge jam session that pleases every crowd.” Life began for Moksha in the hot summer of 2007, when a handful of musicians drawn together by a common love of funk, rock and jazz formed under one flag. Bassist John Heishman and guitarist Jeremy Parks were in a local band when they joined


Sam Lemos - vocals Jeremy Parks - Guitars Pat Gray - Drums, percussion Brian Triola - Organ, keyboards, vocals John Heishman - Bass, vocals musical forces with drummer Pat Gray. Keyboardist Brian Triola sat in with the band, and Mokshaʼs musical seeds were planted. They quickly gained a reputation for the energy and appeal of their live shows. “We like to put on a show that we would want to go to,” said Parks of the bandʼs noteworthy live performance, which Heishman describes as “a high energy, swampy dance party.” In 2010, after doing a ton of live shows, both locally and on the West Coast, Moksha hooked up with guitar legend Brian Stoltz (Neville Brothers, Bob Dylan and more) to record Mammal or Machine, armed with a sound that the Las Vegas Weekly lauded “can only be described as unstoppable, while called Mammal or

Rising: What inspires you the most? Sam Lemos: Genuineness, beauty, family, ingenuity, and love. Rising: What annoys you the most? Sam: Self-defeating behavior. Rising: What is your best and worst habits? Sam: Exploring extremes is my best AND worst habit. It always seems to cause me problems while also providing me with unique and often invaluable perspectives. Rising: What are you most proud of that you have accomplished so far? Sam: Marrying someone I truly love who makes me a better person. Rising: How do you plan to take over the world? Sam: With lasers. Machine “a sound we can all groove on.” The same year, Moksha took home the award for “Best Alternative Progressive Band” at the Vegas Rocks! Award show. 2010 also saw the band add vocalist Sam Lemos as a permanent member after having previously worked with him as a guest vocalist on Mammal or Machine. Four years prior, Lemos worked with Triola and Gray in Vav Ohm and several jazz projects. With Lemos in place, the new line-up of Moksha was complete. In 2011, the band entered the studio with four-time Grammy Award winning engineer/mixer James “Bonzai” Caruso to record their current album, Here to Go. “Overall, Here to Go seems to be a bit more cohesive,” says Triola, adding, “being able to track together for every song was huge for us since the live dynamic is so important for the kind of music we make.”

2012: Issue 15

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Early Melodic Animals is a band that includes one permanent member: Singer/Songwriter JD Parsons of Boise, Idaho. JD writes and sings all the music then brings in musicians from all around the west coast to perform on his records and in live shows (most notably Jane's Addiction Drummer Stephen Perkins for the 2011 debut DAY01). "It's really just me and my zany friend/manager who lives in L.A.;


he works in the Film biz there and gives me a more cinematic influence to the music." Parsons gravitates to music you can play from start to finish especially on a long drive. "My real goal is for a CD filled with singles so the listener doesn't have to skip any songs during playback, an uninterrupted flow of aural transport, if you will." Parsons is also a devout Animal Activist and will feature a song from DAY01 on the Home on the Range Benefit CD. Early Melodic Animals released their second album aptly titled DAY02 Spring 2012.!/EMA1117

2012: Issue 15



Kristin Errett Sitting at a piano in a whimsical vintage dress, playing colorfully magnetic, often 70s inspired,acoustic jazz-pop, Kristin Errett is a 21year-old Singer/Songwriter best known for her clever tongue and cheek lyrics and alluringly rich vocals.“I’m no Veruca counting up my silver spoons but I’ve got a golden ticket up my sleeve” says Singer/Songwriter Kristin Errett in her song “All I Want is Everything” off her debut album “Confessions of a Songbird”. Leaving home to pursue a career in music, this 21year-old songbird proves just that. Armed with rich, warm vocals and a natural flair for piano-driven pop, Kristin has been compared to female artists such as Sara Bareilles and Norah Jones. Her style, however, is undeniably unique. The young artist combines a1970s influenced approach to instrumentation with a contemporary pop feel. With her distinct sound and lyrics described as, “full of moxy and heart on the sleeve attitude”, Kristin Errett is a breath of fresh air in pop music. Kristin has recently returned to the east coast, after spending time recording “Confessions of a Songbird” at Killingsworth Recording Company in Hollywood, CA. In the July 2011 issue of Song Revelation Magazine, Errett described it as, “the most exciting experience of my life. I worked with some incredibly talented musicians, writers, and producers who were just such kind and downto earth people on top of it.” In May, shortly after returning home,

