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RISEHOLME Students’ Union Handbook 2011-12 An Introduction to our services


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president’s welcome

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President’s Welcome


Freshers’ Week 2011


Welcome to Riseholme


About Your SU


SU Elections


Virtual Union


Meet the Team


Students’ Union SOAP


Welfare & Academic Representation


Job Shop



Dear student, Whether you are a new or returning student, it’s great to welcome you to Lincoln’s friendly, warm and vibrant student community often referred to as the ‘Lincoln Bubble’. As President of the Students’ Union (SU), it’s my job to represent the voice of students and together with the other elected officers we will actively work on enhancing the student experience. This means that we will work with the University, local community and Government to protect your right to education.

Contact the team


Student Reps


Sports & Societies

University of Lincoln Students’ Union Brayford Pool Lincoln LN6 7TS


The Lincoln Award

Tel: 01522 886006 Fax: 01522 886628 Email:


NUS Extra

Project Manager: Ross Ironfield Design: Jake Townsend Printer: Indigo Press Ltd.


Your SU is here for you, regardless of age, ethnicity, religion, disability, or course; you are all being represented by us. The SU provide a full range of services, offering you the opportunity to participate and be inspired through activities such as Sports and Societies, developing

employability skills and earning extra cash through initiatives such as the Student Job Shop, The Lincoln Award and access to Volunteering opportunities. Have a read through the handbook and see who the other elected officers are, the services we offer; but believe me, time flies when you are here so don’t wait, get involved and enjoy your time from day one! If you have any questions, ideas or just want to make a new friend on campus – get in touch with me. My office door is always open. Much love and a warm welcome.

Ary Sharif Students’ Union President 2011 – 2012

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freshers’ week 2011 SUNDAY 19th


Arrivals SU Officers and helpers will be on hand to make sure you arrive comfortably. 7.30PM ICE BREAKER A welcome event for all new students R-Lounge - open from 6pm

See Induction Programme 4:30PM RESIDENTIAL TALKS SU Officer’s will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. 7:30PM QUIZ NIGHT Test your knowledge and meet new friends R-Lounge open from 6pm



10:00AM FRESHERS’ FAYRE Engine Shed, Brayford Campus 10am - 4pm see for details

10:00AM SPORTS & SOCIETIES FAYRE Engine Shed, Brayford Campus 10am - 4pm see for details

7:30PM RACE NIGHT R-Lounge open from 6pm

10:00PM FEVER PITCH Transport to Engine Shed for the Fever Pitch freshbook event (HE students only)

Transport to Engine Shed for Welcome to L with Dick & Dom (HE students only)

THURSDAY 23rd 6:30PM GAMES R-Lounge - open from 6pm

FRIDAY 24th 11:00AM - 3:00PM RISEHOLME FRESHERS’ FAYRE R-Lounge 8:30PM DISCO R-Lounge open until late



7:30PM GAMES NIGHT Games in the bar R-Lounge open from 6pm

SATURDAY 25th 7:30PM FILM NIGHT R-Lounge R-Lounge - open from 6pm

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welcome to riseholme Getting Involved We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Look out for the Riseholme Fayre you to Riseholme Campus, on Friday 24th October. Here you and introduce you to some will be able to join a Sports Club and/or Society, find out about of the services available activities that are planned at to you. Your Students’ Union As a Union, we are here to represent the student body and ensure the student voice is not only heard but also acted upon, we offer a range of services, ranging from welfare and educational support to sports and societies. To find out what your Union has to offer you, check out our website Your Students’ Union Executive Team is made up of four full time officers who are paid graduates and nine part-time volunteers who are current students. See page 18 to find out more about the current team, and how you could get involved.

Riseholme and how you can get involved. We’re also running a By-Election in October, and are looking to elect a part time officer to represent fellow students based on satellite campuses.

Shuttle Bus

stationary and hoodies.

