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“ Wars of nations are fought to change maps, but wars of poverty are fought to map change.� - Muhammad Ali.

For millions of children, poverty means subsisting in an environment that is bereft of the essentials for survival, potable water, food and nutrition, shelter, health care and clothing. In this debilitating milieu, any dreams of acquiring education and essential life skills to escape the cycle of poverty often remain distant and un achievable.

Birth of hope

The students and faculty of the Management Section of J. D. Birla Institute participated in a weeklong social development and awareness activities from 1st - 7th of August, 2013 under the auspices of the National Management Week. This event gave them a rewarding opportunity to experience how the other half of the society who are not so

privileged and are challenged in many respect not necessarily for their own fault lives and how the students, being more privileged than this “other half ” can contribute to ameliorate their pain and bring joy to their lives even if for a day! Fulfilling all their curricular responsibilities at the college, they spent enormous amount of their time to raise fund, collect items to be distributed for the program, coordinate all the activities in a seamless fashion, and show up on the day of the event on time with a smiling face. As the Director I feel very proud of my students who demonstrated that they do feel for the society and community they live in, and they are willing to roll up their sleeves and jump into such initiatives if given opportunity. That is the spirit of social responsibility you can’t find in any business school text books! Let’s continue this forward!

This event is an innovative attempt to build a social forum for the youth today to bring forward the social issues that they think they are most burning and the changes that are necessary to address these issues. As a part of this program, everyone was invited to write their opinions about such issues on pieces of cloth displayed in various college campuses. This mode of free and frank communication exchange allowed everyone to express his/ her thoughts and also to see what other students think.

Changing India- Voice of the Youth!

A very versatile set of opinions came to light through enthusiastic participation of the audience, fulfilling the objective of the day. Time : 11.00AM Place : The Bhawanipur Gujrati Education Society, Kolkata


The students visited the pediatric ward of the hospital to spend time with the children and their families, celebrate birthdays of patients with cakes and gifts and to donate medical equipments.

Visiting Cancer Hospital

All together they donated 15 Bed side lockers, 15 over-bed trollies and onesuction pump.


On this day, the students accompanied by a few faculty members visited the Lighthouse for the Blind – a school and shelter for visually impaired children and youth. The students and the faculty interacted with the inmates to bring to them a personal touch of love and care, and to make them feel special and part of the mainstream society.

Light House School for Blind

They all played cricket with the inmates and treated them with dinner. The visit was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the most.


“ We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded, and by which one can stand on one’s own feet. - Swami Vivekanand

The students visited a school in Madurdaha village in South 24-Parganas run by Dakshini Prayas, an NGO. And gifted items need by the school to teach students who are underprivileged, abused or are from so-called lower strata of the society.


Cost of project Rs. 4000 No. of participants - 30 social workers coming from different remote districts of West Bengal. No. of students - 30 NGO partner Dakshini Prayas 9

The students accompanied by faculty and staff visited a shelter operated by CINI for homeless street kids in Sealdaha area and gave them food and hygiene kits containing items for personal care. They also participated in singing and recitation programs with these kids.

Project 2H (Health and Hunger)

Cost of project : Rs. 6000 Place : Sealdah Railway Yard and Moulali fly over of North Kolkata Time : 6.30 PM No. of students : 40 NGO partener : CINI 11

This day coincided with the Orientation Program of the new batch. We took the opportunity to have Dr. Ramendu Hom Chaudhuri, a renowned physician of the city, Rotarian, and champion of thalassemia research among the students and address them on the need for thalassemia detection at an early age.

Project Thalassemia Detection

His informative presentation was followed by an opportunity for thalassemia detection at booths installed at the lobby of the Vidya Mandir auditorium. A huge number of students volunteered to have tested for thalassemia gene at this campaign. 13

The weeklong event concluded with an on-campus blood donation camp which was overwhelmingly successful. The camp was organized by the Rotary Club. Rotarian Rajani Mukerji, Governor of Distrct 3291 was the Chief Guest of the event. About xx students donated blood at the makeshift camp opened in the campus with doctors, van, and equipments provided by the Rotary Club.

Blood Donation Camp

Rotarian Mukeji talked about a virtual blood donation database created by the Rotary Club which enables patients needing blood urgently to be in touch with potential donor in his/her neighborhood very quickly. 15

The students has done whatever it has with the blessing and large heartiness of its benefactors. We realize that our efforts have yielded results that are but a drop in the ocean. Much more can and should be done to improve the condition of the unfortunate in the society. J.D. Birla Institute, department of management will be privileged to associate itself with other participants to bring about socioeconomic change in line with its character.

Not the end, but the beginning

Thanking is just not enough Thakurpukur cancer hospital Lighthouse school of blind Dakshini Prayash Cini AISSEC Rotary International district 3291 Lions club Kolkata empowerment foundation

An initiative by the students of J.D.Birla institute department of management. Mohammed Firoz - Event Coordinator +919831124306

J.D.Birla Impact Week