2012: Issue 15

Emmy award winner and host of The Radio Café, Christopher Ewing invited Kristin on the air for an exclusive interview. “Don’t Call Me Sweetheart”, the first track off “Confessions of a Songbird” was featured on the show and within one week, made it’s way into the Top Ten Countdown on the Indie Music Channel. Since, Kristin’s music has been


played on countless local and national radio stations. Currently residing in Southern Connecticut, Kristin has been touring throughout the Northeast and gathering attention. In June of 2011, Kristin was featured in Singer Universe M a g a z i n e a s a To p 5 Vocalist. In July, Kristin performed at the charity, Kilowatts to Kindness Kick Off, donating all the proceeds from album sales to the CT Food Bank. In recent months, Kristin has had performances at notable venues like, The Bitter End, T h e K n i t t i n g F a c t o r y, Kenny’s Castaways, and The National Underground. She’s also performed in a number of music festivals, including Bandapalooza, Sailfest, Musicfest, Bayfest, Make Music Harvard Square, and Furey’s Folk Festival. Kristin has received recent recognition for her song “Mirror Mirror”, which earned a top ten finish on MTV’s Ourstage Female Singer/Songwriter category and is now gearing up to shoot her music video for “Don’t Call Me Sweetheart”. Born in Fairfield, CT, Kristin remembers asking her parents for piano lessons after hearing Carole King’s album, “Tapestry” for the first time. “I think I was about eight years old”, she recalls, “and I ended up studying classical piano all the way through high school.” In addition to the piano, Kristin studied voice and performed in countless regional musical theatre productions, dramas, and choirs growing up. “My piano teacher was always


encouraging me to enter songwriting contests”, Kristin says. In high school she joined the Connecticut Songwriter’s Association and in 2009, she entered the annual Woodsong’s Singer/Songwriter Contest held in Connecticut, and earned first place. Shortly after, Kristin joined the New York Songwriter’s Circle and started traveling to Manhattan to perform. “I knew after my first performance at The Bitter End that I had to do this for a living. It was such a rush,” she

says. After a few self-recorded demos, she enlisted the help of a friend to create an attractive myspace profile. In 2010, Kristin caught the attention of award winning writer and producer, Tomas Costanza and began working with her production team for “Confessions of a Songbird”. In June of 2011, Kristin told I Am Entertainment Magazine, “My ultimate goal for my music is to achieve a lasting career and reach as many people as I can, sharing what I love”. With already over 63,000 fans on the Reverb Nation pop charts and a growing fan base, Kristin Errett is well on her way and there’s undoubtedly more to come from this rising artist.

2012: Issue 15


alchalant alchalant is from Detroit ROCK City. The band just released their new self-titled record and are marketing it nationwide. Winning ‘Best Alternative Band’ at the 2012 Indie M u s i c Aw a r d s h a s propelled the band to new heights back home. alchalant was also nominated for a slew of other awards including ‘Album of the Year’. alchalant plays a blend of modern and classic punk rock. Live performances are especially thrilling - a non-stop adrenaline rush. Songwriter Alex Matijow has gone by the moniker alchalant for over ten years, and has recently recruited TJ Errion (bass) and Chris Hobbs (drums) for the newest incarnation of the project. For the first time alchalant is now a band, not an artist. alchalant will continue to rock, representing the best Detroit has to offer.

Kristi Gnyp Photography


Website: Twitter:!/alchalant


Music vending site:

2012: Issue 15



Vonzell , also known as "Baby V", an i n t e r n a t i o n a l l y k n o w n s i n g e r, songwriter, producer, recording artist, model and actress. She was the second runner-up in the forth season of the hit FOX Television series, American Idol. Although she has been compared to many music industry veterans like Aretha Franklin and Beyonce, this young powerhouse continues to prove that she's not just another newcomer to the entertainment industry. Her grace, elegance, vocal range, and electrifying performances wow fans all over the world. Vonzell has toured with a variety of shows ranging from American Idol to Broadway and as a spokesperson for the United States Postal Service. She has also been seen on prime time talk shows such as The Tyra Banks Show and Regis and Kelly. Whether performing in front of tens of thousands or millions, Vonzell commands the stage like none other. Following her amazing performances on American Idol, she created and launched her own record label and publishing company. Vonzell has recently released a highly anticipated album “True Story”, on which she wrote and produced songs telling her lifeʼs journey. Vonzell is also gaining notoriety as a co-writer for the “OMG Girlz” latest hit “Gucci This Gucci That”. Official Website:




2012: Issue 15


Alli Richards Photography


Mathieu Nevitt: Vocals Tom LaBrosse: Guitar Henry Koller: Guitar Nick Mendini: Bass Joey Zak: Drums

Rising: Youʼve been touring and youʼve also played Summerfest. What can we expect from Dorydrive on stage and which performers inspire you? Mathieu: Dorydrive has definitely been a touring machine since our inception in 2010! We have been knocking down walls left and right across the USA. We have been honored to be a part of many big shows in the past year, but yes, none larger than Summerfest of 2011 opening for Hinder on the main rock stage. We are looking forward to 2012 already as it is booking up and we are hopeful so many of the great touring opportunities afforded to us come into fruition. We have gained a staggering amount of fans in a short time and are anxious to keep selling our brand of rock.

2012: Issue 15

Nashville, Tennessee active rock act Dorydrive sprung to life in the early spring of 2010. The bands make-up consists of former members of Echovalve (Rock Ridge/ Warner), and Marashino. Seasoned veterans excited to embark on their new adventure, Dorydrive has toured relentlessly working hard, garnering the attention of major labels. Featured already on ABC news, spotlighted for a Mall of America acoustic performance, and opening for Hinder at Summerfest, Dorydrive has had a full page publication in Guitar World Magazine for The 2012 Big 4 of Thrash December issue. The band has given multiple interviews including a two page article in Alternative Revolt Magazine and Los Angeles, CA based The summer of 2011 also garnered Dorydrive a full artist endorsement deal from Greg Bennet Guitars, (SAMICK), which includes providing all electric and acoustic guitars that are showcased in every performance. The band also welcomed Red Rocket Entertainment, Eruption Effervescent Energy Drink, Love Gone Apparel, Reuse Jeans, Public Relation D i va s , S t a g e O n e , a n d S t a g e l e v e l productions and promotions for additional support and representation.

Let your rock fist fly, it’s time to enjoy the journey together! Rock and roll …

Rising: Could you briefly describe your musicmaking & songwriting process? Mathieu: We have a very unorthodox writing method for sure! Most of the writing is accomplished over voice mail on the phone and or computer. We have written and finished songs on the road utilizing time in Peoria, Illinois and Janesville, Wisconsin as both have afforded us entire days to utilize the stage for rehearsal to create songs like (Paramour),(Tattooed), and (All the same). We enjoy the process together, itʼs like conceiving a child. Rising: What are you most proud of that you have accomplished so far? Mathieu: The simple fact that every member in this band is a friend and we know that we can


trust and count on one another knowing there is always a shoulder to lean on! Other than that we have an amazing team working behind the project! Big thanks to Red Rocket Entertainment, Public Relations Divas, and all of our amazing endorsement deals with Greg Bennett Guitars (SAMICK), Eruption Effervescent Energy, Love Gone Apparel, and Reuse Jeans! We have also been featured in Guitar World Magazine, Premier Guitar magazine, and Revolt Alt Magazine! Rising: Finish the sentence: Few people know that I… Mathieu: Love touring the south! My favorite stops for food reside there! So Zaxbyʼs, if youʼre listening or reading one of my interviews we are very open for a food sponsor!

Mathieu: 2012 is shaping up to be a huge success for the band. We are going to keep busy and let our team do their work! Cheers! And to the readers out there make sure you like us on Facebook. ....Wendy Andries

Rising: So, whatʼs next for Dorydrive?


