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Master of Technology [2015-2017] Disaster Mitigation And Management


Human resource development for disaster mitigation and management to protect the people, environment

and economy and ensure a disaster resilient society through education, research and development.

The vision of COEDMM is to emerge as a Premier

Centre for Disaster Mitigation and Risk Management for sustainable habitat.

’ I am pleased to invite you for the placements of M.Tech batch 2015-17 at the Centre of Excellence in Disaster Mitigation and

Management (CoEDMM), IIT Roorkee. We at CoEDMM, IIT Roorkee have equipped our students with skills and information towards disaster risk reduction by effective evaluation and effi-cacious management. The students with their multi-disciplinary background will be able to put their experiences into practice and constructively contribute to the field of Disaster Mitigation and Management. IIT Roorkee is the only premier institute in India to run an excellence awarded course of Disaster Mitigation and Management since 2012. The two year M.Tech programme with specialization in Disaster Mitigation and Management has been designed in such a

fashion that it yields a skill set that has optimal compatibility with the competency set anticipating employers. In addition to academics, CoEDMM encourages a wide variety of co-curricular activities such as competitions, conferences and field visits managed by the students with support from associated faculty members. I am delighted to present the current batch (2015-17) of CoEDMM M.Tech students for placements. I am sure that our well groomed professionals will give you diverse options for your esteemed organization.

Dr. B.K. Maheshwari Professor & Head, CoEDMM, IIT Roorkee

’ IIT Roorkee is one of the leading institute in the world imparting quality education in the realm of social sciences and development sector. The students are selected through a rigorous selection process from various fields and are undergone thorough learning experience during these two years Besides the classroom learning, the CoEDMM encourages holistic education to its students

by arranging conferences, seminars, workshops, events and guest lectures throughout the year on cross cutting issues. The two year programme is designed in such a way that it yields a skill set that has optimal compatibility with the existing programs of the country including development of disaster resilient infrastructure, development of earthquake early warning system, smart city development, ongoing disaster projects related to rehabilitation and retrofitting of buildings, seismic strengthening of infrastructures, documentation of earthquake resistant building technologies with SAARC countries. It is certainly a matter of immense satisfaction and pride that we are getting continuous positive feedback from corporate that our alumni are excelling in their performance and taking their respective organizations to greater heights and are currently holding top position in various organizations. We welcome all of you, to the leading and growing Indian organizations and provide opportunities for our students. We highly value the relationship with you and find pleasure in keeping in touch with you on constant and continuous basis. Dr. D.K. Paul Professor ( Retired) and Founder Head, CoEDMM, IIT Roorkee

“Training proves to be the key ingredient to handling any disaster.� -Walter Maddox

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, since it’s establishment is among the leading Institute of national importance for engineering, higher technological education, basic and applied research. The institute ranks among the best technological institutions in the world and has contributed to wide number of technological developments. The institute will be completing 170 years of existence in October 2016. On September 21 2001 an Ordinance issued by the government of India declared it as the nation’s seventh Indian Institute of Technology.

The institute offers bachelor's degree courses in 10 disciplines of engineering and architecture and Postgraduate’s degree in 55 disciplines of Engineering applied science architecture and planning. The institute admits students to B.Tech and B.Arch courses through the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) conducted all over India and to programs through Graduate Aptitude Test in engineering (GATE), Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Masters in Computer Application (MCA) and Masters in Science (MSc) programs through Common Admission Test (CAT).

Centre of

Excellence in Disaster Mitigation and Management, under the

patronage of IIT Roorkee, was established in March 2006, with the sole purpose of conducting educational program, facilitation cutting edge research and training on disasters, vulnerability and their mitigation. In 2012, the center launched the nations very first Post-graduate studies in the area of Disaster Mitigation and Management. A two year long Masters Program (M.Tech), prides itself of encompassing the intricate details of almost every disaster our nation faces. Manifesting its incredible brilliance by proposing to create a National Database for rapid

dissemination of information and

knowledge, the Centre aims to serve the most integral need of the nations in time of a disaster. Speaking of dexterity, the Centre boasts of a multi disciplinary research and educational arena. The priory mingles the greymatter of Architects, Mechanical Engineers, Civil Engineers and Computer Engineers. Apart from looking into the social aspects of a disaster, be it natural on manmade, the trainees are nurtured and prepped to bring forth innovative technologies for effective mitigation and unprecedented management skills to maneuver disasters for overall benefit of the society.