The University provides a free weekday shuttle bus between Riseholme & Brayford campuses, for more information and times visit

Opening Times

Stagecoach Lincolnshire’s 353 service also runs through Riseholme Campus during college term times twice from Lincoln to Riseholme and once in the opposite direction. For timetables visit

Student Services Appointments to see Student Services can be made direct by calling 01522 886181 or through the Riseholme Faculty Office. If you need to speak to someone on campus, please contact your Tutor, the Warden or Accommodation Office for any concerns in the Residences or Student Services for personal matters.

R-Lounge The R-Lounge is located in Tennyson Building. Serving drinks and snacks with a pool table and various other games, the R-Lounge is the perfect place to chill out.

Riseholme Shop The Riseholme Shop is located next to the R-Lounge in Tennyson Building. It sells everything from snacks and drinks to some

Mon to Thurs: 9am-5pm Friday: 9am-4:30pm Sunday: 2pm-4pm

Riseholme Restaurant The canteen serves hot and cold food including salads at student prices. Opening Times Monday – Friday Breakfast: 7.45am-9am Lunch: 11.45am-1:30pm Dinner: 4.45pm-5.45pm Saturday & Sunday Brunch: 11.30am-1.30pm Dinner: 4.45pm-5.45pm Your Student Adventure Starts Here! Engine Shed, 10pm

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about your su Our Mission As a union our Mission is to ensure students have the right to -

representation, participation, inspiration

Our Vision To provide the best representational service for our members so they can obtain the best from the university experience To create a range of activities from sport to volunteering, to enable both enjoyment and personnel development To inspire students to fully partake in the university experience, so they can look back on their university life as a truly fulfilling and inspiring time To provide a community for students To be a organisation that provides unique and life changing opportunities

The Students’ Union: making a positive difference to your student experience The Students’ Union (SU) is your representative body during your time here and will be a major part of your time at University. We offer a wide range of services and activities to support you and enhance the whole student experience.

concerns with the University and wider community

The Students’ Union is active in many areas:-

Provides opportunities for personal development

It provides the framework and support for all Sports and Societies activities

Organises and supports volunteers in community activity

Provides support with academic issues Supports and develops student representatives including course reps and accommodation reps. Gives you a voice to raise

Campagning locally and nationally to improve the lives of students Offers support to a range of diversity groups

Provides opportunities to find part time work Looks at ways of improving graduate employability

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How your SU works? Democracy is a fundamental aspect of the Students’ Union; it ensures that all students have the right to have their voice heard. As a registered charity the activities of the Students’ Union are overseen by a Trustees Board which is made up of a majority of elected student representatives. This ensures the Union operates in the interests of the students and in line with its mission, vision and charity objectives. Certain responsibilities related to oversight and direction of the SU are passed to the elected Executive Committee (Sabbatical and Part Time Officers). Matter related to policy are passed to Student Council (made up of Student Reps) Supporting this activity are a range of specialist staff, who bring a wealth of expertise and experience to the day-to-day operation of the SU. | 11

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

council dates

Student Groups

The Following Mondays:

The AGM acts as a platform to hear what your SU has been up to in the previous year, and has planned for the future. It’s also an opportunity to influence policy and for students to voice any concerns, ideas or questions.

17th October

These groups are there to provide students with similar interests or background a chance to get together. They can also highlight key issues and represent the views of these groups at various levels. Student Groups include:

Any member of the SU can attend AGM and can submit a motion for discussion, which is your chance to change things! This year the AGM will take place on Monday 14th Novermber. For more information about AGM, visit

Student Council Student Council discusses topics raised by students and sets Union policy on key issues and has had a major influence on the direction and development of the University and Students’ Union. For more information about Student Council, visit

14th November (AGM) 5th December 16th January 13th February 12th March 23rd April

Mature and Post-Graduate Students (MAPS) Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and

NUS University of Lincoln Students’ Union is also an affiliated member of The National Union of Students (NUS) NUS is an alliance of over 600 Students’ Unions. NUS aim to promote, defend and extend the rights of students and to develop and champion strong Students’ Unions.

