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As Singapore’s oldest school celebrates its 190th anniversary, its annual arts festival has become another reason for alumni to come back to their alma mater – the The T’ang Quartet (comprising three alumnus), Adrian Tan, Judy Tay, Marietta Ku, and Kunyi Chen. Presenting…

ARTSeason 2013 at Raffles Institution (RI) 10 – 31 May 2013 [10 May 2013] – ARTSeason, the annual arts festival in Raffles Institution (RI), is a regular highlight of the school calendar. The festival is an affirmation of the vibrant arts scene on campus, and for the first time, the Aesthetics Department has curated a delightful series of arts events for the enjoyment of all. 2

The highlights of our performances this year feature many alumni and guest

artists/musicians performing alongside our students. This has allowed Rafflesians to learn from their seniors who have gone before them about what it takes to be a professional; We are thrilled in particular by the partnership of the T'ang Quartet with our chamber ensemble, and thankful for the presence of jazz artists Jeremy Monteiro and Tan Weixiang, and also grateful to band composer Johan De Meij who will be gracing the Asian premiere of his piece, Extreme Beethoven, by the Raffles Symphonic Band. Local conductor Darrell Ang will be helping us launch a new tertiary music scholarship to enable aspiring performing musicians to fulfil their dreams of starting a career in Music after RI. 3

The festival will include an inaugural chamber music festival initiated by the Raffles

Chamber Ensemble as well as a creative arts showcase featuring the collective creativity of our Art and Media clubs. Many inter-CCA collaborations and multi-/inter-disciplinary nature of anchor events such as the opening Music, Movies and Magic with silent films, and Art Seminar Dialogue in Three: a conversation with Tan Ngiap Heng, Zaki Rasak and Kunyi Chen will tantalise artistic taste-buds in a fusion of the popular with the contemporary.


ARTSeason 2013 – In the Act for the Arts Meaning in the arts is often derived not from the end-products but from the process of their realisation. This is true for both performing arts as well as visual arts, where the act of realisation generates the greatest sense of fulfilment and pride for the creators. ARTSeason 2013 is all about supporting our zealous students in their labours of love as they share their fulfilment in the engagement of their artistic pursuits. Starting 10 May 2013 (Friday), there will be several new arts events each a week which demonstrate versatility in exhibiting and performing in diverse groupings, spaces and multi-disciplinary settings. Interesting music collaborations form the Raffles Chamber Music Festival: from Highly Strung 2 (with the T’ang Quartet), Like a Boss (Jazz) to Sounding Sentiments by Raffles Chamber Ensemble. The Creative Arts Showcase, in turn, reflects the colours, sensitivity and insights of our students explored in multi-disciplinary platforms as diverse as Raffles Runway’s Paradise Lost and the Film Society’s The Horse in Motion, to the collaboration of Art and Music students in Memories and Places (MAP). Beyond 18 May 2013, other exciting arts encounters await: both with students, for example Raffles Street Dance’s One Step Closer (after their highly successful debut in 2012) and dramas presented by Raffles Players, Chinese and Indian Language Drama and Cultural Societies as well as with professional arts companies at Raffles Institution – such as The Philharmonic Orchestra and Arts Fission Company on campus to work on their new collaboration The Rite of Spring – A People’s Stravinsky for the Esplanade Theatres in June. For the curation of ARTSeason this year, the RI Aesthetics Department is exuberant about having broken new ground together with the various arts CCAs: in the way that the festival has come together with renewed punch to bring a heightened arts presence to the masses. We look forward to each “ARTSpot” contributing its nuances into the space of our environment, and as the creators create, we warmly invite you to form a common resonance with their artistic expressions and to witness their journeys of ‘becoming’.

2013 Press Release: ARTSeason 2013 in the act for the arts for web  
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