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The PhotoActive

The FoodLine

The AnatomicalChair

The LibraryCafe

A conceptual interior architecture project

An urban scale design project

An adaptive reused of furniture project

A mix-used program architecture design project




The Apartment

The DownStage

The FutreHome

A residential interior design project

A competition project

An intern research project

Providence, RI

The PhotoActive Course / After Chareau Semester / Spring 2017 Project Location / Providnece, Rhode Island Link /

Exterior / Site

Entrance / Site

Interior / Site

[ Phototropism 」」」』ㄎㄟ] The orientation of a plant growth reponse to light. Through Phototropism, plants naturally grow towards ㄍ light to maximize their nutrient potential. “PhotoActive” attempts to apply this same concept on a building to maximize the building’s program and function potential. The program is a small social gardener club for like-minded members. The design concept was inspired by one of the biological systems from the plants – Phototropism, which is the growth of a plant responds to a light stimulus.

The program for the club is required to put reception, meeting and exhibit space, dining facilities, and guest rooms, which put the project squarely in the realm of hospitality and exhibition design. The site, 60 Ships, is a four sorties high rectangular building. The challenge of the space planning is to fit all the required programs in the limited exisiting structure. To achieve that goal, I apply the integrated design strategy approach to the project during the planning and programming phases. I use rotating greenhouse to gain extra footage when necessary: During the daytime, the greenhouse will rotate 90 degrees toward the outdoor area to get the maximum sunlight for a plant in the Greenhouse, at the same time, it generates another multifunction space. An open kitchen is provided on the second floor with a large dining/ workshop table and a private lecture/ meeting room beside. Guestrooms are on the third floor to estrange from the public area. The basement level is open to outdoor and there is a small fire gathering place beside for members to enjoy when the weather is nice.

First Level / Floor Plan

Second Level / Floor Plan

Third Level / Floor Plan

Basement Level / Floor Plan

Due to the space limitation, I designed a mechanical complex cabinetry with the glass material for the members to store their work after a workshop. All the window are consist of the same rotating concept, and mot of furniture and lighting are sharing the same idea too. In order to preserve the building, wood, brick, exposed beam, glass, and steel..etc, those architectural elements were being used to match with is original characteristic. By using a clean line, metal, and leather fabric in furniture gives the building a sophisticated edge.

Working on the mechanical system through a scaled model Model video:

Boston, MA

The FoodLine Course / The Orange Commons Semester / Fall 2017 Project Location / Boston, MA Link /

Exterior / Site

Ticket Entrance / Site

Platform / Site

[ Vending Machine 」」」』ㄎㄟ] An automated machine that offers for sale to consumers through a machine. In the hope of shortening the long transportation and processing time of food delivery to the Boston from South West coast to decrees the issue of wasted food, the orange line is proposed to be a food line which includes farming, processing, distributing, transporting, retail and to sell to individual consuming. The stations are serve as a market to provide daily fresh food to Metro rider and surrounding neighborhoods.

Food and Time Loss During Food System

1 in 10 is at risk of hunger in MA

Food loss (%)


TIme loss (Day)

Base on the research, the data shows that one in ten is at risk of hunger in Boston but there is a great amount of food waste during its distribution and procession. The study proves that it could fill a college stadium with the amount of food it wastes in a day. Therefore, the project is proposed to shrink the food system into a metro line.

40% 30%

27.75% 22%


17% 1






Totoal food waste in USA



Freezer Elevators

Urban farming creates an abundance of food for people in need by supporting and encouraging the establishment of gardens on the unused area along the metro line while increasing diversity, raising awareness of health and wellness, and inspiring and educating youth in the neighborhood. Stations itself serves a market as gather place to increase conversation and interaction happen between people in the station. By using freezer elevators to store the fresh food after it arrives the destination, the elevators send the food up to the ground level and serve the people through the vending machines.

Vending Machines

Ground Level / Floor Plan

Platform Level / Floor Plan

Platform Level Floor Plan

Ground Level Floor Plan

The program is assuming there is an extra train in the early morning, and the employees will take the food from the train and put them in the refrigerate elevators. Once it goes to upstairs, people can shop the market in the station to get the freshest food with the fastest service. Dining areas are provided for people to eat fresh immediately.

The structure and appearance a building is based on organic forms, which harmonize with its natural environment with surrounding neightborhood.

Providence, RI

The AnatomicalChair Course / Structure for Interior Architecture Semester / Fall 2016 Project Location / Providnece, Rhode Island Link /

Assigned Chair Part

[ Anatomy 」」」』ㄎㄟ] The study of the structure and relationship between body parts. The development of the chair design was inspired through the analysis of the human anatomy. Mimicking this anatomical concept歐ㄡ.

