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CAREERS Profiling young professionals in Adelaide

Karen Bava

Art director, designer, business owner of Mash

Head of Public Relations at Australian Fashion Labels

National Creative Director for Parlour Hair Group


Did you study? I worked in a salon after school as my parttime job; I was very lucky to gain a four year apprenticeship.

Did you study? The first was a Bachelor of Marketing at UniSA. The second was Visual Communication (majoring in Graphic Design) at UniSA. I learnt a lot of good stuff. How did you get into your role?  It was a natural progression, really. In my final year at uni I began to get some freelance work, and from there things just snowballed. Now Mash is a studio of approximately eight to nine people, with six to seven in Adelaide and two in Melbourne. What is the best thing about your job?  The fact that I have been lucky enough to be able to earn a living from something I love doing. Meeting exciting clients with inspiring business ideas, as well as other creatives and artists that we collaborate with.  Advice for others aspiring to be in your field? If you love it, and you're good at it, do it! Getting employment may be difficult, but keep at it and don't rule out going interstate or overseas.You can always build your skills and come back with some experience under your belt in a few years. What is a normal day at work for you?  Check and respond to emails, check what meetings are on for the day. Talk to the guys here about how jobs are progressing, talk and develop ideas and concepts. Maybe a bit of research time and some design time too.


Georgia Zogopoulos


Dom Roberts

Did you study? I studied a Bachelor of Media at the University of Adelaide. How did you get into your role? I was originally working in our sales department and the directors told me they wanted to take PR in-house. They offered me the opportunity to start the new department – I was ecstatic to say the least. What is the best thing about your job? Besides working with so many inspiring people, it is so rewarding when you see the results of your hard work in a magazine, website or on the runway… Being able to travel for work is also a bonus! Advice for others aspiring to be in your field? Never undervalue work experience. It sounds like a cliché – but it’s so true! Any small opportunity can open the door that can lead to the next big thing. What is a normal day at work for you? Everyday is always so different!

How did you get into your role? It certainly didn’t happen overnight. Like all good things, it takes time, determination, and experience to become a master at something. Robert Bava and I have owned our salon for over 20 years now. What is the best thing about your job? Definitely the diversity! It could be a day in the salon, perhaps getting called out for a celebrity client who’s flown into town, or a shoot in the outback. The best thing is making people feel great. Oh! Our team, we’re like a giant family; we treasure all of them. Advice for others aspiring to be in your field? Speak to your VET coordinator about a Certificate 2 in Hairdressing if you’re still at school. Door-knock at salons and arrange a work placement for experience; age is irrelevant, young or mature. Importantly, make sure you find it easy to serve others, the creative side is secondary to this aspect. What is a normal day at work for you? Some days I work in the salon on clients, but I also teach hairdressing. I travel nationally & internationally (Paris, Milan and NewYork) a lot for work too. I also do some freelancing session work.

Attitude - Summer Edition  
Attitude - Summer Edition