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“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking” George Patton

Start with a clean sheet of paper Global strategy formats are straight-jackets to ensure that different levels of employees are able to produce a ! least-common-denominator strategy! ! Each problem, in each company and each country is unique. Solutions to each problem should not be biased, or try fitting a square peg into ! a round hole! ! Start with a fresh pov‌identify the problem and then provide tailored solutions!

“Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing� Ben Franklin

Everything Communicates

Ban “A Little Bit”

Nothing big is accomplished by being content to do things just a little bit better…

More than one road can lead a brand to success; defining the road ahead of time and building a GPS is a must

Have worked with leader brands, challengers and start-ups; combining advantages of adhering to corporate processes while leveraging the benefits of an entrepreneurial spirit culture

FIRSTLOOK - CITY NATIONAL BANK, NJ BRAND POSITIONING STATEMENT City National Bank plays a pivotal role in strengthening urban communities. We are a forward-thinking financial institution that provides strong, trustworthy partnership to historically underbanked individuals and businesses, as well as anyone who supports this mission. We succeed by providing the highest quality financial services.

Building Communities t All Inclusive t Highest Quality


PMS 194

PMS 1375

PMS 4635

PMS 4695

CNB plays a pivotal role in strengthening urban communities; this logo focuses on the concept of weaving the fabric that binds community togetherness. The use of interlocking colors emphasizes CNB’s inclusive embrace of all people and cultures. The linked icon also portrays strength, security, and reliability—demonstrating that CNB is committed to a lifelong relationship through the permanent bond. The typeface is rounded, conveying a welcoming, friendly demeanor.


Impactful t Positive t Reliable t Welcoming


Global Communication Strategy Nescafé

Member of McCann’s global task-force entrusted with the development of the worldwide communications strategy for Nescafé.

Television and print campaign developed for use in 25+ leader (soluble coffee) markets, in all five Nestlé zones around the world.

Regional Coordination

Cereal Partners Worldwide

Market launch and product roll-out of Cereal Partners Worldwide (a NestlĂŠ and General Mills joint venture) cereal business in 15+ markets in Latin America.

Other Coordination Experience

Latin America

Central America/Caribbean

Coop Marketing Programs


Development of corporate and coop integrated communications plans for more than 80 McDonald’s restaurants in Puerto Rico. Incorporated Owner/Operator goals and needs with McDonald’s brand and corporate objectives into marketing and promotional plans. Developed Local Store Marketing turn-key programs for the implementation of O/O’s. Created a 20 restaurant sample for sales transactional analysis used in forecasting of sales promotions, premium orders and marketing ROI.

MasterCard Puerto Rico Tourism Wholesaler Marketing

Rums of Puerto Rico

Thought Leadership


Created a four-part webisode series designed to provide marketers with guidelines to operate during recessionary periods, demystifying common recession marketing misconceptions. The first webisode, titled Economic Downturn, explores the characteristics of recessions while the second installment – Cutting The Budget – urges marketers to defend their marketing programs within their organizations. The third webisode focuses on Changes in Consumer Behavior that take place during economic challenges while the last installment provides examples of how marketers face these challenges by Redefining Value for consumers.

Consumer Brand Preference Model Rums of Puerto Rico

A Rums of Puerto Rico Consumer Influence Brand Preference model using syndicated studies, qualitative research and quantitative studies, and then distilled to develop their marketing plans.

Off-Prem ON-Premise

Applied for distributor and coop marketing fund allocation guidelines and approval of event and sponsorship programs. The model takes into account controllable actions as well as the impact of uncontrollable factors in the consumer purchase decision process and the likelihood of choosing a specific distilled spirit next time they order a drink on-premise or buy a bottle or two off-premise.

Thought Leadership


There’s no better way of showing clients and prospects the agency’s expertise than to demonstrate it day in and day out. Everybody talks the talk but few walk the walk. The monthly competitive report on a category is also a chance to showcase the creative spirit of the agency. These type of competitive reports also allow the agency to talk to the entire client organization, showcasing knowledge of their business, the vertical and in time makes your audience “subscribers” of the report (with requests for additional copies, clients leaving for other companies requesting to be kept on the mailing list) and “providers” of a constant flow of emails/calls with sources and leads.

Brand Development/Brand ID

ITT Directories

Led inter-agency team in the development of new brand after the sale of ITT Information Directories division to VNU/Bell. Multi-phase process incorporated brand audit and target immersion, definition of brand architecture, creating pillars for new company and the development of all brand elements and their new corporate and brand identity guidelines.