The design for the chair was created by cutting wooden members into multiple pieces and then placing them adjacently onto a flexible, yet sturdy surface to act as the base for the chair.


During the building process, the individual pieces evidently needed additional structural support; therefore, more specifically the disks placed in between the vertebras of one’s spine, wooden slats were pierced through each joint connection of two adjacent pieces. Implementing this design process, the “Anatomical Chair” successfully withheld the load bearing weights.

Top View

SㄍSide View

Using the minimal intervention and material to build a new chair from a old chair piece.

The LibraryCafe Course / Undergrade Design Thesis Semester / Spring 2016ˊ Project Location / IㄐIrvine, California Link /

Surrounding Environment / Site

Dry River bed / Site

Irvine, CA

Dry River Bed / Site

[ Nature 」」」』ㄎㄟ] Life in general. The Cafe provides a learning environment for students to study, learning and meeting. Café Ato focuses on giving students an effective but chic environment. Second-hand books are provided. Simplicity and functionality these two elements will show in Café Ato. Guests enjoy a chic modern design with natural sunlight from the glass rooftop and windows. Keeping the same balance of colors and natural materials seen outside, the interior displays wooden furniture and furnishings that deepens the idea of naturalness.

Upper Level / Floor Plan

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Outdoor Dining Area Order Area Women’s Restroom Unisex Restroom Kitchen Indoor Dining Area Large Private Room Indoor Dining Area Unisex Restroom

Rendering / Outdoor Area

First Level / Floor Plan

Upper Level / Floor Plan

10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18.

Rendering / Dining or Study Area

Bar Unisex Restroom Indoor Dining Area Indoor Dining Area Study Area Study Area Booth Unisex Restroom Unisex Restroom

Upper Level / RCP

Upper Level / RCP

Bookshelves Lighting LED Lighting String Pendent LED Lighting Bulb Up Lighting Wall Scone Telephone Data Switch Duplex Wall Duplex Wall Duplex Wall Switch Electrical Panel

Living green walls are implementing in the reception area to enhance cafe's visuals, improve air quality, as well employee alertness and energy levels. The structures of living, breathing plant life create the peaceful and natural environment to people.

This is my very first Adaptive Reuse project ( reusing a drought river bed) from my undergrad. It's also my life trunning point project that lead me to RISD to futher study Interior Architecture Adaptive Reuse.

Rendering / Reception Area


Calacatta Umber

Solo Chair

Solo Table

By Columbia

By Arizona Tile

By Mattiazii

By Mattiazii

Legend New Wall Plumbing Wall New Column 60� Accessible Turning Radious

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The Apartment Course / SㄋㄋSenior Residential Design Semester / Summer 2015 Project Location / Seattle, Washington Link /

SㄊSeattle, WA

[SㄇBalance 」」」』ㄎㄟ] A condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions. This project was for a client who is a sophisticated, passionate about art, sport, and travel. The client recently purchased a condo in an urban area where he would like transformed into an artistic, unique and fun space in order to meet his needs. Based on the client's needs and wants, the interior design that I have presented is a hybrid of bright, clean and organic elements, furnished with chic fixtures and abstractly shaped furnishings to balance with the sea view from outside of the window. The floor plan consists of natural oak flooring with a tint of blue to unify the floor space. The purpose of the floor plan is to allow for the color scheme from the floor plan to spill over the entire living room and master bedroom to make the entire space feel unified and balance.

Black & White Cowhide

boson chair & ottoman

Bolle Tavolo 3

By converting a small space in the master bedroom to a polished eye-catching and functional home office space, working from home can now be exciting because it offers an opportunity for real comfort and efficiency. The bookshelf is the divider between bedroom and the office. The unique pattern cowhide rug blends into the office interior, adding not only a warm sense of color to the floor but also in elegant touch to the room.

Away from the rest of the floor plan is the kitchen, dining room and bar. This space offers privacy for day to day routines and fundamentals. By arranging the kitchen, dining room, and the bar in close vicinity to sliding glass doors can be opened to access the balcony when its warm for a great view and small gatherings.

The aim is to build a relaxed, flexible and stable network altogether with the goal of creating a balance.

Irragular Cabinet

Cor Jalis Sofa

Blue Pillows

Bocci Lighting

Providence, RI

The DownStage Competition / Charette Prize / First Project Location / Providnece, Rhode Island Link /

Exterior / Site

Entrance / Site

Interior / Site

[ Continuity 」」」』ㄎㄟ] An uninterrupted connection. DownStage is a single surface intervention revitalizing the blackstone riverfront. Inspired by the flow of water through mills. By using organic forms and materials to create a miltifaceted communal gathering space for activities of all types.



