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Issue 598 15th August 2019

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Random Words : centre, August, cadger, curse, troutbeck, summer, misadventure, Scotland, brave Assignment: summer misadventures

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IX Is it for fear to wet a widow's eye, That thou consum'st thy self in single life? Ah! if thou issueless shalt hap to die, The world will wail thee like a makeless wife; The world will be thy widow and still weep That thou no form of thee hast left behind, When every private widow well may keep By children's eyes, her husband's shape in mind: Look! what an unthrift in the world doth spend Shifts but his place, for still the world enjoys it; But beauty's waste hath in the world an end, And kept unused the user so destroys it. No love toward others in that bosom sits That on himself such murd'rous shame commits. X For shame! deny that thou bear'st love to any, Who for thy self art so unprovident. Grant, if thou wilt, thou art belov'd of many, But that thou none lov'st is most evident: For thou art so possess'd with murderous hate, That 'gainst thy self thou stick'st not to conspire, Seeking that beauteous roof to ruinate Which to repair should be thy chief desire. O! change thy thought, that I may change my mind: Shall hate be fairer lodg'd than gentle love? Be, as thy presence is, gracious and kind, Or to thyself at least kind-hearted prove: Make thee another self for love of me, That beauty still may live in thine or thee.

The Shakespeare sonnets are to be found on PROJECT GUTENBURG and are reproduced here for educational purposes and are nfp.


DOMESTIC VIOLENCE (AB assignment) Yes, it is the summer holidays again, families under stress, and just like at Christmas, domestic violence peaks in the respectable suburbs. Domestic trouble isn’t something that stays behind closed doors. Last night between 10.30pm and 1.30am it was acted out in the street. Crowd of young people, loud banging, shouting, swearing, screaming, crying with just a touch of police sirens and then more yelling. All goes quiet while officers are on site. An hour later and Mr Shouting Man is again bawling, obviously still off his face on something. All chance of a good night’s sleep ruined for all the neighbours ... So questions... Is that house now a rental? Are there still kiddies in that house? Is the woman (colourfully described as ‘you ffing bitch’) in any danger now? Is Mr Shouting Man still there? What is the correct response? If this was happening next door to you, what would you do? If this woman ended up as a statistic in the morgue (2 UK women a week die through domestic violence) will neighbours be able to live with their turned blind eyes?

WOMEN’S AID information:


Background to Galaxy Odyssey. The Year is 2300. Trentby is a major Earth metropolis sited on the River Trent, a few miles from the small quaint village of Derby. On the outskirts of Trentby is the huge space drome where space ships of all sizes take off to visit, trade or explore all parts of the galaxy. The space drive warp coils enable space ships to travel faster than light and they can reach the farthest parts of the galaxy in less than a fortnight. The space drive was invented by Neils Schrodinger Bluddschott in the year 2250; a member of the famous space pioneering Bluddschott family. The Earth is Member of the Space Confederation of planets. The Confederation’s space ships are named after famous events, people or Gods. Some examples are: The Marie Celeste, The Flying Dutchman, The Ancient Mariner, The Chaos &etc. The flagship of the fleet is the SSS Trentby Sir Cloudesley Shovell. SSS stands for Super Space Ship. ‘The Cosmos’: The last place to explore. These are the expeditions of the SSS Sir Cloudesley Shovell. Its continuing role: to discover bizarre new worlds. To explore new worlds and new societies. To boldly split infinitives as never before!’ Characters Position Captain/Commander


Nickname etc.

Nigel T Bluddschott


1 Officer

Mary Jonah or Number One

Number Twos


Arthur Brain



Ivana Waxov

Lost in Space or ‘Losp’


Roger Wilco



Jane Ladrone



Laurence McHammer

Lump (Hammer)


Vera and Gloria

Ouch and Ow


Pierre Haricot

Mr Bean or Half-baked


Android — CLOVER

Attitude issues


The characters personalities and relationships will evolve as the story continues. Technology The space-drive warp coils enable space ships to travel faster than light and they can reach the farthest parts of the galaxy in less than a fortnight. The space-drive was invented by Neils Schrodinger Bluddschott in the year 2250; a member of the famous Bluddschott family. The space-drive coils and associated technology enable the spaceships to travel in hyperspace. Hyperspace does not contain big lumps of things like stars and planets, so spaceships do not bump into things. However, navigation is tricky, get it wrong you can arrive on the wrong side of the universe or arrive before you left and possibly both. It might mean meeting yourself before you set off thus causing trouble in temporal causality.