Consumer Insights


Getting to the heart and to the mind of consumers. Obtaining a deeper understanding of key segments in the market, trends that affect their behavior, and constant monitoring of their decision making process to uncover changes in patterns and attitudes toward categories and brands so clients can capitalize on insights and findings and tailor their programs to reach the segments more effectively. Founding member of McCann WorldGroup Pulse team, responsible for roll-out and implementation of the global initiative, establishing guidelines and processes in Latin America and the recruitment of local Pulse market leaders.

Media - Flush The Format

Puerto Rico Tourism

Break from traditional media plan formats, tailoring message to client needs. INFOMERCIALS Puerto Rico Tourism targeted regional markets, and with expansion into new markets, we uncovered a need to go beyond the 30ss TV format to educate travelers via DRTV in conjunction with travel wholesalers. 7th ISSUE In conjunction with Travel & Leisure Golf, a bi-monthly publication, we developed a 7th Issue sent to the T&L Golf subscriber base, consisting of a travel and golf guide to Puerto Rico with special offers via AMEX.

Media - Flush The Format Kmart

Break from traditional media plan formats, tailoring message to client needs. In order to launch the one-hour processing service against e$tabli$hed competitors, created a year round holiday campaign in print and radio that focused on photo opportunities during the specific holiday. YEAR ROUND SUPPORT

With year-round presence the campaign reminded customers of taking their camera out before the holiday, and bringing the film to Kmart after for processing.

Esta vez Mamรก va a estar lista en una hora

Multi-Tier Communication Strategy LOTO

When the same television programs rank at the top of all demographic demo groups and the need to generate high-impact media plans is a primary goal, segmentation plays a key role in developing the creative message and the media strategy. Identifying the needs of different demo groups and the reason why they need to win allowed the client to re-educate audiences as to the benefits and winning probabilities of each game and increased the game penetration in specific demographics.

Multi-Tier Communication Strategy

AT&T Wireless

Complex message platforms require an understanding of the decision process for acquisitions and the customer life cycle process for retention of the relationship and up-selling/upgrading of plans and equipment.

Integrated Communications

Doral Mortgage

One way to differentiate a brand that leads in a generic environment is to add a proprietary communication component to the campaign. In the case of the mortgage leader in Puerto Rico, change the interest rate challenge and add a human element to the communication, with the character appearing in TVCs, print, radio, online, in-store graphics, direct mail and outdoors.

Shopper Marketing

Land Rover

A 75% conversion rate of prospects entering a Land Rover Centre buying one of the best SUV’s ever made is in part the inspiration for the Authoritative Guide to Sport Utility Vehicles which compares all aspects of all SUV makes and models in the market. It’s an objective side by side comparison of all the critical components in an SUV decision making process, compiled and written by editors and writers of automotive magazines, published by Land Rover, because after all they are THE BEST 4x4xFar.

Shopper Marketing General Mills

Understanding of the purchase decision making process at retail and uncovering insights that can assist in the development of activation strategies can make a difference for a consumer, even before they enter a store. Working together with General Mills Marketing department, their distributor and Women Infants and Children (WIC) retailers, a shopper marketing strategy was designed to incorporate new sizes of key GMI brands in order to capitalize customer maximization of ounce limits offered by the program without customer’s sacrificing brand preference. Other Shopper Marketing/Retail Marketing Experience

Web Content Development

Mobil 1 Racing

Development of on behalf of Exxon Mobil, in order to capitalize and enhance their Nascar Racing sponsorship and to engage racing fans of their favorite driver - Jeremy Mayfield. Tasks included development and updates of racing results weekly, coverage of promotional visits and appearances of the driver and the team and sales promotions in conjunction with key account retailers in the Personal Vehicle Lubricant division as well as trivia, games and interactive features for visitors to the website.

Transactional Online Website

Puerto Rico Tourism

Online marketing efforts for Puerto Rico Tourism fell short at times, since online wholesalers catered only to a selected group of hotel properties, leaving more than half the endorsed hotels under-serviced by the likes of Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz and others. In order to offer a complete array of hotel properties including Paradores (Small Inns), and regional destination hotels (Porta del Sol and Porta Caribe) we worked in conjunction with Sabre and Pegasus to launch a transactional site for the destination with all hotels, airlines and local excursions in the market offered.

New Product Launch/Trade Shows Land Rover

Concept development, design of communication and graphics and the coordination of the implementation, for new year model launches at major auto shows in the US market and client trade presentations.

