RISEZINE - Issue 5

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#IndigenousGoes POP


#IndigenousGoes POP This issue explores the ways that Indigenous peoples and cultures have been portrayed in popular media. RISE asked the community to reflect on their feelings about representations of Indigenous cultures in pop culture, question whether Indigenous peoples are fairly portrayed in art, film, and TV, and if these portrayals changed over time. Ultimately we wanted to know what reclaiming pop culture look like and what needs to be done to better representation Indigenous peoples in mainstream media.


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So, what are you anyway?

Chief Noc-a-Homa screaming Indian Chinagachgook big snake Pocahontas “la belle sauvage� Rambo wreckless; uses violence to solve problems Tonto dumb person; moron

“I think it’s very disrespectful for people to be donning a headdress or what looks like a headdress,” said Manitoba’s Grand Chief Derek Nepinak. “It’s almost a passive form of violence against indigenous people and an insult towards and ceremonies and our history.” “(A headdress) is acquired through sacred and ceremonial processes that are beyond the material culture that exists in broader Canadian society,” he said.

#IndigenousGoes POP

RISE – Reconciliation in Solidarity Edmonton

This fifth issue of the RISE ZINE is released during the week May 27, 2018 to coincide with Reconciliation Week in Edmonton, Alberta. Use #IndigenousGoesPOP to share the ways that you are reflecting on Indigenous representation and taking action.

RISE - Reconciliation in Solidarity Edmonton is a group of citizens in the Edmonton region committed to supporting reconciliation in words & actions. risedm@telus.net www.risedmonton.ca www.twitter.com/RISEdmonton www.facebook.com/RISEdmonton

Organizations who contributed pages to this zine: · MacEwan University - Sustainability 201 and the Office of Sustainability · High Prairie School Division No.48 · RISE Book Club · RISE Programming Committee

Special thanks to Marina Hulzenga and the many RISE volunteers for making this issue possible.