Trans-Gender (LBGT) Disabled Students Groups

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the democratic model 1


Students are the most important part of the Students’ Union. The SU is a charity and its activities are regulated by law under the Charities Commission. All Students are automatically members of the SU when they enrol at the University (unless they choose to opt out).


Annual General Meeting is open to all members. This is where we review past and future plans with members, approve annual budgets and review policy, among other things.


The Board of Trustees is made up of a majority of elected students supported by the experience of appointed trustees. They are there to ensure that students are always at the heart of the Union. They give certain responsibilities to groups and individuals. i.e. Executive and Student Council.


Student Council consists of elected and appointed student reps. Council provides an opportunity for everyday students to have their voice heard, and sets Union policy on major issues.


Commitees are interested groups of students accountable to or set up by Student Council, i.e. Sports, Societies Councils etc.


SU Staff are here to operate the SU on a daily basis, to provide specialist support and services according to the Union's Policies, Procedures and Strategy.


The Executive Committee consists of Full Time and Part Time Elected Officers, who are there to represent views of students to the University and wider community and ensure the Union is operated according to its Policies, Procedures and Strategy.



Annual General Meeting


The board of Trustees



Student Council


Union Policy & Position, Holds Union and its Officers to Account

Strategic Oversight and Overall Organisational Responsibility



Operation & Implementation


The Executive Committee

Student Representation & Organisational Oversight

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su elections As a member of the Students’ Union, you get the opportunity to have a say about how the SU develops, and who represents you. Each of the current SU officers were voted into their positions. The main election takes place in Term 2, whilst a by-election will take place in October 2011 to fill vacant positions.

SU By-Elections Term 1

Union and represent your fellow students, whilst continuing your studies. If you think you have something to offer and want to get involved, visit our elections mini site for more details about each of the roles and how to become a candidate


We currently have five Part Time Officer positions available, including:-

FRI 14th OCT, 10AM –

 Campaigns Officer

Nominations Close

 Sports Officer

Nominations Open FRI 21st OCT, 4PM – FRI 28th OCT, 4PM – Campaigning Begins

 Societies Officer

MON 31st OCT, 9AM –

 Satellite Campus Officer

Voting Begins

 Postgraduate Officer Part Time Officers positions are voluntary and are unpaid. They allow you the opportunity to get involved with the Students’

SU Elections Term 2 The SU elections provide an opportunity for candidates to run either as a Sabbatical Officer, or as a Part Time Officer. Sabbatical Officers are full time paid positions. If successfully elected, you would begin your role in July 2012 for 12 months. As this is a full time role, unless you are in your final year of study, you would need to consider whether you’d be prepared to take a break from your course for one year. Part Time Officers positions are voluntary and are unpaid. Full details about the SU Election will be announced in late 2011. Keep an eye on the Virtual Union for information, including

THU 3rd NOV, 12 NOON – Voting Closes, Results 6PM Results are also announced at

Students’ Union

By-Elections 2011 Students’ Union

Elections 2012

detailed role descriptions and election packs

KEY DATES MON 13th FEB, 10AM – Nominations Open MON 27th FEB, 12 NOON – Nominations Close FRI 2nd MAR, 4PM Campaigning Begins MON 5th MAR – Voting Begins MON 12th MAR, 12NOON – Voting Closes, Results Announced at 6pm, Tower Bar and online

contact SU Reception T: 01522 88 6006 E: W:

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virtual union


Visit the Virtual Union at This is your access to all SU Services online. Here you’ll be able to search and apply for part-time job vacancies and volunteer opportunities. You can join one of our many Sports Clubs and Societies and pay membership fees online, access SU forms, policies, procedures, minutes of meetings and more. As well as these services, you’ll also be able to keep up to date with all the latest news, events, campaigns and activities from your SU.


Find out what Sports Clubs and

Find a Job through JOB SHOP,

Societies are on offer, and join online.


Nothing of interest? Why not set up

Paid Part Time Jobs, Paid On-Campus

your own Sports Club or Society?

