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i s m a V y a d h t r i B y p Hap April 11th 2010

Memories are a way of holding on to things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to loose. So here are some

MEMORIES... .....that you have shared with many of us...

“Other things may change us, but we start, and end, with family�

Greenwich Saturday, 25th July 2009 This was our first ―family‖ holiday when we went with our Moms to Greenwich. I remember me and my Mom were super late, but you did know my bad habit then, so you were not too angry! We climbed all the way to the top and saw the breathtaking view of London. We did the usual one foot in the east and one foot in the west on the 0 degree longitude, and took lots of photos! Remember you hid Mumbai written on the line because Hydrebad was not there? Then later we went and bought ice cream cones! The day carried on with endless fun including me trying on random hats (top right picture), then off to Trafalgar square to climb the lions, followed by dinner at Masala Zone, followed by the night view of Tower Bridge. Oh and remember taking a million pictures on the escalator? Just HAD to put one of those in there :). It was an AWESOME day that I will always remember, thanks to both our Moms and of course you!

Bournemouth Saturday, 8th August 2009 This was another brilliant day! We played cards on the train there which was a lot of fun! Remember burying our Moms in the Sand? And then dancing on top of them? Then crying and posing for photos? We also danced to Aika Dajiba on the beach in front of a million gora’s to entertain our Moms who were buried in there. It wasn't long before it was our turn! I also loved playing Antakshari in our respective ―teams‖! We beat our Mom’s. HAHA I think that's about the only time we were in one team! There was fish and chips for lunch (and you were surprised your mom liked it!) Then playing ―Fugadi‖ on the beach, going round and round till I was dizzy! I cant believe we convinced you to go on the Merry Go Round! Remember fighting for candy floss? Then there was writing all our names in the sand and splashing each other till we were all drenched! How can I forget the climbing of trees and then the posing with the flowers! All in all it was a day full of fun and laughter. Will remember it forever.

And we TWIST Friday, 30th October 2009 Hey Partner! This show was something that took up most of our lives for about a month. Remember the crazy practice sessions? All the group dances at Iffy’s place and then we would go back to my house for hours of salsa dancing. I must say I really enjoyed practicing the ―aaj kal teri raahon mein‖ with you. Especially the lifts :D For this event we had 20 different songs, of different types. and you were there in almost all of them! And you did a fantastic job as well.. Weather it was our salsa, or typical maharashtrian aika dajiba, or the south indian STYLE, (how me and ippadi and vibhuti just LOVED that step!!! you know which one I am taking about right?). Hip hop ho ya bhangra, you pulled off each dance with ease! Ippadi becoming a snake on the floor, or the first time I tried Dola re Dola,, or Yogi moving his head from side to side typical maharshtrian style in Koi mil gaya.. There were so many instances where we all laughed till we cried. Ek doosre ki lena, ek doosron ke saath hasna, ladna, manana.. Yahi toh khaisayat thi Indigo ki. Everything moment was just too much fun! Remember while walking down to iffys house for practice we would always buy chicken wings? And how Iffy used to make us go over the same routines again and again! This was hard work and fun, an excellent combination! Will always have fond memories of this show, and the wonderful moments we spent together preparing for it!

Rishu’s Birhtday 5th November 2009 This was the first time in my life I celebrated my birthday with only my closest friends. Usually its a huge affair with a million people and probably two or three parties. But celebrating with just my best friends was different and very special for me. We went to the restaurant called Lahore, and I remember all of a sudden the lights went dim and the waiters brought out a cake for me to cut! Ram tried to smother my face with chocolate but he didn't succeed. HAHA. Then after we got home I was trying on your bike helmet. And I must say it suits me a lot more than it suits you. Oh and thanks again for the beautiful card (even though it came a couple of days LATE!!) I still have it, and whenever I read it, it makes me smile.

