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We Rise...

We rise‌ Rise is for all women, womyn, womxn, for those who don’t identify with the gender binary, for men who know and love women, for everyone. It’s for the voices who have been spoken over, shouted down, or interrupted. Rise will celebrate confidence, creativity, empowerment, security, inspiration, magic, resistance. Rise will challenge the patriarchy, systems of oppression and domination, norms, white supremacy, all -isms of discrimination, beauty standards, gender roles, heterosexism, shame, transmisogyny. It will challenge silencing and erasure. Rise will honor the activists, writers, poets, artists, leaders, entrepreneurs, changemakers, immigrants, and abolitionists that came before us. Rise is for you. Rise is for us.

I am You Syeda Ahmed

By: John Rodriguez

How to raise a depressed fetus... that can’t have a home outside the womb? that will have roots that cannot bloom? that’s scared to hug himself and scared to cry? that hurts himself? that’s ready to die? that won’t ever live to see his son? that won’t ever live to see his daughter? that won’t ever mature to release sperm? that won’t get to dance or do the worm? (except when he entered, as a sperm.) that can’t ever grow teeth to make a crooked smile? that will only be weight tacked onto the pile? that won’t ever be heard or seen as worthwhile? that gets tribulation and no trials? (your child?)

that slips drips of acid into the notches of his spine? that’s destined for failure or mime Palpatine? that oozes humiliation (so fat and unsightly)? that can’t harbor emotion when water starts rising? questions and questions! come (Come!) and go! don’t know! NO! NEVER KNOW! give up

Illustrations by: Madeline Perelmuter

i am

Do Not Touch Maxine Bell IG: maxinearts

ma i

i am whole, powerfully me Alex Bell

Madeline Perelmuter By: John Rodriguez

Shut the fuck up!

Or what?

If you don’t I’m fightin til you sing (Every time y’all argue it’s the same damn thing.)

Nadia Teima

Pain, inside out

By: Danya Kats

Self-harm scars cover straining biceps- biceps training to be stronger than these moments. When the head’s in a vice and the pressure seems to command the knife to your skin. So simple. Pain, inside out. Broken ties and “I don’t think I can do it”s, bachelor’s degrees and unflinching eyes, my hand going limp in yours- big big BIG fears. Not winning the rat race, feeling like a hamster in the rat race, not cut out for the type of success that stands out in a normal distribution. It’s all here in a millimeter of red, raised skin. Smearing on coconut oil as an all-healing salve. Maybe the oil will make you choke down your negligence. Your negligence to get it right this time. To walk the neurotypical tight rope and leap off To stick your landing into sanity.

Elle Cox

Corn Field

And Cold, And Sick, And Angry

Elle Cox

There are more beautiful things than By: Jovanté Anderson

There are more beautiful things than waiting There’s not enough gin in my glass which is to say, I can’t get drunk on poetry which is to say I don’t want to dance alone anymore which is to say I don’t want to remember the wind singing me to sleep. If I could write a love letter to myself, signed in hot pink and dildo dust, it would say something like this: Delete Tinder. Everybody is looking for everything else but you. On a Saturday at midnight when your friends are out flirting or fucking their feelings away, hold yourself gentle let tears fall like summer rain, you are not broken. you are not empty. you are a box full of blue skies, there are more beautiful things than crying under the bleeding moon: bathroom mirrors dirty with your touch, coffee stains sleeping on your bedspread, poui trees shaking in hurricane wind, and for fuck’s sake, you.

Your body is bruised, been left for dead, but it is yours, can’t you see, can’t you see, queer Black boy? You are a thing of beauty. And yes, there are more beautiful things than gravity: like lemonade like rivers like you and you and you and you and you, your body is a good thing and nothing, not these dizzying lights, not this blaring music not even these dancing people holding other people in the softness of their mouths, can burn away its tenderness. So thank God for the stars that love you new every night, that kiss you wild on your dark skin, thank God for the blaze, their heat their fire, this testament to their love, maybe one day one could fall for you.

