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your prayer for resources. These prayers may begin to suggest pointers to praying for an action plan - not least the resources available suggesting what you are being called to do. In God’s plans shown in the Bible, being, doing and showing often precede saying and telling, so don’t be surprised if your church feels drawn to take action for others, or for the environment.


he way your church gives itself to this prayer might be expressed in a number of ways, building on the prayer for the heart, for the context


and for the resources of mission, and reminding people of the outcome of those prayers: Begin every PCC meeting with prayer that invites all to contribute their insights and then an agenda item on mission. If every church can get mission at the top of the agenda and learn to deal with the ‘nuts and bolts’ later on in the meeting, there would be much more energy for looking outwards. Hold a series of monthly ‘prayer and planning’ meetings, open to all, beginning with a Scripture

Ambition for Mission - Preparing the Way with Prayer  

Prayer is the beginning of our growth strategy. This booklet outlines some of the areas upon which our prayers might focus, and includes use...

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