Andy Fallon

"Itʼs glorious. Itʼs wonderful. Itʼs warm. Itʼs funky. Itʼs the balls…." It's Ankit Love, independent recording artist with nearly 200,000 Facebook fans. His debut alternative funk album Forever, released November 2011 on iTunes and Spotify, has already earned him a No.1 hit on the MTV Hive top 100 chart with the sci-fi music video "Beethoven Burst" which was also featured on VH1 "Fresh new Music: January 2012." The music video has won a Silver Lei Award at the Honolulu Film Awards, as well as being accepted into numerous film festivals across the country. "Runners", a feature documentary about the making of "Beethoven Burst", is set to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival May 21, 2012. Two singles from the album Forever were in the FMQB Radio Charts top 100 simultaneously, and "Beethoven Burst" went on to become a Top 40 hit,

2012: Issue 15


reaching number 28. The album was also played on over 130 college radio stations at the end of last year throughout the USA including WGTB in Washington DC, WNSU in Ft Lauderdale, WIIT in Chicago, WECB in Boston, KLSU in St. Louis, WXIN in Providence, RI and WPPJ in Pittsburgh. Stuart Mason of Aberdeen Student Radio in the UK describes Love as a "highly unique individual with a unique take on music and the world. With track titles such as “Spill The Milky Way”, “Lightning Lady”, “Mental Revolution” and “Unite+Funk”, you realize that this is a special guy making special music. And when you delve that bit deeper and look at some of his lyrics, you can really see that this is a man who marches to his own funky, sexy beat." And he hails Love's debut album Forever as a "totally unique and utterly brilliant release, mixing the spirituality of India

with the sunshine of California, a musical tour de force that melds funk, soul, rock, hip hop and others into a groundbreaking record that will stay with you long after youʼve turned it off. One of the albums of the year. Amazing." He further states that "the masterpiece of the album however is the stunning, breathtakingly awesome ʻBeethoven Burstʼ. It is quite simply amazing. Thereʼs no other word to describe this beautiful, sexy, funking tune. You just have to give it a listen or better yet head over to Youtube and check out the stupendous video, created and directed by Ankit Love himself." Andy Gesner top music video promoter explains that 'Beethoven Burst' "finds Love cast as an interplanetary space commander in search for the cosmic holy grail, with a crew of hot (and barely clothed) bombshells at the controls. The video mixes ideas of faith, imagination, love, Star Trek, and The Sistine Chapel all into one Hollywood movie-like production that anyone with a pair of eyes and ears will definitely not want to miss." He states "after witnessing this bizarre, yet completely awe-inspiring spectacle, we are certain that Love could be our generationʼs Ziggy Stardust." Love is now working on his next music video and in February 2012 he released a special on-line cover single of the popular Indian track "Why this Kolaveri Di." His version of the song has been shared by several celebrities on Twitter including three Bollywood film stars.

Andy Fallon


Rising: You have achieved more than 100,000 Facebook fans in 10 months. What do you attribute to this amazing social networking success? Love: Well it's now almost 200,000 in about 15 months! I started by asking all my friends and fans to share, making ear-catching funky music, posting fun things and my thoughts, cool videos and spreading as much love as humanly possible! Rising: You are ranked in the top 10 Indian musicians. Can you tell us what the indie music scene is like in India? How is it different than in Western Europe and North America? Love: It's growing rapidly! It's not as developed yet but catching up fast. Lots of exciting indie bands are being formed all the time. In Delhi where I was born there are some cool places to see a tasty fusion of tantalizing Indian melodies with an indie sound. For example, the Living Room Cafe is a cool place to get a flavor of the Indie scene in India. Rising: While attending school in London, England you performed Shakespeare. Did this influence your music and approach to staging your shows and music videos? Love: Absolutely! I was lucky enough to be doing Shakespearean plays in High School - Midsummer Night's Dream and Twelfth Night. Later I studied it at Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts where I played Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet: "Mercutio, thou consortest with Romeo." It has a strong influence, which I think comes across in the dramatic nature of my work and in my desire to tackle heightened and juicy subjects through songs & film. For example, the chorus in "Spill the Milky Way" draws inspiration from the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet "Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon,/Who is already sick and pale with grief" and also "The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars as daylight doth a lamp." Actually, I am about to direct and act in a feature film version of Romeo and Juliet set in India! Rising: You live in London now, but do you continue to embrace your Indian roots? Do you spend much

