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Fish Scales Wr eath Necklace & Ear r i ngs

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WHO assisted in making it happen.

THANKS. Mom, Dad, Grandma, Nicholas Neil, Kimberly Rhone, Amitabh Sharma, Tuson Walters, Kayla Keane, Kaneil Wisdom, Orlando Stephenson, Kim Bernard, N’Gina Watson, Roual Cousley, Lesli-Ann Belnavis, Michael Elliot, Shantell Martin, Andrew Smith, Jamar Thelwell, Akindele Hickling, Dyhemmia Williams and the lovely members of Chupse Jamaica, believers, well wishers, you the reader, and GOD

W H AT awaits you inside.

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this project was done.

Ricardo Neil - Creative

It has been observed since time memorial that Jamaica is unique and despite a mix of culture, the inhabitants prove to be no less, each in their own way. This publication and every copy to follow is a reflection of Jamaica’s unique ability on an artistic level. It was crafted to portray the intrinsic component of our creative minds. As you unveil each page and engage with the contents you will be immersed into a collage that you may just see a piece of yourself in. Now get your smart phone out and let’s begin.

meraki (n.) the soul, creativity or love you put into something; the essence of yourself you put into your work. Origin - Greek

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CoffeeBeanLapOvers Mad e w i t h bl u e b e a d s, ye l l o w beads and coffee beans.

A BBC poll conducted in the UK concluded that “retarded� was the most offensive disability-related word. - BBC News

Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes... the ones who see things differently - they’re not fond of rules... You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things... they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do. - Steve Jobs

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12 | Artistic The Magazine

Back Row: William Lewis, Kevarn Laird, Dyhemmia Williams, Natoya Coombs, Beverly Millings, Ashannie McLary

L-R | Front Row: Omar Williams, Shazayn Andrade, Nickesha Robinson, Bebito Topy, Zane Ramikie.

To work diligently and creatively is the order of the day at Chupse Jamaica. This small pod of jewellery makers demonstrate a high level of craftmanship in each piece they create. Laughter and bright smiles greet you approaching their work area and entering their space gives you a sense of inspiration and joy as they weave together intricate pieces of fashionable jewellery. Chupse, which is Jamaican patois for a small kiss was the response to providing an income generating opportunity for intellectually disabled adults. The organisation was established by the Jamaican Association for Intellectual Disabilities (JAID) and supported by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). Since its inception in 2011, the body has reaped benefits including matriculation for some, namely, William Lewis who can be considered a success story as he transitioned into the corporate world due to his improvement in aptitude and comprehension. Today, the unit continues to make strides as they have connected with corporate entities forming partnerships that aid them in realising greater awareness and financial opportunities.

13 | Artistic The Magazine

Guardian of the


Everybody should have a guardian angel, someone who inspires us. Meet Dyhemmia Williams, Production Supervisor at Chupse Jamaica. She is a past student of Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts where she was a Goldsmith major. She began her pilgrimage at Chupse by volunteering then transitioned into full-time service. Scan this page to see why Dyhemmia is the guardian of the gifted.

14 | Artistic The Magazine

ALLGRIP for All People


Vehicle(s) shown are representational and are not the actual model(s) in stock.

ALLGRIP 4WD Technology (Auto, Sport, Lock and Snow Mode) 6-Speed Automatic Transmission (Paddle Shift) Panoramic Sunroof Suzuki “Tect”: Light weight high tensile steel architecture

Stewart’s Auto Sales

Address: 491/2 South Camp Road, Kingston 4, Jamaica W.I. Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm Tel: (876)928-5041-7, 968-0930-3 or 926-5400 (876)938-2402 E-mail:

16 | Artistic The Magazine

Scan this page to watch the Chupse team in action.

17 | Artistic The Magazine

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Print N BeanBracelet M a d e w i t h p r i n te d b e a d s, g ree n b eads and coffee beans.

Rising to 7,402 feet and being one of the highest regions in the Caribbean the Blue Mountain Peak sits comfortably within the parishes of St. Andrew, Portland and St. Mary in Jamaica. The evergreen mountain is densely forested and is the perfect location for scenic hikes and camping trips. For bragging rights some Jamaicans and tourists alike climb to the top annually to visit the giant rusty brown triangle, which sits at the highest point of the mountain.