Press and Consumer Launch Exxon Elite

Immersion in aviation (and aviation lubricants) for the development of launch kits, press kits, sales and collateral materials, trade and consumer print ads, long-format television for FBO facilities and coordination of press events and consumer events including Exxon’s Flying Tiger breaking a Guinness record at the annual Sun-and-Fun air show in Florida.

Press Events - Long Lead MINI

In the automotive category, efforts to generate enthusiasm and ink among car aficionados begin 24 to 36 months before the car is available at the dealership. For MINI’s re-launch in the U.S. market press events were conducted over a period of three years prior to the launch of the car with editors and writers. Starting with trivia and fun facts about the brand and the earlier models, test-drive of vintage MINI’s still zipping in the market and leading to new features and the big unveiling.

Intermediaries - Dealer Meetings Land Rover

The largest marketing budget line item’s objective to fulfill, is that anyone attending has to BLEED GREEN when the event concludes. With 3 of 4 prospects entering a Centre buying a Land Rover the budget represents the biggest return-on-investment for the marque. New model intros, new tech advancement announcements, test drives (off-road and rodeo style) and yes, the pampering and good life‌

Consumer Experience Mobil 1

Taking the Mobil 1 story to the masses, from trade shows to Nascar races to big-time client events was the goal. But taking the consumer into the engine of a vehicle was a lot more fun, specially for the ones that spend time in the interactive games, the interviews with the lab technician that invented synthetic motor oil and the story about the BMW that rode 1 million miles

without an oil change. The biggest attraction of the trade shows was not at the floor anymore, but at the venue’s parking lot where wait time to get in was at least an hour.

Dealer and Consumer Experience Land Rover

Development of Land Rover University brand identity, audio visual presentations, course materials, textbooks, signage and premiums for attendees. Development of Land Rover Driving School materials, advertising and direct mail campaigns, signage and premiums for green-blooded enthusiasts.

Consumer Experience BMW

Development of BMW Performance Center brand identity, signage, print campaign and web content for enthusiasts and visitors to the BMW facility in South Carolina.

Crisis Management


The first instruction when working for McDonald’s is the use of their hotline for emergencies and actions to take in the case of facing a media situation. Most persons on the McDonald’s team never have to dial the hotline, but if you do brace yourself for the most intense crisis management crash course available. From relations with news outlets and how to manage coverage to psychological aid after the incident.

Crisis Management

Puerto Rico Tourism

Hurricane season is a double-whammy for most warm-weather tourism destinations, with the peak in September (already the worst month for the hospitality industry). In order to be back and open for business as soon as possible, if affected by this acts of nature, a Hurricane Preparedness Plan was put together in conjunction with all of the Puerto Rico Tourism hotels, airlines, wholesalers and marketing partners. Prepared, implemented and rehearsed with TV, radio, print and online executions developed and ready for traffic from a third party location safe and distanced from the storm-affected area.

Customer Relationship Marketing Citibank

Working in tandem with several operating units of Citibank, developed a CRM cross-sell acquisition program with the goal of increasing bank relations from an average of less than one to 3+ relations.

Most programs had 30-40% redemption levels; with a retail banking program converting 8 in 10 credit card holders into checking, savings and credit line new accounts for Citibank.

Mobile Marketing Sampling

Rums of Puerto Rico

Outdoor campaign at cruise ship ports, welcoming visitors to the Island and via SMS offering a free welcome drink at ROPR’s Casa del Mojito. Visitors would text from their phone and would receive a return message with a code valid for a free rum drink.


Wet Interactive Sampling Nesquik

Traveling exhibit initiative developed to strengthen bonding between kid and brand. As children entered a space ship, they prepared their own chocolate milk. The Nesquik Bunny would appear on green screen and challenge kid to see who could drink the Nesquik milk the fastest, with Mom’s approval and premiums for all the participants.

Dry Sampling - Door-to-Door

Reckitt French’s Potato Sticks

How to educate Mothers about better options for lunchboxes and have the children request a fun snack to eat…give them samples on their way to school, at

traffic lights when stuck in a crawling tapón. It’s a direct marketing effort without waste, with an education leaflet and a bounce-back coupon for kids to become raving fans of a new kind of potato chip snack.

Wet On-Premise Sampling

Rums of Puerto Rico

During the 2003 and 2004 seasons, the Montreal Expos played part of their home schedule in Puerto Rico. Visiting team markets were hit with Home Rums events at popular sports bars. Fans watching their team playing in Puerto Rico would get a round on the house every time a player hit it out of the park. In addition to their new favorite drinks, fans received free giveaways and among attendees a vacation to the Rum Capital of the World was raffled.

Choices Breed Insanity

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