2012: Issue 15

Paul Baichoo

time back in India? Love: India is very important to me and all my family is still there. I try and go back at least once a year. The concept of the country and it's history has had a great impact on me which can be heard most directly in my song "Seven Shades." I constantly discover so many things to explore from its ancient past: spirituality, yoga, ritual to its unification as a republic from 550 princely states in the 1950's, all the way to the present and its contemporary culture and art. So it is a heritage I value greatly and believe will continue to influence my future lyrical, musical, and visual creations. In the "Beethoven Burst" music film the styling draws greatly from India. The jacket I wear is an adaption of a formal Indian coat, the spaceship has many patterns from


Indian art. I even get haldi (tumeric) smeared over me which is a reference to Indian wedding preparations. The film revolves the theme of spirituality, mysterious of the Universe, infinity and ends with me in a yogic pose: Natarajasana or Dancer Pose. Rising: What's on the horizon for Ankit? What are your recent and your future projects? Love: I have just released a single on iTunes: a creative cover of the popular Indian song "Why this Kolaveri Di" which features my friend Amit Bhojwani, and the Latvian actress Egija Zviedre. Watch the video here. And on the back of the great success of "Beethoven Burst" which was a No.1 hit on MTV Hive and also was featured on VH1 Fresh New Music, I made an amazing new music video which was released in July 2012. And there is a feature length documentary called "Runners", which is about how we made the "Beethoven Burst" music video. It focuses on young people in the indie film-making process, and it premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May this year! Here is the trailer And of course the release of my debut album "Forever" which will be out at the end of the summer. Rising: Would you like to say anything to your fans? Love: Thank you for being Lovers! Keep on exploring, being open minded, never give up, enjoy and love every and each moment!

Ankit love and actress Egija Zviedre Paul Baichoo



A graduate of Bennington College, Charlie studied jazz voice, piano, and composition. Since he first burst onto the music scene in March 2006, the prolific Mr. Demos has already released three indie charttopping albums, including his eponymous debut album, from which its first single “Donʼt Ever Stop” was featured in Casper Andreasʼ film,“A Four Letter Word”, 2008ʼs "How to be a Boi", which featured the title song in Rob Williamsʼ “3-Day Weekend”, and the EP Anatomy 1.The music video to the first single from Anatomy 1, “Insane,” shot to the top of the charts shortly after its world premiere and won a spot on the LOGO Networkʼs “Ultimate Queer Videos of All Time” list, as well as being nominated for “Video of the Year.” His most recent release, Seven Times Eternal, is a return to Charlie's roots: blues, jazz, and soul. Co-produced by Tony Conniff, this 5song EP was recorded all live, all in one take. Mr. Demos takes listeners from the concrete jungle of New York City all the way down the Bible Belt to the mystical, old-world streets of New Orleans where he pays homage to the spirits of music, magic, and creativity.

2012: Issue 15





and Beyond the Dawn both support indie artists, so it seemed a perfect match to contribute our picks to the show. All artists featured in Rising have a chance to be our "Pick of the Week". Internet radio is a great way to get exposure for indie music and for music lovers to discover great new sounds. Please support TDawn and Beyond the Dawn and listen for our pick of the week on Rising Notes 34


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Lauded, award-winning San Francisco-based pop performer, recording artist, Aoede (A-E-D) is compelling pop for your heart by a singer/songwriter with an enchantingly quirky soprano voice. Artists in Music's 2012 BEST Folk-Acoustic Artist and ALBUM of the Year for Affair with the Muse (2011). Nominated for BEST Female Folk Artist, Best Folk Producer and Best Folk video under $5000 in Indie Music Channel Awards.

2012: Issue 15

For fans of Ingrid Michaelson, Feist, Regina Spektor, A Fine Frenzy, Lily Allen.


Aoede is also WomensRadio.comʼs recipient of a “Top Album of the Decade” honor, and “Top Artist of the Year” for 2008, is a driven singer/songwriter whoʼs one-in-a-million, but itʼs not only for the reasons one would expect. Aoede was the "muse of song" in Greek mythology. I, Lisa Sniderman, singer-songwriter for Aoede, chose this name both to inspire you and to remember to continually be inspired. Skeletons of the Muse is Aoede's second full-length album and fourth release, (April 2012). It is comprised of 13 tracks, 6 new and 7 from Affair with the Muse, remixed and mastered with new elements. Aoede has a new enchanting music video for "Fairy Tale Love," Aoede's first single from the new album. Aoede released Affair with the Muse (2011). Aoede is co-founder of WomenROCK, a Bay Area-based women-in-music advocacy group, as well as a driven environmentalist with a passion for Blue Gold (water!). Aoede also suffers from Dermatomyositis-a rare connective-tissue disease... " healing process is creating new music. Music is my lifeline. I just cannot stop creating."