Jobs, Paid/Unpaid Work Experience,

Everything you need is right here

Paid Full-Time Placement, Vacation/


Summer Jobs, and vacancies within the SU

5 VOLUNTEERING Whether you want to volunteer within the local community, set up a volunteer project or get involved with Union and University, the Volunteering section contains all the information you need to get started.

1 HOME Here you can find out more about

NEWS AND EVENTS Get an RSS Feed direct from our News and Events page GOT A SMART PHONE?

your union, how it is run, who’s who

The Virtual Union has been optimised

and keep up to date with the latest

to be more accessible from your smart

news and events.

phone or portable device. Visit

2 YOUR VOICE Find out how you can get involved with the SU, from joining diversity




4 5


Find us on Follow us on Twitter @lincolnSU

groups, becoming a studenat rep or accommodation rep, take part in SU Elections or fill in our survey.

3 GET SUPPORT Get information about accommodation, get information on how to access advice and support on welfare and academic issues in the university and wider community. | 17

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sabbatical officers

Your Elected SU Representatives 2011-11

Ary Sharif President

Jennine Fox VP Academic Affairs

Kayleigh Taylor VP Welfare & Diversity

Andreas Zacharia VP Activities

As President, Ary had oversight over all areas of the Students’ Union. He supports and coordinates the activities of the Executive and acts as chair of the Trustees Board. He also has specific responsibility for the democratic structure of the Union and acts as the lead officer in matters of communication, community and campuses.

The Vice-President Academic Affairs heads up the 400+ network of student reps and senior reps who are your voice within the University. She is the lead representative on key topics like employability, student as producer and the inclusion of students who are postgraduate, international or studying off Brayford Campus.

Kayleigh has responsibility for monitoring the welfare concerns of students. She oversees StAR’s (Student Accommodation Reps) and is the lead officer for accomodation matters. The welfare team run campaigns to raise student awareness of health, safety and culture issues. She also represents the views of students from all diversity groups.

Andreas is responsible for student representation in the provision of activities. His role involves supporting the development of Sports Teams and Societies and Students’ Union Volunteering including SU Helpers. He also represents student views on activities and events project groups.

T: 01522 88 6166

T: 01522 88 6144

T: 01522 88 6669

T: 01522 88 6434





Facebook Profile: Ulsu Prez (Ary Sharif)

Facebook Profile: Ulsu Academ (Jennine Fox)

Facebook Profile: Ulsu Welfare (Kayleigh Taylor)

Facebook Profile: Ulsu Acticvitiez (Andreas Zacharia)

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part time officers

students’ union soap Students’ Union SOAP & reception (student opportunities, activities and participation)

Kelly Nicholls Part time non-portfolio

Gemma Cobby Part time non-portfolio



card here, join a Sports Club and/or Society, or book an appointment to see one of your elected officers or SU

SOAP, based on the Brayford Campus provides a focal point for the services provided by the Students’ Union, and is where you will find our Main Reception. Make SOAP your first port of call for any enquiry. SOAP is located on the ground floor of the Student Centre.

Opening times Term time Monday – Thursday 9:30am – 5pm Friday 9:30am – 4pm

Our dedicated SU reception staff within SOAP are here to assist you in finding the information you need, or put you in contact with someone who can help. You can collect your NUS Extra

contact Samuel Whewall Community Action and Student Fundraising

Maryam Saghir Liberation



SU Reception T: 01522 88 6006 (During Opening Hours) E: W:

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welfare & academic representation Based on the first floor of the Student Centre, the SU Welfare and Academic Representation service offers you support with any academic or welfare concerns. The VP Academic Affairs and the VP Welfare & Diversity represent the Academic and Welfare interests of students to the University and to community groups. If you have any feedback about any University experience, it is really important that you let us know, so we can ensure we are up to date with your views, concerns and ideas. Comments cards can be found in our main reception at SOAP, in the Student Centre or complete our online feedback form at feedback.

Welfare The Welfare team coordinate a number of campaigns during the year including sexual health, wellbeing and housing rights. Student Accommodation is a priority area this year, and we would really like to hear about your experience of your landlord and your accommodation. Our Housing Survey can be found at accommodationsurvey We support Diverse Student Groups, providing an opportunity for like-minded individuals to meet, build friendships, offer peer support and discuss issues that are important to them. These groups include LGBT, Mature & Post-Graduate students’ and students with Disabilities.