Party 17th January 2010 This house party at your place has everything one could want and more. The best ingredients were, good food, GREAT friends! I remember we debated the menu for hours and hours before we finally decided on fried fish, shahi paneer, and Sunitha’s famous Chicken! This was the first time you ever washed and cut raw fish and I must say that you did an excellent job! Then there was the crazy karaoke with Vibhuti and Iffy getting all the top scores and can’t forget Aarij and his famous imitations. Almost died laughing when he was singing some Adnan Sami song. He was just too good. That was followed by endless hours of dancing to bollywood music. Then ofcourse there was Vibhuti’s cheerharan in which we all joined in!! Ended with Vibhuti’s post on FB ―Had such a lovely day, Thanks Vamsi, Rishu, Eshani, Sunitha, Aarij, Kavitha, Iffy and Iram.. Ab please ghar jaaaane doooooo!!!‖

Paintballing 13th Feb 2010 That was one cheerful day! Me & Iram were there at waterloo early morning by 7ish? Yes! I think so! And being the guy who booked and collected all tickets I had to be there first as I had all the tickets and it was a group discount so we all are supposed to be together. Found Vamsi and Aarij were already there and soon the lake-like-calm station was polluted with noises of screams and greetings by IILiites. Just a min to go and t didn’t take us long to jump on the train and find the coach, we just took the very first one close to the barriers, all thanks to lesson learnt from Dinesh who had missed the train last time. With chips and coffee sip on the train the day looking promising had began. Gossips, leg pulling and few jokes from Aarij gave a perfect start of the day. Got off at Effingham station and it was around 8:30 am. No one knew the exact address so I trusted my instinct and followed my guts. We went walking with huge bags on our back and I must tell you, it was a wonderful walk, very much like the country-side. We got a shock after we took a turn after seeing the sign for the paintballing centre. To our horror there was a further half a mile walk with no concrete road but mud filled zig-zag street. We soon found that we weren’t alone. Our friends who were coming by cars were equally puzzled. As they drew by we walked our way to the centre. Kept the bags in the cars and walked our way to the centre. We had bought tickets for 14 and could see only 10 heads there, thanks to Jimmy, Bipin, Freddy & Rishu for not turning up, GRRRR!! But we are desis! We cant waste the bullet stocks so we sent our Jhansi ki rani’s to claim few saying that they have’nt collected. The place was crowded with atleast 100 people and teams were divided. Everybody was buying their arms and ammunition for the battlefield. Dinesh bought couple of hand grenades from the centre saying he had his credit card on him. Lol! Whilst we were clicking snap next to a bunker my eyes caught couple of white boys filling their guns keeping their paint balls’ bag on the same table where our wives were standing. I told the guys that our wives should nick few from their bag as were running short of bullets and pat came the funniest one liner of the century from none other than yogi. He said ―Pakdey gaye toh bolna – we are not playing, we are not playing‖ Trust me! We almost died laughing! We went in like the LOC movie’s jawaans all thinking we are the models in the army uniform. Soon we were thrown in mud with slippery surface and half functional guns along with some foolish college teens who knew nothing about team work. Funniest part was that Raje was communicating with them in typical Indian accent saying you do this you do that, lol! We still had fun at the end of the day. Thanks to Pravash’s gulab jamuns and all the Indian food we got to taste. We dint care who won coz we were happy to lose this one, infact were least bothered coz we had already had tons of fun. Thanks to the IIL spirit of which I am a huge fan. IIL’s Real FAN. Aah that make’s my name. IRFAN!

Holi 6th March 2010 Holi in 2010 was a lot of fun! Remember it was a day after Pooja’s birthday. We had been awake all night adter lots of dancing and lots of shots, we reached Pooja’s place and stayed awake all night playing poker and monopoly. Next day was holi and we all ran to Primark to buy clothes that were ok to get all coloured. I ended up getting shoes and clothes that were 4 sizes too big as I did not check properly because we were rushing. Even though we rushed we reached 2 hours late! Hehe, but when we got there it was a lot of fun. It was a day of colours and of dance. Oh and not to forget the crazy IIL photo sessions!! Evidence of that on the left! It was also a day of chicken Biryani, Jalebi’s and HOT tea in the FREEZING cold. Another masti bhara weekend that we will all always remember!