Rising: The name Aoede is from Greek Mythology. Can you tell us why you chose this name for yourself? Aoede: Aoede (pronounced A-E-D) means "song" in Greek Mythology, and she was the first muse of song before the celebrated nine muses. When I first chose the name Aoede in 2005, I wanted affiliation with the muse to remember to be inspired and to continually inspire. During the past few years, the name and theme of muse have resonated even more and become a central theme in my life. I have become a muse to many in ways I never expected, offering support, compassion, empathy, inspiration, connection and encouragement to those who most need it. By telling my story, I have discovered others are inspired to tell theirs or perhaps pursue some passion or joy thatʼs inside their hearts. As I noted at a conference last year, I started out as a singersongwriter, but became a muse… Rising: You continue with the muse/fairytale theme in your album Skeletons of the Muse. What were the inspiration and influences for the album and the songs on it?

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Aoede: Just as the Ferris Wheel was the perfect icon for the cover of Aoede's March 2011 digital EP Affair with the Muse (most of the songs embodied going around and around on the wheel of love), skeletons are the ideal symbol for the April 2012 album Skeletons of the Muse. Along with Muse, Skeletons has also become a central theme in my life. Skeletons is about making amends and friends with ghosts of my past, my roller coaster present and even with my uncertain future. On the album cover, I am having tea with my Skeletons, symbolizing that I have made friends with what they represent - all the darker parts of me perhaps parts that I once wanted to keep private, even from myself. The second song on the album is entitled “Skeletons”, in which I admit that it is so much easier to put pen to paper when it comes to writing what I've done or even reflecting on others' experiences... but it takes everything I've got to look inward and reflect on myself, and most recently my own journey into the darkness of health, too. It is as if I had to first acknowledge my

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darkness, my vulnerabilities - admit them to myself so that I could admit them to you. # When I first received the two life-size, plastic Skeletons in the box that are featured on the cover and in the album artwork, I didn't even want to see them or take them out of the box, let alone hold them. Now they sit in a chair in my front room. I see them almost daily, and they are more of a comfort than something to be feared. I think this is a great parallel for my life: making friends with my own past, acknowledging and being public about my own health and perception of weakness and vulnerability, and with my future. It reminds me of my fate, and perhaps encourages me to live more fully because of it. Skeletons of the Muse also intrigued me as a concept. Most of us think of the “muse” as a Goddess, ethereal, divine, inspiring, a spark, etc. We don't think of the muse as having a dark side or Skeletons in a muse's closet!


In stark contrast to “Skeletons” is Track 7. “Fairy Tale Love” is one part Disney, two parts fractured fairy tale, telling of just what one girl would do for her happily ever after. As I was completing the video for Fairy Tale Love - one of the singles from the new album, which features a Fairy Tale storybook as the main theme - I realized the album is really a Fairy Tale Book, and each song is a light or dark tale of the muse. The album cover art also reflects this Fairy Tale storybook. As I am preparing for my CD Release Party and Music Video premiere for “Fairy Tale Love” on June 10th in SF, I am playing with that very fairy tale theme and will read from my Tales of the Muse storybook to tell and sing each tale. Skeletons of the Muse has 13 tales, 7 remixed and remastered with new elements from Affair with the Muse and 6 new tales. As mentioned above, many of the tracks from Affair with the Muse, such as “Love Proof” (Track 4) about falling in love with love, embody going around and around on lifeʼs wheel of love. “Can't Stop the Music” (Track 1) is a bouncy, upbeat, feel-good Lily Allen-esque tale about the omni-present music that emanates from our every fiber and the world around us. “Gravity” (Track 11) is a Pixiesvibe-ish tale of the feeling of gravityʼs effect on oneʼs heart when anotherʼs heart has moved on. “Bittersweet” (Track 9) acknowledges the dark side and the dirty laundry of the past where you taste both the good and bad in someone you love. “Days Like This” (Track 3) has ethereal vocals and is a hauntingly throbbing keyboard-based ballad, recognizing that no one said the world, life and love would be so hard, especially when looking back on the magic and ease of being a child… but, then again, no one said life would hold so much beauty and wonder, either. “Perfect Day” (Track 6) is a heartfelt tale honoring a courageous, tireless fighter-of-a-soul named Frederik… I received a message from a new music fan from Belgium via a social network in June 2011.