Rhonea Long

Amanda Sananikone

Etching print titled Jai Yen Yen which translates to “keep a cool heart� in Lao.

reflecting while high

By: John Rodriguez

Who there? Over there

You Man this shit so up I’ve been feeling but I’m stuck.


Hey you pass it down! if you don’t I’ll come across and take it down. Allat tough tal-


Erina Kamiya

Rhonea Long

art from the inside Quitter Jade Hoffman

Understanding what you’re willing to accept and tolerate will allow you (or assist you) to choose if you need to let go of a certain situation or not.

I don’t want to live, moving on. I have no love to give, moving on. No one cares about me, moving on. Pain is the only thing I see, moving on. All my friends are dying, moving on. I’m so tired of trying, moving on. Things seem so dark, moving on Life is too hard, moving on. I’m sick of waking up, moving on. I am giving up and moving on.

Untitled H

I’m a dreamer. I believe. I never give up. I’m a lover. I survive. I have so much love. I’m a fighter. I care. I know I can. I’m a free spirit. I matter. It’s just who I am.

The “It” Factor

I Didn’t Even Notice The Ignorance Till Yesterday

Growing up in a Strange Strange worlds. Being a Diamond in a room-filled with Pearls. Never Shining as Bright as the Day Feeling hurt and Lonely Joining Inside with Nothing to Say. Uniting Being Battered Before the Bruise Standing Hearing the Words that Should Never be Used. Talking Cheering in Pain with a heavy Heart Involving Drowned in Sorrow from The Start. Caring Justify Self inflicted pain Educating Try toFrom Regular body Marks, From Anger to writing to Painting out My Arts Trying to Re-Arrange My Brain Detecting Knowledge from Smarts But He, She, or It has been Always the Factor for Thee But He, She, It is All They Can SEE. Once Transformed, He, She, and It Will Be a better person But that “He”, “She” or “It” is Just ME.

Silence X Each day of the year I silence my personality, Mourning over my exist. Allowing society to win. I feel like a Tamed Animal that needs to be set free. Let me yell at least once before you take my voice away. Let me kick the ball you call “Titles” before you” Defeat” Me. Let me eat “Knowledge” before you starve me to death, but just once only once let me look into your eyes and show you the true beauty of freedom and this silence can’t be silenced anymore.

“Herm” America Is a noun of a “person” that’s poorly classified, Herm Two Words Together “Her + Him”. In other words “Trans”. Imagine Everyday not knowing what you are? Or who you need to be? The “presence” of society makes the “not wanted.” Jump off the bridge just to be free. “Suicide” numbers has been rising higher and “Higher” after the 2000s. Why should We Suck if we have “right” to be more than just one. “America” is built and Founded on Greed, so why “can’t” I choose more. Some people are not built for children nor should they have them. But a person like me is “Banned” from “All.” Why? My “Freedom of Speech” is costing me a lot. But Knowing Who I am and Knowing What I Want to Be Now That’s Priceless.

“A doorway into people thinking about their own identity” By Syeda Ahmed

Nestor Armando Gil Creator and visionary, Nestor Armando Gil constructs sculptures and performances or as he likes to say, “I make and I do, and as an artist I make do.” Most of his works are tied to his identity as a child of Cuban immigrants and what it is like being raised in the United States. Nestor hopes that his work can be “a doorway into people thinking about their own identity.” However his work is not constrained within the boundaries of identity. There are themes of movement, history, borders and migration throughout his projects that have been exhibited all over the country. Nestor is a professor at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania where he has been teaching studio art for seven years. He is also the program coordinator for the Creative & Performing Arts Scholars Program. As a professor, he guides, encourages and inspires students who are pursuing and studying art. Nestor creates an unconstrained and inclusive environment in all of his classes so that students can engage openly without fearing authority or judgement. Students say that Nestor is always there to drive their passion and ideas by helping them keep an open mind and look beyond. Sometimes Nestor will bring in loaves of fresh bread that he has skillfully baked in his home for the class. As a matter of

fact, he incorporates bread in some of his installations and sculptures and re-contextualizes the significance of bread in our world.

