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Jai Jalaram Plastics

Logo for myself - Rishika Kajaria

Logo for a plastic company - Jai Jalaram Plastic

Logo for a doctor’s eye clinic

Logo for a personalized button company

Dhvani Sejpal

!"# #$%&!'(&"%)

Logo for an interior designer

Logo for a design studio





Logo for a useless NGO - which promotes the short forms we use nowadays.

Logo for a college fashion show - SAMSARA, which means the circle of life.

Logo for a design college graduation show

Logo for a night club




Stationary for a graphic designer. Cd cover, along with cheque size envelope and A4 size envelope.


Luis -

Entire set of collaterals for the college graduation show, which included posters, catalogue, invitation card, batches, and the the flow chart of the show.

Entire set of collaterals for a college exhibition, which included posters, booklet and invitation card.


Environmental font created with the help of materials that were lying around the house.

Font type named Triblock was created, based on the traditional woodblocks from history. The font is tall, and as the name suggests the font was made on a grid which had three squares stacked on on another.

o Font type called 9 dots. are specially made for buttons which has 9 holes, this font is specially created for the use of needle and thread on the holes of the button. The typeface also has some geometric shapes.


Poster - According to the given brief the main theme was a spainish lady, in a dance form, and the rest of the concept which was developing an output which contained multiple cultures, which was very different from the main theme. The Lady was dressed in a spanish dress, with a fan and a flower. The other two cultures that were mixed were - Japaneese for the fan she was holding and tattoo art by Sailor Jerry.

Poster - A Hybrid poster was to be created. The two items that I choose was a bulb and a human head to describe a dangerous idea.

Poster - A poster created for the 14th Mumbai Film Festival.

Poster - A poster created for the senseless NGO, Spoof - that supports and promotes the short forms we use in english nowadays.

Poster - Other poster examples for spoof



Silly or short?

What To ____ Fill ?




Poster - Other poster examples for spoof




Company poster for NR communications - print and design solutions

Poster1- Paint life Red - a motivational poster Poster 2 - Surrealist modern day poster - based on Salvador Dali techniques.

Poster - on a non conventional quote, which was done by hand and then photographed. It shows the usage of strong pins and elastic and nonelasticrubber bands.


Packaging for a juice brand called guzzle - fruit blast. The concept is based on a fresh fruit which blastsand becomes fresh, 100% percent natural drinking juice, healthy and tasty.

Packaging for a mustard oil company called Utsav, which exsists in the current market.

Packaging for a beer brand called ACE, the concept is based on playing cards. The brand has four different types of beer.


C)33&7)$&%).:)-&*)+*),)-$,& ?*#1$%0& 6*),%-),,& .-9&1).3$%4&

!"##$%&'($$)*&*)+*),)-$,&& .$$)-$/#-0&1.*"$%0&2&%).3$%4

5%)&-.")&#6&$%/,&?*))-&.*#".&%.,&8))-& 9)*/:)9&6*#"&$%)&63#1)*&C)33)8#*)4& 5%),)& 63#1)*,&.*)&,+)</.337&%.-9&+/<=)9& .-9&<%#,)-&6*#"&@(*#+)4 &&&&&& &5%/,&6*.?*.-<)&%.,&.&:)*7&,#6$0&.-9& +3).,.-$&.*#".4&5%),)&=/-9&#6&,")33,& 8.,/<.337&.$$*.<$&$%)&#39)*&?*#(+0&1%#& 9#-D$&1.-$&"(<%&)B</$)")-$&.-9&)-;& $%(,/.,"&/-&3/6)4&&A$&/,&<.3"0&,)*)-)&.-9& +).<)6(34

5%)&-.")&#6&$%/,&7)33#1& .*#".&%.,& 8))-&9)*/:)9&6*#"&$%)&63#1)*& '($$)* ; <(+,&1%/<% &.*)&,+)</.337& %.-9&+/<=)9& .-9&<%#,)- &6*#"&>)*".-74& &&&&&&& 5%/,&6*.?*.-<)&/,&<%))*6(30&/"".$(*)0& <%/39/,%0&.-9&"/394&@:)*7&$))-.?)*&<.-& (,)&/$4&A$&/,&3/:)370&.-9&<%.*"/-?4&A$& .$$*;& .<$,&.$$)-$/#-&.-9&/,&.9:)-$(*#(, &.-9& )B</$/-?4


#$%" &'("*/0*$1*'2*" 3*&4*'!"!"! !"!"!


#$%" &'(")**+",-..*$

Booklet for an upcoming perfume brand called colorful aromas, which is based on flowers and their colors. It is a complete set of colorful fragnances.

My own design manifesto. Based on my inspirational sources and my impressions of design and what it brings out in me.

!"#$%&'' the beginning of light




experiments done by God


7)$&(8-+(&9*&#),&%.&+(1).0('-(,"%2(.0)%5'("%+(*#-+:;&+(1-%+&#'<(10".(1&(0"/&(%-16( =(1-:4+(."$&()%'*)#".)-%(3#-,(0)'(;#&".)/).2( .-(*#-+:;&('-,&(1-%+&#'(-%(,)%&6


breezy summers

499 onwards



cool summers casuals


Shelf stickers for a clothing brand, for its summer collection.

599 onwards


Establishing a brand from scratch - A button company called 9dots, which manufactures buttons with 9 dots in particular.

They have a special font based on the grid, which can be sewed and used as anything. Packaging has three variations normal paper packaging with the manual, a wooden box with 27 butons and a full jar of buttons for bulk users.



Rishika's Portfolio 2013  
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