Kuch Kuch Nights.. 27th March 2010 Bollywood clubbing! Woo Hoo!! Once again (as usual) I was late, and I think it took us some time (and a couple of drinks) to get into the right mood for the night. This was lots of fun. I wont forget how you left me at the bar and RAN towards the dance floor when ―DHAN TA NAAN‖ started playing cause you just love dancing to this song. It was very funny. Then when TWIST started playing, we all became saperas and Sunitha started her famous Nagin dance which she only SHE can pull off! Oh and then maa da ladla bigad gaya.. The pictures of this song are scandalous with you Prasad and Iffy doing a POLE dance one behind the other. That was just hilarious. Then when ―Bhootni Ke‖ started playing we all lifted you up off the ground and started dancing! Haha that was hilarious. The night ended with the long night bus ride home! Thr whole group went back to your place, dead tired but happy after a great evening!

Indigo Even though this is not an event I felt Indigo was worth writing about. For a bunch of people to meet and become such good friends in such a short span of time is really great. This group was full of masti from day one. I just love the way we can always have fun no matter what. It could be simply doing dance practice where we pull each others legs, or going crazy in a club. Its just too much fun. Iffy with his awesome sense of humour, Ippadi who is such a good sport and takes all the pranks we play on her, Vibhuti and Prasad ka Tom and Jerry jaise baar baar ladna, Yogi and his PJ’s which only HE can pull off which has us all rolling on the floor. Aarij the way he imitates people. Anshu and his expressions during Eena Meena Deeka. Eshani with her cute little masti bhara smile. And ofcourse you, the reason why indigo is fun and happening. I just love this group and wish and pray that the future holds many more masti bhare moments!

What my friends say about me on...

Vamsi - The perfect friend

He is gr8 dancer, fast bowler and more over has cooooooooooooool attitude. passion ki maroperu vamsi. a MASS in CLASS and many more hahaaa. CONCLUSION : vamsi is a ideal person. references : frnd from ages.—Siva

Ab mein apne dance partner mein ke baare mein kya bolooon? Vamsi is fully of energy and confidence. He is full of masti.. with a brilliant sense of humour. But the best thing about him is that he knows the meaning of being a true friend. He is completely dependable... and there is just something about him that makes you just KNOW.. that you can TRUST him. Another great thing about him is that one just CANNOT get bored in his company. Dance mein.. bollywood... ya marathi (filhaan enjoying aika daajiba with him!) or salsa.. he is just too good.. I am halfway through learning the first steps.. aur Vamsi 3 step aage bhi pahunch gaya.. I really struggle to keep up :) Vamsi tujhe bas yahi kahoongi.. just continue being yourself.. keep living your life to the fullest.. love ure imprompto attitude.. and thanks for being a great friend :) Take care partner.. and never stop dancing!! – Rishu

Some times in our lives, we fall short of words to talk about some special people. And here, whenever i think of this guy, i feel the same. Vamsi.. He had a very special place in my heart. Though we seldom spoke to each other and didn't maintain the communication (After we left college), I still carry the same feeling. May be i like your attitude, your determination and facing all the odds that come your way. And I have to sincerely admit, that, iI always wanted to be like you. I wish you all the success and all the happiness in the days to come. Chal chal... senti bohut hogayaa... ab bataa kahaa pe hai aur kya kar raha hai. !!!! – Kiran

Vamsi is one of the best persons I have known till will feel so much attached to him in a short period that he will be a part of your soon. Its really wonderful to have known him and have spent time with him. He’s one of such persons who can make u feel comfortable in any situation and he’s there for u always. Keeping his nature aside..he’s one of the most energetic persons i have known. I bet you cant resist clapping if you see him dance in full form...that’s Vamsi...Rocking energy and a warm hearted person...Keep it up Vamsi.. – Srikanth

What my friends say about me on...

