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esigning and decorating are like music ,

Harmony is what we constantly strive for. At home, we want a peaceful atmosphere where the objects are the notes and nothing is off- key.

Rishabh Shukla Rishabh Shukla is an Indian freelance Interior Design Journalist , Stylist, Artist and Blogger. He specializes in trends analysis, design forecasting, art and design appreciation . Born in Brahmin family of Uttar Pradesh on Aug 3rd , Rishabh did his course in Interior Design at the renowned International Institute of Fashion Design [ INIFD ] in Delhi. In the beginning of his career , he worked as Interior and Product Designer and made a name for himself. Thereafter, in some renowned nationalised magazines, he has been allotted the responsibility for running a monthly column on Interiors. So, he start writing columns on Interiors and Vastu . But due to heavy work commitments , he resigned the position to ensure his clients got full attention on the specific projects on which he was working .He occassionaly writes as a Columnist when requested .

Rishabh has also authored a book ‘Ek Aashiyane ki oar – A Guide for Residential Interiors’ Rishabh wrote “Ek Aashiyane Ki oar” by analyzing lifestyle and demands of different people who wants to organize their residential spaces in mininal budget . This book presents various aspects of designing and include topics such as art, product design, environmental psychology, vastu and feng shui, anthropometrics, ergonomics, space management and planning, wall treatments, furniture,

furnishings, colour psychology, flooring, false ceiling, eco friendly design solutions. It is a complete guide for residential interiors.

Besides focusing on Interior Design Journalism, Rishabh also writes on women empowerment, child welfare, history recalls, Modern Society, Marraiges, Reviews and Satires .

Most inimitable style of his such as straightforwardness as well as honesty is truly remarkable and appreciated by many readers . Due to the development of internet technology and community networking websites, he starts working as blogger and is running three blogs successfully .

Rishabh learnt different aspects that are related to human life from his experiences of life He is well aware of the pros & cons of this modern society. Westernization has many ill-effects on living standards of Indians. Rishabh in his

entire career and life faced many challenges and drawbacks but he fought with bravery and now he is emerging as a successful Young Designer, Artist and Writer .

With a background in Art and Design , Rishabh has significant expertise in writing , researching, editing and coordinating design content . Presently he works for a no. of nationalised magazines and books related to interior design . His profile has further extended to acting as a consultant for Interior Design, Art and Vastu +Feng shui .

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