Disaster Management Act Flood analysis and Flood monitoring Disaster Management Principles and Practices Climate and climate change impacts, Global energy model Seismic

instrumentation, ground motion measurement, data mining

techniques and strategies

Geographical and

map projection system, remote sensing models, digital

image processing


Vulnerability and Risk Analysis-estimation of life loss, direct and

indirect economic losses


movement monitoring using radar imaging, Landslide change

detection including maximum likelihood ratio approach, Landslide susceptibility analysis and Landslide change detection

Sustainable Development: Energy, Earth/Soil , Materials – production and use, Water, Quality of indoor/outdoor environment.

Bioterrorism – Bioterror agents, mortality due to major bacterial outbreaks, spread of bacterial infections, pathogens and multiple drug resistance, means of detecting and mitigating bacterial pathogens

Geodata Processing

Techniques and Models 

Natural Hazards and Impact

Microzonation 

Assessment 

 

Hazard MonItoring, Prediction and

Climate Change and Sustainable Development (Elective - I)

Managerial and Financial

Aspects of Disaster


Instrumentation and Data Mining (Elective - II) Man-made and Biological

Disaster Preparedness and

Disasters- Detection and



Climate Change : Impact

Socio Economic Aspects of Disaster Management

 Dissertation


Dissertation (Contd from III Semester)

Bio-Chemical Disaster Risk Assessment Laboratory

Climate Change and Wind Engineering Laboratory Earthquake & Landslide Risk Assessment Lab High Performance Computing Laboratory Wind Simulation Laboratory Library

Lecture on “What drives innovation in Biological and Health Sciences” by Dr. Manish

Biyani (Associate Professor, Japan Advance Institute of Science &

Tech., Japan)

Lecture on “Seismic Microzonation of Lucknow Urban Centre Based on Region Specific GMPs and Geotechnical field studies by Dr. T.G. Sitharam (Professor, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)

Workshop on Liquefaction


of Earthquake Early Warning System for Northern India

sponsored by Ministry of Earth Sciences, New Delhi.


on traditional Earthquake resistant building technology

sponsored by SAARC Disaster Management Centre, New Delhi.

Enterprises Risk Management Three Modules by THDC India Ltd., Rishikesh.

Students of CoEDMM play a vital role in COGNIZANCE, the technical festival of IIT Roorkee by conceptualising, organising and conducting various events like Prototype, Spectrum, and Ideaz. These activities help enhance leadership qualities and overall personality of students.

B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) HIET Ghaziabad

Managing Industrial Disaster due to Vibrations, Thermal engineering, Machine Design, Industrial management

Mitigation of Disaster due to Vibration in Railways

NTPC Dadri Diesel Locomotive Works(DLW) Varanasi

Jay Bharat Maruti Ltd (JBM-J1) as a Process Auditor in Quality Assurance department

B.Arch NIT Patna, Bihar

Crowd Management, Environmental Climate Change, Capacity Building & training (CBRN) Disaster resistant construction materials

B.Tech ( Civil Engineering) Birla Institute Of Technology Mesra, Ranchi

Retrofitting , Seismic behavior on buildings

Retrofitting of Unreinforced Masonry building Disaster Resilient Ancient Indian Structures: Investigation on contribution of binding components

BSDMA, Patna Ramana Associates, Hyderabad

ARCOP Associates Pvt. Ltd, Gurgaon Sathe and Associates, Bangalore

SAIL Bokaro, Jharkhand

B.Arch Himgiri Zee University, Dehradun

B.Plan School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi

Climate change, Green infrastructure, Architectural design

Integrating Green Infrastructure Into Urban Development Resiliency


Studio 219, Dehradun Magali Rastogi Architects, Dehradun

Studio 219 : Architect

Urban Disaster Management Climate Change Urban and Regional Planning Land Use Planning

Development Cost Benefit Energy Efficiency Analysis Using GIS

Local Governance Network, Bhubaneswar Town and Country Plannning Organization, New Delhi

B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering) SRMCEM, Lucknow

B.Arch. MANIT, Bhopal

Disaster Resilient materials, Materials particularly natural fibre composites, , Design

Disaster Resistant Structure, Disaster Resilience strategies, Climate change

Low cost modular housing for seismically prone areas

Disaster Resilience strategy for hilly areas

National Disaster Management Authority Industrial training at Research Design and Standards Organization Hindustan Aeronautics Limited-Accessories Division, Lucknow

Jurong Consultants (India) Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore

Junior Architect in DB city mall, Bhopal (Dainik Bhasker corp.) Projects : Project manager of “Bay leaf restaurant courtyard by marriott, Bhopal" Junior architect of “VIP lounge in sanskar valley school, Bhopal"

B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering PSIT,KANPUR

Crowd management, Industrial and Operations Research, Thermal Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Strength of Materials

Crowd Management

Boiler And Turbine maintenance department from NTPC Unchahar,UP.