Welfare & Academic Representation w w t

Welfare & Academic Representation T: 01522 83 7635 E: W:

NUS Fees Campaign

Academic Representation

Get Advice

The Academic Representation team coordinate training and support for the University’s Student Reps.

The Students’ Union work closely with the Advice Service who are based in the Student Support Centre to offer students the best possible information, advice and representation.

Employability is a priority topic this year as the job market becomes increasingly competitive. Working closely with the National Union of Students (NUS), last year we supported the HE Funding campaign, by writing letters to local MP’s and demonstrating on the streets of London and Lincoln, to raise awareness amongst students, the community and MPS’s of the reform to the student funding system for Higher Education. Please support our campaigns this year. Keep an eye on our website

If you find yourself in a difficult situation in relation to your course, your housing contract or debt, then you may need some advice about your rights and responsibilities and some guidance through the process.

24 | Riseholme Students’ Union Students’ Handbook Union 2011 Handbook 2011-12 | 25


jobshop The Student Job Shop, located in SOAP on the ground floor of the Student Centre, is the place to go if you are looking for any type of employment whilst studying. Here we advertise job opportunities, provide advice relevant to part time and vacation employment and point you in the direction for Careers information and advice. With the Careers and Employability team from Enterprise@Lincoln, Job Shop can help you to make the most of all your employment experience, without compromising your studies.

Our aim is to ensure you develop and maximise your employability skills to place you in the best possible position to secure your chosen career on graduation. We can also offer services with compiling a CV, completing an application form or preparing for an interview and are always here to help. So if you’re looking for a quick cash fix, or the chance to develop skills relevant to your study then pay us a visit.

There are many reasons why you might be interested in volunteering, and even more ways that you can get involved.

Current vacancies and information can be found at

Setting up your own project is really exciting and rewarding – all you need to do is come and see us and we’ll help you with project ideas, help you get started and support you all the way through your project.

Whether you are interested in, and care about your local community, feel passionately about a cause, or want to volunteer with a well established charity or community organisation we can make this happen for you.

Volunteering in any way is a rewarding and valuable experience, both personally and professionally. In a time when getting a job is increasingly difficult, volunteering provides you with the opportunity to develop, learn new skills and make sure you stand out from the crowd. Oh, and volunteering is a lot of fun too!


contact Jessica Shields Student Employment Co-ordinator T: 01522 83 7641 E: W:

Alternatively you may want to volunteer within the Students’ Union – maybe as a committee member for a sports club or society, or as an SU Helper, or maybe even as an SU Officer. Just let us know what you’re interested in and we’ll tell you how to get involved.


Jane Kilby Volunteer Co-ordinator T: 01522 88 6420 E: W:

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student reps The University and the Students’ Union believe that Student Reps play an important role in representing students and improving the quality of their courses. Reps primary function is to help make things better for students.

what do reps do? Reps are responsible for talking to fellow students on their course, identifying any issues and concerns and raising them with the course team. They also regularly attend course meetings throughout the academic year, to review and help develop their course. Some Reps are appointed

to represent the whole School or College and they work closely with the Students’ Union and University.

how your rep can help? Reps get things changed for the better, for both individuals and whole courses. Whether its just pointing you in the right direction, or making formal representation at committee meetings, Reps are there to help you. There is at least one Rep on every course, and they will make themselves known to you when

you start. If you are not sure who your course Rep is, you can contact the SU to find out. Throughout the year, your Course Rep will ask you to provide feedback about your experience as a student. Please have your say.

interested in becoming a rep? Course Reps are elected in the first and second weeks of the year. Ask your course leader for more information and let them know you’re interested and check out website

what are the benefits of becoming a rep? You will develop useful skills such as communication, negotiation, team work and confidence in business meetings. You will get to meet other Reps from your school and faculty, as well as becoming more involved with the Students’ Union. The SU run initial training on 12th October and a number of training and support sessions throughout the year that help to develop basic knowledge and specific skills to assist you in being more effective in your role. We also send out regular updates and host social events to help you get the most out of being a Rep.