The heaven-kissing mountain is usually misty and can be chilly for those who are accustomed to city life. However, the warm cabins located along the gentle and sometimes steep gradients provide the rest visitors need, if they wish to stop before doing the final lap to the peak. During this rest, hikers engrave their names and special symbols into the cabin wood, boulders and trees changing a small piece of history.

20 | Artistic The Magazine

After the break, if you decide to take the trek to the top of the mountain you will discover the rich flora and fauna that includes: various birds, strawberries, calla lilies and of course the world’s most famous Blue Mountain Coffee. In 1728, coffee was first introduced to Jamaica by then Governor, Sir Nicholas Lawes. The first crop was planted along the side of the Blue Mountain as the natural conditions of the environment proved very favourable thus commencing the coffee industry.

Did you know

Blue Mountain coffee is one among the most expensive types of coffee in the world.

It was subsequently exported across the world in droves as coffee lovers discovered that the Blue mountain coffee beans when brewed was smoother and less bitter

than usual. As a result, that

discovery put Blue

Mountain coffee in the

premium category, placing it among the most expensive types of coffee in the world to this day.

- The Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority

21 | Artistic The Magazine

24 | Artistic The Magazine

Art therapy is a branch of psychotherapy in which: drawing, photography, arts and craft are used to treat illnesses as opposed to traditional medicine. Lesli-Ann Belnavis, who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art from the Florida State University, is currently the only art therapist in Jamaica. Lesli-Ann uses her skills mainly to help uniquely abled children and the elderly. By practicing her trade locally she hopes to help combat the effect of untamed aggression on the rate of crime. Belnavis’ affair with art started as a young child, she participated in singing, dancing, acting and stage design. As a result of this early exposure she developed a passion for unleashing her creativity. Arts & Craft and Technical Drawing became her safe haven, earning her straight A’s in those disciplines at school. Her parents and extended family, being creative themselves, pushed her thus giving her added confidence to hone her skills.

Scan for more on Art Therapy. 25 | Artistic The Magazine

26 | Artistic The Magazine

Belnavis then takes on a different persona after her therapy session has ended.

While studying in Florida

she had a spiritual encounter that was the catalyst to her metamorphosis. She made an art piece to commemorate lynching of black slaves and was visited by an ancestral spirit, while standing under a tree that the lynching occurred. Each piece she creates comes from an inspirational experience and hopes to form a part of someones journey to mental freedom. She tackles issues in the Jamaican society by using very calculated and manipulated images; her work is nothing short of stinging satire. Scan to see the concoctions of Lesli-Ann Belnavis. 27 | Artistic The Magazine

Entitled, ‘The Feast“ from ‘The John Crow Politricks Series’ the artistic rebel portrays iconic figure heads in our society all at a table about to devour the helpless.

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Coco Coffee Necklace

M a d e w i t h r ed p a i nte d w oo d ch ips, fish scales, black beads and coffee beans . Fi sh scal es are opt ional.

A blank canvas and black ink pen is all that visual artist, Shantell Martin yearns for, or so it may seem. The young creative from London is taking the world by force, both on tangible objects as well as digitally. Shantell is a visual connoisseur using black and white drawings to tell a story of hope and inspiration. Embedding messages such as “Do you sea me the way I sea you“ and “Are You You“ within abstract art challenges the viewer to live up to their fullest potential From marking on walls in her own studio to corporate offices and everything in between, Martin is drawing the world she wants to live in. 36 | Artistic The Magazine

Scan this page to learn more about Shantell and her work.

37 | Artistic The Magazine




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Turquoise and Coffee Bracelet

Made with tur quoise cer am ic beads and c offee beans .

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The majority of individuals affected by intellectual disabilities show only mild symptoms and, with the right support, can greatly improve, learn, and develop. - American Association on Intellectual Disabilities

Intelligence is the ability to change. - Stephen Hawking

Butter fly Key Chain

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Artistic - The Magazine  
Artistic - The Magazine