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The Gamers’ Network.

What is Ngame.TV? Ngame.TV® is the first ever live interactive video broadcast platform that focuses on Video Games, Gamers and Game Developers. It is the most ambitious combination of Social Networking, Live Streaming, and Unique Production Quality Content created for a single demographic. Ngame.TV is a three-part production company that creates unique video content, broadcasts live from events both domestically and internationally, and operates one of the most powerful online media distribution platforms on the web. Ngame.TV is a production company with the reach of traditional media and a direct lifeline to the most powerful industry in entertainment.

For the Consumer Ngame.TV is the first ever live interactive video broadcast platform that focuses on the Gaming Industry. Ngame.TV enables international users to quickly and easily stream live game related content. Ngame.TV gives gamers the ability to broadcast worldwide creating a social networking community of like minded individuals. For the first time ever, gamers, developers, and gaming manufactures have a place to stream their content live with access to a global audience of unlimited size. Ngame.TV’s high quality live and interactive video broadcasting encourages competitive gaming on several levels, empowering a much more engaging experience for everyone involved. Ngame.TV also allows instant viewing of gamers reactions to products, gameplay, concepts, and gaming skill, creating the first ever totally live environment solely for gamers. With Ngame.TV’s interactive broadcast functionality, viewers can interact directly with consumer level broadcasters including personalities ranging from their favorite gamer or game developer to Ngame.TV’s event hosts. Ngame’s viewers can watch specific broadcasts, explore our networks and discover game reviews, talk shows and competitive gaming tournaments.

Understanding the Market Ngame.TV is a direct link to the gaming industry. With gamer specific content and reach, Ngame.TV is capable of breaching the gap between the consumer market and the traditional barriers of entry that have existed to date. Through a clever combination of conventional, high end production techniques, coupled with the unlimited reach of internet video, the gaming industry becomes a very achievable business solution. Ngame’s business model is aimed at utilizing it’s services to provide opportunities for expansion into the gaming industry. Further to this, it offers current industry players, the opportunity to expand their influence to a select demographic.

Services Ngame.TV® is a powerful combination of three products.

Ngame.TV WebSight™ The Ngame.TV WebSight™ provides a cutting edge platform that allows users to network, interact and broadcast individual content in the only unique environment dedicated to Gamers.

The core of the Ngame.TV platform is the strength and stability of its construction and it’s seamless integration with CDN and Cloud technology. This allows Ngame.TV and it’s users to broadcast from anywhere in the world, with the potential for unlimited traffic.

They have created a broadcasting platform to rival the media monoliths they first worked for...” “...rarely do you see technology like this made available to the consumer.”

From Around the World Ngame.TV-LiveEvents™ The Ngame.TV-LiveEvents™ is a travelling production team valued at over $400,000. With the capacity to broadcast live in HD from any event worldwide, for the first time ever, gamers are given the opportunity to participate in global events. At the frontier of progressing interactive technology, LiveEvents™ and Industry partners are no longer restricted by conventional distribution. Ngame.TV has covered events including Tokyo Game Show, Comic Con San Diego, Tekken 6 Global Championship Finals (Live from Tokyo), E3, PAX, Chicago Comic Con, Big Apple Con, VGXPO, SBO Qualifiers, Blizzcon, CES, and the Nintendo DSi Launch.

Direct to Your Livingroom Ngame.TV-AirTime™ The Ngame.TV-AirTime™ Television Programming extends the global influence beyond the boundaries of the Internet and takes Gaming content into the realm of premium studio productions. Ngame.TV’s International broadcast contains the most contemporary gaming content at the same high quality that has become synonymous with its name. Ngame currently produces, directs and distributors numerous live and pre-recordeed content in studio. Our 12,000sqf facility is home to talk-shows, tournaments and celebrity events and unlimited set combinations that help support the phrase: “content is king”. Affectionately known as “The Pit”, Ngame’s studio space is responsible for the highest production quality in the industry and is the leading force in bridging the gap between the internet and conventional distribution.

Discover Your Role with Ngame.TV Ngame.TV thrives on partnerships that empower the industry around it. New sources of business enterprise, both from outside and within the industry, help solidify Ngame.TV as the leader in distribution, coverage and content. At Ngame.TV we entertain all proposals and ideas and are continuously searching for new content, strategic partners and industry relationships. We offer business solutions for industry leaders ranging from marketing, exposure and advertising with a broad sweeping international reach. For more information, contact


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