B.Tech(Computer science) West Bengal University of Technology, Kolkata

Design and analysis of Algorithms, Operations Research, Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing

M.Tech – An intelligent, responsive, real time(dynamic) evacuation system for effective and prompt response for post disaster operation

• National Disaster Management Authority in Mitigation division • Institute of Engineering and Management

B.Arch MANIT, Bhopal

B.Arch S.P.S.M.B.H's College of Architecture, Kolhapur

Capacity Building And Training, Crowd management, Environmental Climate Change, Risk Assessment

Man-made disaster risk analysis; Sustainable in Architecture and Disaster. Humanitarian supply chain during disaster

M.Tech – Seismic Risk Assessment Of Srinagar City J&K

• BSDMA Patna worked on crowd management plan for Prakash Utsav. • Form n square, Bangalore • Shailendra sharma associates

M.Tech - Development of a methodology to assess man-made Risks: The Indian Context

Trainee at VEEDESIGN under Ar. Vipool Shah

Architect at DESIGNER’S PLENUM under Ar. Ranjib Baruah

B.Arch. Government College of Architecture, UPTU, Lucknow

Architecture and Planning, Disaster Management, Urban Fire Management, Climate Change

M.Tech - Infrastructure Planning and Data Management for Fire Safe Neighborhood; Urban fires; Risk assessment

K.P. Padmanabha and Associates, Bengaluru

B.Tech. (Civil Engineering) MNIT, Jaipur

Landslides and Slope Stability, sustainability issues in disaster

M.Tech-Decision support software for selection of suitable ontrol measures for landslide mitigation in collaboration with (DTRL-DRDO), Documentation of landslide monitoring & early warning system

*Construction of Bivekananda Lecture Theatre Complex in MNIT Jaipur. * Construction of OTM Accomodation for army in MamoonCantt, Pathankot under MES * NDMA

Himani Maheshwari

Manoj Kuri Studies on Terrain Deformation and Landslide Movement in Himalayas using the DINSAR

Urvashi Meena GIS based Decision Support System for Landslide

Bhanu Pratap Chamoli Development of Algorithm for Earthquake Early Warning System

Prashant Srivastava Thermal Degradation Of Polymers Containing PVC

Ganesh Kumar Modelling of Wind Flow Pattern Affecting Snowdrift

Pankaj kumar Development of Earthquake Early Warning System

Putul Haldar Assistant Professor, MNIT-Jaipur Madan Mohan Rout Institute of seismological research Ahemdabad

Prvish Kumar Patel CEO of Maruti 3 PL Robin Agarwal Haryana Institue of Public Administration Sonam Sahu Kyoto University, MEXT Scholar

Aerodynamic Simulation of Wind Load on the High Rise Structure

Hemant Mittal Investigation of Pedestrain Wind Environment Around a Cluster of Tall Buildings

Sujay Negi Thermal and Hydrological Failure Studies in Nuclear Power Plants

Repaul Kanji Corporate social responsbility in disaster management

Sangeeta Landslide hazard zonation & mitigation

Jaya Singh Scientist in IMD Ankur Srivastava Research Assistant in IIT Delhi Abhishek Pundir Himalayan Action Research Centre Anshuman Shukla, Priyanka Saini, Shivani Chouhan Consultancy office at Dehradun Ankita Prasun Working for a project at NIDM Prashansa Dixit TARU Leading Edge Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi Sindhuja Kasthala Assistant Professor at NIT Calicut Vandana Singh Sikarwar Bhopal SDMA

BATCH 2015-17

BATCH 2012-14

Akansha Jain Gujrat SDMA

Ashutosh Sharma

BATCH 2013-15


Ravi Kumar Sharma SRMS Singapore

Object Based Expert System for the Estimation of Carbon Credits


Department of Earthquake Engg.

Department of Civil Engg.

Department of Earthquake Engg.

Department of Earthquake Engg.

Department of Civil Engg.

Department of Earth Sciences

Department of Hydrology

Department of Earthquake Engg.

Department of Management Studies

Department of Earthquake Engg.

Department of Civil Engg.

Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engg. Engineering

Department of Chemical Engg.

Department of Earthquake Engg.

Department of Earth Sciences

Department of Earth Sciences

Department of Arch. and Planning

Department of Hydrology

Department of Hydrology

Department of Earthquake Engg.

Department of Computer Sc. and Engg.

Department of Biotechnology

Department of Hydrology

Department of Arch. and Planning

Department of Earth Science

Department of Earth Sciences

Department of Civil Engg.

Department of Biotechnology

Department of Chemical Engg.




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