Vamsi - The perfect friend

What does Vamsi Salla need the most? An alarm clock that he cant reach to put on snooze in the morning.. His birthday is coming.. someone please gift him hat :D—Rashmeeta

Do you think Vamsi Salla is very sweet....???? Define Sweetness!!! - Sunitha Vamsi says: Vamsiiiiiii Sunithi says: High hopes :D

Is Vamsi Salla popular ? veryyyy...vamsi vamsi vamsiiii – Vibhuti

Would Vamsi Salla be surprised if you hugged him/her for no reason? Would you Vamsi dude?? Sunitha

Do you think Vamsi Salla is vain? Hahahahahahahahahaha – How did facebook know your trye self :P – Pooja

Do you think Vamsi Salla will be successful at what they like? Surely yes! He is a smartie....very much determined ....always uses his brain over his heart and takes decisions in life – IFFY

Social Interview asked me... Do you like Vamsi Salla's smile? Only his genuine one. I hate his fake camera vaala smile – Rashmeeta

"Is Vamsi Salla a good musician?" "hmm a budding banjo player :)" – Rashmeeta

Have you ever done something with Vamsi Salla that no one else can know? hahahaha yeah he is my partner in crime! – Rashmeeta

What would you say to Vamsi Salla if you knew you could never speak to them again? Thank God!!! Atlast ..... ;) – Sunitha

If Vamsi Salla called you an idiot, how would you respond? I answered: stop admiring urself...vamsi vamsi vamsi – Vibhuti

Do you think Vamsi Salla has ever had a crush on you? hahahahahaha.... Vamsi tu to gaya !! – Pooja Vamsi Salla kyon bhai...tune to answer hi nahi kiya....yes/no? Pooja Miglani kyo museebat bula rah hai.. !!

Could you work with Vamsi Salla if he/she was your boss? He bosses me around anyway :( Rashmeeta

If Vamsi Salla went to jail, what would it be for? Definitely not for murdering me... I try to be in his good books :P – Sunitha "Would you tell Vamsi Salla if you had a crush on him/her?" ''kis kambakht.....chal hattt, natkhat ne ye quizzz banaaya???? :D'' – Iffy

If Vamsi Salla was an animal, what animal would they be? Monkey...... – Prabhjot

If you paid Vamsi Salla $10, would he eat a bug? He is capable of making me eat the bug and charge me $10 for the bug... :( - Sunitha

"If they made a movie about Vamsi Salla, what would it "Would Vamsi Salla make a be called?" good politician?" "On the roof, in the rain !" – I answered "No. He cant lie to save Lovleen his life :D" – Rashmeeta

What makes Vamsi Salla awesome? I answered: Values of life that he holds Amazing sense of humuour Magic moments he creates Sensible in the craziest situations Intelligent to the core makes V-A-M-S-I awesome :) – Rashmeeta

Is Vamsi Salla a good friend? bestestestestestesttttt friend :) – Rashmeeta

Social Interview asked me...

"What is Vamsi Salla good at?" "Being a this doesnt get u into trouble lmao !"Lovleen

If Vamsi Salla asked you out for Valentine's Day, what would you say? Vamsi has already promised me red roses :) Am still searching for a nice place to wine and dine :( - Sunitha

What one word best describes Vamsi Salla? Trustworthy.. no... principaled.. no.. Fun... no.. MY BEST FRIEND.. no... funny... no.. masti khor.. no.. cute.. no.. dammit.. one word is too hard.. he is all of those things - Rashmeeta

"If you were given $10,000 to spend on Vamsi Salla, what would you buy?" A Bike to ride in US and make sure u get ur license Vamsi lmao ! " – Lovleen

If Vamsi Salla went to jail, what would it be for? Definitely not for murdering me... I try to be in his good books :P – Sunitha Do you think Vamsi Salla is a party animal? hehe he can be when he wants.. but most of the times no :) - Rashmeeta

Does Vamsi Salla look good in his/her profile picture? Yes he does... and looks even better in person :P – Sunitha

“There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in” “If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older” “Childhood is the most beautiful of all lifes seasons” “In childhood we press our noses to pane looking out, In memories of childhood, we press our noses to the pane, looking in.

