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At the end of each year graduating Bachelor of Visual Art and Design students from The Adelaide College Of The Arts have the opportunity to exhibit a selection of their works in celebration of the completion of their study, aptly names EXIT.

Nicola Rowlands


’ve been at AC Arts studying the Bachelor of Visual Arts part-time for a couple of years now, majoring in Printmaking. The work I produce is all using letterpress, whether it is lead-type or wood-type on lightweight, almost transparent Japanese papers. I’ve recently started using white inks with a pearlescent pigment mixed in, which makes the text appear almost invisible on first inspection. For me, art is passion. It is a way for me to create and share with people in ways that I would not be able to otherwise. Studying the

Bachelor of Visual Arts has allowed me to push myself as an artist and as an individual. We have such an abundant collection of letterpress equipment at AC Arts. I would not have had the opportunity to study the art of letterpress as much as I have studying at AC Arts. It has such a fantastic community where you can always ask for opinions or bounce ideas with other people. The term EXIT doesn’t signify an end for me, I feel as if EXIT is a transitional passage as I move between one stage in my life to another. The exhibition is a platform for emerging artists to move further in their arts career.

Patrick Heath


The course has given me the skills to work across several mediums including bronze casting, clay modelling, stone and wood carving all of which I will continue to apply to my work. Having a foundry including experienced staff technicians like Andrew Stock and wizard Rod Lawrie available, has been one of the most valuable assets for me. Exit is a rare opportunity to gain wide exposure for my work and hopefully serve as introduction into the local wider art world.


have just completed my Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design at AC Arts, majoring in sculpture. My current work seeks to explore the latent communicative potential of everyday objects and materials. Deliberately ambiguous, the works hint at themes of cultural identity and play with ideas of iconography and the fluid boundaries of sculpture itself.

27 Nov, 2014 – 22 Jan, 2015 39 Light Square Gallery, Adelaide College of the Arts Centre, basement level TAFESA.EDU.AU | 1 6 AT T I T U D E M A G A Z I N E |

Attitude - Summer Edition  
Attitude - Summer Edition