Take off in a hurry Clover was pretty sure there wasn’t an app anywhere in its extensive databanks called: “All an android needs to know about flying a space shuttle in a solar system.” It did suddenly gain an insight into why humans under stress resorted to profanity, however, being resourceful and, frankly terrified, the android retrieved the flight deck recording of their take off from Moon Base 111 and following Number One’s somewhat erratic actions to the letter, including a text message to Martian Gamblers Anonymous requesting a meeting, managed an almost prefect departure from Mars Space Port albeit with less of the usual flourish and panache as was customary. Nigel breathed a sign of relief, and gained an unexpected insight into his first officer’s predicament, as the old bucket cleared the space doors and fell inelegantly into the void beyond without anyone shooting at them, or giving chase; no laser blasts was always preferable to the alternative. ‘Phew, no fireworks, eh?’ grinned Bonny. ‘Reckon, her’s been clobbered by the Syndicate?’ Nigel had little knowledge of the criminal fraternity, but Clover was on hand to offer an opinion, as usual. However, at that moment Vera’s porcine nasal cavities appeared two metres tall on the wall sized view screen which could be disconcerting for those of a delicate disposition especially as she had this habit of leaning in very close to the camera lens on account of her contact lenses made things seem smaller rather than bigger(?). ‘In case anyone’s interested Number One’s awake. Her’s off her face on sommat, but she’s cussing like a trooper so I guess she’ll live.’ Bonny prodded Nigel with that hard finger again, ‘Off you go then. She’ll need your support, won’t she?’ Clover’s imaginary eyebrows rose again. Why anyone would think Nigel had a supportive bone in his body was incomprehensible, never had the human displayed anything but utter disinterest in anyone other than himself. Nigel really objected to the proddy finger and being ordered off his own flight deck but as he was going to sick bay anyway, it didn’t seem worth mentioning. ‘Clover, set course for Terran,’ Bonny instructed as Nigel shuffled off, really quietly pleased that his legs had remembered how to work independently again. Clover watched his fearless leader depart before asking, ‘Anywhere in particular, or shall I stick a pin in a map?’ ‘Less of the sark, remember I know where your off switch is located.’ Clover’s carapace flushed viridian which indignation. Now the human was threatening, not a bit grateful, after all he’d done towards the success of her mission. Some people were impossible to comprehend. ‘I’ll give you landing co-ordinates in due course, for now just head for home. Any idea where she keeps her stash of biscuits?’ she asked as she began rifling through Number One’s drawers. This was confusing. Clover had always thought of the shuttle as home. The old craft was sturdy, if unlovely to behold, and seemed vastly better as a domicile than a spinning heap of irradiated rock, prone to climate swings, volcanic eruption, which was vastly overcrowded with under educated and over medicated inhabitants with Machiavellian tendencies generally on the make. He did comprehend this objective viewpoint of a species’ home world might not be acceptable to the female assassin and quietly acquiesced without comment. With any good fortune the first officer would soon be able to take over steering, after all missing space debris wasn’t that difficult for anyone who played computer games, and he could go back to discovering whatever it was Nigel was up to before the lab disaster.


amount of Windfalls due to the dry weather. They started falling early for the “June Drop,” and have just kept falling We started to get some much needed rain ever since. again at about the end of the first week of August. When we are officially into the start of

The Start Of Autumn.

The timing was just right for planting my Leeks that went in, in place of the first of the Potatoes that were dug out. I had been holding the Leeks back in trays for just such an opportunity. If you keep them in restricted conditions like this they seem to just stop growing and then start again when put into better, whereas, many plants will suffer and spoil if not kept growing continuously. The Potatoes that came out were a bit on the small side and rather scabby, but OK really. As I have done the last couple of years, I am going to try and save some of the smaller ones to be kept through the Winter to be used as seed next Spring. The experts do not always recommend this though, as the popular idea is that this practice is asking for disease to be introduced to the new crop. It is getting a bit late, with Autumn almost upon us, but I have also just sown some Radish Mooli, Spring Cabbage, Chard, Chicory and a late Turnip variety. When they are transplanted these will all go in where the Potatoes were, thus keeping an otherwise large and empty bed productive throughout much of the Winter and into early Spring. Most things will be ready for harvest through August and into September, but many have been a couple of weeks early this year. With the fruit, the Figs in particular, have done well and I started picking those nearly a month early. Some varieties of Apples have also been ready early and for them too it has also been a bumper year. The only problem with the Apples though, has been an excessive

Autumn, any Summer pruning that hasn’t already been done must be done as soon as possible, because it won’t be long before the trees and bushes start dropping their leaves and begin the Winter shut down. Any open cuts need a few weeks to heal before the plants go dormant to prevent infection from getting in. My Early, or Summer Fruiting Raspberries were cut down at the beginning of August with all of the old stems, which had fruited and started to turn Brown, cut out completely. The young, green shoots will need tying in for the coming Winter and next season, but as yet there is not much growth on them. The “Lates,” or Autumn fruiting varieties will be cut down much later, as they will go on fruiting for a while yet. Then they will just be shortened before the Winter sets in to prevent the winter storms from rocking them and cut down to the ground at the end of February next year because they will fruit on next Springs new growth. As of writing this I am just starting to prune my Black Currant Bushes. Remember though that they do fruit on old wood, so you can’t take out too many branches at once, or else you will have no fruit for a year or two. Whereas, White and Red Currants fruit on new growth, so can be cut down harder. Many people leave Currants until Winter to prune, but they can be safely done now. While pruning my bushes I found quite a few stems had been pulled down to the ground, by the sheer weight of fruit and they had rooted. These were carefully cut off and trimmed before being potted as 10

free plants. I did put some of the ordinary prunings in as cutting as well though. It is a bit early to be doing this with what are essentially “Hard Wood,” cuttings, but Currants root so easily it would have been a shame to waste the shoots. If you get the cut shoots mixed up between Black Currant and Red and White, you can easily tell which are Black Currant, because the leaves smell, whereas White and Red don’t. This may be why Gooseberry Sawfly doesn’t attack Black Currants, but does Red and White. Birds don’t seem to go for the Black Berries so much either, but that may be due to the fact that they seem to instinctively home in on all red berries. On the subject of cuttings I have been putting in lots of cuttings of garden plants as well. Semi ripe shoots root easily and quickly at this time of year. Some of them may need a bit of


shelter in a cold greenhouse, or cold-frame before planting them out, but they should make good plants for next year. This is especially a good idea if you have any plants that are a bit tender like some of the Salvias, or Osteospermums. As Autumn sets in it won’t be long before we have to start and prepare other things ready for the coming Winter. Having said that the first frosts don’t usually come until November so we have some weeks of good weather still ahead of us for quick growing and last minute crops.

By Joaquim Alves Gaspar - own photoCamera: Konica Minolta A200Settings: Aperture: F11; shutter speed: 1/100; Sensitivity: ISO 100; Focal length 200 mm (equivalent 35mm), CC BY 2.5, curid=1454413

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