Continuing down the

Memory Lane... are some moments you have lived and (hopefully) enjoyed.....

“A friend is someone who knows us, But loves us anyway...� So here are some words from some

FRIENDS... .....straight from the heart

“Friends are like diamonds, you cant always see them, but you know they are always there�

Bi nd u Fr om

Funny! But I just cant think of anything. Remember how we always used to fight when we were in school? Sometimes for fun, sometimes with grudge and many times with anger :P I also remember the LAST time we fought. I was in my 10th. We were playing some stupid game and all of a sudden we started fighting. Ended up pretty ugly and we didnt speak to each other for almost 2 - 3 weeks! I dont remember what caused it but we never faught again. Things have changed so much after that. I dont think I actually understood you till you went to Warangal for your Engineering. Remember those night outs we spent when you kept on telling me about your college 'expeditions' :P I learned so much about you those days. Then the night outs where replaced by long distance calls! ! Cant believe we've grown up so much, everything seems like yesterday. Have a wonderful Birthday! :)



Such pretty hair!



Just what I need


She is my DATE!

For strategic placement in the tub!


Isn’t she Gorgeous?

Ready for surgery!

From Vinny 1. Off the record; when you have been Vamsi's quasi-roommate for 2+ years and spent nearly every day of those years hanging out there's just one too many good, bad and the in-between memories to wade through. On the record; they were all g-o-o-d (accompanied by a very forced, fake smile). 2. Mention "Putin Bay" and watch V turn a shade pale. Suffice to say the day started with V being bright and cheery and vertical (emphasis added; Exhibit 1, 2, 3) and ended with V being horizontal (Exhibit 4 and 5), telling random strangers who offered to help him get on his feet, as I struggled to haul him, to go give themselves some self-love (in less pc language, rhymes with duck yourself), marking all of Putin Bay with the contents of his stomach and having to be carried back to the ferry. Note though that while he was being a never-before seen foul-mouthed V to all and sundry he was the perfect gentleman to moi-he broke the bank with his constant "I am soooo sawrrie I got drunk, Vinny". Oh talking about birthdays, ask V about his blind-date Teresa. She was his date to his birthday party. As you can see from the pictures V was quite smitten with her. He even introduced her to his mom! And as for the lil' yellow ducky; if you are a "Friends" fan you know what that is all about. If you aren't and you don't know what I am talking about, ask V. Too bad the only few pics of V that I have in his surgery prep gown are all frontal--for those of you who don't know what surgery gowns in the US are like, well, they are backless :p Too bad I cannot transform a mental image, however scarring, into a photographic one. As an illustration of how few things can keep V down for long, the very night of the surgery, when our boy was still groggy from the anesthetic, he demanded that we attend the desi-diwali party and once we got there, he tore up the dance floor! 3. In the years at Cleveland, we have watched a gazillion movies together, had lunch together almost every day, spent weekends hanging out, made several impulse trips (the one to Detroit to gamble during a severe snowstorm stands out as the silliest), cooked dinners together, shopped often (V is one of the very few stylish-desi guys I know) and through it all learned that while we love "When Harry met Sally" we have to disagree with Harry. We have proved that it is perfectly possible for a guy and a gal to be very good friends and not want anything more. V has been and continues to be, one of my best male-buddies and I wish him the very best in life. Happy Birthday Vamsi! And see you soon!

nt y Au Fr om

Vamshi I can say proudly is my friend and NOT just my daughter’s. We have an excellent time just by talking or watching movies. Our latest favourite pastime is solving spider solitaire while pushing rishu on the side. How we laugh when we mess up and can’t solve. Your sense of humour is superb, I still remember when we buried me and your mom in the sand by Brighton beach, how you danced and we all died laughing......Any yes what a great dancer you are! I showed the salsa video to some of my colleagues and they asked if he was her instructor. The best part of yours i like is your spirit of learning and upgrading yourself. The way you are investing time and money in riding Motor Bike and driving licence in London, playing Banjo and different style of dances (belly dancing). You are a superb mast boy, especially after a couple of beers. In short you are a great company and a true friend. I wish you listens more often to your heart than to your mind........i wish you get everything in life........and your fantasies are you Vamshi!!!!! Have a great day BIRTHDAY!!!!!