Flow to Public Greenspace/ Waterfront

Organic Timber

‘center staging’ Arts and community

tunnel of light and music

CConcept backview

Concept side view

This is a competition proposal for NeighborWorks Blackstone River CDC, a nonprofit in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. The aim is to transform a loading dock into an acoustic outdoor performance venue for the public. The challenge is of this competition requires quick thinking, cohesive teamwork and the ability to present ideas that accurately convey design intent.

The goal of this Annual Department Competition is to provide students a professional architectural firms experience, which is frequently invited to submit designs for the commission with very little lead time.

Boston, MA

The FutureHome Internship Research Project / Pusing The Limits : The Technology and the City Semester / Summer 2017 Project Location / Boston, MA Link /

Past household type

Past population

Present household type

Present population

Future household type

Future population

[ DIㄕㄛDigital 」」」』ㄎㄟlife] Involving or relating to the use of computer technology in everyday life Since the era of troglodytism, humankind has been ceaseless in developing comfortable and convenient living spaces. Our kind’s society has undergone several major paradigm shifts, from the farming and fishing age to the industrial age, and has now entered the information age where our lifestyle is urbanized. We are experiencing the prosperity of science and technology and the convenience of life that has never been seen before in the human history. We are creating the concept of “smart life” with the digital technology device. We enjoy living in a comfortable and safe environment with the quickness and convenience of information acquisition. The new digital lifestyle brings an opportunity for developing smart houses to let us all live in the technology, not live with anymore.

Living in the Past More Active / Less Stay

Roughly 20 years ago, four appliances—the refrigerator, color TV, stereo, and washing machine—were “must-haves” of a typical household. The refrigerator and washing machine are lauded for their time-saving benefits, by decreasing one’s frequency of grocery shopping, cooking, and doing laundry. The color TV and the stereo, on the other hand, provided endless entertainment. in a house; Three bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, a laundry room, and one backyard were minimum requirements back in the 80s when multigenerational household was the norm. Shelves and racks were used storing video

Living in the Present More Individual / Less Social Space is more compacted and integrated, such as kitchen; dining and living room can be combined as one big open space. Due to influences of technology, office space can be found integrated into a space for working at home. Opposed to traditional furniture that are large and sturdy and convenient for large gatherings of friends or families, modern furniture are evolving towards a smaller and more compressed outlook which take up a less use of space. We take our laundry out, often eat out and do less cooking and housework. We find ourselves constantly glues to a screen since medias such as 4k TV, desktop, computer, laptop, tablet, and smart phones are so convenient and all around. Instead of face to face real time communication, people are less engaged in

Living in the Future More Social / Less Work The home has always been a space in which we can see the changes in how people live. It serves as a canvas for people to collect, curate and present objects that represent their lifestyle and aspirations. We can also see how the use of space within the home has taken on fluidity, leaving behind the divide between formal and informal rooms. So what are the desires of our future selves and by extension, our private space in 2040? What’s changing in how we socialize, entertain, cook and even sleep in the home of the future?

Entertainment Game

Work / Live / Shop Live Concert


Virtual Reality

Future home entertainment systems will be out of this world. By combing future augmented reality, virtual reality and mediated reality movies and television will be more interactive than ever before. People will play a gold or tennis with their victual friend while watching breaking news.


Coreless Digital Interactive Furniture/ wall

Family Centric Companion


Robot Companion

Drone Delivery

Most future homes will have their own future home offices. The future workplace will become decentralized and flexible so that people can work flexible hours, interact with coworkers virtually, call meetings, collaborate and communicate all from your future home office.


Interactive Floor

Health / Safty / Independence

Cook Laundry

Flashing Light

Robot Assistance

Future kitchen will take advantage of robots to do chores such as cleaning, organizing and cooking. Some of this technology is happening now. Engineers have made great strides in recently years developing more realistic and functional robotics that can recognize human speech and respond to it or do specific tasks around the house.

Sensor Floor



Alarm Notification

Nursing Robot

Future home security will also be of the utmost important. All future home will be built with age appropriate child proofing already in place. A smart floor will be installed in very home. The concept of the smart floor is transforming the floor into an intuitive touch screen with sensor-enable floor covering.

Research program - Urbanism in the Digital Age, exhibited work in the lobby and verbally present to all CBT emplyees.

HQ's Interior Architecture Portfolio  

graduate student in Rhode Island School of Design MDes 2018 // Interior Architecture majoring adaptive reuse.

HQ's Interior Architecture Portfolio  

graduate student in Rhode Island School of Design MDes 2018 // Interior Architecture majoring adaptive reuse.