contact Welfare & Academic Representation T: 01522 83 7635 E: W:

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sports & societies The aim of Sports and Societies is to bring together students with common interest and assist them in pursuing a hobby or activity they are interested in. With around 80 Sports Clubs and Socieities and over 2500 students involved, there is something for everyone to get involved in. See for a complete list of the current Sports Clubs and Societies. For anything else, whether it is a question, some advice or just to see a friendly face, please feel free to come in to reception in the Students’ Union SOAP centre to book an appointment with the Activities Team. Or, even better, make use of our weekly drop-in sessions on Tuesdays 2pm-4pm or Thursdays 10am-12 NOON where there is no need for an appointment, we can deal with requests there and then!

Join During Freshers’ Week it is a great opportunity for you to come along to the hugely popular Sports and Societies Fayre in the Engine Shed, to see exactly what we have to offer, and meet some of the current Sports Clubs & Society members. If you decide that you want to join a club or society on the day of the fayre you can join at the Reception in the Students’ Union SOAP Centre, or online and sportsandsocieties. Alternatively, you have the option to trial any of our Sports Clubs & Societies before committing and paying the joining fee. You have until Tuesday 11th October 2011 to decide on your favourites, after which time you must be a paid member if you wish to UL STUDENTS’ UNION continue to participate.

New Sports Clubs & Societies If you can’t find a Sports Club or Society that interests you, why not start up your own? Simply fill out the ‘new sport or society application form’ available on our website or from the SU reception in SOAP.

Key Events Sports and Societies Fayre – Wednesday 21st September Engine Shed 10am-4pm Pep-Rally – Wednesday 5th October The Students’ Union presents the annual Pep-Rally. A great chance to represent your Sports Club or Society with pride and competitive spirit.

Sports and Societies Awards – Saturday 24th March A night dedicated to the achievements and successes of our Sports Clubs, Societies and individuals, filled with applause, dinner and dancing. Celebrate another spectacular year for all in style!


Sports and Societies


Varsity (Lincoln vs. Derby) – Wednesday 21st March TBC The infamous Varsity series continues! Lincoln remains unbeaten vs. Derby after 5 years! A brilliant event where a huge variety of Lincoln Sports Clubs take on the University of Derby in a huge battle of pride and competitive rivalry.

Sports and Societies

Proudly Sponsored By

Sports and Societies Office T: 01522 88 6006 E: W:

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the lincoln award Every year the number of graduates is increasing and the competition is getting tougher. Employers are looking for candidates who stand out from the crowd and who have developed their skills, abilities and ambitions – a degree is no longer enough to get you the job you want.

Why? · Enhance your employability through skills development ·

Gain recognition for your achievements

· Participate in activities- meet new people, have fun! There are many things you can do to help you stand out from the crowd, and in fact you’re probably doing a lot of them already. The Lincoln Award is recognition of the activities you do over and above your studies, and is something that future

employers will recognise as you doing that little bit extra. As well as helping you develop these skills the Lincoln Award will give you the framework to showcase your achievements and the confidence to communicate your university experiences and successes to future employers.

What? The Lincoln Award is an achievement award for undergraduate and taught postgraduate students at the University of Lincoln. The Award is designed to enhance the employability of University of Lincoln graduates by providing official recognition

and evidence of employability related activities. These include; work experience, part-time employment, volunteering, attendance at workshops and presentations and many other extra-curricular activities and achievements.

When? The Lincoln Award is open to all students currently studying at the University of Lincoln. You can start the award at any point and must complete before graduation. It is highly advisable to start the award as soon as possible to ensure you secure a place at the compulsory sessions required before completing the award.

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All details correct at time of printing: July 2011

Riseholme Students' Union Handbook 2011-12  

University of Lincoln Students' Union handbook for students at Riseholme Campus