y Iff Fr om

Vamsi is "THE" best guy on IIL I've met. I dint say one of the best. I said THE best. The good things about him is he is equally crazy for movies like myself. Is very much athletic and hyper active types and he never talks bad about any1 behind their back or even in front of them :D He is a real live-life-as-it-comes believer and uses his brains over his heart which is what makes him a happy going person to be with. I've seen in him in dance/paintballing/go Aping and Bath picnic he is always look forward to sports or anything related to go-and-get attitude. If I have to pick one member with whom I made the best pair it was him. Plus he is the only member from InDiGo who has never troubled me even a bit. Show him and he'll do it exactly like that. So he'll be always in the dream team be it sport/dance or anything. Ok, now enough of good things. Let me remind you of his bad habits now. He kinda loves sleep too much. Never seen any boy loving sleep that much. And......and ....and ...thats it. :) Sorry I was just being very honest. Iram says she has always been the "I HATE BOYS SO STAY AWAY" type of girl in her college but even she feels comfortable to be with Vamsi. Now knowing her I would say her one line of compliment is heavier than 10 lines from me

sa d Pr a Fr om

Vamsi...a guy full of masti, full of dhamaal....what to say, uske nakhare hai kamaal ;). I met vamesi through Indigo...not being a trained dancer the way he learnt and performed various dance forms, I must say he is a quick learner. The most calm and composed person I have ever seen. His knowledge for music and movies is just incredible. I remember the charity show we did at hotel strand palace, where all the audiences were yelling ―wham se...wham see (Vamsi vamsi)‖and I had to witness this silently even after choreographing 3 of the songs we performed....well what option did I have, such is the ―Vamsi Effect‖ !!! Vamsi you are a cool guy, a good friend, a great human....always be happy be good. Wish you luck and keep dancing and smiling as you always do...!!! Happy Birthday!

Fr ed dy Fr om

1) Favourite memory was when we were participating in InDiGo's Wimbledon event - we had some real good laugh there and specially when teasing ANSHU for JEMA (Doooodh!!!)

2) PIX ARE on the LEFT! 3) Vamsi is a very humble person at heart - always there to help you and what he cant he will tell you then and there - thats what i like about him and sab se diffrent is his smile which makes you smile aswell....HAPPY BIRTHDAY VAMSI - KEEP SMLING

Po oja Fr om

So here I enter iffy's house and am introduced to Vamsi as my partner.. wow ! even my parents wont do that.. and then the fight starts , Who doesnt want to dance with this stranger partner.. a few days go by.. and the fight is still going on.. but this time it is because Vamsi is in demand as dance partner! ;) Such is the ―Vamsi effect‖!!!!!!!!! I told him 100s of time to get romantically involved with any dhakkan and enter the dhakkan family... but he is so loyal to me.. remains in bottle family... and we cant deny that the dhakkans cant exist without us.. ;) I cant forget the day I made instant plan of aalo poori at my home and you and Rishu had to tweak around your plans to be with me :) Glad to have friends like you... but then that FB msg.. grrrrrrr ;) Two things that make me say wowww : 1)His Bike... for which he doesnt have a passenger licence grrrr 2)The way he moves his body doing Salsa.. wish i knew how to whistle ;) Stay like you are :)