We are looking forward to January 2018, when The Grossman Gallery in the William Visual Arts Building at Lafayette College will exhibit “Swarm.” a collaboration between artists Nestor Gil and Didier WIlliam. Didier was born in Haiti and moved to Miami, Florida and Nestor was born and raised in Florida. They aim to examine the histories and diasporas of immigrant communities. Nestor says they will “reveal some tension and the real flavor of that thing we call multiculturalism. We will speak to and honor the differences between different people and at the same time respect the histories by not ignoring the histories that lead to the current situations that different people are going through.” John Rodriguez, Class of 2019, says, “Nestor always reminds me to question everything about what I am producing. His inquisitive nature makes me ponder so that my work is aesthetically and conceptually pleasing. His experience as a human shows through his critique because speaking through experience, he is able to notice parts of a piece that my mind never even crossed. In the end, his questions help to direct my creativity so that I can compose a project to the best of my abilities.”

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TVshows insecure Stranger Things Bojack Horseman Ricky and Morty Freaks and Geeks

Boys Don’t Cry 1999 Orlando 1992 Clueless 1995 Wonder Woman 2017 Okja 2017 What Happened Miss Simone? 2015 Girls Trip 2017 Hidden Figures 2016

shout out to Prof. Nandini S i k a n d ! H i g h ly r e co m m e n d t a k i n g h e r W o m e n i n F i l m c la s s i f y o u w a n t t o le a r n m o r e a b o u t f e m i n i s m and film.


2 Dope Queens Cafe con Chisme Morado Lens Embedded UnStyled


Sativa -Jhené Aiko ft. Swae Lee Normal girl -SZA Confidently Lost -Sabrina Claudio Moments -Jhené Aiko and Big Sean Fool For You -Snoh Aalegra Every Single Thing -Homeshake Strawberry Swing -Frank Ocean Blk Girl Soldie -Jamilia Woods Karma Blue -Zodiac Plus they're

our very ! own Laf boys 7) ( c la s s o f `1

books & essays

Drown -Junot Diaz theory as liberatory practice -bell hooks Bad Feminist -Roxanne Gay Teaching my mother how to give birth -Warsan Shire

I Am Enough A mindfulness, self-afďŹ rming practice Begin in a comfortable seated position. Close your eyes. Start to become grounded in the present moment. Do this by bringing mindful attention into your body. Notice your sit bones, feel how they are rooted into the ground below you. Now take this attention into your back; noticing your posture—straightening your spine, sitting taller. Inhale your shoulders up to your ears, exhale roll them back, bringing your chest forward. Pause and embrace this stance. Embrace sitting tall, not hunching or hiding. Bring this attention into your neck, then let your chin rise so it is parallel with the floor. Unclench your jaw. Relax your facial muscles. Finally, notice the placement of your arms. Let your hands rest palms up on your knees, as a gesture of openness. Continue this body scan, correcting your alignment and bringing loving kindness to each part of the body as you do so.

Now, shift to breathing in your self-affirming mantra. On a deep inhale, fill your body and mind with this mantra: “I am enough.” On the exhale, release any self-doubt telling you otherwise.

INHALE: “I AM ENOUGH” EXHALE: SELF-DOUBT Stay here in your strong, tall posture. Embrace your capability, your strength, your intelligence, your talents andyour unique contribution to the world. You Are Enough. Now, exhale self-doubt.

Alissa Vreeland Student Wellness and Support Coordinator

Jocelyn Smith


Cover Artist: Kacie Paganelli Contributors: Alex Bell, Syeda Ahmed, Emily Gonzalez, Mikai Johnson, John Rodriguez, Madeline Perelmuter, Nadia Teima, Danya Kats, Rhonea Long, Elle Cox, JovantĂŠ Anderson, Maxine Bell, Erina Kamiya, Amanda Sananikone, Jocelyn Smith, Alissa Vreeland, Rebecca Wai, Lola Wegman, Fayola Fair, Cindy Matos, Tasnia Hassan, Nestor Armando Gil

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Rise Issue 2  

Fall 2017

Rise Issue 2  

Fall 2017