He was completely open and honest about his condition - a progressive muscle disease where he has been on a breathing machine in bed 24 hours a day and not outside in open air since 2009, requiring assistance for everything. Despite this he is a music fanatic, co-webmaster of an orchestra and loves ships and ship spotting. When I first read his story, it brought me to tears. Then, out came “Perfect Day”. I wrote this song for him, imagining the world through his lens, but realized afterward it was also the first time I had let myself feel in song what I had gone through: my own limitations.

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Rising: Your music video for “Fairy Tale Love” looks like something right out of a story book. How fun was it making that? Was the concept entirely your own or was it a collaboration? Aoede: Yes, the central theme for Aoede's music video for “Fairy Tale Love” is definitely the Fairy Tale Book! I wanted to invite the viewer to come play along after the book flips open, as if they are transported into a magical fairy tale world. Pages flip after each scene, and the book flips closed at the end of the story. It was a lot of fun to make! There were three locations and then, of course, new animation and found footage. The locations were outside my own house in San Francisco for the garden scenes and choruses, the Musee Mecanique and the Carousel! Much fun to do the shoot, which was done over a few days in January 2011 :) It was my concept but definitely a lot of wonderful collaborators to video, edit and see the vision through, especially the animation sequences. I really wanted the book to fall from the sky and then flip open so the tale could begin. I did a lot of research on public domain archival footage and found 1934 Betty Boop Cinderella, which is featured in the video and as the end credits are rolling. Another collaborator found that sweet vintage footage that

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looks like paper drawings interspersed throughout, while another team created the carriage and book falling from the sky. It took over a year to complete, and I just released it in April: http:// Rising: We met at the Artist in Music Awards where you won Best Folk-Acoustic Artist and Album of the Year. Can you tell us what winning those awards meant to you? Aoede: To say I was thrilled, honored, blown away, incredulous, tickled, beyond appreciative would be an understatement. Winning the Best Folk-Acoustic Artist was reward enough for that magical evening in February in LA; winning Album of the Year on top of that just floored me. Most recently back in LA on April 29th, Aoede received 2 Indie Music Channel awards for Best Female Folk Artist and Best Folk Producer and is now nominated for LA Music Awards Hot AC Artist of the Year! To be bestowed with these honors, with this recognition for hard work in the face of difficult health challenges, is beyond amazing to me. It signifies that the music is whatʼs most important. It also tells me my connection with my fans is the


Acoustic Artist that Aoede was nominated and won the Album of the Year for Affair with the Muse. It wasn't a category that you could ask your fans to support. That tells me a lot. Also, having people in the music industry judge and award Aoede gave the competition considerable credibility in my eyes. Besides that, it means so much to me not only because of my strange and unexpected journey over the past few years, but it tells me that if you truly believe in yourself, if you keep pursuing and believing in your dream, it will come true! I just want the music to compel and have some impact; make a connection with the listener. If Aoede's music is doing that, I am beyond ecstatic.

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primary reason for these awards. I couldn始t have had the overwhelming support and encouragement, the feedback, the love and drive to create or to put it out into the universe without them. I始ve said it before, it始s really not DIY but DIT (Do It Together): from my producer and mixing engineer taking song babies and making them shine, the crazy talented musicians who played on the album, my exceptional pr and marketing team, to my incredibly supportive husband and family, to all the people who supported the nominations, share Aoede videos and songs, play with me on facebook and twitter, and helped partially fund the completion and release of Skeletons of the Muse via Kickstarter. For the Artists in Music Awards, I received so much support for Best Singer-Songwriter and Folk