sh u An Fr om

Vamsi - A born Charmer, always trying to make peers comfortable. Even in first meet you can't say he was/is a stranger, that's how comfortable he makes anyone he meets. Well, met him during one of the dance practice sessions of InDiGo (visit and it was like we were bound to be friends. I still remember his (sensible) sense of humour, that no one can ever take in wrong sense. His excellent patience with his dance partner(s) (one of whom is gonna be the proud editor of this book) brought out the best from the couple. The first song he practiced on (with us) was a hindi number "Aaj kal tere mere pyar ke charche..." - choreographer could actually be relieved if it was him as he would offer a choice of all possible motions & rythms for the choreo to opt from, which could be due to his devotion to Salsa classes. Or may be thats what he has in his name Vamsi, which means Flute of Lord Krishna i.e. Full of Smoothness and Calmness in any tune and attracting everyone around. Though sometimes we felt lagged (in practice) but this chap had a disciplined routine to Badminton, Salsa, & InDiGo... Altering which was just next to impossible - actually he did during the last week before our first show :) thanks man. Oh! Not to be forgotten - his career guidance, I could never gauge that a guy with his level of responsibilities would have this much time for such activities. Really lovable (Girls I'm definitely straight, but this is true for him), funny, easily blending kinda guy... Happy Birthday man. (you owe me a grand one for this dude). Cheers!

Aa rij




Fr om

I met Vamsi for the first time during IIL Football matches and then with Indigo auditions etc. The best memories were the practice session at Wimbledon Library, post wimbledon show doodh party and the nightout which Freddy arranged - IIL ka banda. I think he's a really fun loving guy, who loves to party and I have an amazing time with him, the parties at his house are also very memorable.

Yo g


Fr om

I first met Vamsi at: the indigo rehearsals I last met Vamsi at: the strand for the charity event One word to describe Vamsi: nice person One thing I like about Vamsi: dance I think Vamsi's favourite hobby is (other than dance :P): may be watching 'the angrez' .... kayaaa ra, ye dibba main se log kidhar ko nikle raa ;)

I first met Vamsi at: Wimbledon at the first Indigo performance I last met Vamsi at: Holi with lots of colour on One word to describe Vamsi: Allrounder :) One thing I like about Vamsi: His attitude I think Vamsi's favourite hobby is (other than dance :P): Making friends ..



Hiya Vamsi, As you get older three things happen. The first is your memory goes, and I can't remember the other two. But first thing is for sure....... A simple celebration, a gathering of friends; here is wishing you great happiness, a joy that never ends. I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true.

From Minal

From Armin Vamsi is a smiling guy that lifts the mood of everyone in the group, he's a good guy :) , Wish him a very happy birthday!!

From Neeta I first met Vamsi at: Indigo I last met Vamsi at: southwest train One word to describe Vamsi: mast One thing I like about Vamsi: jovial behaviour I think Vamsi's favourite hobby is (other than dance): Cook

From Daniel and Raffaella Vamsi is the most polite and nice guy we have ever met. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

From Vaneesh I think I am the first person in IIL who Vamsi met (as per him) when he came here for his second spell in Oct'08. We first met at the Diwali festival in Trafalgar Square that year which was quite an experience. I was already there with my parents somewhere in between and the place was jam packed. He called me when he reached there and now since we haven’t seen each other before it was difficult to find each other in such a big crowd. We kept moving from one corner of the square to the other in such a busy crowd to find each other but every time we were finding ourselves in opposite directions. So we finally decided to stay on phone and meet somewhere outside the square so that we can find each other. And while I was coming out of the crowd I saw him there with a big jolly smile on his face :-). He met my parents, stayed there for some time and then left. After that most of our conversations were on phone and used to meet occasionally on some or the other event. He is a real jolly good fellow, a very nice friend and has a good passion for bikes.

From Nilanjali My favourite memory of vamsi is at minal n bhavna's bday party. Because that was the first time we danced together. Was tons of fun!!! I loove his moves...hes like hyderabads answer to Govinda!!! I have a list of things that i truly live for...on which Dance n Food figure quite prominently. Was a pleasant surprise to find out that Vamsi loves his food too ( DANCING WASNT A SURPRISE...Considering the guy sure can shake a leg!!!) So heres to loads more bonding on food n dance then my friend! May you always exude the warmth and enthusiasm which to me is so you! Loads of love and happiness to you!!

