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Holiday Feast Join us every Tuesday from now until the New Year for our Holiday Feast, promoting a different style of tea with each course. Inside are some of our favorite pairings. For our full selection visit

Week 1: Nov. 27 –Dec. 31 Take 20% off all Gift Sets, Flights, 2012 Holiday Blend

Week 2: Dec. 4-Dec. 10 Enjoy 20% off all Green & White loose leaf teas.

Bring out the Appetizers A Refreshing Complement White and green teas pair delightfully well with small savory bites, helping to cleanse the palate with a deliciously smooth and sweet flavor. Some of our favorites include our jasmines, which help awaken the senses with their deep, alluring fragrance.

Jasmine Pearl A pure, deeply scented spring tea QUARTER LB $41.00

Ancient Moonlight White Soft and sweet with hints of stone fruit 50 GRAMS $15.00


Silver Needle Premium

Silver Needle Jasmine

A smooth and honey-like tea with rich umami

Lush and lofty with a jasmine aroma



Week 3: Dec. 11-Dec. 17 Take 20% off all Japanese green teas.

For the Sushi Course

Matcha Super Green

Enhance a fresh, light sushi course with a delicious, vivid green Japanese tea. We love pairing our energizing matcha tea blends with food for their full, smooth body and sweet-savory flavor.

A refreshing sencha and matcha blend QUARTER LB $21.00

Matcha Genmaicha Savory, sweet and umami QUARTER LB $29.95

Fukugata Tokoname Teapot An essential kyusu for brewing Japanese green teas $35.00


Darjeeling Loose Leaf Tea A distinctive classic black tea, with a pleasant refined briskness and notes of succulent grapes and pit fruits RETAIL BOX $14.99


When it comes to the main course, opt for a full-bodied tea with flavor nuances that complement your food. Look for a tea with a flavor profile that accents the herbs, spices and seasonings you've used on your main dish.

Week 4: Dec. 18-Dec. 24 Enjoy 20% off all Oolong, Black and Caffeine-Free Herbal Teas Holiday Blend, 2012 A warming, seasonal blend of punchy spices for mulling into cider or wine. QUARTER LB $9.75

NEW! Explore the diverse aromatic world of loose leaf oolong teas • Bergamot Oolong • Eastern Beauty • Four Seasons Spring • Iron Goddess of Mercy • Peach Oolong • Phoenix Dancong • Tropical Coconut • Wuyi Oolong RETAIL BOXES


Simple Brew™ Loose Leaf Teapot The perfect brewing vessel for all varieties of loose leaf tea, herbs, spices and masala chai. The Simple Brew™ is dishwasher safe and made of strong borosilicate glass with an easy-to-clean stainless steel strainer lid. SIMPLE BREW™ 400 ml $9.75 SIMPLE BREW™ 1000 ml, TALL $24.00


Week 5: Dec. 25-Dec. 31 Take 20% off all Masala Chai and Pu-erh Teas

A perfect ending for a perfect meal Complement decadent desserts with a robust, spiced Masala Chai or rich, smooth Pu-erh teas

1 Masala Chai Concentrate Just add milk, heat and sweeten to taste 32 OZ $9.00


Masala Chai Sampler Explore a range of original spiced tea recipes 4 TINS $29.00



Pu-erh Ginger Tea Bag Discover one of the world's most ancient styles of tea 15-COUNT BOX $24.99


Pu-erh Tea Flight Discover one of the world's most ancient styles of tea 4 TEAS, 1 OZ EACH $15.00

5 Loose Leaf Pu-erh Teas Our most popular organic Pu-erh teas and signature Pu-erh blends RETAIL BOXES




Spread the joy of tea.

Samplers and Flights are perfect for introducing friends to the vast array of tastes and flavors tea offers. For the tea connoisseur on your list, consider a traditional brewing vessel such as our Tokoname teaware set for Japanese green teas or our Guywan set paired with two oolong teas.

Green Tea Flight

Oolong Tea, Gift Set

4 TEAS, 1 OZ EACH $15.00

2 TEAS, 1 GUYWAN $24.95

Tea Bag Sampler

Sasame Tokoname Serving Set

10 TEAS, 1 BAG EACH $6.99


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Rishi Tea's Holiday Feast