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Accessories Harnesses Backstrap

Base Harness

The Peter Lynn Backstrap is a cheap alternative to a harness. Place this large padded strap around your back and you’ll be ready for hours of safe fun with your powerkite. Attach your handles to the backstrap and position it behind your lower back before launching your kite. The backstrap will take the load off your arms while flying. In case you wish to lose the power from the kite, fall forward so the backstrap can slide over your back and head, and the backstrap with handles is released from the kite flyer. The backstrap can be used with 4-line handles & 2-line handles.

When you have mastered the basics of kiting all you want to do is fly your kite; jump in a buggy, ride a landboard. However, after a while you will need to give those sore arms a break. The Base harness, complete with spreader bar, is the perfect tool to transfer the kite power onto your body, thus taking the load off your arms. Experience kiting with the features of a proper harness at an affordable price. The Challenger spreader supplied with the harness allows you to hook the harness line running between your handles directly onto the wheel. The Base harness fits a large range of body sizes, as the webbing straps can easily be adjusted to fit your body.

Radical Harness

Divine Harness

The Radical seat harness is designed for optimum comfort while kiting. The Radical has been developed to distribute the load comfortably over the body, no matter where the kite is flying in the wind window. The harness is fitted with an extra soft back support and soft neoprene leg straps. The harness is made from first-rate and hard-wearing materials and has webbing straps running through the harness for maximum durability. The Radical harness features a grab handle and solid leash attachments on the back. The harness is supplied with a spreader bar pad preventing the spreader bar from digging into your chest and protecting your clothing if you are using a wheel spreader. Available in sizes S, M and L, either as a separate harness or with Bullet spreader, Prodigy spreader or standard spreader bar.

The Divine seat harness is a new harness, designed specifically for buggy racing. Most harnesses used by buggy riders are traction kiting harnesses. These harnesses are designed to fit the body comfortably when standing while flying your kite. However in a sitting position the harness is not comfortable when flying for a very long time. The Divine harness was specifically designed to fit the rider perfectly when sitting in a buggy. Above this the harness is made to be extremely smooth around the back to allow easy movements in your buggy seat. The Divine harness is supplied with a spreader bar pad for more comfort as well as preventing clothing such as expensive dry suits from getting damaged. Available in sizes S, M and L, either as a separate harness or with Bullet or Prodigy spreader bar.

Accessories WHEEL SPREADERS Wheel spreaders

Challenger Spreader

Wheel spreaders are spreader bars fitted with a pulley type wheel on the end. When flying your kite with a harness line between your handles, you can easily hook it onto the spreader wheel. Apart from steering your kite by pulling the bottom ends of the handles the kite can also be steered by pulling the complete handles, similar to two line kite flying. The wheel is equipped with a set of sealed cartridge style bearings, which makes smooth steering possible. Because it’s easy to hook-in or unhook the harness line during your session, you can combine hooked-in and unhooked flying. If you are looking for a simple spreader that has a wheel to directly hook in the harness line between your handles, the Challenger is the perfect option. It is a basic spreader designed with the quality and durability of a Peter Lynn product. The wheel features a set of sealed bearings to ensure smooth steering at all times.

Bullet spreader

Prodigy Spreader

The Bullet wheel spreader ensures more comfort when using your harness, as the front section of the spreader bar can move up and down. This prevents the whole spreader bar from twisting. Besides the reduced wear on your harness, it also prevents the ends (to which the webbing straps are attached) from pushing into your body. As the wheel stays more in a straight line with your harness line, it runs smoother.

When you are looking for the best of the best, the Prodigy wheel spreader is your spreader of choice. A unique combination of optimum functionality, maximum features, high quality and excellent finishing makes this spreader a true work of art. The front section of the Prodigy can move up and down, move left and right and fully rotate. With this spreader bar the comfort on the rider is phenomenal, as the spreader bar back part is not forced in any direction while riding but stays in a fixed position to the body. The Prodigy spreader is aimed at the competition buggy scene. When needing to go upwind in a buggy race, riders make upwind turns with their buggy. While doing this the flying lines are twisted. The lines can easily be untwisted by spinning the handles. The rotating front section of the Prodigy spins easily to undo any twists in the harness line. The Prodigy features a small plastic tag preventing your line from accidentally unhooking during your ride.

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