From Kavitha I am trying to remember the first time I met Vamsi but all I can remember is him dancing. I guess thats what he was doing the first time I met him. Yes he is an amazing dancer. Not just that but a very sweet, funny, witty and a very helpful guy. My favourite memory of Vamsi involves him and his adorable mommy. He invited me home for lunch one saturday which was actually a Indigo get-together even though I had met him only a couple of times briefly in group before that. It was really sweet of him to invite me as we hardly knew eachother then. Aunty had made some nice chicken biryani, which is my favourite dish but that day being a saturday I couldn't eat it. And guess what aunty and Vamsi packed some biryani for me to eat the next day. I think that was a very sweet of them to do considering he hardly knew me at that point. Thanks aunty and Vamsi :). Ok Vamsi since this is for your birthday I will be nice to you and refrain from stating anything apart from the positive stuff. LOL. Don't worry. I have heard only good things about you :P. Thank you for being my friend. Hope u have an awesome day and a fabulous year ahead. Take Care.

From Neeta Vamsi Vamsi Vamsi What is it that we all see You are such a wonderful guy All the girls go my my my On the stage when u go to dance People die just just for a glance Mommy dear is so proud of you Oh Vamsi we all love you

VAMSI VAMSI VAMSI You are a star, at times I am really jealous of you because how can you be good at almost , sports, doing my assignments and what not...U were the best back up plan i could have thought that day... Hope all that you do Turns out happy for you And all that you wish Comes your way, So each hour will bring Every wonderful thing You could ask of a wonderful day

From Srikanth It's a been not more than 3 months since i am knowing him...1st thng you will notice about him is that he is very sweet, extremely good looking and smart....It is not only his beauty and smartness that highlights him but also his allround talents..A good dancer, a good speaker and experienced in many other ways..He loves freaking out, and enjoys his life 2 the fullest, knows his limits...and He really brings life 2 me, at tyms encourages even I m in the lowest ebb....As a friend He is extremely caring and frank....Gals out here believe me this guy is really rocking and has got all the qualities to make you crazy....I am extremely lucky 2 have a friend like him.

From Raksha Where do you want me to start from? I met him 1st time on Indigo program when I came to support all of the other friends... He is great dancer, on top of that he is a caring and a thoughtful human being. He is the friends of friends... He is not shy but quite person overall but when ever he speaks he gives sixer's............ Good observer and great sense of humor. I can't describe in one word but here are a few which go for him so pick and choose.... (Joyful, outgoing, pleasant, polite, respectful) I met him last on Pooja's B'day I hope some one has some pictures of us..... I am running out of words.. as every one knows I can't describe my feelings a lot. This is enough for Vamsi need not know more (LOL)............ Happy Birthday Vamsi!

From Sunitha A cool brain with a warm heart :D (am I stepping into the wrong alley?) Well........... its your birthday and you are not allowed to comment Be what you are and that makes you unique, fascinating and looked upon! Have a Vamsical Birthday!! God Bless!!!

Happy Birthday Bandru

Well now I guess its my turn BB! For me, there are way too many memories to pick and choose from. They day trips within London, the dancing at parties, the practicing with Indigo, the million movies at the cinema (courtesy cineworld pass!), the hour long conversations on the telephone, the dinners, the long walks, the lunches, the games on the iphone! I could just go on forever and ever. Each memory was special in its own way. Vamsi, you truly define the term a “ A true Friend”. Dance partner boloon ya Bandru! You are the person I can be completely silly with without feeling conscious. You are the person I can discuss any issues with, however serious. You are the person I can trust to tell me where I am going wrong. You are the person who can always bring a smile to my face no matter what. I am thankful to have you in my life as my best friend. Hope this friendship lasts forever. I wish you all the very best and pray that you get every success and happiness in life. You are one of a kind. Always be yourself. Hope you enjoyed this little book. Once again here’s wising you a very happy birthday....! -Rishu / Maadi / BB

Baby Bandru

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Happy Birthday Vamsi

Vamsi's Birthday  

Happy Birthdya Vamsi

Vamsi's Birthday  

Happy Birthdya Vamsi