Rising: It says on your website that you battle a rare disease. Would you be willing to tell us about it and do you have any words of encouragement to others with the same illness? Aoede: Yes, I have a rare autoimmune condition called Dermatomyositis (DM)which if untreated attacks and weakens the immune system, muscles and skin as well as the mind and spirit. I've been dealing with challenges of managing this condition, trying to find just the right combination of treatments, drugs and therapies since April 2008. In 2010, I was hospitalized due to an apparent flare of my DM. And from the time I was back home from my 24-day hospital stay at the end of September 2010, while physical and occupational therapists were coming to the house multiple times a week, while a home nurse came to assist me with my bathing needs, while family or friends shuttled me back and forth each month to the hospital for IVIG infusions for a week at a time, while I was learning a new baseline and a new norm that involved wheelchairs and walkers, ramps and commode seats and shower benches, I was trying to figure out how to get my music I had recorded in 2010 out into the world. I believe music is my lifeline. A large part of my healing process is creating new music and connecting with my fans. These have become such incredible sources of strength and encouragement for me. I have been blogging about my experience as a singer-songwriter with Dermatomyositis (DM) since Feb 2011 (see Dermatowhat?? I think the

comments left in response to some of these blog posts best illustrate some of the impact: "Hi Lisa You are so on the money with your life. Love it and keep up the fight you are an inspiration to many people who feel they are alone with DM.THANK YOU." “Take care and thanks again for giving us some more hope that Eldon will also be able to accomplish amazing things in his life. We look forward to seeing all the great things you will continue to do!  There are a lot of moms in the support group commending you on your amazing accomplishments and you have given a lot of moms a lot more optimism for their babiesʼ futures  xoxo” I am beyond humbled to give moms and others optimism, and just pleased that I can be a muse to those going through this - that I can support, inspire, offer hope, and connect. Here are some words of encouragement for others battling illness and for those who are going through any emotional or similar, rare physical issues where little information and support exists. These are my 10 "Secrets," an excerpt from my talk for the Myositis Conference Sep 2011: • 1. I awaken and greet each day with total love, gratitude & a positive attitude keeping my spirits high, always having hope! (Just remember this great quote: Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you respond to it.) • 2. I strive to get the best quality of life that I can from each day. I “Do What I Can With What I've Got.” I've come to peace with a new baseline & slower pace. • 3. I have found and live in my place of joy! • 4. I am constantly believing in myself, "I am blessed" and "life is beautiful." (It helps me to remember the adage: I once came upon and had sympathy for a man who had no shoes until I met the man who had no feet... ) • 5. I do not go this alone! I recognize when I need help, have learned to receive, nurture relationships, have great empathy and compassion for others and have an amazing support system, beautiful loving family, friends and a whole network of new connections. • 6. I make time and opportunity to create and express through music! • 7. I write about DM to process, share, connect. • 8. I use humor and find ways to smile and laugh (and make others smile and laugh) constantly!

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• 9. I truly practice law of attraction and know if you imagine it and truly believe it, you can realize it. • 10. I see opportunity. I ask what can I learn from this and what can I teach, not "why me" and I refuse to be a victim. I am not the disease. Lastly, I wrote a song for Affair that is also included on Skeletons (Track 13) called “What You Got”, an inspiring tale and anthem that speaks to what you do when life is hurling lemons at you: you do what you can with what you got! I wrote this to instill hope and encouragement, to others and to myself. It was my anthem through my own storm. Rising: You do some motivational speaking? Can you explain about this a bit and if you are still doing that? Do you have a favourite charity? Aoede: The previous question touches on some of this. I was asked to tell my story and perform in September 2011 at the annual Myositis Conference in Las Vegas. My talk was entitled: 10 Confessions and Secrets of a Singer-Songwriter who Became a Muse. The 10 secrets are above. It was so


rewarding to be connecting with the very people who shared my rare condition and to offer my story as inspiration. I haven't been in the public too much since 2010's hospitalization, focusing on song and blog writing, recording and releasing 2 albums, a music video, and connecting online through social networks, building my fanbase, and successfully funding a Kickstarter. So I have taken only a handful of engagements, for example being a DIY (Do It Yourself) representative for a music business panel. I traveled to Portland, Oregon in August to perform and tell my story to benefit CureJM- (http:// )which will hopefully inspire the kids who are afflicted with Myositis show them that even though they may be battling this difficult disease now, there's hope and possibilities for their future. I want to continue to promote using arts as healing because I believe creating is so powerful and such a great way to focus and channel energy. I would like to continue to tell my story, perform and inspire or motivate others who need it! Related to my condition, both The Myositis Association (http:// ) and CureJM ( jm.htm ) are wonderful organizations to support. () (


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